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Lifestyle Without Food

Lifestyle Without Food

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Published by: fairymouse on Mar 10, 2012
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Please, let us cooperate in order to produce results which will help people to
learn more about growth possibilities, get rid of illnesses, lead healthier life
style and which will contribute in removing the famine problem on the

Scientifically researched data about non-eating or fasting people is a valu-
able material for researches you do in medical field. Doing researches on


fasting people and on those whose bodies do not need food to properly
function brings valuable information. This information constitutes valuable
base which is useful for learning more about the human. This is one of most
important stages to efficient healing, developing methods of disease pre-
venting and remaining in good health.

I believe that besides me there are many people willing to submit them-
selves to research which can result in producing scientific material concern-
ing body and psyche functions of inediates and fasting people.

It is a fact that the majority of people do not believe in high efficiency of
heal fasting and the human ability to live completely without food. How-
ever there are many open-minded scientists who are not afraid to take a
challenge of this kind. They are those who, thanks to their open-mind atti-
tude concerning “impossible” things, have refuted the formerly prevailing
beliefs that people cannot fly, the Earth is flat, the Sun orbits the Earth and
many other.

I hope to cooperate with this kind of scientists and doctors. I am waiting for
your contact.

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