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Venkata vara Prasad.G Phone no: 9052621774,


Career objective : Aiming to become a dynamic top

professional in the field of system and network administrator to provide
impeccable solution for any problem with commitment to company’s excellence.

Educational qualification:

1B.Com Y.S.R.M.Degree College (S.V. University), kadapa.

2INTERMEDIATE from crescent college at Kadapa.
3S.S.C from M.V.N High School Kadapa.

Technical Strength:

Operating system : Windows (NT/98/2000/XP).

Documentation Tools : MS Office.
Trainings : Advance diploma in computer Hardware and
Networking from Zoom Technologies.

Personal strengths:

o Possess good communication and customer handling skills.

o Have good experience of working in team and quick learning ability.
o Detail-oriented with others as multi- taker with strong
organizational skills.
o Trained on networking technologies and operations.
o Works effectively individually or a team.

1Trouble Shooting Hardware relied issue.

2Maintaining the network using HUB.
3Handling local area Network (LAN).
4Familiar with wide Area Network (WAN).
5Desktop Management which includes installation and troubleshooting of
Operating system and other software etc.
6Installation, configuration, and managing of DNS, DHCP.
7Managing and maintenance an Active directory infrastructure.
8 Reviewing the defects reported by team member.

Personal Profile :

Name : G.venkata vara prasad.

Father’s Name : G.venkata swami.
D.O.B : 10-04-1985.
Marital Status : Single.
Nationality : Indian.
Linguistic Skills : English, Hindi, Telugu.
Mobile no : 9052621774.

Present Address : H.No:3-22, Room No: 7,

Road No: 8,
Hanuman Nagar,
Near kakatiya High school,