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Master-Key-System Excercises

Master-Key-System Excercises

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Published by Zahid Ali Khan
Twenty Four marvelous excercises to control your thoughts and get health , wealth and happiness. Compiled by Zahid.
Twenty Four marvelous excercises to control your thoughts and get health , wealth and happiness. Compiled by Zahid.

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Published by: Zahid Ali Khan on Nov 27, 2008
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The Master Key System

To Wealth, Success And Happiness

By Charles F. Haanel
Compiled by Zahid Ali Khan zahid.ocp@gmail.com Introduction:
The Exercises in The Master Key System are very essential or a control o!r the master "ey system to #ealth$ health and happiness. They are strictly to applied #ea"ly. %o not go to the part t#o !ntil yo! have not completed the part one exercise and so on. En&oy #or"ing.

PART ONE '. (o# ma"e the application) Select a room #here yo! can be alone and !ndist!rbed* sit erect$ com ortably$ b!t do not lo!nge* let yo!r tho!ghts roam #here they #ill b!t be per ectly still or rom i teen min!tes to hal an ho!r* contin!e this or three or o!r days or or a #ee" !ntil yo! sec!re !ll control o yo!r physical being. +. Many #ill ind this extremely di ic!lt* others #ill con,!er #ith ease$ b!t it is absol!tely essential to sec!re complete control o the body be ore yo! are ready to progress. (ext #ee" yo! #ill receive instr!ctions or the next step* in the meantime yo! m!st have mastered this one. PART TWO '. -ast #ee" . gave yo! an exercise or the p!rpose o sec!ring control o the physical body* i yo! have accomplished this yo! are ready to advance. This time yo! #ill begin to control yo!r tho!ght. Al#ays ta"e the same room$ the same chair$ and the same position$ i possible. .n some cases it is not convenient to ta"e the same room$ in this case simply ma"e the best !se o s!ch conditions as may be available. (o# be per ectly still as be ore$ b!t inhibit all tho!ght* this #ill give yo! control over all tho!ghts o care$ #orry and ear$ and #ill enable yo! to entertain only the "ind o tho!ghts yo! desire. Contin!e this exercise !ntil yo! gain complete mastery. +. /o! #ill not be able to do this or more that a e# moments at a time$ b!t the exercise is val!able$ beca!se it #ill be a very practical demonstration o the great n!mber o tho!ghts #hich are constantly trying to gain access to yo!r mental #orld. 0. (ext #ee" yo! #ill receive instr!ctions or an exercise #hich may be a little more interesting$ b!t it is necessary that yo! master this one irst. PART THREE '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ . #ill as" yo! to go one step !rther. . #ant yo! to not only be per ectly still$ and inhibit all tho!ght as ar as possible$ b!t relax$ let go$ let the m!scles ta"e their normal condition* this #ill remove all press!re rom the nerves$ and eliminate that tension #hich so re,!ently prod!ces physical exha!stion. +. 2hysical relaxation is a vol!ntary exercise o the #ill and the exercise #ill be o!nd to be o great val!e$ as it enables the blood to circ!late reely to and rom the brain and body. 0. Tensions leads to mental !nrest and abnormal mental activity o the mind* it prod!ces #orry$ care$ ear and anxiety. 3elaxation is there ore an absol!te necessity in order to allo# the mental ac!lties to exercise the greatest reedom. 4. Ma"e this exercise as thoro!gh and complete as possible$ mentally determine that yo! #ill relax every m!scle and nerve$ !ntil yo! eel ,!iet and rest !l and at peace #ith yo!rsel and the #orld. 5. The Solar 2lex!s #ill then be ready to !nction and yo! #ill be s!rprised at the res!lt.

PART FOUR '. This #ee"$ a ter ta"ing yo!r !s!al position$ remove all tension by completely relaxing$ then mentally let go o all adverse conditions$ s!ch as hatred$ anger$ #orry$ &ealo!sy$ envy$ sorro#$ tro!ble or disappointment o any "ind. +. /o! may say that yo! cannot 6let go6 o these things$ b!t yo! can* yo! can do so by mentally determining to do so$ by vol!ntary intention and persistence. 0. The reason that some cannot do this is beca!se they allo# themselves to be controlled by the emotions instead o by their intellect. 7!t those #ho #ill be g!ided by the intellect #ill gain the victory. /o! #ill not s!cceed the irst time yo! try$ b!t practice ma"es per ect$ in this as in everything else$ and yo! m!st s!cceed in dismissing$ eliminating and completely destroying these negative and destr!ctive tho!ghts* beca!se they are the seed #hich is constantly germinating into discordant conditions o every conceivable "ind and description PART FIVE '. (o#$ go to yo!r room$ ta"e the same seat$ the same position as hereto ore$ and mentally select a place #hich has pleasant associations. Ma"e a complete mental pict!re o it$ see the b!ildings$ the gro!nds$ the trees$ riends$ associations$ everything complete. At irst$ yo! #ill ind yo!rsel thin"ing o everything !nder the s!n$ except the ideal !pon #hich yo! desire to concentrate. 7!t do not let that disco!rage yo!. 2ersistence #ill #in$ b!t persistence re,!ires that yo! practice these exercises every day #itho!t ail. PART SIX PART SEVEN '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ vis!alize yo!r riend$ see him exactly as yo! last sa# him$ see the room$ the !rnit!re$ recall the conversation$ no# see his ace$ see it distinctly$ no# tal" to him abo!t some s!b&ect o m!t!al interest* see his expression change$ #atch him smile. Can yo! do this8 All right$ yo! can* then aro!se his interest$ tell him a story o advent!re$ see his eyes light !p #ith the spirit o !n or excitement. Can yo! do all o this8 . so$ yo!r imagination is good$ yo! are ma"ing excellent progress. PART EIGHT +. .n the last 2art yo! created a mental image$ yo! bro!ght it rom the invisible into the visible* this #ee" . #ant yo! to ta"e an ob&ect and ollo# it bac" to its origination$ see o #hat it really consists. . yo! do this yo! #ill develop imagination$ insight$ perception$ and sagacity. These come not by the s!per icial observation o the m!ltit!de$ b!t by a "een analytical observation #hich sees belo# the s!r ace. 0. .t is the e# #ho "no# that the things #hich they see are only e ects$ and !nderstand the ca!ses by #hich these e ects #ere bro!ght into existence. 4. Ta"e the same position as hereto ore and vis!alize a 7attleship* see the grim monster loating on the s!r ace o the #ater* there appears to be no li e any#here abo!t* all is silence* yo! "no# that by ar the largest part o the vessel is !nder #ater* o!t o sight* yo! "no# that the ship is as large and as heavy as a t#enty9story s"yscraper* yo! "no# that there are h!ndreds o men ready to spring to their appointed tas" instantly* yo! "no# that every department is in charge o able$

trained$ s"illed o icials #ho have proven themselves competent to ta"e charge o this marvelo!s piece o mechanism* yo! "no# that altho!gh it lies apparently oblivio!s to everything else$ it has eyes #hich see everything or miles aro!nd$ and nothing is permitted to escape its #atch !l vision* yo! "no# that #hile it appears ,!iet$ s!bmissive and innocent$ it is prepared to h!rl a steel pro&ectile #eighing tho!sands o po!nds at an enemy many miles a#ay* this and m!ch more yo! can bring to mind #ith comparatively no e ort #hatever. 7!t ho# did the battleship come to be #here it is* ho# did it come into existence in the irst place8 All o this yo! #ant to "no# i yo! are a care !l observer. 5. 1ollo# the great steel plates thro!gh the o!ndries$ see the tho!sands o men employed in their prod!ction* go still !rther bac"$ and see the ore as it comes rom the mine$ see it loaded on barges or cars$ see it melted and properly treated* go bac" still !rther and see the architect and engineers #ho planned the vessel* let the tho!ght carry yo! bac" still !rther in order to determine #hy they planned the vessel* yo! #ill see that yo! are no# so ar bac" that the vessel is something intangible$ it no longer exists$ it is no# only a tho!ght existing in the brain o the architect* b!t rom #here did the order come to plan the vessel8 2robably rom the Secretary o %e ense* b!t probably this vessel #as planned long be ore the #ar #as tho!ght o $ and that Congress had to pass a bill appropriating the money* possibly there #as opposition$ and speeches or or against the bill. :hom do these Congressmen represent8 They represent yo! and me$ so that o!r line o tho!ght begins

#ith the 7attleship and ends #ith o!rselves$ and #e ind in the last analysis that o!r o#n tho!ght is responsible or this and many other things$ o #hich #e seldom thin"$ and a little !rther re lection #ill develop the most important act o all and that is$ i someone had not discovered the la# by #hich this tremendo!s mass o steel and iron co!ld be made to loat !pon the #ater$ instead o immediately going to the bottom$ the battleship co!ld not have come into existence at all. ;. This la# is that$ 6the speci ic gravity o any s!bstance is the #eight o any vol!me o it$ compared #ith an e,!al vol!me o #ater.6 The discovery o this la# revol!tionized every "ind o ocean travel$ commerce and #ar are$ and made the existence o the battleship$ aircra t carriers$ and cr!ise ships possible. <. /o! #ill ind exercises o this "ind inval!able. :hen the tho!ght has been trained to loo" belo# the s!r ace everything ta"es on a di erent appearance$ the insigni icant becomes signi icant$ the !ninteresting interesting* the things #hich #e s!pposed to be o no importance are seen to be the only really vital things in existence. PART NINE '. This #ee" vis!alize a plant* ta"e a lo#er$ the one yo! most admire$ bring it rom the !nseen into the seen$ plant the tiny seed$ #ater it$ care or it$ place it #here it #ill get the direct rays o the morning s!n$ see the seed b!rst* it is no# a living thing$ something #hich is alive and beginning to search or the means o s!bsistence. See the roots penetrating the earth$ #atch them shoot o!t in all directions and remember that they are living cells dividing and s!bdividing$ and that they #ill soon n!mber millions$ that each cell is intelligent$ that it "no#s #hat is #ants and "no#s ho# to get it. See the stem shoot or#ard and !p#ard$ #atch it b!rst thro!gh the s!r ace o the earth$ see it divide and orm branches$ see ho# per ect and symmetrical each branch is ormed$ see the leaves begin to orm$ and then the tiny stems$ each one holding alo t a b!d$ and as yo! #atch yo! see the b!d begin to !n old and yo!r avorite lo#er comes to vie#* and no# i yo! #ill concentrate intently yo! #ill become conscio!s o a ragrance* it is the ragrance o the lo#er as the breeze gently s#ays the bea!ti !l creation #hich yo! have vis!alized. +. :hen yo! are enabled to ma"e yo!r vision clear and complete yo! #ill be enabled to enter into the spirit o a thing* it #ill become very real to yo!* yo! #ill be learning to concentrate and the process is the same$ #hether yo! are concentrating on health$ a avorite lo#er$ an ideal$ a complicated b!siness proposition or any other problem o li e PART TEN '. This exercise consists in ma"ing an application o yo!r "no#ledge. Kno#ledge #ill not apply itsel . /o! m!st ma"e the application. Ab!ndance #ill not come to yo! o!t o the s"y$ neither #ill it drop into yo!r lap$ b!t a conscio!s realization o the la# o attraction and the intention to bring it into operation or a certain$ de inite and speci ic p!rpose$ and the #ill to carry o!t this p!rpose #ill bring abo!t the materialization o yo!r desire by a nat!ral la# o trans erence. . yo! are in b!siness$ it #ill increase and develop along reg!lar channels$ possibly ne# or !n!s!al channels o distrib!tion #ill be opened and #hen the la# becomes !lly operative$ yo! #ill ind that the things yo! see" are see"ing yo!.

+. This #ee" select a blan" space on the #all$ or any other convenient spot$ rom #here yo! !s!ally sit$ mentally dra# a blac" horizontal line abo!t six inches long$ try to see the line as plainly as tho!gh it #ere painted on the #all* no# mentally dra# t#o vertical lines connecting #ith this horizontal line at either end* no# dra# another horizontal line connecting #ith the t#o vertical lines* no# yo! have a s,!are. Try to see the s,!are per ectly* #hen yo! can do so dra# a circle #ithin the s,!are* no# place a point in the center o the circle* no# dra# the point to#ard yo! abo!t '= inches* no# yo! have a cone on a s,!are base* yo! #ill remember that yo!r #or" #as all in blac"* change it to #hite$ to red$ to yello#. 0. . yo! can do this$ yo! are ma"ing excellent progress and #ill soon be enabled to concentrate on any problem yo! may have in mind. PART ELEVEN '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ concentrate on the ,!otation ta"en rom the 7ible$ 6:hatsoever things ye desire$ #hen ye pray$ believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them6* notice that there is no limitation$ 6:hatsoever things6 is very de inite and implies that the only limitation #hich is placed !pon !s in o!r ability to thin"$ to be e,!al to the occasion$ to rise to the emergency$ to remember that 1aith is not a shado#$ b!t a s!bstance$ 6the s!bstance o things hoped or$ the evidence o things not seen.6 PART TWELVE +. This #ee" go to the same room$ ta"e the same chair$ the same position as previo!sly* be s!re to relax$ let go$ both mentally and physically* al#ays do this* never try to do any mental #or" !nder press!re* see that there are no tense m!scles or nerves$ that yo! are entirely com ortable. (o# realize yo!r !nity #ith omnipotence* get into to!ch #ith this po#er$ come into a deep and vital !nderstanding$ appreciation$ and realization o the act that yo!r ability to thin" is yo!r ability to act !pon the >niversal Mind$ and bring it into mani estation$ realize that it #ill meet any and every re,!irement* that yo! have exactly the same potential ability #hich any individ!al ever did have or ever #ill have$ beca!se each is b!t an expression or mani estation o the ?ne$ all are parts o the #hole$ there is no di erence in "ind or ,!ality$ the only di erence being one o degree. PART THIRTEEN PART FOURTEEN '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ concentrate on @armony$ and #hen . say concentrate$ . mean all that the #ord implies* concentrate so deeply$ so earnestly$ that yo! #ill be conscio!s o nothing b!t harmony. 3emember$ #e learn by doing. 3eading these lessons #ill get yo! no#here. .t is in the practical application that the val!e consists. PART FIFTEEN '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ concentrate on .nsight* ta"e yo!r acc!stomed position and oc!s the tho!ght on the act that to have a "no#ledge o the creative po#er o tho!ght does not mean to possess the art o thin"ing. -et the tho!ght d#ell on the act that "no#ledge does not apply itsel . That o!r actions are not governed by "no#ledge$ b!t by c!stom$ precedent and habit. That the only #ay #e can get o!rselves to apply "no#ledge is by a determined conscio!s e ort. Call to mind the

act that "no#ledge !n!sed passes rom the mind$ that the val!e o the in ormation is in the application o the principle* contin!e this line o tho!ght !ntil yo! gain s! icient insight to orm!late a de inite program or applying this principle to yo!r o#n partic!lar problem. PART SIXTEEN +. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ try to bring yo!rsel to a realization o the important act that harmony and happiness are states o conscio!sness and do not depend !pon the possession o things. That things are e ects and come as a conse,!ence o correct mental states. So that i #e desire material possession o any "ind o!r chie concern sho!ld be to ac,!ire the mental attit!de #hich #ill bring abo!t the res!lt desired. This mental attit!de is bro!ght abo!t by a realization o o!r spirit!al nat!re and o!r !nity #ith the >niversal Mind #hich is the s!bstance o all things. This realization #ill bring abo!t everything #hich is necessary or o!r complete en&oyment. This is scienti ic or correct thin"ing. :hen #e s!cceed in bringing abo!t this mental attit!de it is comparatively easy to realize o!r desire as an already accomplished act* #hen #e can do this #e shall have o!nd the 6Tr!th6 #hich ma"es !s 6 ree6 rom every lac" or limitation o any "ind. PART SEVENTEEN '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee" concentrate as nearly as possible in accordance #ith the method o!tlined in this lesson* let there be no conscio!s e ort or activity associated #ith yo!r p!rpose. 3elax completely$ avoid any tho!ght o anxiety as to res!lts. 3emember that po#er comes thro!gh repose. -et the tho!ght d#ell !pon yo!r ob&ect$ !ntil it is completely identi ied #ith it$ !ntil yo! are conscio!s o nothing else. +. . yo! #ish to eliminate ear$ concentrate on co!rage. 0. . yo! #ish to eliminate lac"$ concentrate on ab!ndance. 4. . yo! #ish to eliminate disease$ concentrate on health. 5. Al#ays concentrate on the ideal as an already existing act* this is the germ cell$ the li e principle #hich goes orth and sets in motion those ca!ses #hich g!ide$ direct and bring abo!t the necessary relation$ #hich event!ally mani est in orm. PART EIGHTEEN '. This #ee" concentrate !pon yo!r po#er to create* see" insight$ perception* try to ind a logical basis or the aith #hich is in yo!. -et the tho!ght d#ell on the act that the physical man lives and moves and has his being in the s!stainer o all organic li e air$ that he m!st breathe to live. Then let the tho!ght rest on the act that the spirit!al man also lives and moves and has his being in a similar b!t s!btler energy !pon #hich he m!st depend or li e$ and that as in the physical #orld no li e ass!mes orm !ntil a ter a seed is so#n$ and no higher r!it than that o the parent stoc" can be prod!ced* so in the spirit!al #orld no e ect can be prod!ced !ntil the seed is so#n and the r!it #ill depend !pon the nat!re o the seed$ so that the res!lts #hich yo! sec!re depend !pon yo!r perception o la# in the mighty domain o ca!sation$ the highest evol!tion o h!man conscio!sness. PART NINETEEN

'. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ concentrate$ and #hen . !se the #ord concentrate$ . mean all that the #ord implies* become so absorbed in the ob&ect o yo!r tho!ght that yo! are conscio!s o nothing else$ and do this a e# min!tes every day. /o! ta"e the necessary time to eat in order that the body may be no!rished$ #hy not ta"e the time to assimilate yo!r mental ood8 +. -et the tho!ght rest on the act that appearances are deceptive. The earth is not lat$ neither is it stationary* the s"y is not a dome$ the s!n does not move$ the stars are not small spec"s o light$ and matter #hich #as once s!pposed to be ixed has been o!nd to be in a state o perpet!al l!x. 0. Try to realize that the day is ast approaching 99 its da#n is no# at hand 99 #hen modes o tho!ght and action m!st be ad&!sted to rapidly increasing "no#ledge o the operation o eternal principles. PART TWENTY '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ go into the Silence and concentrate on the act that 6.n him #e live and move and have o!r being6 is literally and scienti ically exactA That yo! A3E beca!se @e .S$ that i @e is ?mnipresent @e m!st be in yo!. That i @e is all in all yo! m!st be in @imA That @e is Spirit and yo! are made in 6@is image and li"eness6 and that the only di erence bet#een @is spirit and yo!r spirit is one o degree$ that a part m!st be the same in "ind and ,!ality as the #hole. :hen yo! can realize this clearly yo! #ill have o!nd the secret o the creative po#er o tho!ght$ yo! #ill have o!nd the origin o both good and evil$ yo! #ill have o!nd the secret o the #onder !l po#er o concentration$ yo! #ill have o!nd the "ey to the sol!tion o every problem #hether physical$ inancial$ or environmental. PART TWENTY-ONE '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee"$ concentrate on the Tr!th. Try to realize that the Tr!th shall ma"e yo! ree$ that is$ nothing can permanently stand in the #ay o yo!r per ect s!ccess #hen yo! learn to apply the scienti ically correct tho!ght methods and principles. 3ealize that yo! are externalizing in yo!r environment yo!r inherent so!l potencies. 3ealize that the Silence o ers an ever9available and almost !nlimited opport!nity or a#a"ening the highest conception o Tr!th. Try to comprehend that ?mnipotence itsel is absol!te silence$ all else is change$ activity$ limitation. Silent tho!ght concentration is there ore the tr!e method o reaching$ a#a"ening$ and then expressing the #onder !l potential po#er o the #orld #ithin. PART TWENTY-TWO '. 1or yo!r exercise this #ee" concentrate on TennysonBs bea!ti !l lines 6Spea" to @im$ tho!$ or @e hears$ and spirit #ith spirit can meet$ Closer is @e than breathing$ and nearer than hands and eet.6 Then try to realize that #hen yo! do 6Spea" to @im6 yo! are in to!ch #ith ?mnipotence. +. This realization and recognition o this ?mnipresent po#er #ill ,!ic"ly destroy any and every orm o sic"ness or s! ering and s!bstit!te harmony and per ection. Then remember there are those #ho seem to thin" that sic"ness and s! ering are sent by Cod* i so$ every physician$ every s!rgeon and every 3ed Cross n!rse is de ying the #ill o Cod and hospitals and sanitari!ms are places o rebellion instead o ho!ses o mercy. ? co!rse$ this ,!ic"ly reasons itsel into an abs!rdity$ b!t there are many* #ho still cherish the idea.

0. Then let the tho!ght rest on the act that !ntil recently theology has been trying to teach an impossible Creator$ one #ho created beings capable o sinning and then allo#ed them to be eternally p!nished or s!ch sins. ? co!rse the necessary o!tcome o s!ch extraordinary ignorance #as to create ear instead o love$ and so$ a ter t#o tho!sand years o this "ind o propaganda$ Theology is no# b!sily engaged in apologizing or Christendom. 4. /o! #ill then more readily appreciate the ideal man$ the man made in the image and li"eness o Cod$ and yo! #ill more readily appreciate the all originating Mind that orms$ !pholds$ s!stains$ originates$ and creates all there is. PART TWENTY-THREE '. This #ee" concentrate on the act that man is not a body #ith a spirit$ b!t a spirit #ith a body$ and that it is or this reason that his desires are incapable o any permanent satis action in anything not spirit!al. Money is there ore o no val!e except to bring abo!t the conditions #hich #e desire$ and these conditions are necessarily harmonio!s. @armonio!s conditions necessitate s! icient s!pply$ so that i there appears to be any lac"$ #e sho!ld realize that the idea or so!l o money is service$ and as this tho!ght ta"es orm$ channels o s!pply #ill be opened$ and yo! #ill have the satis action o "no#ing that spirit!al methods are entirely practical. PART TWENTY-FOUR '. This #ee"$ try to realize that this is tr!ly a #onder !l #orld in #hich #e live$ that yo! are a #onder !l being that many are a#a"ening to a "no#ledge o the Tr!th$ and as ast as they a#a"e and come into a "no#ledge o the 6things #hich have been prepared or them6 they$ too$ realize that 6Eye hath not seen$ nor ear heard$ neither hath it entered into the heart o man$6 the splendors #hich exist or those #ho ind themselves in the 2romised -and. They have crossed the river o &!dgment and have arrived at the point o discrimination bet#een the tr!e and the alse$ and have o!nd that all they ever #illed or dreamed$ #as b!t a aint concept o the dazzling reality.

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