Lesbian  Gay  Bisexual  Transgender

Getting together in Napa County to share important information, have lively discussion and tell our life stories.
The first Tuesday of every month:

with social time beginning at 10:00a
at Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Community Outreach 3448 Villa Lane, Suite 102, Napa
Location has street & lot parking, wheelchair access, and is on major transportation routes.

Facilitator: Paula Pilecki For info call 707-583-2330 (msg line, call will be returned w/in few business days) Whether you’re in the closet or out—we’re discreet and confidential. ...and this is only part of what we’re up to!
Keep up with local LGBTQ news & events between our major announcements: http://facebook.com/lgbtqnapa http://twitter.com/lgbtqnapa

w w w. L G B T Q c o n n e c t i o n . o r g
On The Move
Napa County Mental Health Services Act, Prevention & Early Intervention

Andrus Family Fund

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