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NALAS Task Force

on Energy Efficiency
Activity Report 2008

Hosted by:

Association of Kosovo Municipalities

•Task force established, two meetings took place

•Energy challenges in South-East Europe

identified, task force priorities set

•One comprehensive project idea developed, with

broad coverage – affecting citizens, local
authorities, states and international organizations

•Contacts with possible new partners established;

joint activities and close cooperation likely with
the United Nations Economic Commission for
Europe, the Regional Cooperation Council and
NALAS Task Force on
Energy challenges in South East Europe

• Incomplete legal framework and lack of by-laws;

• Missing local energy strategies, no baseline data on consumption;
• Waste of energy;
• Unsatisfactory collection rates;
• Unacceptable air pollution; mitigation GHG emissions
• Unsatisfactory use of renewable energy sources;
• Low public awareness;
• Missing scientific capacity and expertise.
• Upcoming NALAS task force initiatives

Component 1: Pilot projects of NALAS members

1. Low Energy (School) Building with public awareness

2. Heating/cooling with renewable sources

3. Street lighting

Component 2: Crosscutting activities

1. Compilation of model municipal policies and state regulations

2. Best Practices (pilot experience)

3. Rating System / Awards

4. EE event / Fair at each country

5. International conference / networking