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H equipment provid
des a solu
ution to an
nother coating prob

Cusstomer: Errskine Systems Ltd

kine Systemms in Scarb
borough is part of thee TT electro
onics Group
p and is a g
global manufacturerr of
PCBB’s for the Telecommu
T unications industry.

en Erskine Systems ha
ad a requirrement to coat a ran
nge of prinnted circuitt boards (P
PCB’s) they
eded themm to have a specialise
ed finish wh
hich was sttipulated by
b their continental customers.

o factors le
ed them to consider using
u a sub or for this process:

1. The hazardous naturre of the soolvent base

ed coatinggs,
2. The prohib
bitive cost of investm
ment in cap
pital equipm
ment to pe
erform the task safely
y and
y in-house..

Onc ce the dec cision to ou

utsource was
w made Erskine
E set about sourcing a reliable subc
who o could ha andle thesee hazardou ces safely and guara
us substanc antee swiftt turnaroun
nd times on
this critical ap
pplication process.

It was
w Erskine’s own con nformal coa ating supp
plier who re
ecommend ded SCH Teechnologie
es and afte
nec cessary tria
als, qualifica
ation perio
ods and qu uality auditts were com
mplete, the coating process
beg gan and co ontinues to o this day.

The attitude of
o all the sta
aff at SCH Services Liimited is th
hat the nee
eds of the c
customer come
c first.
This ensures th
hat, howev ver deman nding the tu
urnaround times, the ey are alwa
ays met, ev
ven when
the seemingly y impossiblee is asked.

The result of th
his has bee kine has found a parttner and a suitable solution to their
en that Ersk t
problems and d has worke ed continuuously with SCH ever since, reguularly supp
plying a hig
gh volume of
mixed produc cts for confformal coaating. In retturn, SCH endeavour
e r to continu
uously meeet their hig
ndards of quality
q and
d turnarounnd time without com mpromise.

SCH Technologie
T es is a Trading Name of o SCH Servic
ces Limited
Unit B,
B 4 Wharncliffe Street, Barnsley,
B So
outh Yorkshiire. S70 6BP
Tel: +44
+ (0)1226 297711
2 Fax:: +44 (0)122
26 297733