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Nhng cu ni ting Anh hay dng hng ngy C chuyn g vy? ----> What's up? Do ny ra sao ri?

----> How's it going? Do ny ang lm g? ----> What have you been doing? Khng c g mi c ----> Nothing much Bn ang lo lng g vy? ----> What's on your mind? Ti ch ngh linh tinh thi ----> I was just thinking Ti ch ng tr i cht thi ----> I was just daydreaming Khng phi l chuyn ca bn ----> It's none of your business Vy h? ----> Is that so? Lm th no vy? ----> How come? Chc chn ri! ----> Absolutely! Qu ng! ----> Definitely! D nhin! ----> Of course! Chc chn m ----> You better believe it! Ti on vy ----> I guess so Lm sao m bit c ----> There's no way to know. Ti khng th ni chc ---> I can't say for sure ( I don't know) Chuyn ny kh tin qu! ----> This is too good to be true! Thi i (ng a na) ----> No way! ( Stop joking!) Ti hiu ri ----> I got it Qu ng! ----> Right on! (Great!) Ti thnh cng ri! ----> I did it! C rnh khng? ----> Got a minute? n khi no? ----> 'Til when? Vo khong thi gian no? ----> About when? S khng mt nhiu thi gian u ----> I won't take but a minute Hy ni ln ln ----> Speak up C thy Melissa khng? ----> Seen Melissa? Th l ta li gp nhau phi khng? ----> So we've met again, eh? n y ----> Come here Gh chi ----> Come over ng i vi ----> Don't go yet Xin nhng i trc. Ti xin i sau ----> Please go first. After you Cm n nhng ng ----> Thanks for letting me go first Tht l nh nhm ----> What a relief Anh ang lm ci qui g th kia? ----> What the hell are you doing? Bn ng l cu tinh. Ti bit mnh c th trng cy vo bn m ----> You're a life saver. I know I can count on you. ng c gi v kh kho! ----> Get your head out of your ass! Xo qu! ----> That's a lie! Lm theo li ti ----> Do as I say ri ! ----> This is the limit! Hy gii thch cho ti ti sao ----> Explain to me why Tht l ng ght! ----> What a jerk!

Ng ngnh, d thng qu! ----> How cute! Khng phi vic ca bn ----> None of your business/ It's not your business! ng dnh mi vo vic ny ----> Don't stick your nose into this. C thi ngay i khng ----> Stop it right a way! ... thng ny lo ----> A wise guy, eh?! Qun n i! ( ri y!) ----> Forget it! (I've had enough!) Bn i chi c vui khng? ----> Are you having a good time? Ngi nh. ----> Scoot over Bn c hng cha? (Bn cm thy thch cha?) ----> Are you in the mood? My gi bn phi v? ----> What time is your curfew? Chuyn cn ty ----> It depends Nu chn, ti s v (nh) ----> If it gets boring, I'll go (home) Ty bn thi ----> It's up to you Ci g cng c ----> Anything's fine Ci no cng tt ----> Either will do. Ti s ch bn v ----> I'll take you home Bn thy vic c c khng? ----> How does that sound to you? Do ny mi vic vn tt h? ----> Are you doing okay? Lm n ch my (in thoi) ----> Hold on, please Xin hy nh ---> Please be home Gi li cho ca anh ti bn ca em ---> Say hello to your friends for me. Tic qu! ----> What a pity! Qu t ---> Too bad! Nhiu ri ro qu! ----> It's risky! C gng i! ----> Go for it! Vui ln i! ----> Cheer up! Bnh tnh no! ----> Calm down! Tuyt qu ----> Awesome K qui ----> Weird ng hiu sai ti ----> Don't get me wrong Chuyn qua ri ----> It's over Bn tt hn ht l khng nn la c ----> You'd better stop dawdling Nghe c v hay y, ta th n (vt) xem sao ----> Sounds fun! Let's give it a try! Ch thy g xy ra c ----> Nothing's happened yet L tht ----> That's strange! Ti khng cn tm trng no m ... u ----> I'm in no mood for ... Mi ngi ti ni ri ka ----> Here comes everybody else Tht l ng ngn! ----> What nonsense! Tu bn thi ----> Suit yourself Tht l li k ----> What a thrill!

Chng no bn cn y, phin bn ... ----> As long as you're here, could you Ti ang trn ng v nh ----> I'm on my way home Ch khong (1/3) so vi mi khi (ni v cht lng) ----> About a (third) as strong as usual Ci qui g th ny? ----> What on earth is this? Tht l nc ci! ----> What a dope! Tht l thm hi ----> What a miserable guy! Trng ng vn cn phong chn! ----> You haven't changed a bit! ti em n i khoe vi mi ngi ( vt) ----> I'll show it off to everybody ng dm a vi tui . ng li mau! ----> You played a prank on me. Wait! ri y nh! ----> Enough is enough! xem ai chu ai nh ----> Let's see which of us can hold out longer Anh a d dm tht y ----> Your jokes are always witty Cuc sng tht l phc tp ----> Life is tough! Bng mi gi, ... ----> No matter what, ... Tht l chn cho ng qu! (hoc tht l mt k v phng cu cha) ----> What a piece of work! Nng qu, khng xch ni na ----> What I'm going to take! Bn c t nhin ----> Please help yourself C nh th ny mi th ... ----> Just sit here, ... bo khng l khng! ----> No means no!