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Scholarly  Times     Week  in  Review:    
3/5/12  –  3/9/12  

Class  of  2028  (Kindergarten)  

This  week,  the  Class  of  2028  began  our  work  with  long  vowels.  Be  sure  to  ask  your  scholar  what   long  vowels  are!  We  know  the  spelling  patterns  for  long  a  and  long  e.  Next  week,  we  will  learn   long  i,  long  o,  and  long  u.  In  reading,  we  learned  about  how-­‐to  books.    We  learned  about  their   features,  what  we  learn  from  them,  and  different  types  of  how-­‐to  texts.  In  math,  we  began   learning  about  number  bonds.  Scholars  should  be  able  to  explain  a  number  bond  to  you.  Ask   your  scholar  to  tell  you  some  of  the  number  bonds  for  5  or  6.  We  will  continue  building  our   number  bond  knowledge  next  week.  Finally,  we  will  begin  our  spring  expedition  called  "We  Are   Biologists.”  By  Thursday,  March  15,  please  send  with  your  scholar  a  plastic  bottle  (label   removed)  for  a  project  during  Expedition.  

                          The  Meaning  of  Persistence:   Thalia  Benique  ‘27  


Class  of  2027  (First  Grade)  

In  math,  the  Class  of  2027  learned  a  new  strategy  to  add  one-­‐digit  and  two-­‐digit  numbers.     Scholars  can  now  solve  addition  and  subtraction  problems  by  drawing  tens  and  ones.  This  week   in  literacy,  we  started  learning  about  fantasy  stories.    Scholars  explored  the  differences  between   realistic  Giction  and  fantasy.    Scholars  also  read  different  versions  of  traditional  fantasy  stories,   such  as  Cinderella  and  Little  Red  Riding  Hood.  

In  preparation  for  our  Gieldwork,  we  learned  about  different  types  of  farm  machines  and  jobs.     On  Wednesday,  we  conducted  our  Gieldwork  at  Adlerbrook  Farm  and  observed  many  different   aspects  of  a  farm.    We  spent  the  afternoon  exploring  the  farm  and  saw  sheep,  pigs,  chickens,   rabbits,  peacocks,  and  oxen.    

Thalia  recognizes  that  learning  takes  a  lot  of   hard  work  both  at  school  and  at  home.  She   has  shown  amazing  focus  in  reading  and   math  and  has  really  taken  responsibility  for   her  learning  even  when  it  seems  difGicult.  In   reading,  she  is  always  willing  to  sound  out   new  words  and  apply  strategies  she's   learning.  In  math,  she  has  been  raising  her   hand  to  share  answers  with  the  class  and   has  asked  for  extra  help  whenever  she  feels   she  does  not  completely  understand  a  new   concept.  As  a  result  of  all  this  work,  Thalia's   reading  and  math  have  greatly  improved   this  quarter.  


Class  of  2026  (Second  Grade)  



This  week,  we  continued  our  Expedition  about  bullfrogs.  Scholars  have  been  making   connections  between  bullfrog  characteristics  and  learning  about  how  the  bullfrog's  habitat   helps  it  to  survive.  Our  Gieldwork  visiting  the  Lloyd  center  was  a  huge  success!  Scholars   observed  the  wetlands  with  all  of  their  senses  and  learned  a  lot  about  how  bullfrogs  use  their   habitat  to  support  their  survival.  We  really  appreciate  the  parents  who  joined  us  on  the  trip!  

584  uniform  checks  were  completed  this  week.       580  checks  found  scholars  in  perfect  uniform!   Alma  Attendance  this  Week:  97%  

This  week  in  art,  class  scholars  in  the  Class   of  2028  are  working  on  weaving.  They  are   learning  what  the  warp  and  the  weft  of  a   weaving  is.  Scholars  in  the  Class  of  2027  are   Ginishing  their  unit  on  Pablo  Picasso.  They   are  creating  cubist  faces  using  proGile  lines.   Scholars  in  the  Class  of  2026  are  learning   about  value.  They  are  using  value  to  draw  a   still  life  of  white  objects.  Check  out  the  new   Picasso  inspired  artwork  from  the  Class  of   2027  in  the  front  hallway!  

Star  Scholars  
Star  Scholars  come  to  school  on  time  every  day  in  the  proper  uniform,  complete  their  homework  every  day,  and  behave  excellently.  

Texas  Lutheran  








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Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!
2012-­‐2013  Lottery  

Scholarly  Times     Looking  Ahead    
Tuesday,  3/13  –  6:30  PM:  Mayor’s  Forum  on  Education  at   Normandin  Middle  School  


Thanks  to  the  hard  work  of  many   parents  and  scholars,  our  lottery  was  a   success.    Thank  you  for  your  service   Amanda,  Amy,  AJ,  Corey,  Erin,  Eydie,   Gabriel,  Jillian,  John-­‐Nae,  Justin,   Manuela,  Marlene,  and  Roselyn!  

Mayor  Mitchell  wants  the  opinion  of  New  Bedford  families  regarding  the  state  of   education  in  the  city.  We  invite  parents  and  scholars  to  meet  for  dinner  at  Alma   del  Mar  at  5:30  PM  then  to  go  to  the  event  as  a  group.    We  hope  many  parents  and   scholars  will  say  a  few  words.    Please  let  Meredith  Segal  know  if  you  plan  to  attend.  


Borrow  Library  Books  Online!  

Thursday,  3/15  –  5:30  PM:  BU  Professor  Scott  Seider  

The  Alma  del  Mar  library  has  more   than  1,000  wonderful  books.    Thanks  to   Kerri  Cummins,  parents  can  now   request  books  online  to  be  sent  home:  

On  Thursday,  Alma  del  Mar  is  hosting  Dr.  Scott  Seider  from  Boston  University.    He   will  be  discussing  strategies  to  create  strong  school  cultures  and  to  support   character  development  in  children.    All  parents  and  other  community  members  are   welcome.    The  event  is  free  and  open  to  the  public.  

•  Go  to  almadelmar.org/current-­‐ families/school-­‐library/   •  Click  on  “library  catalogue.”   •  Look  up  the  book  you  would  like  to   borrow.    Click  on  its  title.   •  Click  “request  hold”  on  the  right.   •  Enter  your  name.    Under   “comments,”  enter  the  name  and   classroom  of  your  scholar.   •  The  book(s)  will  be  sent  home  with   your  scholar  within  1  week.  

Thursday,  3/15  –  6:30  PM:  5K  Planning  Meeting  

Alma  parents  are  organizing  the  First  Annual  Run/Walk  for  Education  to  occur  in   September.    All  parents  welcome.    If  you  would  like  to  participate  in  the  planning  but   cannot  attend,  please  contact  Tracy  Sylvia  (nsts1470@comcast.net;  508-­‐542-­‐4483).  

You  may  borrow  up  to  3  books  at  a   time  and  keep  them  for  up  to  3  weeks.   Questions?    Please  contact  Kerri   Cummins  (AlmaReads@gmail.com  or   508-­‐858-­‐8361).  

Advice  from  Our  School  Nurse:  Head  Injuries  
Many  children  who  hurt  their  heads  get  well  and  have  no  long   term  problems.  Some  children  may  have  a  problems  you  may   not  notice  right  away.  Here  are  some  common  signs  that  your   child  may  have  a  mild  injury  to  their  brain.  If  any  of  these   problems  occur  see  your  doctor  right  away.   •  Severe  headache  that  does  not  go  away   •  Seizures:  eyes  Gluttering,  body  going  stiff,  staring  into   space   •  Child  forgets  everything,  amnesia   •  Hands  shake,  tremors,  muscles  get  weak,  loss  of  muscle   tone   •  Nausea  or  vomiting  that  returns     •  Changes  in  personality,  mood,  or  behavior:   o  Irritable,  anxious,  restless   o  Gets  upset  or  frustrated  easily   o  Overreacts    cries    or  laughs  too  easily   o  Has  mood  swings   •  New  problems  in  thinking:   o  DifGiculty  remembering  things   o  DifGiculty  paying  attention   o  Slow  reaction  time   •  Communication  difGiculties  in  speaking  or  understanding  

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