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Name ______________________________ Designation & Pay ___________, Rs._________ H.

Qrs ___________

Travelling Allowance Bill of the Establishment of __________________ for the month of ________

Departure Arrival Purpose Kind of Actual Daily Allowance Total of Remarks

Station Date Hour Station Date Hour of journey Fare No. of Rate Amount each line
Journey Road/Rail paid days &
Boat Dates

Enclosures :-

Certified that :-
1. I was actually and not merely constructively on camp on which Daily Allowance has been claimed in this Bill.
2. No Departmental trucks were used for any part of the journey.
3. I did not perform the road journey for which mileage allowance has been claimed at the higher rates prescribed in Rule-46 of SR
by taking a single seat in any public conveyance which flies regularly for hire between fixed points and charges.
4. I was not treated as a State Guest during my tour & was not provided with boarding/lodging at state expenses of the Govt. of India or any organisation.
5. Certified that the claims are not the claims of accomodation actually used.
6. Certified that the journeys for which mail or express fares have been claimed were actually performed by mail or express train.

Endt.No.__________________________________ Signature & Designation with Date

Pay Particulars Verified

Postmaster, Anantapur H.O No.________________________________dtd at ATP the _____________

Bill passed for Rs.________ (Rs.___________________________________
Below Rs.________ (Rs._________________________________________

Accountant Supdt. of Post Offices

Anantapur Division - 515 001