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SINGER CLASSES 620, 625, 626 AND 628 Supploment to Form 20732 a Machines 620, 625, 626 and 628 (1066) : SINGER SERVICE MANUAL MACHINES oF CLASSES 620, 625, 626 AND 628 Instructions appearing in the Service Manual for Machines of Class 600 generally apply to Machines of losses 620, 625 and 626. Instructions for Class 603 Machines generally apply to those of Class 628. This supplement provides instructions which apply enly to Class 620, 625, 626 and 628 Machines, THE SINGER COMPANY THE SINGER COMPANY Printed in Us Ss Ay INDEX Bobbin Driver Adjustment. Removal and Replacement. Bobbin Push-Button Removal and Replacement. Chainstitch Adjustments. Hinge Assembly, Hook, Rotating Positioning, Removal. Replacing... Timing enon Inspection and Lubrication... Needle-Threader Storage and Selector Systems Release Mechanism... 12 The Cam Staci 2 4 Bight-Amplitude and Pattern Selector. 7 Needle-Bar Driving Arm. 9 Tension, Needle Thread Adjustment. - 10 Removal ond Disessembly ia Reassembly ond Zeaiecement 10 roct-Plate Position Sracker PROPERTY OF THE SINGER COMPANY This is a privote and confidential communication to ond for the use only of the employees of The Singer Compony and its affiliated comoanies. Reproduction, sale, distribution, or publication thereof to the public is forbidden.