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Multi-Megia Visualiser with High Resolution User Manual Please read this booklet carefully before operation and keep it in good condition +Safety Notice: A\warning: Please do not put the visualzer inrain or wet circum stances to prevent it fram fire or leak of electricity. Inside the visualizer there are dangerous high voltage accessories, so please do not install the spare parts or repaire it if you are not the designated professional maintenance man. 1. Before operating, please make sure that the power supply, voltage and frequency fit the Visualiser. To ensure safety, the socket of the power supply should be of three poles. Further, please connect liveine, null4ine and earth-ine in correct way. 2. Please connect the earth line of the equipments connected with the input or output ports of the Visualiser to prevent the equipments from being damaged by static voltage. Please do not insert or draw any of the connection cables with electrification. 3. Please do not modify the Visualiser or operate without the outer shell. 4. Please prevent any of the tinder, liquid or metal from dropping into the Visualiser to keep it from being hurt; please do not operate by putting any tinder or liquid on the bottom table. 5. The Visualiser is delicate apparatus, so please do not operate in conditions such as high temperature, damp, acid oralkali corrodible gas, dustful and shaky, ect. Please lay the Visualiser on a hard table instead of slant or unsteady one. Please do not put objects weighted more than one kilograms on the bottom table. 6. Please clean the Visualiser using dry cloth and cut off the electricity before-hand; please do not clean it with chemistry solvent such as liquid dilution, volatilised gasoline or insecticide. 7. Please cut off the electricity if it will not be used for a long time. 8. Please do not let the children play with the Visualiser to prevent them from electric-shock. 9. Please cut off the power and pull the plug out of the power supply socket in any abnormal conditions such as noise or smoking. ie ¥ Instruction of Specialities: Please read this Booklet Carefully before Operation and we sincerely hope it will bring convinience and hapiness to you, 1. The outlook of our Visualisers is smooth, elegant and fashionable; 2. Unique sensitive key press, easy to use, durable, dustproof and waterproof (Has gained Patent); 3. With a small drawer in one side and you can Put remote Controller, laser pen, etc. in it; 4. Adopted damp design to all the joints of the Visualiser, easy and comfortable to use; 5Adopted LED light for side lamps and bottom lamp, energy-saving, environment-friendly and durabie; 6. Unique preview/ shooting function; the image or text can be edited and previewed before shot via the Projector, 7. No need tum Visualiser on to get through: when PC signal comes to Visualiser, continually connect with Monitor, and no Need totumon the Visualiser, 8. VGA bandwidth 440MHz with long cable drive; the resolution can be improved, making the image more beautiful and clear, 9. Built-in digital volume modulation, easier to control volume and get hi-fi voice; 10. Unique ESD Static protection will keep the intemal Components from being damaged when Cut off the power directly from the power ‘supply; oes