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Commodity market of


Sourabh srivastava
Demand &supply
ØAluminium is set to accelerator sharply
ØThe primary aluminium demand has
risen from 2 million tones in 1950 to
9.5 million tones in 1970, and then 15
million tones in 1990, which is
expected to rise to 35 million tones in
2007 .
ØThe HILLSIDE smelter in south Africa
produces around 460,000 of
Factor which influencing on
commodity market
Factor which influencing on
commodity market
Data interpretation of
aluminum word wide
Contribution to group
Indian scenario
Ø India is the fifth largest producer of
aluminum in the word .
Ø India produces approximately 3,o37 million
tones of all categories of bauxite .
Ø At current levels o consumption, tge existing
reserves will have an estimated life of over
350 year .
Ø India’s annualyexport of aluminum is about
82000 tones .
Ø Indian primarlyplayer is HINDALCO ,NALCO,
Key challenges

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