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Lifestyle Without Food

Lifestyle Without Food

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Published by: fairymouse on Mar 10, 2012
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After a few weeks of fasting (or earlier) you may notice that the way you
see and understand the world has changed. Also your thinking and acting in
this world has changed. Some matters, objects and actions have changed
their values (in your opinion, of course).

There are many possible ways of experiencing this new perception. You
look at people and at what they do as if you were watching them in a the-
ater, because you feel yourself as if you were not present here, as if you
were not partaking in the existence of this world.

Some things that you used to do and some subjects that you were interested
in became unimportant or even worthless, although they used to be valuable
and useful to you before. You have the impression that some things you are
again learning from the beginning, so activities like driving a car, ironing,
typing may be felt as a new experience. Things which used to be done auto-
matically may now demand special attention — as if you had forgotten how
to do them.

Other things, which used to require concentration, you can now do easier,
they become more natural. You take notice of and pay attention to sights,
sounds and smells which did not draw your attention before. You can notice
many more psychical changes. You may get the impression that this state is
similar to being under drug influence.

Generally speaking, the perception and understanding of the reality of the
world have changed. You may even suspect that something is wrong with
your psyche. Your family members and friends may also notice your other
“strange” reactions.


So what has happened? Many changes have occurred. The parts making up
your mind have changed their activities, for example, the intellect became
calmer. Also the endocrine glands work differently, for example, more
endorphins and less adrenaline are excreted.

This state may last for some time, the length of which depends on an indi-
vidual. It is a good time for observing yourself and learning from it. There
is no reason to worry, if the body is not in the state of emaciation or exhaus-
tion. So you can enjoy the new experience.

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