The Myth of the Minotaur

by Paul Perro

Thousands of years ago Before history had really begun, There was a king called Minos. He wasn't a very nice one.

king .

King Minos had a pet monster. monster. A giant with the head of a bull. This monster liked to eat people Its hunger was insatiable. .

monster .

This scary creature had a name It was called the minotaur. It had sharp teeth that could bite And pointy horns that could gore. minotaur. .

minotaur .

The king kept it locked up there Behind big strong oak doors. labyrinth.The minotaur lived in the labyrinth. . A maze of long corridors.

labyrinth .

.Every now and then He'd give the monster a treat. He'd throw some people into the maze For the monster to eat.

people .

Theseus. And came up with a plan. . A very brave young man Decided to put a stop to this. a hero called Theseus.One day.

Theseus .

. He planned to kill it instead.He volunteered to be sacrificed To the giant with the bull's head But he did not plan to be eaten.

giant .

. the princess. She decided to help him in his quest And gave him a ball of wool. Thought Theseus was cool.Minos's daughter. wool.

wool .

sword. . So he could find his way out again. He also carried a sword. as he explored.Theseus let out the wool Behind him.

sword .

But our hero was not afraid He was a courageous fellow. .When Theseus found the minotaur It gave a terrible bellow.

hero .

He stabbed the monster with his sword The monster fell down. and died.The minotaur lowered its horns and charged Theseus jumped aside. .

stabbed .

Then Theseus followed the trail of wool And found the way out once more. . And nobody ever was again Eaten by a minotaur.

The End .

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