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State and Court Ward



Court Takes
Jurisdiction =
Temporary County

Court Ward State Ward

(P.A. 150, 220 &

Court DHS Supervised DHS Supervised P.A. 296

Supervised (referred to DHS) (committed to
Child Care Fund Child Care Fund Title IV-E State Ward Board Title IV-E State Ward
(CCF) (CCF) (ADCF) and Care (SWBC) (ADCF) Board and Care

County pays bill, County pays bill, State pays bill, State pays bill, State pays bill, State pays bill
County bills State County bills State State bills Fed State bills county State bills Fed 100% State
for 50% for 50% For Reimbursement* for 50% For Reimbursement funded
reimbursement reimbursement reimbursement

•Actual % based on FMAP- Federal Medical Assistance Percentage – 56% in FY 2007 (3 yr average
May 2007