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Amazing UC At tour for students Students from Stafford and Stone enjoyed a tour of the last remaining large ower transformer manu- facturer in the UK. ‘The 30 youngsters were shown around Areva T&D's Lich- field Road site through the Young Enterprise project, which the power equipment firm is supporting. The secondary school pupils had a look around the main factory and saw how a trans- former is put together. Business After being wowed by the size and precision of the materi- als involved, they also visited the workshops of the medium. voltage switchgear unit and service unit, which supply customers transmitting and distributing electricity, ‘The Young Enterprise project teaches school pupils about the world of business and sees students set up and run their own company over the course of one academic year. ‘They elect a board of directors from their peers, raise share capital and market and finance a product or service of their own choice. [At the end of the year they liq- uidate the company and ige winding to Weston present a report and BASEN Srfaiisia ets urh CauLE\COn eee eda accounts. DCI a Mesnr at nmcat mma ee Cota eTe Cae