Shot List

1) The shot is a long shot showing the actors preparing for the match and shows the goal in the background and the whole of the actors. 2) The camera pans around from facing the goal 180 degrees to show the ball and then it zooms in on the ball. 3) The shot then fades and shows an over the shoulder shot of the kick taker and shows the actors perspective of the goal. It then zooms out to show the whole scene. 4) The shot then changes to a low shot to show the kick taker as being big and powerful. 5) The shot is changed to show the goal and the ball being kicked. 6) The shot then changes to show the ball in the goal from behind and the two actors through the net. The shot then freeze frames and the titles begin. 7) The action begins again and is a shows the ball bouncing out of the goal from the side and every time the ball hits the ground it will freeze frame and another title will be shown.

Michael Luttners Tickner