John Coltrane -Born on September 23, 1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina -Moved to Philadelphia in 1943; Enlisted in Navy in 1945, played

in band at Hawaii -Returned in 1946, studied with guitarist and composer Dennis Sandole -Started playing tenor with the Eddie Vinson Band and King Kolax’s Band -Charlie Parker was a huge idol throughout early career, played with him in late 1940’s -Gets a call from Miles Davis, forms quintet with him -Into late 1957 Coltrane started working with Thelonious Monk in New York City area -Got back with Miles David in January 1958, stayed through April 1960, and where he did recordings Milestones, Kind of Blues, and live recordings of Miles and Monk at Newport -Starts own group in 1960 and records first album, Giant Steps -Works with quartets for next few years -Towards the end of his life he really got into Avant Garde jazz, recorded a few albums of that -However, he ended up passing away from liver cancer on July 17, 1967; mostly attributed to Coltrane’s excessive heroin use -In the end, originally played clarinet and alto horn, picked up alto saxophone in high school -Early1960’s saw him playing a lot of soprano saxophone; Still going to be known for his high melody’s on the tenor saxophone.

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