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The Indian automotive industry consists of five segments: commercial vehicles; multi-utility vehicles & passenger cars; two-wheelers; three-wheelers; and tractors. With 5,822,963 units sold in the domestic market and 453,591 units exported during the first nine months of FY2005 (9MFY2005), the industry (excluding tractors) marked a growth of 17% over the corresponding previous. The two-wheeler sales have witnessed a spectacular growth trend since the mid nineties.

Honda two wheelers came to the Indian shores in 2004 with the launch of the sleek Honda Unicorn. The Honda Unicorn introduced the first puncture resistant tubes to the Indian twowheeler market. Honda followed up its success with motorbikes by groundbreaking scooters like the Honda Activa, which has owners all over the country beaming with pride and pleasure. After a period of successful marketing of its products it never looked down, It geared up with great bikes like Honda Shine, which really shined in the 125cc bike market, Honda Stunner ,which robed the hearts of young stars and with twisted the minds of people with its Honda Twister and trying to get the glory of unicorn with its Honda Dazzler It has good amount of market share among scooter segment with high demanded Honda Active and followed by Aviator and Dio. It even entered in to fun biking culture by introducing the international standard racing bikes like

Honda Worldwide
Honda Motor Company, Japan with its headquarters in Tokyo, has manufacturing operations in 32 countries with 109 production bases. The company principal of Honda Worldwide is dedication to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. It has 3 business divisions namely 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers and Power Products. Apart from HMSI that manufactures 2-wheelers, the other business divisions in India include Honda Siel Cars India Limited (HSCI) and Honda Siel Power Products Limited (HSPP).

Dio & Aviator in Scooters and CB Unicorn. HMSI has also entered the Fun-Bike market last year with the launch of CBR1000RR Fireblade and CB1000R bikes in the Indian market. Uttar Pradesh. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. (HMI) Honda Motor India the wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Japan. CBF Stunner. Ltd Commences Operations. India from December 1. during his visit to New Delhi. All products have been well received in the market and have created new benchmarks in their respective categories. Formation of HMI is part of the overall strategy to strengthen and integrate operations of Honda companies in India with respect to service parts. Honda is the world''s largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers. 2006 The plan to set up HMI was first announced by Mr Takeo Fukui.. CB Twister & CB Unicorn Dazzler in Motorcycles. CB Shine. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Current HMSI products include Activa. Beginning with HSCI Parts Operations (HMI) formally began its operations from its corporate office in Greater Noida.. (HMSI). Honda products y y y y y y y y y y VFR 1200F CBR 1000RR CB 1000R CBF STUNNER PGM-FI CB UNICORN DAZZLER CB UNICORN CBF STUNNER CB SHINE CB TWISTER AVIATOR .Honda Motor India Pvt Ltd. Honda Motor Co.. President and CEO. Ltd. Ltd.

y y ACTIVA DIO Honda Race series VFR1200F: Exhilarating Honda V4 performance. but retaining the distinctive linear power delivery and physical sensation that V4 owners know and love. omniscient control and a thrilling beauty and simplicity of form that sets hearts and minds racing. never-ending torque and advanced mass centralisation. A remarkable blend of raw power. All expressed in the beat and feel that only a V4 configuration from Honda can deliver. The closed crankcase and UNICAM technology come from the RC212V MotoGP motorcycle and motocross race machines. The technology used to achieve this is at once both simple and highly complex in its execution. while the unique voice of the new exhaust speaks a language to stir the soul. The innovation of a new 28° phased shift crankshaft was simple but very effective ± reducing the vibration associated with a traditional V4 configuration. For CBR1000RR Fireblade vividly brings to life searing performance. by completely redesigning the engine layout. Honda Motor cycles . all. Instant power with every twist of the throttle. Honda were able to produce a shorter engine that allowed them more freedom when positioning it within the frame. This enabled the creation of near perfect weight distribution. There is something utterly compelling about the V4 engine of the new Honda VFR1200F. CBR1000RR: Sired by a MotoGP champion and tempered in the fires of world superbike and endurance competition.

It sets new benchmark in the uppper majority motorcycle segment in India with its swift acceleration.CB UNICORN: CB Unicorn is powered with Honda 4-stroke. masculine fuel tank with knee grip and a sleek rear cowl. Tumble Flow Combustion Chamber. 150cc engine and incorporates many cutting-edge technologies developed by Honda¶s global R&D team. CB Unicorn is the fastest motorcycle in India racing from 0 to 60 kms* per hour in a mere 5 seconds. riding comfort and convenience. Get to the New Graphics (down Headturn Avenue). With the 4-stroke. Roller Rocker arm. CB STUNNER: Start down Style Boulevard. superior mileage. CB Unicorn is engineered and styled for the taste of the younger generation. and a Classy Aerodynamic Body. 150cc engine delivering a whooping 13. cutting edge technologies like Multi-Mapping CDI.3 bhp. It has a distinctive sporty and macho design with a racy front face. CB Unicorn offers perfect balance of pickup and mileage. . delivering 60 kmpl through its famed 4-stroke Honda engine. international styling.

and Mumbai the highest on-road price for Honda Shine (Spoke Wheel). Currently.600 at Ahmedabad. Pass by Convenience Park. 45. Go down Performance Avenue. y Shine (Spoke Wheel) (125 cc) An inspiring piece in the 125 cc motorcycle segment. Honda Shine (Alloy Wheel) bike prices vary upon the two-wheeler dealer's location. the Honda Shine delivers excellent power. octroi. For a mind-blowing drive. and low maintenance cost. New bikes in this series have a showroom price ranging from around Rs. Honda Shine (Alloy Wheel) prices vary with the two-wheeler dealer's location. New bikes have showroom prices of around Rs. take the Honda¶s 125 cc Engine with 11 bhp 5 Speed Transmission (renowned the world over). Delhi has the lowest. Get to the newly constructed Tachometer (it¶s a superb vantage point. etc. y Honda Scooters y Honda Eterno . you can see close to everything from here). aesthetics. Currently.000 to around Rs. and Mumbai the highest on-road price for Honda Shine (Alloy Wheel). Keep a lookout for the Sharp Rear (it¶s the most happening place in the city nowadays. Take a roundabout from The Sporty Half Chain Case (leaves your head spinning really) and take the Handle Bar Weights (it¶s a stable ride despite the challenging roads). Shine (Alloy Wheel) (125 cc) This bike sets new benchmarks in the 125 cc segment by its engine efficiency.400 and on-road prices of around Rs. Delhi has the lowest. 40. superior technology. and awesome looks. Honda Shine (Spoke Wheel) bike prices vary upon the two-wheeler dealer's location. 53. 47. RTO. Keep going straight down with the Wider Tubeless Tyres (A landmark is the The Black Alloy Wheels ± impossible to miss) Stop at the Disc Brakes. all the hot chicks are there).000 inclusive of all charges like insurance.Take a turn for the Newly Designed Under Cowl (watch out for Immediate Attention ± it has a looming presence).

the Greek god of love and son of Venus. 42. 37.000 to around Rs.000 inclusive of all charges like insurance. y Honda Activa Activa (100 cc) Honda Activa is a family two-wheeler and features a higher load carrying capacity than similar scooters. New bikes in this series have a showroom price ranging from around Rs. Currently. Delhi has the lowest. Currently. RTO. Honda Eterno scooter prices vary upon the twowheeler dealer's location. octroi. this scooter costs around Rs. 35. Currently. At the showroom. Delhi has the lowest. and Mumbai the highest on- . y Honda Dio Dio (100 cc) The Honda Dio is named after Dyonisiac' or Cupid. 40. etc. Honda Dio scooter prices vary upon the two-wheeler dealer's location.500 at Ahmedabad.000. and Bangalore the highest on-road price for Honda Eterno. New scooter have showroom prices of around Rs.800 and on-road prices of around Rs.000 with an on-road price of around Rs. Honda Eterno has revolutionized the concept of scooters in its segment. 43. Delhi has the lowest. and Mumbai the highest on-road price for Honda Dio. 38.Eterno (150 cc) India's first 150cc scooter.

So right now. Honda needs to do that to compete against its own collaboration. Honda motorbikes and Honda scooters today are sure to provide you with something different from the average two-wheeler on the road. Hero Honda. SWOT Analysis Strengths y y y y y y y y wide variety of models and variants¶ strong distribution network strong technological support from R&D centre low cost attractive entry level models good high end fun racing models major players in the automatic gear scooter segment cost effective models in all segment Brand good will Weaknesses y y y y y y Market stagnation High competition from different brands Only few commuter attracted models Very late delivery Low production capacity Varied model compatibility . y Honda two wheelers.road price for Honda Activa. in order to differentiate themselves from Hero Honda products are going high on innovative technology. Honda consumers have everything going for them. Honda Activa scooter prices vary upon the two-wheeler dealer's location. and build its separate market share.

Opportunities y y y y y y y Tremendous demand of two-wheelers in the market Varied customer tastes Lack of competition in scooter market Stringent pollution norms Rise in buying power of youth and women Crazy for run racing bikes 100% FDI allowance in automobile industry Threats y y y y Decrease in the buying¶s of scooters Entry of new brands in the market High Stringent pollution norms Dynamic technology implementation in automobile sector Marketing strategy It has strong marketing strategy that has been continuously evaluating in the market that dynamically effecting the sales of its bikes for different bikes It is maintaining strong distribution network and high dealer transactions along with good promotional activities that is enhancing brand value of the company. It is using different promotional activities y y y TV media Online and print ads .

To cope up with the marketing competition it depends on different marketing communications to reach and attract the masses.fashionable and mainly as common man commodity bikes by introducing different models and variants. Honda and its communication agency dentsumarcom have taken a intriguing 3-box layout with the one question in bold to advertise the Twister. .racing .y y bill boards road shows etc one of the latest attractive promotional ad in print media.wheeler stable in India. TV and online is Honda twister is the new 110cc bike from the Honda 2 . So far it had managed but the way of multi positioning requires quit rigorous marketing strategies with smart marketing communication for different positioning markets of Honda Two Wheelers in order to succeed.Online and print ads The following mediums will be analysed as far as branding is concerned y Internet y Newspaper / Magazine articles y Hoardings CONCLUSION Honda is positioning itself in the Indian market for different segments targeting as trendy youth bikes . The question is "are you missing something and you dont know?" Objective y y y To study and analyse the various communications carried out by HONDA for their 2 wheeler segment Reviewing the positioning and the communications (if in same line) Analysing the branding activities carried out by HONDA Scope y y The study will be restricted to TV .

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