Grade 12 Research Paper Checklist

Check below to ensure that you’ve properly completed your project!
MLA Format     Correct first page format with name, teacher, date, assignment Correct header on all pages with last name and page number Double space Size 12-14 TNR font

In-paper Citations  Citations are completed in the proper parenthetical style (author pp.#) or (Title pp. #)  Citations appear wherever they are necessary  There are is least one in-paper citation for every source in the works cited page Works Cited Page  There are at least nine sources, only two of which are web-only sources  The entire works cited page is double-spaced, without extra spaces between sources  Sources are arranged alphabetically  All citations are done in correct MLA style, based on the type of source  Citations are indented properly (the first line of each citation is lined up at the margin, while subsequent lines of the same citation are indented one tab space Paper Requirements  Your paper is 1400-1600 words long  You have a focused thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, which you prove through the rest of the paper  You have checked for spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure  You support your point, while acknowledging and refuting other points-ofview

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