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Dr. Hedgewar had the highest respect for Babarao. He had great regard for
Babarao’s selfless service to the motherland. He was also fully aware of Babarao’s
deep affection for the Sangh. Doctorji would speak of Babarao in glowing terms. He
would address Babarao with the greatest respect in his letters. “I am arriving as per
your command”, “I shall spend the month of August in your service” would be the
tenor of Doctorji’s language while addressing Babarao. Doctorji would invite Babarao
to attend every Officers’ Training Camp that would be held in Pune. He would make
special arrangements to make Babarao’s stay comfortable. Once, there was an
Officers’ Training Camp in Pune. Babarao happened to be in Pune at that time.
However, instead of staying at the Camp, he had put himself up in a guest-house.
When Doctorji came to know this, he promptly hired a tonga (*horse-carriage) and
rushed to meet Babarao. Doctorji said, “Baba, when our Sangh Camp is being held
in town, it is not proper that you should stay elsewhere. Come, I have brought a
tonga to escort you to the Camp. Babarao replied, “Doctor, I would have stayed at
the camp but what can I do? My legs ache. I can hardly stand. I have increasing
difficulty in passing urine. I have to sit for atleast half an hour to pass urine. If
come to the Camp, I shall only put others to inconvenience. I require a separate
room that is close to the toilet. Hence I do not wish to come. I shall stay here.”
But Doctorji would have none of it. He lovingly urged Babarao to come with him.
Babarao could not refuse Doctorji’s pure affection. Doctorji put Babarao in the tonga

Biography of Babarao Savarkar

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and took him to Bhave School (now Garware High School) where the Camp was
underway. The Camp was crowded with trainees. Even Doctorji had difficulty in
finding a room for himself. But as soon as Babarao arrived, he asked one room to
be kept exclusively for Babarao. He treated Babarao like a king. Such was the
boundless love and respect that Doctorji had for Babarao! It was this affection that
prompted Doctorji to once personally nurse Babarao in his illness. This was in 1925
when Babarao had gone to Calcutta (now Kolkata) at the residence of Babu
Padmaraj Jain to recuperate from illness. Doctorji had stayed with Babarao
throughout his stay in Calcutta and had nursed him. The feelings of affection and
respect between Babarao and Doctorji were mutual. When Doctorji passed away in
1940, Babarao was deeply shocked. He deeply mourned the passing away of his
dear and personal friend as an irreparable loss to the Hindu Nation.

With Doctorji’s passing away, Babarao felt deep concern for the future of the Sangh.
He prepared a plan for the future functioning of the Sangh and sent it to Advocate
Vishwanathrao Kelkar in Nagpur. Babarao had proposed that the reins of the Sangh
should pass into the hands of Madhavrao Golwalkar (Guruji) and an advisory
committee consisting of Babasaheb Ghatate, Ramchandra Narayan (Babasaheb)
Padhye, Vishwanathrao Kelkar and others be formed with Abaji Hedgewar (Doctorji’s
uncle) as its head. Babarao sent his proposal to Nagpur but events were moving in a
different direction. Golwalkar Guruji became Sarsanghchalak (RSS Chief) in tune
with Babarao’s proposal. The only difference was that no advisory committee was
formed. However, the Sangh continued to expand even after Doctorji’s death.
Babarao was happy to note these developments. He was not displeased to see his
proposal not being implemented in toto. His only desire was that the Sangh should
grow by leaps and bounds. Personal ego meant nothing to him.

Even after Doctorji’s death, Babarao continued to work for the Sangh. He knew
hundreds of Sangh swayamsevaks (*volunteers) personally. Many swayamsevaks
would look up to him and seek his guidance. Babarao too would answer their
queries. Though ill-health prevented Babarao from attending the Sangh shakha, it
can be unambiguously said that he was a true and devoted Sangh swayamsevak.

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