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Published by Teodor Gaetano

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Published by: Teodor Gaetano on Mar 10, 2012
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Our unique Green Living solution is one of the broadest and most comprehensive value propositions the market has seen to date.A global footprint In a globalized world QEES is a globally oriented energy management solution provider with the vision of triggering the smart home platform. . It is sold across the world and remains a token of QEES’ innovativeness and aesthetic style. interoperable technologies and allows our strategic partners to extend and build new applications on top of the open software MyKey is QEES’ uniquely designed key fob for personalised control. interoperable and leading-edge energy management solutions for the residential. as it enables international customers such as large energy utilities or global hotel chains to offer superior and leadingedge energy management solutions to their customers anywhere in the world. commercial and institutional markets. Its cloud-based software infrastructure contributes significantly to QEES’ global footprint. It is built entirely on open. COMPANY IDENTITY mass market by providing affordable.

“We offer our unique software infrastructure as an open platform to the smart home industry” .

. schools. We bundle our Green Living solution with the value proposition of our strategic partners and customers in the professional market such as energy utilities. but it also allows the end-user to adopt a green and environmentally sustainable behavior – we call it ‘Green Living’. Energy management solutions provide some of the more evident and tangible benefits broadband suppliers and internet service providers. hotels. condominiums. which will subsequently result in changed behavior for the benefit of the environment.. easy. etc. we make the decision of implementing Green Living solutions into homes. thereby creating an even more compelling offer and motivation for the end-user to change behavior. In other words. property developments. GREEN LIVING in terms of saving electricity and money.Saving energy is saving money Changing behavior or changing the value proposition? Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of smart home technology. telcos. commercial buildings.

“We connect the electricity smart grid to the home and take it beyond the meter” .

telcos. The smart home revolution starts here! . However. QEES wants to change that by providing an affordable and compelling value proposition to the future mass market in close collaboration with strategic partners and customers in the value chain. it becomes evident that we cannot expect the immature mass market end-user to demand smart home solutions or get engaged in energy management solutions. broadband suppliers and internet service providers. we can bundle a superior and compelling value proposition for the end-user and push it to him in close collaboration with energy utilities. By taking point of departure in the current immaturity and shortcomings of the smart home industry.A game-changing strategy The rule of change: Change the rules! VISION AND STRATEGY The smart home industry of today is small and immature and consists of technology enthusiasts and other early adopters.

telcos. broadband suppliers and internet service providers in the future mass market!” .“We want to be the preferred energy management solution provider for energy utilities.

eu | www. 2.tv.qees.eu . please contact: QEES A/S Naverland 31. | 2600 Glostrup | Denmark | +45 70 230 239 | info@qees.The smarT home revoluTion sTarTs here! For further information.

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