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Lifestyle Without Food

Lifestyle Without Food

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Published by: fairymouse on Mar 10, 2012
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If mind activity is not considered then it can be said that the main causes of
human body biological aging are contamination by toxins, fat excess and
low energy level. Many people practicing LSWF or sufficiently long fasting
feel like their bodies rejuvenate. This is the main reason why some people
decide to start LSWF.

The process of biological age reversion caused by fasting or inedia is a
known phenomenon, which is proven not only by body appearance but also
by results of clinical research. Evelyn Levy, who underwent thyroid exami-
nation after she started LSWF in 1999, can be an example. The result of the
examination suggested that the thyroid belonged to a person 15 years of age
while Evelyn was 38 at that time.

To make sure that you understand me well, let me emphasize that long fast-
ing or LSWF do not guarantee the age reversion in every person. Forcing
the body to live without food longer than it needs to causes the opposite
result — the aging process clearly accelerates.

When your RBN corresponds with complete lack of the need to eat, the bio-
logical body age reverses to the limit defined by your mind, because in this
case toxins, fat excess and low level of life energy do not accelerate the
aging process. In every other case forcing body to fast (called: starving) and


harming happens, which visually manifests by body rapidly changing to
looking old.

Immortal person, that is one who knows how to keep their body in good
condition as long as he/she decides, can live completely without food. Of
course, this does not mean that every immortal is an inediate or the con-

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