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Sulyap Nov 2008 (Final for Printing)

Sulyap Nov 2008 (Final for Printing)

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Advance Merry Christmas!

Newsbits: FEWA Launches Fr. Glenn T-shirt, etc... Editorial: Aggravated 3-D Work Benefits Feature: Juan Dayang Jr: Scholar, Leader and... Feature: A New Habit

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Volume 2

Issue 1


November 2008

by Dondave Jabay


eoul, South Korea — “Sulyapinoy has been valuable in helping unite the Filipino Community, facilitate assistance to fellow workers, promote information and bring the concerns of Filipinos to the attention of the Philippine Embassy,” said Philippine Ambassador Luis Cruz in his speech during SULYAP’ 1st Anniversary Celebration last Nov. 2 at Columban Mission House.

More so, he discussed major issues currently affecting Filipino migrant workers in South Korea particularly those workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS) sector. Korean Won depreciation The ambassador pointed out the looming effect of global economic crises to the currency rate between Korean Won and US Dollar affecting OFWs salary. “In life, challenges abound. You no doubt feel, right now the effects of the financial crisis. The Korean Won has depreciated. KRW 1,000,000 used to amount to around Php 50,000 but in the past few weeks, the Korean Won lost as much as 20% to 30% of its value as compared to its strength at the beginning of this year,” Amb. Cruz commented.

Abolishment of free accommodation and food benefits Also, Amb. Cruz shared the MOL plan to abolish the current employers’ provision of free accommodation and food benefits to the EPS workers. He reported that during the meeting conducted between Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and the Ministry of Labor together with Korea Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) last Oct. 14, MOL explained that the move was primarily to equalize the benefits between a foreign EPS worker and his Korean co-worker. Some Korean employers have also demanded to take away the said benefit. It was also explained that a study or survey will be conducted to come up with a uniform cost of accommodation and food which will be shouldered by the worker. The uniform cost will be circulated among EPS employers for their reference. Despite of the move, it was also emphasized that the provision of accommodation and food benefits is still be possible and will be a matter to be agreed upon between an employer and a worker. MOL also clarified that it will not issue a (turn to page 2)
Photo by Felix Ferrer HE Ambassador Luis T. Cruz delivers his keynote speech during the SULYAPINOY 1st Anniversary celebration at Columban Mission House on Nov. 2, 2008.

by Edward Castro The first recipients of the awards are as follows: Most Outstanding Filipino Communities - Ansan Filipino Community (AFC) of Ansan, Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) of Seoul, Human Rights Welfare Organization Filipino Community (HRWOFC) of Cheong-ju, Changhyun Filipino Catholic Community (CFCC) of Maseok, and Kasan Migrant Workers Community (KMWC); Photo by Felix Ferrer and Most Oustanding Filipinos - Sr. Miguela P. Santiago, Gawad Fr. Glenn Awards: Filcom and Philippine Embassy rejoice with the awardees FMA of HFCC, Pastor Jones for outstanding service to OFWs during SULYAP' 1st anniversary celebration. Galang of Osan Migrants eoul, South Korea — Various Filipino communiCenter, Dr. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D (HFCC), Ms. Judith Hernandez, a politician and Mr. Franklin ties from Seoul and nearby provinces have Caturla (HRWOFC). joined the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) and SULYAPINOY in recognition with the awardees Also, KASAMMAKO Chairperson Pol Par with Bicol of the first Gawad Fr. Glenn Giovanni Jaron who Association Vice-President George Angeles, exemplified outstanding services among OFWs in PMWAK President Aldrin Igana, Norvi Bewang and South Korea last Nov. 2 at Columban Mission House. company of UNTV 37, Helen Balgos and Michael Berry of Human Rights Group, PHILWAK, Seil tour Philippine Ambassador Luis Cruz led the awarding PR manager Mila Monteverde, AFC President ceremonies during the first anniversary celebration of Kathlia de Castro, KMWC President Anthony Carl SULYAPINOY. “In a span of one year, SULYAPINOY Dacones with Sister Luz Olalia, SJBP, HFCC has become a channel in reaching out our kababayan Rebeck Beltran and Gemma Cantutay, HRWOFC through its newsletter and website. It has become not former president Ana Maria Adante with Rofezel only a voice for EPS workers, but for all Filipinos and Esperanza and Pucheon Workers Association even foreign workers as well. You have come this far Ramsey Arazanso with Maricar Sinagpulo by faith with action. Through achievements and represented their respective constituents in support challenges, you persevered and created a model for to the celebration. (turn to page 7) success,” Amb. Cruz said.


by Elizer Peñaranda taewon, Seoul — Amid the ongoing financial crisis and the reported abolishment of free accommodation and meal benefits of workers under the Employment Permit System, Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) supported the financial literacy campaign of the Philippine Embassy last Nov. 9.


Aimed to promote savings consciousness and improve the current financial management skills of OFWs while working in South Korea, the Financial Literacy Program (FLP) is a tool for information to empower OFWs on how to save and the know-how to start a small business as part of the reintegration program of the Philippine government for our (turn to page 7) modern heroes.

Photo by Felix Ferrer Elizer Peñaranda FLP Seminar: FEWA members with Chris Ariola (center) flanked by Counselor Garcia (left) and Consul Dayang (right) raise the Philippine flag in support to the program.

SULYAPINOY is accepting cash donation for its monthly printing expenses. You may deposit them @ Account #: 049702 04 058587 / Account Name: Sofonias N. Paragsa / Bank: KB or Kookmin Bank

Amb. Luis Cruz Keynotes…
by Rebenson Recaña yehwadong, Seoul — "Thank you, we have learned a lot from you" printed on the souvenir t-shirt with Fr. Glenn’s photo and OFW logo as Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) launched the fundraising project last Nov. 9 at St. Benedict Church. policy stating that EPS workers are not entitled to the said benefits. Comments of the Phil. Embassy during the meeting Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Attaché Delmer Cruz pointed out that unlike their Korean coworkers, EPS workers are temporary guest workers; hence, they should be provided with free accommodation. This is the industry practice in most labor receiving countries like the Middle East. More so, Korean employers in other sectors like professionals and entertainers (OPAS) provide this benefit too. “Free accommodation and food has always been given to workers, since the start of the EPS and even under its precursor, the Industrial Training System (ITS). Thus, removal thereof would be tantamount to diminution of benefits,” Labatt Cruz added during the said meeting. On the other hand, the Korean side admitted that the move is not connected with the current global financial crisis. In fact, MOL said that the demand for EPS workers will continue and even increases. The Philippine embassy will continue to renegotiate with the Korean side and inform the EPS workers of further developments. RP-ROK Social Security Agreement As regards to social security issue, Amb. Cruz confirmed that all foreign workers employed through the EPS and ITS will eventually be excluded from coverage of NPS but he emphasized that nothing in the agreement prevents employers from making a 50% employer’s share on the monthly contribution. He also emphasized that contributions to the NPS are intended to fund a worker’s retirement, death or disability pension and the savings should be used for this purpose. “This should be part of everyone’s personal financial planning,” Amb. Cruz reiterated. “There will be no transfer of funds to the SSS. Instead, contributions paid to the NPS will remain with NPS until claiming at retirement age. There were ongoing talks that contributions can be made through Metrobank or relatives back in the Philippines. The agreement will make SSS coverage of EPS and ITS workers mandatory,” he added. Financial Planning In support to the RP-ROK Social Security Agreement, Amb. Cruz pointed out the importance of financial planning. “We should always save. There is no reason not to save. That there are expenses back home is not reason enough. We can always save. And you should involve your families as well. This, precisely, is the subject of our Financial Literacy Seminar, a project that FEWA will hopefully join and promote in the future,” he explained. Public engagement of issues Also, he reminded SULYAPINOY on the importance of responsible reporting in public engagement to issues. “There are times when things appear to be bad, but the media also play a role in sometimes exaggerating things, making us feel more disadvantaged than we really are. This then causes a cycle where people continue to look at things negatively, to feed and be fed upon by more sensationalists reporting. The end-result: a feeling of helplessness when hope and help actually abound,” he commented. More so, Amb. Cruz challenged SULYAPINOY to consistently uphold responsible reporting, exercise prudence, avoid sweeping generalizations, and double-check the facts. He also expressed his strong support to SULYAPINOY. “The Philippine Embassy will be with you through this all. We need to cooperate and help each other and in my talks with Ambassadors of other labor-sending countries, they told me that they look forward to Filipinos in Korea as model foreign workers. Let us not fail them in their expectations. You are called upon to lead. You have come this far by faith. Together, we can go even farther,” the ambassador added.


Proceeds of the said project will be forwarded to Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) in support to the General Nakar Quezon Scholarship Program. T-shirts can be bought at KRW10,000 each with available sizes of small, medium, and large. More so, in line with recent SULYAP’ 1st anniversary celebration and in support to Prof. Emely DicolenAbagat's call for the General Nakar Quezon Scholarship Program, FEWA sold a number to show gratitude to HFCC and former Chaplain Fr. Glenn Giovanni Jaron, MSP who is currently based in California. In his phone message to SULYAPINOY, he expressed his deep gratitude for the full support to the project he initiated. "Maraming salamat sa inyong walang sawang pagtulong sa ating kababayan dito sa Korea at sa ating bansa, ako'y nagagalak and keep up the good work," he said. For orders and reservations, you may contact FEWA and SULYAP’ staff for the limited supply available. You may also contact Precy Niebres of HFCC at 016-212-3100 for direct purchase of the t-shirt.

Fr. Glen T-shirt: Front and back view design in fashionable plain colors.

Gas Tax Refund for Korean Nationals and Foreign Residence
by Alden Balgos


outh Korea — Korean Nationals and Foreign Residence (workers or self-employed) who have stayed in Korea for more than at least one year having an income of not more than KRW36,000,000 in the year 2007 will receive a tax refund more known as Gasoline Tax Refund sponsored by Korea National Tax Service as a government subsidy in response to the recent soaring oil prices affecting economic situation.

annual income in the year 2007. If the total income is less than KRW30,000,000, the recipient shall received KRW240,000. If the total income ranges from KRW35,000,000 to KRW36,000,000 the recipient shall receive KRW60,000. More so, the Korea National Tax Service encouraged foreign workers to use its help desk and helpline services which offer immediate assistance to all foreign workers with problems or questions related to tax matters. The help desk can be used thru its website at http://www.nts.go.kr/eng/ while the helpline service can be reached at 02-397-1440 and is opened Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 5:00PM .

For foreign resident workers, only their employers can make an application until October 31, 2008. For Selfemployed foreign residence, they can go to any district tax office for their application until November 31, 2008. The amount to be received shall depend on the

Catholic Groups to Support Campaign against NPS-SSS Accord
by Rebenson Recaña hilippines — Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Iterant People (ECMI) under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Bishop Precioso Cantillas, SDB, DD of the Diocese of Maasin, Leyte, in a letter thru Fr.Edwin Corros, supported the petition of the Filipino workers against the NPS-SSS agreement and presented recently the issue to Philippine Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW) to do the follow-ups on the submitted campaigned signatures with Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Immigration Officers Conduct Massive Crackdown
by Dondave Jabay aseok, South Korea — Over 100 undocumented migrant workers were arrested during the massive raids inside the Maseok Industrial Complex in Namyangju City, Gyounggi-Do and at the Cheong-San Farm in Yeon-Chon, Gyounggi-Do on Nov. 12.



Bishop Cantillas has learned the crusade against the bilateral agreement thru Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP during his visit to St. Benedict Church last Oct. 26 for his involvement to some issues confronting Filipinos in the process of migration. Currently, PMRW is composed of several groups including Catholic NGOs which promotes human rights of the migrant workers with ECMI as one of its founding members.

Reports said, hundreds of police officers cordoning off the Maseok Industrial Complex, and indiscriminately arresting migrant workers. The arresting team, without bothering to identify themselves, barged inside migrants' dormitories and housing units. There were also reports of verbal and physical abuses. The crackdown happened right after the wide crackdown campaign launched by MOJ and MOL from Oct. 13. to Nov. 12 announcing its stepped up crackdown against illegal immigrants. It also announced thru MOJ official website that it aimed to reduce illegal immigrants from 220,000 to 200,000 by later this year and 19.3% to 10% within five years.

2 SULYAPINOY NOVEMBER 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org

Recently, the federation of Korean employers of the small and medium-scale enterprises has announced its plans for the forthcoming renegotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the Employment Permit System. In relation to the provisions of the benefits of the workers, some employers suggested the abolishment of the current inclusion of free accommodation and meal. Instead, the workers are subject to shoulder all the expenses for the said basic needs. The EPS Workers Association (FEWA) together with various labor groups firmly support the general welfare of the workers with the inclusion of comfortable accommodation and meal to the standard labor contract as benefits of the workers under the said labor program. Currently, EPS workers’ longlist on monthly deductions includes income tax, inhabitant tax, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and national pension contribution plus the high cost of living which significantly affect the monthly remittance send home to our families. Moreover, the suggested abolition of such benefits though no Korean labor law would be violated remains inhumane treatment for every foreign worker who has the right for protection on basic necessities like shelter and food since the Lee Myung-bak administration campaign slogan is primarily focused on the maturity of the country toward globalization. Engaged in 3-D (dirty, difficult and dangerous) that most Koreans avoid, threatened job security and aggravating economy brought by global financial meltdown, foreign workers who have provided
Editor-in-Chief: Elizer M. Peñaranda Managing Editor: Dondave Jabay Opinion Editor: Rebenson B. Recaña News Editor: Edward A. Castro Feature Editor: Elizer M. Peñaranda Literary Editor: Amie Sison Cartoonist: Alden C. Balgos Photojournalist: Felix S. Ferrer Layout Artist: Dondave Jabay Circulation Managers: Teofilo C. Camo; Alwyin A. Casiño; Marcelino M. Serdeña III Contributors: Sofonias “Chabok” Paragsa; Billy Vela; Joven M. Araquel; Cherryl Diza Adviser: Ma. Regina P. Arquiza Consultant: Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP; Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D.

and violation of labor contract have confronted both South Korea and the sending countries including Philippines with regard to the labor agreement which is considerably new and on “trial and error” stage. We strongly urge our Philippine government to keep firm in promoting the general welfare of all OFWs including the EPS workers’ rights to receiving free accommodation and meal since the MOU on labor program between ROK and the Philippines is set to be renegotiated and ratified anew before the year ends. Also, the Korean lawmakers should set some provisions in the Korean labor laws considering the importance of the accommodation and meal and be solely provided by the employers for the welfare of foreign workers during the employment period. The Ministry of Labor (MOL) should also include the Standard Labor Contract (SLC) as integral part of the MOU of the Employment Permit System to curb a number of the reported complaints in the violation of contract the agency has continually receiving. valuable contribution to South Korea’s highly regarded economy strength need such fringe benefits particularly on accommodation and meal to compensate the dedication to our work though highly risky to health which we used to embrace. Since 2004, reported problems and issues like industrial accidents due to inadequate supply of industrial protective equipment, physical and verbal abuses, unpaid benefits, overtime work and salary, uncomfortable accommodation particularly during wintertime To our fellow EPS workers, who continuously give support to the economy of both South Korea and the Philippines despite 3-D work, exposure to health risky job, work-related problems, longlist deductions on salary, Korean language difficulty, homesickness, global financial crisis and some other issues. Let us keep proving our worth of being highly motivated, skillful and hardworking workers for we are much deserving of what we’ve been receiving as work partners of Asia’s fourth largest economy.

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by Elizer Peñaranda “I always wanted to share whatever I’ve learned and initiate changes for our community,” shared Consul Juan “Jed” Dayang Jr. during his Financial Literacy Campaign Seminar, the flagship project of the government, among Filipino communities in South Korea. At 36, he spent valuable public service and experienced challenging lives in the peninsula since 1993 up to 2008 -as scholar and the Second Secretary and Consul of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. Empowering Oneself thru Education In 1996, he earned his scholarship on MBA Major in Industrial Business and Economics with highest Consul Jed talks on ‘Paying yourself first and making your money work for you’ under the FLP. honors at Graduate Institute of Peace Studies in Kyung Hee University (Seoul) and became the first foreigner elected as president of the student council. “I held the position for I wanted to speak out as Filipino and support our OFWs who suffered from workrelated abuses based from news articles I’ve read which prompted me to write proving that Filipinos are no ordinary students and workers in South Korea. Having the Best Thesis entitled “Philippines in APEC and ASEAN: Congruency”, he headed back to the Philippines, focused on Youth Forum on APEC and spearheaded the Youth Forum on APEC and Philippine Culture with former President Fidel Ramos as guest of honor. “I wanted to talk about on how Filcom and friends congratulate Consul Dayang for Philippine culture could sustain itself in globalization,” valuable service to OFWs awarded by Amb. Luis Cruz. he continued. Involving Youth on Politics and Foreign Affairs His involvement on youth forums has paved the way to organize the Alliance for Youth Solidarity (AYOS) in 1997 to ensure the voice and the rights of the youth for the first partylist election and for having received 67,000 votes nationwide enough for AYOS proclaimed in the partylist group with one seat in Congress. “As I get older, I realized that aside from individual capacity, one needs the support of others for I couldn’t do it all alone. Aside for having a social worker mother and a journalist dad, I had my early exposure and knowledge to international issues and began to espouse public service with the global mindset,” our young leader shared as he assumed his position in Taking Actions, Views and Possibilities For six years, the Philippine embassy has been proactive to issues confronting our OFWs and helped negotiate with the Korean government in solving and making improvements. “I’ve worked with four ambassadors and dealt with issues. It was during the time of Amb. Villacorte, the embassy put much effort to curb human trafficking by disseminating relevant information and rights of the OFWs like our entertainers,” he added. Thru Employment Permit system, the world recognized how Korea becomes more democratic with programs on labor and for multicultural families. Also, he has been assertive with the possibility for Filipinos to teach English language to Koreans which only native speakers are currently allowed. “We have the initiative and if given the opportunity, we can provide them with the best and brightest teachers for I believed they have high regard with our quality education and for our teachers to improve the skills while teaching and after work contract share the acquired skills back to our public schools,” he suggested.

Fostering Ties and Support with Filipino Communities The Filipino community in South Korea has been the staunchest alley of the Philippine government in providing services to our expats for years. He firmly believed in building public trust, we must listen, guide and be honest to our people for they naturally understand our strength and weaknesses. “I get inspired with our OFWs in South Korea who continuously bring hope and pride to our country and to God for giving me the strength and wisdom to share this the Philippine Embassy of Seoul in 2002. Financial Literacy Program (FLP) with full trust and As the Administrative Officer, he supervised the daily support from Ambassador Luis Cruz and friends,” he activities of the embassy like personnel, finance, shared. records, communications and properties since 2003. Currently, his Masters of Public Administration Also, some of the positions he held are as follows: (candidate for graduation) under the University of Head, Diplomacy Unit (since 2003); Coordinator, AssisOklahoma with research on “Effects of Financial tance to National Unit (2002-2005); Phil. Delegation Education among Filipino Overseas Workers in Liaison Officer and Head of Support Group to APEC Seoul, Korea shows that FLP is effective in increasing (2005); Chair, first Absentee Voting (2003); Arranged the knowledge as it focused on the subject of changConferment of honorary PhD of Laws to President Glo- ing behaviors and by sharing the knowledge with the ria Macapagal-Arroyo by Kyungsung University-Busan families and this campaign on Savings or Save first during the APEC Summit (2006); Chair, Working Group before Spending is paramount amid global financial of ASEAN Sub-Com of the ASEAN 40th Anniversary crisis to OFWs and our families back home. “Through Seminar in Seoul (2007); and Coordinator, Financial Financial Education, we take a step closer to Literacy Program for OFWs (March 2008). eradicating poverty,” he added.

by Ma. Regina P. Arquiza

Checking the currency rate is now considered as one of the habits that most Filipinos do everyday. For those Filipinos in Korea earning dollar, they can’t hide the feeling of excitement and anticipation. On the other hand, for those people earning won, this situation is indeed gloomy making them feel that their money doesn’t have value anymore. The original price of a small box of milk is 500 won and now it costs 700 won. Or if we assume that a worker’s salary is one million won, it means that it’s only about 700 dollars. This is painful to a lot of Filipinos especially at this time because Christmas since the end of June and now considered the worst is coming. performing currency in Asia. It may not be easy to It is lamentable that the ongoing economic downturn understand the details of the existing global economic worldwide makes every Juan dela Cruz suffer more. crisis, but feeling the effects of it makes everything As reported, South Korea’s won slumped 30 percent clearer. And also, a lot of Filipinos feel threatened of

losing their jobs making them feel worried about their families back home. Predicting what’s going to happen in the economy is something that can’t be measured exactly. There might be a possibility of being able to ease the turmoil, but time and patience are badly needed. This is not a single fight of Juan dela Cruz, it’s a global struggle that requires faith from everybody in the global context. Government leaders who attended the previous forum of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held in Peru promised that they will take all necessary economic and financial measures to resolve the crisis. Let us all have faith that this issue will be solved soon. And then, having a habit of offering a short prayer to resolve this crisis will be of great help too.

4 SULYAPINOY NOVEMBER 2008 www.sulyapinoy.org


ni Billy Vela (Ansan Filipino Community Volunteer) Dito sa Korea ay may isang pahayagan Buwan-buwan ay tunay itong inaabangan Pagkat hatid nito’y balita sa mga kababayan Pati impormasyon na dapat nilang malaman. Itong pahayagan na SULYAPINOY ang ngalan Ito’y nagsimula isang taon na ang nagdaan Naging sandata ay mata, tenga at panulat lamang Nagsilbing boses ng mga Pilipinong kanyang kababayan. Ngayon ika’y nagdiriwang ng unang kaarawan Ating lingunin isang sulyap ng iyong nakaraan Mga araw na tila pagsubok ay di malalampasan Ngunit heto ka ngayon naglilingkod pa rin sa bayan. SULYAPINOY ika’y tunay na maaasahan Sa sandaling uhaw kaming lahat sa kaalaman Pagdating sa balita na patas mong ipinapaalam Nagsilbing kaibigan sa lahat ng nangangailangan. Bilang regalo sa SULYAPINOY na aming kaibigan Marami pang taon hiling sa Maykapal ng karamihan Pagkat hindi lubos maisip kung ikaw ay lilisan Paano na ang taong bayan na SULYAPINOY ay inaasahan.

ni Joven M. Araquel (FEWA Member) Sa simula pa ikaw ay naging kanlungan Naging mata at tainga ng ating kababayan Mga sakripisyo at hinaing ay iyong pinakinggan Iba’t ibang mga bagay ang naisip upang kabaya’y matulungan. Kayraming panahon at ginugol na oras Ang pagtulong sa kapwa ay di pinalipas Sa oras ng paglilingkod ikaw ay di umiiwas Bagkus hinaharap anumang hirap at pagod ang dinaranas. Iba’t ibang balita ang hatid mo sa tuwina Dito sa korea naging boses ka ng masa Kahit na malayo kami sa aming mga pamilya Iyong hatid mga pangyayaring mula sa ating bansa. Mula sa mga kababayan ikaw ay dakila Dahil sa tulong mong ganap at mabuting gawa Maraming salamat sa taos pusong pagpapahalaga Sa kababaya’y nagbigay kaluwagan at nagdulot ng ginhawa. Simula pa man abot kamay ang iyong pagdamay Sa oras ng kagipitan ikaw ang kaagapay Sa iyong mga kababayan ika’y parte ng buhay SULYAPINOY isa kang kaibigang may hangaring tunay.

When things turn out on different way…
Often than not, people go crazy when their plans are not materialized the way they planned them to be. Simple logic says that there are a lot of things beyond our control. There is Someone who is more powerful than us, He is Almighty and He can make things turn out according to His will. And this is a FACT that we must accept, comprehend, and must not question. Read Jeremiah 29:11~23 about God`s plan for you and me, for all of us. I am used to planning things that i want to happen in my life. I despise the "bahala na" (whatever will be, will be) system because i don`t want to face the worst when things go wrong. Yet, sometimes, things turn out the way i don`t expect them to be. I used to feel frustrated, thinking i didn`t do well enough to materialize those plans; that i wasn`t able to foresee the hindrances. But then, i realized that whatever i do, whatever preparations and tactics i make or think of, to make every plan (or even a dream) come true, many things are really beyond my control. The only thing that uplifts me in every failure is my belief that God didn`t allow it to happen because He has something better for me. I only need to open up my mind and wait what God has in store for me in the future. God has the final word, He`s got the final decision in my life, in our lives. And if all of us will believe in this FACT, every failure will give us a new hope. Psalms 16:9 - A man`s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Pasko para sa OFW
ni Amie Sison (SULYAPINOY Literary Editor)

Okay anak padadalhan kita bago mag Christmas. I love you!” Ito naman ang isinagot ni Monette isang Ina na hinahanap ang mga yakap ng kanyang anak. Ngunit hindi niya basta magagawa dahil nagtatrabaho siya sa ibang bansa. Pagkatapos maibaba ang telepono. “Ang daming gastos, at hindi ko na rin alam kung paano pagkakasyahin ang sweldo ko. Ang hirap pa nito napakababa ng palitan ng dolyar. Ang dami ko na rin utang. Hay naku! Kahit mag part time job pa ako hindi rin sapat… Mag papasko pa. Ang daming hihingi ng pamasko. Sakit sa ulo.” Kunot noo sa pagsasabi ng katotohan sa pagharap ng pasko niya. Sakit sa ulo? Minsan sakit nga ng ulo ang pinansyal na problema. Ngunit mas mabuti pa rin ang sitwasyon natin sa iba. Sa sitwasyong parang nakakasira ng ating pag-iisip at mga bagay na may kaugnayan sa ating kalusugan. Siguro ay mas mainam kung matuto tayong magpasalamat sa ating mga biyaya at iwasan tanungin ang Diyos sa mga bagay na hindi natin gustong nangyayari sa ating buhay. Tuwing pasko kailangan nga ba natin gumastos ng maraming pera upang tayo ay maging masaya o upang mapasaya ang ibang tao. Sa ibang tao, mayroon silang mga paraan upang madama ang tunay na diwa ng pasko. Ang simpleng pagdiriwang na mapapakita ang pagmamahal sa Panginoon ay wala ng mas hihigit pa. Napakadaling gawin ang mga ito sa Pilipinas. Ngunit, paano naman sa mga OFW sa buong mundo? Malapit na ang kapaskuhan. Tayo ay mga migranteng manggagawa. Ang ilan sa atin ay matagal nang hindi nararanasan ang diwa ng pasko sa ating bansa. Sa panahong ito hinahanap natin ay pagmamahal ng ating pamilya. Karaniwan na sa mga Pilipino na ipagdiwang ang pasko kasama ang pamilya.Ito ay napakahirap sa isang migranteng mangagawa na hindi man lang makasama ang kanyang pamilya. Ang iba ay nakakayanan na ito. Kinakaya dahil sa pangangailangan ng kanilang pamilya at para sa kanilang pangarap. Napakaraming magulang ang nangingibang bansa para sa kinabukasan ng kanilang mga anak. Minsan hindi naman alam ng mga mahal natin sa Pilipinas kung ano nga ba ang tunay na hinaharap natin sa paghahanapbuhay sa ibang bansa. Nagkakaroon ng hindi pagkakaunawanan sa tuwing mapag uusapan ang pinansyal. At para naman sa isang anak, ginagawa ng bawat magulang ang lahat upang matugunan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan ng hindi nila mararamdaman ang hirap ng pangungulila. Paano kaya dito sa Korea? Magkakaroon ng iba’t-ibang Christmas party ang mga organisasyon. Siguro kahit paano ay mabawasan ang lungkot na dala ng pangungulila sa kanilang mga mahal na pamilya sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng pakikisama. At sa kaugnayan ng krisis sa pananalapi ay malaking tulong ang pagtitipid.Sana sa darating na pasko ay magkaroon ang bawat isa ng kapayapaan at maramdaman nila ang kahulugan ng pasko kahit na tayo ay nasa ibang bansa.

by Cherryl Diza (FIMIWAP Member - Busan)

Mommy padalhan mo ako ng scrabble board at mp3, christmas gift mo sa akin ha!” Mula sa isang anak na nangungulila sa kanyang Ina. Anak na alam niyang matutugunan ang kanyang pangungulila sa kanyang Ina sa pamamagitan ng mga materyal na bagay.





By: Sofonias ‘Chabok’ Paragsa

By: Dondave Jabay

1) Fill the white squares with numbers 1 to 9 so that they add up to the sums shown in highlighted squares (gray color). 2) A gray color square will show one or two numbers separated by a diagonal line. 3) A number that is above the diagonal line is the sum of the row of white squares to its right. 4) A number that is below the diagonal line is the sum of the column of white squares beneath it.

1) royal palace 2) malarial fever 4) non sense, unreasonable talk 7) working in shift 9) traditional Korean narrative 11) of course, right 12) dictionary 1) 3) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

university student bridge pine tree topic 10) round robin, league series prison, jail hard study climax, the summit

by Alden C. Balgos

01 - Sofonias N. Paragsa Jose Richard T. Gabatan 04 - Ronald S. Saet 07 - Ronaldo M. Garcia 08 - Calixto C. Evangelista Jr. Jhon Flores 11 - Christian D. Robles 12 - Loreto H. Agustin Wilson D. Valenzuela 13 - Reynaldo O. Centeno Jr. Lucia M. Castillo 15 - Rogelio D. Osorio Mateo B. Longos Jr. 16 - Olympio D. Brucal Marlon L. Libunao 18 - Sonny R. Luzon

18 - Franklin U. Caturla 20 - Michael B. Balba Joel M. Anover 23 - Jocelyn M. Villareal 24 - Ma. Victoria B. Cardona 25 - JESUS CHRIST 26 - Joel Y. Petallana Rainerio R. Rafaya 27 - Maynard M. Manlosa Joel P. Santiago Arnolfo A. ALojado Noel B. Ang Marlon R. Daquiz 28 - Lorena G. Javier 29 - Cerly Barroga 31 - Raymund M. Macado



기 모 기 모 기 모 기 모 21 21 21 21 학 대11 학 대11 을 을 학 대11 학 대11 을 을 막 지 마9 막 지 마 막 지 마 막 지 마 01 리 리 버 버 리 리 버 버 운 다 름 아7 운 다 름 아7 운 다 름 아7 운 다 름 아7 8 8 8 8 서 서 이 이 서 서 이6 이 실 무 사 실 무 사 실 무 사4 실 무 사 5 사3 사3 명 열2 명 열 사3 사 명 열 명 열 원 대1 원 대1 원 대1 원 대1
Answer to October Issue

3 3 3 3 5 5 5 8 8 8 8 4 4 4 4

1 1 1 1 01 01 01 01 11 11 11 11 2 6 6 6 6 21 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9

Two important rules: 1) There are no zeroes. 2) Do not put the same number in each sum of the row of white squares to its right or column beneath it.

The most exciting part!!!
The first person to answer the puzzle correctly will be given a public recognition through SULYAPINOY newsletter and website. How to report your answer? Please call 010-9294-4365 or email @ sulyap.managing@gmail.com


Answer Here

Answer to October Issue

(All winners who got the perfect answers) 1st - Billy Vela , Ansan Filipino Community, Ansan City 2nd - Mr. Arlene Malonzo, Kangyeoksi Seo Gu Bullo dong 490 Beonji 1 ho, Incheon, South Korea

FEWA Supports Financial…
Spearheaded by consul Juan Dayang Jr. since March 30, 2008 at Kasan Migrant Workers Community (KMWC), FLP fosters on knowing how to keep what workers earned and do more on what they keep Plan, Save and Invest - as emphasized to achieving financial freedom. The concept of Save first before spending highlighted the first part of the program to apply the easy formula (Income-Savings=Consumption) on saving.” This is very ideal and I would like you to make use of this and help the low savings rate of the Philippines which is at 19-23% of the GDP and considerably among the lowest compared with Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam,” Dayang added. However, Vice-Consul Arnel Talisayon shared the recent study survey results conducted by the International Monetary Fund on having the family of an OFW who eventually become dependent and doesn’t want to work anymore. “With regard to FLP, its initial success will rely, also, on sharing the learned knowledge to our families in the Philippines,” Talisayon commented. On the other hand, Commercial Counselor Edgardo Garcia discussed on some business possibilities for all OFWs. From franchising like on food, water supply, budget hotels, laundry facilities, health services, coffee shop and bakeshop to business opportunities in the countryside promoting the One-Town, OneProduct program thru municipalities and provincial government like on bamboo, vegetable and coffee industries, house wares and home decors, meat and fruit processing. “We encourage you to inform us of your plans then we’ll have the planning and let’s find out all the means and possibilities,” Garcia shared. Also, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Officer Esperanza Cobarrubias promoted the OWWA Re-integration Program and current services including the US$25 yearly membership contribution of OFWs regardless of visa status. OWWA has been fostering the welfare of OFWs and their families back home. Chris Ariola, a visiting participant, mentioned of the importance and the benefits of migrant workers from FLP. “I’d like to learn more on savings and business possibilities to get kung ano ang maitutulong namin sa mga kasamahan lalo na pagbalik ko sa Middle East,” he added. Park congratulated the officers for the commitment of rendering services to fellow EPS workers. Also, on center stage, KMWC performers led by Joy Lor with Orly Tungala enthralled the audience with live rendition of Bulag, Pipi at Bingi. Also, AFC performing arts group led by their former president Billy Vela showcased Filipino folkdances like Tinikling and Aray. ”Huwag ka nang malungkot… Sulyap, Sulyap, Sulyapinoy!” sang by Annabelle Lopez also known as “GoodHeart”. With SULYAP’ jingle launching, everyone couldn’t resist but dance as she belted out in grooves with the reigning Bb. Kalinangang Pilipino May Heducos and former SULYAP’ web administrator Christian “DJ Zack” Robles. The event highlighted the announcement of the poem writing contest winners. Out of 12 participating poets, Michael Balba with poem entry SULYAP grabbed the first place while Joel Tavarro with Lipad Sulyapinoy, Joan Romero with Nagsimula sa Wala, Ngayo’y Nakalayo Na, Rebeck Beltran with Sa Iyong Pagsilang and Edgar Balista with Sulyapinoy pulled the second, third, fourth and fifth places respectively. SULYAPINOY Board Chairman Rebenson Recana shared the continuous support from different Filipino groups in the peninsula. "We’ve been challenged yet enjoyed the experience during our first year, for many have come to know and started trusting us with exceptional dedication offered by the editorial staff. With the nearing of our volume 2 series, we are pleased to provide our valued readers with accuracy, accuracy, and accuracy as we also look forward to continued growth in 2009 and beyond," he added.

Filipino Groups Attend Gawad…
Prior to the ceremony, Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP, FEWA spiritual adviser and SULYAP' editorial consultant, celebrated a thanksgiving mass relevant to the events theme: We've come this far by faith. “With faith in God and with Filipinos' ingenuitycreativity paired with resourcefulness-will produce good results and the community is hoping that SULYAPINOY will become the instrument of change”, the priest shared. Former FEWA President Loreto Agustin led the induction of the newly elected officers in behalf of the elected President Sofonias Paragsa who was taking a vacation in the Philippines. Amb. Cruz together with OWWA Welfare Officer Esperanza Cobarrubias, Consul Juan Dayang Jr. and Philippine-Korean Cultural House Manager Eunha

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