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HIS Impact of Jet Apparatus (Model: FM 31) has been designed for students to study on the force developed by a water jet impact impinging on different non-moving targets. The apparatus consist of a clear acrylic cylinder where water id fed through a nozzle ans discharged vertically to strike the target supported on a stem which extends through the cover. The counter balance the force exerted by the water jet, a dead weight is applied on the upper end of the stem.


By adding the weights, the vertical force exerted on the target plate can be determined. Three different targets are provided: a flat plate, a 120o cone and hemispherical cup. Targets are made of noncorrodable materials.

SPECIFICATIONS Nozzle Diameter : 8 mm, 5 mm Nozzle to Target Distance : 20 mm Target Plate: a) flat plate b) 120o cone c) 180o hemisphere d) 30o Flat Target PLates Dia. : 30mm Weights : 4 x 20g; 3 x 50g; 2 x 100g; 2 x 200g REQUIREMENT Hydraulic Bench
Rev1.0 13/05/2011

EXPERIMENTAL CAPABILITES ♦ Measurement of the force exerted by a water jet upon targets of different shapes and comparison with the forces predicted by momentum theory.

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