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Blackmailed by William Davis (Text Story)

Blackmailed by William Davis (Text Story)

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Published by: Masigo on Mar 10, 2012
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BSS-616 Blackmailed by William Davis Chapter 1 Jay his she the Ballard watched the provocative sway

of Karen's luscious figure, eyes devouring the soft, rounded protuberances of her buttocks, as turned away from his desk and went through the connecting door to outer office, to usher in a prospective client.

The sexuality that Miss Forrester exuded reminded him, acutely, that he'd have to get to know her better ... and soon, if things in the bedroom department at home didn't begin getting better, in the next few days. Karen was just finishing up her first week as his private secretary, and she seemed to like her job. He wondered, idly, if she'd like her job better ... if he could offer her some attractive fringe benefits ... His reverie was interrupted by the young giant who came through his office door. The boxer was even bigger, it seemed to Jay, than when he'd witnessed the man's last bout. It had taken place last week, at the Olympic. Jay had been there, in the fifth row, watching Arnie Pearson, fighting at a trim two hundred and thirty-five pounds, as he had out-pointed and out-fought his opponent, decking him twice, before finally putting him away, decisively, in the ninth round with a clean knock-out. Jay remembered it had been Arnie's devastating left hook that had put BoBo Wilson on the canvas for the full count. The fight had been clean. BoBo Wilson had been the odds on favorite, but Pearson, knowing that he was fighting one of the most important fights of his career, had carried the fight, pressingly, to the older, ring-wise Wilson ... and had won it, fair and square. No one questioned that he was now in a good position to demand a bout with the Champion. Arnie Pearson was now the principal contender for the Heavyweight Boxing Title. "Arnie!" Jay was out of his seat, extending a lean, sun-bronzed hand in greeting. "It's good to see you ... but aren't you out of your element 1 - 128

... coming to see me ...?" A slow, friendly smile spread across the big fighter's heavy-featured face; his deep-set, widely spaced, blue eyes were troubled. His gaze was direct, as he studied the private investigator's face. He took the seat Jay pointed to and sat up ramrod straight in it, his body tense, unrelaxed. "Well, Mr. Ballard ... I haven't been robbed of the family jewels ... yet ..." he joked, lamely, his face settling into grim lines. Jay laughed, heartily, while Arnie grinned, now, shyly, pleased that he, at least, appeared to be light-hearted. The detective surveyed the blonde giant across the desk from him and knew he could like this man. There was that easy-going directness about him ... and there was the demonstrated ability to remain cool and collected, under stress. He had shown that several times in some thirty professional bouts. "I saw your last fight ... with BoBo Wilson ..." Jay mentioned, trying to feel out the reason for the boxer's visit to his office. "That's great ... I'm awfully glad you did. It was a hard fight all the way ... believe me! Wilson's a good man ... a good fighter ... hard to beat ... one of the best in the business!" Arnie said. "... But, according to some people ... I was supposed to lose that fight!" "Well ... I don't think Wilson had a chance ... from the opening bell ... even if he was favored, by the bettors!" Jay told him. "You were in good condition ... and you were right in there, every round ... carrying the fight to him ... putting on the pressure ..." "Thanks ... Mr. Ballard ... but I'm ..." "Just call me Jay ..." the detective interrupted. "Okay ... Jay, then ..." He showed obvious tension at being interrupted. "... But as I was saying ... I'm talking about people ... that wanted me to lose it ... on purpose!" Arnie got it out. His face was unsmiling, his big, square jaw set. "You mean ... somebody wanted you to throw that fight?" "Yeah ... that's it!" 2 - 128

"... But that doesn't make sense! BoBo was the man to put money on ...! Why would anybody want you to take a nosedive ...?" Jay queried. Arnie looked down at his sinewy hands. He balled them into hard fists, before he looked back up at Jay, his intense blue eyes looking directly into Jay's brown ones. "That's what bothered me, too ... but afterwards, when I started thinking about it ... it does make sense ... if they had BoBo tied up ... and he were the contender, instead of me ...!" Rubbing both hands up over his greying temples, Jay thought about it. "If I follow you ... what you're saying is they, whoever that is ... are looking forward to the next Championship fight!" "It figures ... if they've got the title-holder tied up ... too ... doesn't it?" Arnie spat his words out fast, wanting confirmation of what he thought about it. "Christ ... do you know what you're saying ...?" Jay questioned. "I sure as hell do! I'm the question mark ... because they couldn't get to me!" Arnie shot back. "... And, now I'm ruining their plans for a real killing on the title bout!" "You mean they tried to buy you off, somehow?" "Yeah ... but I won't take their filthy money!" "Now, they're threatening you ...?" "... And ... blackmailing me!" Jay whistled, thoughtfully, and asked, "... So, why are you coming to me ...? The police could give you protection ... and the Boxing Commission could look into the bribe attempt ... and blackmail doesn't work, usually ..." "Yeah ... but they've got pictures ... that could ruin my marriage!" The fighter looked away, temporarily, feeling the guilt return to surge through him. 3 - 128

. morosely..." the big man explained... is that it?" "Yeah . and whenever I go into training . and he did understand. that's it! They set you up . with guns . Arnie?" "She didn't come out here . about the only thing left is a hand-job .128 ..." he went on ominously. every now and then!" "If your wife were around ..." 4 . with their threats .." ". "Is that where I come in. for the fight.... "My trainer's kind of old-fashioned. well.... "maybe I could do something about it!" His big hands clenched and unclenched. Arnie went on. I've got to live almost like a monk ....... how he had fallen into the trap.. anyway . for maybe two months before every fight.? You want me to find out who's putting the pressure on you?" "Yeah .. "That's just it ."So .. Jay was digesting information...... before he said.. that's right . the pictures ... you know . You keep saying...... and got it all on film?" "Well...... for all practical purposes!" Jay nodded.. Hell . And.. and . because I've only had some goons ... you couldn't have had her anyway .. perfectly. come around . explaining further..?" "Yeah . 'they' . and ... "I understand all that . still thinking. hell . and you haven't told me who 'they' are!" There was a moment's hesitation on Arnie's part. "She doesn't want me to fight . then .. "we've got to pin something down.. that's why I came to see you. and she takes me to bed!" Arnie defended.. you know .. "Now. one thing leads to another ... but where was your wife." There was a long silence. I don't know who the hell it is! If I did... with his emotion.... and met a girl . it was right after the fight! I was at this party ." he said.....

. It was an invitation that had been hard to pass up . Maybe it was because of the woman who had given him the invitation. and Arnie was not sure how it had happened that he ended up going to a posh party in Newport. shouting in his ear about her party and pressing a piece of paper into his still bandaged hands..... and after his rub-down and shower...128 . news release. what you did ..? He had hung onto the address . and the noise had been tremendous.. He told Jay Ballard everything he could remember about that night... to climb into bed with her!" Arnie Pearson was game. trying to answer news reporters' questions and being filmed for a T. and especially. then ... Frantic fans had crowded into his dressing room to congratulate him.. The party was going strong when he arrived .. She had pressed in close to him. after all he had been pretty hard up . as she had undulated up against him.. everything you can remember about her . down below.. where you went . perhaps."Let's start there. the press of the crowd almost unbearable . tell me about this gal you balled .. as many as ten invitations to parties . right after the fight. her loins tight against his thigh. but she had stuck with him. and it had taken a long time to clear the room...V. and when a voluptuous woman makes it that plain . gotten into his rental car and had driven down to Newport.. he hadn't 5 . as he had backed into his dressing room. he had dressed... of course. the place you went . There had been... She had been busy. where you met her .. so he could get his rub-down and get dressed. That wasn't the only message he had gotten from her. Flash bulbs had been popping..... * * * It had been jubilant and hectic in Arnie's dressing room. Hell! What could he do .

. and meet a few of his guests .. He did gather that she wasn't the hostess for the party. and said...... had chosen his messenger well .. suggestively.. With a third drink in his hand. auburn-haired beauty... Arnie decided. where it caressed him.. whose place is this." "Can we run out .. Arnie was seated on a plush couch.. for some fun and games . of course.... "Which reminds me .. He was there to have some fun! Christ! After living in a training camp for two months. because I'm not sure I caught the name . were some of the things he wanted for relaxation..... She had been there.. Carla Reynolds. to make sure he would come. with the clearest complexion Arnie had ever seen.. Her name was Carla . for some real fun!" Her pink tongue snaked out between her full. sensuous lips and ran in a tiny circle around her lips. I'm sure. in rapid succession. He wanted you to come . Whoever sent her. and he felt comfortable. some where .. Carla seated next to him.known any of the people there.. "Arnie . he had been ready to break out and have himself a real ball . and then just relax and have some fun.. drinks . provocatively. we can split this bash .. just like that?" he asked.... but he asked...?" "Sure ..... her long. pressed in tight against his. tapering thigh.. while the party swirled around them.. anytime you're ready .128 . and she hadn't wasted any time in letting him know that that little thighrubbing deal in his dressing room was for real... especially after he had downed the first two drinks. "Just you . a ravishing... 6 . She looked at him over the rim of her martini glass." She smiled.. and me . innocently. Arnie was pretty sure what she meant. on our host . when I came in .. They all seemed to be fans. and a party ." she smiled.?" "Warren won't mind .. a willing woman . as her hand dropped down to his thigh. "Another party . her grey-green eyes smoldering... nylon-clad below daring hot-pants. which you have . she had been sent by someone else ... her fingers outlined the bulging muscles of his chest. while at the same time.

. waiting for him. in a day or two. "He's got money .. like Fort Knox!" she told him.. or the fight itself. to be trapped there in a growing erection.. 7 . So. if she's hot to trot . right afterward... He'd reschedule them ... just below the boiling point. or the next day! He had told his manager. Then. he felt the pounding blood rush into his penis. as she told him about the party. leaning in close to add. when Carla had pressed in close to him. not to let it affect his training for the fight .. I don't want to tall about him . To hell with it! I'm not climbing onto a plane.... All week long. while he was getting his rubdown... Under no circumstances would she come to see the fight .. He had never cheated on Joan. that doesn't stop . and that was that! He could get on a plane and come home. tonight .128 ...? It was a good question. to cancel his flight reservations. that he would do just that! He'd been angry ever since a week ago.He tried to remember who Warren was. when he had accepted Carla's invitation to this party . that's Warren . only he's not really old . She was stubborn about it. tonight! I'll go home tomorrow ... Warren Ramsey...... about it! . square-built man with almost silvery white hair. But. his memory dredged up the image of a short. while below... caused a natural reaction. but he had known.. "Is Warren the guy with the white hair . in the dressing room. it's you I want!" The throaty seductiveness of her voice. before now . Christ! He was getting hot.. ". she'd be there . what in the hell am I waiting for ...?" he asked. and he'd had to fight with himself. seductively rubbing herself up against him.. the strong sensation of the crawling lift of his balls by his scrotal sac made him fully aware of his demanding sex needs." she affirmed... Inside his pants... feeling embarrassment at her boldly brazen action. his anger had seethed. He felt the heat of a blush coming up above his collar. her warm breath washing over him. "Yeah ... when he'd called his wife on the telephone. he had made up his mind.... trying to get her to change her mind. as she made her point crystal clear to him. already! Damn! She's not bashful .

sit in the sun on the beach and relax... she had found the zipper tab.. if you don't get home to her!" "She can wait a couple of days!" Arnie had growled.. "That little wife of yours'll go haywire . into his open fly.. slowly. right there. until her tiny hand was between his legs." "You sure you know what you're doing. he wasn't able to concentrate on his driving very well. and her smooth. for a while .. warm.. exactly where he drove. "God .128 ... knowingly. She gasped as her exploring fingers found it and brought its turgid length out into the car. aren't you?" she crooned. her fingers teasing his throbbing cock to a fully elongated.. His impression was that he had driven South.. before she caused him some real embarrassment . Smiling to himself. possibly as far as Corona del Mar. throbbing shaft of his cock. Harry ... expertly... now.. in front of everybody. lewdly. and get the hell off my back!" he had barked. Carla Reynolds snuggled up close beside him. as she lowered it . in the car... Of course. "Besides. following her directions. together... for a while!" "Okay .. where they had wound around through residential streets. in all ways ... lotion-softened hand wormed its way.. Carla's hands were busy. He had belted down a couple of drinks. and I'm a free man . and he didn't really care." he had added. as he drove. glad that she was impressed with his more than 8 . Arnie . her hand moving up. aching erection... tantalizingly .. "training's over . you are a big man . Arnie wasn't sure. to find the hardened. in his rented car.. Baby . again. Then. down there. it's your party.. The metallic sigh of the zipper was loud..Harry Nash hadn't liked the idea. Arnie?" "Just cancel the God damned flight. the fight's over . caressing and massaging his thigh. "I'm going to take it easy . anyway. Soon after he'd started off. arriving at her apartment house.." he told Carla. "Let's get the hell out of here!" They left Warren Ramsey's house party. in what seemed to be a very short time .... reaching down to cover her hand on his thigh ...

.... or something!" she expostulated. waiting to take me to bed .. when I couldn't stand it .adequate manhood.?" "You must not know much about prize fighters .. since I've fucked a woman! "I'll take my chances!" she said. like a good. nothing except for a hand-job..... what the hell! .. you've had no sex . at all . "You mean .. in his seat.... but decided to tell her. starting to stuff his warmly jerking cock back into his pants. Arnie ... but let's drop that subject!" he growled. Even if Joan didn't want to watch the fight ... it might go off in your hand!" The exquisite sensations that raced through him. I wouldn't have to be out looking for a strange piece of ass! He had known that's what he would do .?" He wished.. are you married . even before Carla had issued her sexy invitation to the party. "Well ......" Arnie agreed. Sure! It was wrong! . in that time?" He shifted. I'm married . "Okay .. because of training for this fight!" "That's terrible!" Carla sympathized. for two months .... he told her. You can wait . anyway... But. There was already too much guilt crowding into him. almost like being a monk ..." he grinned.128 . Christ! It's been a whole two months . Hell! If Joan had only come on out here .. like she should have . then asked.... "I haven't balled a woman ... "What about in between fights . fervently.. at her touch.." she agreed. now and then ..... tonight. that's right.. "You don't have to drop that!" he grunted. until we get inside.... "Yeah . uncomfortably..... "Why the short fuse . any longer!" "It's inhuman .... for a couple of minutes .. she could've been here . little wife should! "Yeah .. and he didn't need any extra reminders. that she hadn't brought up that subject. can't you?" 9 . "There's my apartment house... Baby . "Take it easy. made him worry... startled.

urgently... She gave an extra. and he began to feel the expanding jerk of his cock . breaking the hot. moistly opened mouth as his hands smoothed down her back to the rounded. He felt it standing up.. Carla led him directly to her bedroom. to rush into his arms. quickly. caressingly. "Kiss me . laughing. He enfolded her lithe figure in his brawny arms. full moons of her buttocks.. he was aware of the viscid moisture that seeped from the tiny slit in his cock's head. turned on a small bedside lamp and turned. ". right now . making a bid for freedom.. for 10 . in contact with his searingly pulsating cock and asked. like some kid . God damn it!" "Then. hotly between them. Arnie! Kiss me!" Her face was lifted up to him. "Let's get into that bed . Once they were inside.. and they went up to her apartment... demandingly... almost like . deep kiss. I'll take care of that . he pulled his mouth away from hers. thrusting his tongue. his natural lubricating fluids were making it feel sticky and moist .. His steel-banded fingers first cupped the warm resilient flesh.. Hell! I'm starting to feel . whispering... as his aching penis lurched against the confining cloth of his pants.. so it'll be more fun . Arnie parked the car.. as his passion-starved body began to react to his great need. and she came in tight against him....." She smiled meaningfully-almost lewdly. An involuntary moan escaped his lips.128 . then dug into the softness of them. "Christ!" he breathed. savagely. into her warm. still in the circle of his arms.. you need something else . but her loins remained plastered up against him. And..."I suppose I'll have to!" he grinned. since you've laid a woman?" "Yes . and she was moving her hips in teasingly undulant circles up against it..... Then.. in my pants . sheathed tightly by her scanty hot pants. getting his first piece of ass! Abruptly.. as she pushed his big frame back onto the bed. tantalizing grind of her hips. "Has it really been two months . before I explode!" Carla leaned back away from him... and he kissed her hard. almost like I'm going to cum ..

smoothness of her sensuous lips. for him! Then. slightly. then. almost as much as the ecstatically tingling sensations that raced through him. while the other. Her red-nailed fingers couldn't go around its girth. trembling hands reached out for the massively erect shaft of his violently jerking cock. and the erotic thought of what she was doing to him . and he thrust up at her lipstick-reddened mouth with animal urgency . The warm. her hands reaching out to unbuckle his belt and zip down the fly opening of his pants.. Carla lowered her head and kissed the pulsing.. then swiftly knelt between them. She stared at it in disbelief... underneath... feeling its demanding jerk in her hand. the lewd.both of us ....128 . red tip. "Suck it! Suck my cock . now!" Her saliva heated mouth came down over it. as he lifted himself. sperm-laden testicles.. now! "Oh. Eagerly.. you are just about ready to explode!" Tucking his hips under him. soft hands.. smooth.. her lips ovalling around the pulsing coronal ridge to enclose the whole of his smooth rubbery cockhead in warmly sensual moistness.. one of her tiny. even more. gently. expandingly. God!" he groaned. instinctively. The shaft of his cock was held in one of her tiny. by the knowledge of what she intended to do to him . wanting it . wanting it . but she slid the heavy foreskin back over the moist. his desire heightened. as he sat on the edge of the bed. salaciousness of it . while her other hand squirmed under him to caress his heavy. slowly. gave him an added feeling of voluptuous expectation. later!" Carla wedged her knees in between his thighs.. Arnie shoved his rampantly spearing cock up toward her.. her red11 . blood-inflated cockhead. in her mouth. It was gigantic! "Mmn . kneaded and caressed his balls.. kissing the throbbing head of his lust-filled prick was electrifying. Arnie's needfully throbbing prick jerked.. then. she pulled his pants and his shorts down around his muscular legs.

her knowledgeable tongue giving a swirling lick to the lusthardened head of his cock on every upstroke.128 . and her breath was labored. Looking down at her face. she had begun to hollow her cheeks. as the hardened rod of his penis slipped into her mouth. feeling it plunge.lacquered nails scratching across the wrinkled skin. with both hands. again. as she sucked. sucking his pulsating cockhead with a strong. streaming in and out of her nose. counter-movements to her smoothly bobbing head. as he began to thrust in rhythmic. auburn hair was falling down over naked thighs. lost in a sensual morass of pleasure sensations. expandingly. deeply. placing one on either side of her head. jerking. Inside her mouth. It was fascinating for him to watch. as a little. her tongue swirled around the blood-filled head of his cock. hungrily. Arnie tensed his muscular loins and shoved his demanding prick up into her wildly sucking mouth. absorbing more of his massive length each time her mouth nibbled downward toward his hairy loins. to guide her up and down the ever more demanding shaft of his aching cock. stimulatingly. her head beginning to bob up and down. with wild abandon. again. working over him. The ever-building sensuality concentrated in the bloated. In a hypnotic trance of sexual need. on him. raggedly pink flange of her moistly sucking lips was pulled out on each withdrawal. into her throat. on every head-bobbing stroke. Her eyes were closed. sensate head of his cock and he could feel its demanding pulse. lightly. steady rhythm. meanwhile. acid-like. he moaned. Arnie could feel the searing burn. that signaled the 12 . as her nibbling mouth began to move up and down his massive shaft with increasing speed and pressure. he saw that she was in a sexual rapture of her own. then stuffed back in. her cheeks hollowing in and out. she was attempting to worm the tip of her wetly flicking tongue into the tiny slit of the very tip of it. and he reached out to the glossy sheen of it. in response to her tantalizing tongue that swirled over its satiny corona. Her long. softly. with an audible rasping sound. and he was aware that on every upstroke.

She rose from her kneeling position and crawled up over him to snuggle down beside him. and a worldliness.... Just a little more . deeply. in ecstatic waves of sensation. like that . securely immobilizing her head. "OOoooh! AAAaauuggh!" His breath came faster.. Just . he gasped.. suck it . convulsively. thick sperm of his cock. in her mouth and down her throat! God! It felt sooooo good! . and she took it .. The agony of his building need to cum surged through him. deep into her throat. offering him her lips to kiss. "Christ! That's it . moistly glistening from her saliva. but she continued to suckle and nibble on it until she had consumed the final drop of his semen. and he groaned aloud. Then. then releasing. all of it. eyes that conveyed earthy sexiness. 13 ...... his cock became soft and deflated in her mouth.... . his grip on her head relaxing.. strangling sounds took the place of words . as he drove his aching cock deep into Carla's mouth and throat. forcing ejaculation was explosive. his hot sperm demanding its release from his swollen testicles. ready to cum! Now! Furiously.. longer!" Raspy. then. lying back on the bed... a little while . he collapsed. almost all the way up to his sperm-loaded balls into her mouth... with a sigh... Lifting her head. "Now!" he grunted. he came! His jetted the full length the lust-inflated head sucking mouth.... while his cum spewed. and his hands fell to her shoulders to fondle and caress them. rasping in and out of tortured lungs. and I'll cum! ... and his loins thrust up.nearness of his ejaculation. she allowed the flaccid shaft to pull from her mouth. the hot. desperately.. Gradually. "God! I'm cumming! Now!" His strong hands on her head pulled her mouth down. And then. beyond her years.128 . she gazed at him through heavy-lidded grey-green eyes . then. to spray from the slitted tip of deep into moist wet cavern of her voraciously her to swallow it. he fucked his hips up at her face and watched the rigid length of his prick drive. hotly. Her nose was buried in the hairiness of his loins . He was almost . roughly and hard on his wildly spewing prick. at her.

who made a point of taking celebrities to bed ... Writhing away from him. too! Then.?" "You!" he grinned reaching out for her. darting his tongue into her mouth to taste the lingering male essence of his own cum there... again.128 . Damn! She's a sexy little bitch! Exactly what I needed.. And. I suppose I'm that .. he wondered about her . "You know . she smiled. She's been around . critically. "What do you want . Carla came back. and had a drink we can get to the main course . Hell! Why should I look a gift horse in the mouth? Bending down.. having retained just his shorts. that there were women. "So soon? I meant what are you drinking?" "Bourbon's fine . "That was a pretty good opener . and looked him over. but she doesn't fit the picture . carrying tall. he watched the provocative sway of her hot-pants clad hips. wondered why she had brought him there. and maybe more .. more or less .... Long and deeply they kissed.. She was his to enjoy . I was a little bit afraid of you.." Sitting up on the edge of the bed. as she handed him his bourbon and water.Arnie crushed her lithe body to him and kissed her. cool drinks. Finally. Carla pulled away. relaxed.. as she left the bedroom... at first!" 14 . of course. Okay?" "Damned right!" he agreed.. for the evening. at least . he took off his shoes and slipped off his trousers. their mouths welded together.. She looked at him with a glowing anticipation on her face. then he lay down... His jacket. after several moments. tie and undershirt followed. shirt.... of being a whore! He knew.... savoring the sensual communication... and after you've rested a while . She saw him lying there on the bed. on the bed... if he played his cards right. now that I've got a shot at the Heavyweight Boxing Title! He didn't question beyond that.

" "And.. aren't you trying to hurt the other man?" "Yes . And. tonight .. like you were a trained animal . he lifted his glass and drained it. right now!" "What do you want to talk about?" "You!" "Why .... That's what he wanted ... why do you fight?" "Money .. a trained fighting animal!" "Boxing's just a skill . "But I don't want to talk about my wife .. kicking off her boots and stretching out beside him.."Why .. you're not angry .... He's trying to do the same to me . damn it!" ". leaning back against the headboard and taking a healthy swallow of his drink.. lifting his glass for another stiff swallow of whiskey..?" "... mostly. available .. Arnie . seductively..?" he queried.. and it had been too long. truthfully.." he tried to explain. to fuck! Setting the empty glass down on the bedside table. available!" he seconded. you're here .. she doesn't! The only part she likes .?" she cooed...." "Does your wife like for you to fight . ". at each other?" "No ... He felt it warming his belly.. if you make it to the top! I guess that's part of it . whiskey and a woman .... of course not!" "Then . is the money!" he grunted........." "When I saw you fight. And.... Now ... Because..... it was almost . Again. "but there's the fame .." he answered.. since he'd had either. he reached out for 15 .128 .. "I'm just an ordinary guy . ".. too.. for the woman ..... that's part of it.?" "No ... But.

and found that she still had on her hot-pants. Baby . causing them both to spear out to even greater hardness. he slid his hand. down over her smooth. mature. they stripped the remainder of her clothing from her. to small. as he unbuttoned her blouse." she breathed. marble-white and devoid of suntan lines. and he felt them spiking into the palms of his hands. Then.. as her breath washed over the side of his face. shrugging her shoulders. as he leaned over her to take a berry-like tip between his lips to suck and nibble. let's get you stripped naked!" he grunted. crinkled aureoles.128 . throbbing warmly into being down between his legs. as Arnie tossed them aside. hungrily. I want you bare-assed naked!" "Okay.. her perfect body was revealed to him . Raising himself up and temporarily abandoning her sensate breasts. firmly melon-like. while his hand cupped her other breast. were wide-spaced on her chest.Carla. Her little moan of arousal was warm. Her panty hose followed her hot-pants to the floor.. Her nipples were hard and elongated. his fingers rolled the other.. when he removed the flimsy garment to expose her luscious breasts to his lustful eyes.. as he began to feel the beginning of a new erection. Carla.. honey . with the coral nipples standing at alert attention over the darker.. flat belly . Her breasts. dimpled 16 ... alabaster white.. his hand going to the full mounds of her breasts.. "Come on . exploringly.. "Christ . "Beautiful!" he said. teasingly. warm smooth and vibrant under her blouse and realized that she was not wearing a bra. Arnie growled. proudly. caressingly. sweeping taper of her delectable thighs. Now. After a few moments. and they pouted. their masterfully sculpted curves leading to the downward. to the one pinkly erect nipple. his fingers digging into the smoothly pliant flesh. with fervent appreciation. and his eyes locked on her enticingly rounded hips. She helped him. and her hands caressed and massaged the heavy muscles of his back. Together. while his lips paid moist homage. He felt them.

caressingly. too! "God! You're lovely . she's ready to fuck . cupped her own breasts.. Her sexual arousal was obviously visible in the tiny droplets of viscid moisture exuded from her cuntal lining that clung to the two budding petals of her inner pussy-lips peeking shyly out at him from the sensitively throbbing little furrow. erotic sensations arced in his loins. gently pulsating pussy to his lustfilled gaze. surrounded by softly curling auburn-tinted hair. he watched as her slender fingers. "You know I do!" ". And. The calves of her perfect legs reversed the long. then her palms lifted the firm. tapering curve of her thighs and led. Then .. undulantly. Her voice was throatily sultry. 17 . raspily. her eloquent hands smoothed down across her flat.. Her actions were doing things to him. Fascinatedly... he felt the throbbing lurch of his fully erect cock.. mewling sounds came from her lips.. to tiny. the nails redpolished. allowing her thighs to splay open a little wider. inner flesh of her vaginal opening. Tiny. almost as though she were offering her breasts to him. well-formed feet .?" "Hell yes!" he croaked. Arnie. straining to be freed from his shorts. where she teasingly spread the cora-line slit to expose the pink.. now . as she ground her hips. there between the whiteness of her slightly spread thighs. the glisteningly moist pink flesh of her vaginal slit.." he choked. obscenely revealing the whole of her soft. darling .. as a sacrifice. tell me!" she cried. Christ! I've got to get it in her ... Below. and his warmly throbbing cock expanded.. easily. as she asked.. pointing them at him.. whitely smooth belly to her groin. New. full mounds of them.. And. already! . before it's too late! .... fuck me . he saw.. her hands framing the moist furrow of her cunt.. clearly. Then. again.. jerkingly. with sudden. delicate ankles and narrow..128 .... Damn! I'm hot . impatient urgency. kneading the sensually erect nipples.knees. "Do you want to .

to hit bottom.. "How . the whole head of it was sucked just up inside her vaginal mouth. Carla's eyes zeroed in on the rock-hard. Carla. and fast!" "Oh.128 . Their pubic bones smacked together. then. as he flexed his hips and drove his pulsatingly needful cock deep. on brawny arms needed no more urging. trembling thighs..."I want to fuck you .. With a frustrated moan. fuck me .. grinding her hips up at the hardness of his giant cock. too!" she moaned.. His balls ached. God! That's what I . want. bulbous head to the moistened slit of her searingly inflamed cunt.. nudging cock-head.. and she shifted her hands up around him. attempting to capture it . He used the strength of his back and legs.. 18 . "I want you to fill me up . "I'm going to fuck you . and her undulating movements transmitted her raw. you'll flip right out of your skull!" She writhed and mewled.. Arnie .. painfully.. inciting his lust-filled cock to even more inflamed hardness. sex-nee] to him.. so hard . with cock. smoothly. until I can't breathe!" Arnie rolled over on top of her. his hips wedging down between her white. hard and long.. beneath him. in passing. pushing little wavelets of her sensitive. as the blood-engorged head wormed into her cuntal opening little by little...?" "Hard!" he grunted. do you want to . in the farthest back wall of her tightly constricted stomach. "Deep . reached down between them to grasp the monstrous shaft and guide the throbbing. finally. painfully. then turned back to her. Her hips ground around and around in tiny circles. holding himself aloft over her... unable to line up her gyrating loins with his hard. Baby .. in her sexual excitement. flicking it. placing one on either of his muscular buttocks-cheeks and attempting to pull him forward into her.. pulsing shaft of his massive cock and breathed. cleaving her cunt walls wide. from the building erotic pressure. "God damn it!" he growled.. vaginal lining before it.. as it plunged past the neck of her cervix. Finally.. Arnie. and hard ... straight into her moist cuntal sheath.. His blood-filled cock-head gored her with feral energy. and right now!" He reached down and stripped off his shorts.

it seemed to him. "That's the way I want it!" She was cock-filled as she had never been before . deliberately. Beneath him. into the hungry mouth of her clinging. fleshily. in wild abandon. with potent manflesh. on the upstroke. for a moment or two. sensitive. clasping cuntal passage. sensuous young pussy. thick cock.solidly .. Arnie realized that he was setting too fast a tempo. She moaned aloud. he plunged it back into her.. and he wanted to make sure it was good for her.. as he plunged his long. animalistically. immobilizing her. too. Suddenly. Gradually. otherwise the girl would be left high and dry . God! That's it!" she grimaced. And then. auburn hair was tossed into wild disarray. in her life! The boxer had impaled her. pace himself. on top of her... arching her body and pulling her thighs back to take all of his hardened shaft deep up inside her soft. unless he slowed down.. Arnie began to grind his aching cock into her squirming cunt. and she thrust back up at him. to slow down. "OOOOooooh. the warm elastic sheath seeming to milk at him with warm intensity.. and reveled in the pulsing flutter of her interior vaginal muscles that responded claspingly. as he lay. but her cunt. heavily. and he had filled her cunt. beneath him. completely. while deep in her cuntal passage. like another little mouth. Carla's mouth was open. voicing an inarticulate liturgy of passion. He tried. was sucking and nibbling at his. then. and her long. pinning her to the mattress. as their nakedly writhing bodies slapped together. sex-starved penis. full length into her receptive. until his plundering cock was pistoning in and out of the hotly moistened walls of her cunt like a steam engine with a broken safety valve. his hardened rod coming almost all the way out of her cunt. as her head began to fling from side to side. expandingly. God! It 19 .. in delight. God! She was tight! . ramming it home the full length.. a speed that would bring him to spewing ejaculation far too soon .. hard strokes. as he began to thrust in and out of her.128 . warmly moist cuntal passage. the mutual tempo was increased. he flexed his monster cock. with long. counteringly.

.. searingly . It burned. His rectum convulsed. like racing wildfire... desperately.was too much! He felt as though he were being pulled into the maw of a machine that would suck him inside out! His testicles were enlarged and swollen from the readying load of sperm. going . 20 . "I'm . a feeling that he would not be able to satisfy the woman he was fucking. until with searingly liquid jets of his viscid sperm hosing through him. as you can . Arnie's face twisted into a contorted grimace of delicious anticipation. he felt it begin ..128 ... he fucked in and out of her claspingly moist cunt.. any second.. Christ! It's almost here! I'm going to cum . Then. and don't stop . until you have to!" she instructed.. piledriving thrusts. laced with the poison of a sense of failure . she mashed them down against the resilient mounds of her swelling breasts.. going to cum .. back behind the root of his cock.. but just keep shoving your cock in me!" she assured him. his prick jack-hammering deep into her .. His lust pumped through his cock in a raging torrent of rapturous release. Pulling her thighs back. already! He couldn't hold back any longer .. "I can't help it!" "Oh God! It's Okay! It's Okay! Fuck me ... darling! Just keep fucking! It'll be all right ... already!" "It's Okay.. he came deep up her hungrily flared belly. waiting there to be pumped the length of his aching cock.. in a few seconds! "God!" he howled with urgent disgust. "I'm .. agonizingly. to cum!" he wailed. He did! Almost insanely. with the sweet pain of imminent ejaculation. trying to hold himself back... as he ground into her.. God! He was going to pop . even farther.. as hard .. ... feeling his anxiety. and he knew the dam was going to burst ... throbbingly... raising her loins up to him and grinding up at him in perfect counterpoint to his plunging.... He felt the head of his prick begin to expand. Oh.

.. too . yessss.. Looking back over his shoulder.... darling! I came . "What do you want?" Arnie growled. a photographer's flash! "Stay right where you are!" a man's voice rasped out at him.128 .?" he gasped. his own sensual involvement had been too profound .. was pointing a deadly looking pistol at him. He couldn't be sure.. One of them.. He felt the tension wash away from him. we got everything on film!" the man 21 ... cum . He started to get up. above her. I've ever had! Events happened fast then! Just at the instant he collapsed on top of her. hotly pulsating length of it.. completely satisfied.. at that instant. and she held him there.. rigidly. there was a blinding flash in the bedroom.. Her loins pressed up hard against him.. while below.. ".. indistinctly. Carla whimpered with fright. her sheathing cuntal passage still milked at his wildly jerking cock that was pumping the last of his cum through the full. and he felt drained . the speaker. Beneath him.. His grunts of pure carnal pleasure were loud in the bedroom .Strangling. animal sounds of sexual gratification ripped from his lips. in the dim light.. right with you!" Arnie held himself. Arnie saw the figures of two men.. "What the hell!" he growled.. though. every nerve and muscle fiber shocked into instant alertness. "We just wanted to let you know . while a hungry little fluttering movement inside her vaginal tunnel nibbled up and down the length and thickness of his throbbing shaft. and he had the impression that Carla had cried out.. in ecstatic pleasure of orgasm. Did you . He froze. It had been a flash-bulb that had practically blinded him . toward the door. God! She's the best fuck .. as now his cock began to deflate inside of her . "Yes! Oh.

moistly.. Arnie knew he'd been set-up for this. the goon holding the gun. he was knocked down. "I-I don't know 22 . "You turned us down. While he was down on the floor. in too much of a hurry to get him into a bed with her! Christ! Why'd he been so stupid? Looking up.... concern on her face. They were going to try blackmailing him into taking a dive . the big boxer rolled with the blow. you'd better have a better answer!" the unknown gunman spat down at him. And. he saw that she was kneeling down beside him. if you play ball. Arnie knew what they wanted.. his now flaccid penis pulling. questioningly. from Carla's still warmly trembling vaginal opening. "Crawl off that broad!" he ordered. Arnie obeyed. but you're not getting the second chance!" Instantly. As he stood to his feet. "I'll never fight a fixed bout!" "That's what you think!" The man with the gun came close to the bed..?" he grated up at her. Knowing that his bare fists were no match for an armed man. ". in a slashing arc to the side of his head.. and she tried to put her arms around him. but even so...?" "You know what the hell I mean!" the other grunted. Instinctively.. "Well .." "What do you mean . "You can go to hell!" he bellowed." "What is this .. as suddenly as they had appeared the two men were gone. when he got into the ring with the Champion.. "How much do you get out of this?" He sat up.with the gun told him. he decided to stay down for the count..128 ... your sweet little wife'll be very interested in seeing all the pretty pictures . your wife won't see them .. deflecting most of its force.. Then. a shakedown?" "Of course . "Next time we see you ... once .. brought the weapon down hard.. Carla! She'd been too anxious to get him to that party .

. up to now?" Jay queried..........?" "They're looking for her in Nebraska . and you don't want to lose her?" 23 . He reached into his pocket.. that's it!" "Why'd you wait until now ..... to Los Angeles. where we live . who those men were!" "I wish I could believe that!" he ground out at her. and came on out here. you love your wife . Joan .. no! That's not true!" Quickly. even know . "There's fifty for your trouble!" * * * ".. darling?" Arnie brushed her away from him. tell me what you get out of it!" Carla crumpled onto the bed... except for his jacket and tie. to come to me?" "I thought I could handle it!" "What happened . to make you change your mind?" "Well .. And. "NNothing! I don't ...... "That's a damned lie .. "You know what the hell I'm talking about! You set me up . flinging back over his shoulder. here!" "I take it..... and they'll make contact with her . then . for your gun-toting friends!" "N-No! Arnie ..... took out his wallet and removed a crisp fifty dollar bill." Arnie explained. that's the story.. Throwing the money down on the bed.... gathered up his clothing and began dressing. He was dressed. beside her. "Come on ... and you know it!" he stormed.. what you mean ... and it's just a matter of a day or two .. my wife. "Yeah . he stood to his feet. sobbing.. "So .128 . he turned to leave. now. changed her mind .

I've got to find Carla Reynolds ..?" "Knock off that Mister stuff . "We may have our differences . probably..... as of right now.?" "Yes. no.. would be thinking up the ideas...128 .. Sir. The prizefighter was gone.. and find out what her connection is to this little blackmailing job .. "I just like to check out all the possibilities . I'm working for you . He decided that his first job would be to locate Carla Reynolds. through the tiny speaker...." Ballard summarized... "...... anyway... And.... Mr.. and tell her that I'm working on a case ." "Yes... sir . Karen . I'll check through Dunn and Bradstreet .. see what I can scare up on Ramsey . until late . he's some kind of industrialist?" Arnie questioned. Sir bit! You're supposed to be my private secretary!" 24 ... "Then . It's somebody with brains! I want to nail the big shot! That's the only way to stop the whole caper!" Jay told him.. and Jay mulled over all that the boxer had told him.. Ballard . he said to his secretary. tinnily." "Why him . I don't think your friends.. "Karen ... I won't be home. but I don't want to lose her!" "Okay."Hell no . "As I see it . Pressing the intercom button... and I suppose I'd better check out Warren Ramsey . right away!" Her voice came. then.." Ballard said. you're saying you'll take the job?" "Yes . I don't!" the big man grunted.. Tomorrow .. Sir .. with the nasty dispositions. call my wife . and the yes......

There was nothing to do but put them back in the refrigerator to cook for the next day.... . it was too threatening .... She shied away from completing the thought. that his work.. There had been a big splash in the newspapers and on 25 . involving a night-club singer's murder kept him going to various clubs. and pretty. but intuitively she knew that she must be young . as a private investigator. cold resentment welling up into her conscious mind... breaking the connection. but lately. He'd told her it had been necessary . Unbidden. replaced the telephone in its cradle. Of course. to her . some of the time. gathering information on him . Since she'd be eating alone. Could Jay be taking her .. out to dinner . shadowing the suspect. when she married Jay Ballard...128 . she had known..Chapter 2 With an unexplainable. to her marriage! Sighing disconsolately.. yet. Friday. it seemed that most-if not all-of his evenings had been spent away from home.. a nagging suspicion rocketed around inside her brain. It was all she could do to remain politely civil to Jay's new secretary. Betty Ballard. until late.. again.. would keep him away from home .. carefully.. again! Betty hadn't met the new girl. something simple was in order.. and finally getting evidence and a motive that led to his arrest. that the case he was working on. she looked at the two prime steaks she was marinating and had planned to serve for dinner that evening.. and . so back into the fridge went the steaks.. who had just called to tell her that her husband wouldn't be home .

so she backed away from it.. Betty wondered about that.. but it's like being an undercover agent . She had been sure that their difference in ages would never be a real problem. two years ago. and Betty. and she had been about six weeks short of twenty. Jay had been a bachelor for too long to be domesticated easily.... so I can work ... Well . when she had become suspicious of him... and that keeps the world going around for us!" ".. again. His habits.... but even more damning.. She was sure of it . I'd rather let the police take the credit . "Anyway . It was sheer foolishness." he went on.. in the background!" "It seems unfair . in her naivete had thought she could change him. a few day before their wedding .... Jay had explained it to her. was the diaphanous bra . But you're away so much . that's part of the job! You knew that .. when he had told her. quite a lot older....... ever since they'd gotten married.. at night ..TV about the case. the dark hairs on his jacket . but there had been no mention of Jay's work on it.. nothing would change her mind about marrying him.... she had found out . hop into bed with some other woman." "Maybe . and the sheer. you don't want too many people to know who you are . I don't want that kind of publicity. I get my fee .. that first time. when she found them the next day in his car ... 26 .." It was a plaintive plea... Anyway. however. Her husband had denied it ...... "Actually . his working schedule and his attitudes were too deeply ingrained. She remembered her disbelief . but there was the evidence: Lipstick .. really... nylon panties! He lied to her... when we got married!" he barked.. she had been mistaken. "Hell . the skirmishes had been going on ...128 .. She hadn't wanted to start an argument over it. He was thirty-six.. Jay was older than she was . especially when she had had to face the reality that Jay could-and probably did-on occasion.

wanting to make love to her . she loved her husband. .. potent man . If I'm going to keep my husband . Ever since they had been married. two nights ago. glancing at the bedside clock.. It seemed he was always wanting it .. and if he were engaging in some clandestine. as far as sex went. that evening... As Jay came into the bedroom... conformingly structured mind at work. after all. as she had thought about it.. Jay had rushed off. She had heard him park the car. In the end. remembering how it had been just two nights ago.. even perverted to her. she had wanted to believe him. using her hand to brush some of the stray hairs back as she went about getting her lonely meal ready. that was the trouble. yet of letting him do some of those revolting things.. it was when he had arrived back home. she did... in the carport. hating what he was doing to make a living and not wanting these things.. He was almost more than she could handle . she had noted the time.128 . Jay was a virile.. the reeking fumes of alcohol preceded 27 . Somehow she resented it.. Why can't he work at an eight-to-five job . In a way. at three in the morning.... d-do .. he explained so easily. Gulping down his dinner. like most other people do . her luminous China-blue eyes brimmed over with tears. Jay had been trying to make love to her in ways that seemed unnatural . Unbidden. telling her that he had a good lead on some new evidence.. to come between them. that it only seemed to look damaging. Then.. extra-marital sex ... I'd better learn to . that she remembered most painfully.? It was her straitlaced. and in a way.. It was an ungodly hour. keep him from straying . some of those far-out things! She tossed her long. But. and his interest in it was intense.. It was a currently hot case he was working on.. sometimes at the oddest times . golden blonde hair back over her shoulders.... it sure didn't affect his desire for her. he always ended up taking her to bed and making passionate love to her.blandly.. It had all been a part of his work! Fervently. but she hadn't reached the point. she had decided .

... Finally... He was drunk.. I'll wait! I came home to you . breaking the unwanted kiss. stretching out again. again.... His hands were 28 . She was helpless.128 ... in the morning . exploringly. Baby! I got something to celebrate about!" He reached out for her... Jay. at that horrible hour of the morning and with her husband in such a drunken state.. with you!" "No . wait . darlin' . Betty was having none of that . if I'll be put off" He hauled her up to him. He reeled over to the side of the bed and flopped down on the edge... to take her into his arms... "Hey! You don't get it .. tonight!" "Why don't you tell me about it . she could twist her head away. I know what time it is! .... crookedly.... his anger boiled over.. She tried to writhe away from him. tasting and savoring the sweetness of her mouth. please . "Darling .. his tongue splaying her lips.. please! Wait Jay . roughly... forcefully slamming his mouth down on hers." "Sure . "... as it shot into her mouth. "Hello. I'm home!" he smiled. But. when you're sober!" Betty suggested..him.?" Her husband had pinned her to the bed. coldly. her deep-seated feelings of resentment rising even higher in her... and pulling up the sheet. "It's about time!" she said. like a good husband . and pleaded with him.. "Like hell . And you ought to be glad to see me! I got it all wrapped up . to escape his mauling hands on her body and his plundering tongue in her mouth. like some savage animal.. darling .. until later!" Instantly.. "It's after three in the morning.. . and I'll be damned ... Betty sat up in bed and snapped on the bedside lamp. And I'm going to wind up the celebration .

and that's what keeps me the most frustrated son-of-a-bitch I know!" he spat. it was throbbing. if you had your way about it .. "Christ! I was getting laid more . this way! Please . he drew the bulbous head up through her unprepared furrow... th-that's not . to find her tiny clitoris. crudely.. tender flesh of her cuntal opening..all over her. D-Don't d-do it t-to me .. as she had watched in helpless horror.. lusciously tapering columns back against her breasts. then her filmy nightgown. as he clutched and squeezed at her soft. I suppose .. make her do it .... hidden in its fleshy folds at the top of her female slit.... further.... whether she wanted to.. stripping himself naked in a matter of moments . Jay had pulled off his own clothing... furiously insane passion... wrenching her fear-trembling thighs apart and pressing the white.. He was like a madman . He would take her by force .. standing out. "OOoohh.?" he growled. Then. his handsome face a leering mask of lust. and animallike grunting sounds came from deep in his throat. his fingers digging.. sensitive flesh.. as he added.... "No .. from his hairy loins.. and she saw his fully erect penis. Desperately. or not.. Then. hotly. on the bed .. into the pliant mounds of her full-orbed breasts.... with his sudden.? NNot . My God! My own h-husband .. Abruptly.rape me! Jay dropped his weight down on his wife's cringing body. 29 . t-true . when I was single!" Wedging his hips between her lovely thighs. she felt the smooth. stoutly.. is going to r.. Jay . blunt head of his penis. but still she resisted him. or any other God damned way . like this!" "Not this way ." "Bull crap! You just don't like sex . isn't that right . he snaked his hand down between them to grasp the pulsating shaft of his massively hardened cock. my way . at first he pulled the sheet from her. He was breathing hard. with him ... cruelly. She knew then that there was no escaping him. she begged him...128 ...! Please . rampantly. She was stark naked.. as he used it to spread the soft. and she didn't know how to cope with him.

.?" she sobbed. scraping the tender walls of her vagina raw . lose you!" "It's getting pretty damned late . he went on.... her husband had looked down at her wide-splayed loins.. cruel laugh. thickly. and all she could think was: It's Jay . and the message that came over to her was: He's thinking about . Jay . But. and she could feel the abraded flesh of her cuntal sheath as it was squeezed and pulled. "Because . bulbous head of it. ddoing it! . She felt as if some medieval instrument of torture had been poked into her .. I've got a God damned right to fuck you! You've turned me off ....... with drunken...128 ... placed the lust-inflated head of his cock at her vaginal opening and lunged into her with all his strength.. coarse language . right up to my eye-balls!" Rubbing the satin-smooth head of his cock against her clitoris.. "AAAAaaaaaauuuuuooooohhhhhh!" she had cried out in pain... He had laughed a hard. for the last time.... sending little.... Mrs. unfocusing eyes.. unready cuntal passage.. that I'm fed up .. It seemed to her that his plundering cock had torn into her. to be worrying about that isn't it . now .. as his impaling shaft had gored deep into her tender belly. maybe . desperately.. after having been heated to flesh-searing temperature. jolting spasms of unwanted arousal through her and reveling in his debasement of his lovely wife... I'm going to fuck the hell out of you .. Jay .. Then.. Ballard . It was horrible for her ......."Oh.. my husband . but Baby . "And.. lleaving m-me! "Jay! Oh. God . you'll know you've been fucked!" Betty tried to make sense out of his drunken.. around and ahead of the throbbing. to drive his aching prick deep into the softness of her cringing... savagely. why are you d-doing this t-to me . darling . you know I-I love you! I couldn't stand t-to .?" he spat out... with so many damned excuses . she couldn't believe it! 30 ..

.128 . as he had pressed her thighs back even farther and began to grind into her with animal-like. shock. it was the kindling warmth of sexual arousal... by the forcefully brutal entry. inside her vaginal passage burning with the abrasions of his abrupt entry into her unprepared cuntal sheath.With a desperation. any more . He pounded his huge thick cock into her with pulverizing force. she wasn't able to understand his horrible reasoning . It seemed as though she could feel every hardened ridge of his ferally throbbing shaft . humiliation. "Oh.? Why? WHY? In Jay's drunken. Lying there. she shed tears of pain.... God .. netting thrusts. helplessly dominated. without doubt. Jay. ea-easy . her delicate tissues... Then. skewering her even harder to raise additional whimpers of pain with every goring in-thrust. defenseless against his merciless ravishment. He kept pushing deeper and deeper.. that his cruel hands were bruising the tender breast-flesh. feeling as if she had been split in two.. though.. wanting his plunging cock.. while his hands roughly kneaded and dug into the softly resilient flesh of her breasts. but still she felt suddenly afire with a great keening sensation that was growing with building pressure to an ecstatic sensuality.. up inside of her. She knew. an insane reasoning that had led him to this unnecessary and cruel rape. 31 . paying absolutely no attention ho her wailing tears and pathetic pleadings..!" Oh.. now. "Take it . and she whimpered in pain. but there was no escaping it. unreceptive depths of her vagina. as she lay under him.. It hurt beyond reason .! Please .. Unmercifully... Jay!" she groaned. forcing it into the warm. alcoholic daze.. and she found herself attempting to move her hips up against him. he was in no mood for gentleness.. expanding and pulsing deep inside her belly with every ramming stroke. God . completely helpless . she felt it. rolling waves of her tender flesh before his rampaging cock. d-don't h-hurt me . and it was getting bigger and bigger.. Worse. beneath him. he thrust in and out of her now moistening cuntal sheath. she attempted to squirm her hips down and away from the impaling shaft of his lust-filled prick . She was sore. Why .. under her husband.. born of fear..

as he reveled in the ecstatic sensations of his spewing cock. as she realized that he had cum to his orgasm . concerned only with his own satisfaction. lying beneath her husband . his hardened cock seeming to soar high up into her. "Oh. All she could think of was its enormity and the rapture it gave her. But it didn't! Suddenly.. building . useless-to her-tube of softened male flesh.. Darling .. she had decided-and being brought to the heights of rapture by it... She felt the jerking motion deep up inside her as his ejaculation pumped wildly to splash his cum deep up into her now hotly accepting vaginal passage.. she was clutching at him.. her husband collapsed on top of her.... p-please . and there was nothing for 32 . against her will-raped was the right word..128 ." "AAaauugh!" he grunted..Her whole mind and body concentrated on it then... He held himself rigid and immobile over her. Then. and no sooner had his head lowered to the pillow than he drifted off to sleep... God! It was building ... white sperm. satiated... He was relaxed... trying to re-establish the lost rhythm .. and that now his hard tumescence would disappear . Betty couldn't believe that it could happen . his face contorted with a mask of pure lust as his expanding cock spewed forth its liquid cargo of hot. filling her completely with its potently turgid massiveness. Then.... darling!" she wailed desperately. his hardened shaft of flesh.... "Darling . Jay stopped. "Don't . being forced. leaving his cock a flaccid.. as he rampaged deep into her. Jay . a-and .. to regain the ramming potency of his hard cock deep up inside her... God ... now!" She had squirmed her throbbing pussy up against him as she lay helplessly frustrated under her husband. sttop . sunk deeply in her needful cuntal passage becoming rapidly detumescent .. keep it up . and she knew it could happen .

showered and came into the kitchen where Betty was seated drinking a third cup of coffee. "What would you like to have for breakfast?" 33 . shedding hot tears of real sexual frustration. miserable. it seemed. H-He threatened .... everything else is blacked out!" "Then .." Betty looked up at her husband. she rolled over to her side of the bed. except that she knew now that everything in her marriage would come tumbling down.... "Y-You don't remember . OOoooh! I was getting . Finally.... unsmilingly.. or something .. even than I thought .. disbelieving. darling. unmercifully...... At mid-morning. he was a different man .. not knowing what to say .. Nothing! Squirming from beneath Jay's sleep-deadened body.. t-to leave m-me ." he said rather sheepishly.. covering up her astonishment.. or even to think. you were drunker .. after about two on the morning .Betty Ballard.. I can't seem to remember anything ..... her abdomen blood-swollen and aroused.. when Jay finally got out of bed..!" My God! Then .?" "No . but her mind whirled in chaotic disorganization.. "You were drunker . than I've ever seen you!" "I don't even remember driving home ...! She stared at him...!" she said. last night . s-so close! She lay there. he doesn't remember . "N-Nothing .. she slept fitfully. after hours. "What's wrong ." he said. She was unable to pin down anything important ... wide-eyed. wh-what he d-did to m-me .128 . attempting to sort out her thoughts." She looked up at him. Betty?" Jay asked. "Good morning...... nothing at all . who only a few hours earlier had raped her.. awakening once at daybreak to pull the sheet up over her snoring husband.. "I guess I really got a snoot full . "Lucky I didn't have an accident . from the maniac.....

.! But....... loving wife ..... "No ... to start off with. on the Championship bout ......." Arnie explained. this's where Harry wants me to work out . t-to be . to train for it?" she queried. he inferred . do we have to stay here in Santa Monica?" Joan tossed her jet-black hair. h-he was going to leave me . the kind of ." She had to believe it. her brow wrinkled in a frown." "I'm going to find a place I like!" "Do you mean .. not really ... Arnie had picked out for them. this time?" 34 ...128 . surveying him through dark grey eyes."Some tomato juice ... you're going to stay . as she swept her eyes around the apartment. "I have to . to be! Chapter 3 "But you don't understand..... He doesn't remember . and it'll probably come off . Joan ....! But there is some truth ........ I've got another chance . maybe now . "Harry's ironing out the details now . And .... he w-wants me ... in about two more months!" "Then you are going to stay here ......" "Well . even in the words of a drunken man .

.. and maybe . if I told Harry . if the police were brought in on it! There was no doubt in his own mind about his courage . wouldn't hurt him... That's why Arnie put up with the rest of it .. he'd turn it over to the police and the Boxing Commission.... in favor of something more positive.128 . and that there was a strong streak of selfishness in her . go ahead!" Arnie couldn't believe what he had heard..."Yes ... he could convince Harry that living like a normal man. I won't have to go looking for it . It'll be right there .... It just wasn't wise to match his fists against a bunch of gun-carrying hoods. instead of this!" She was derisive. it was unlikely that he'd ever get a chance at one of them.. at least not yet. and I can't let him do that yet! Those damned goons said they'd kill me ...... and it'll sure make me a lot happier . then. Arnie knew that his wife was headstrong. I was desperate . though . a real sex-pot! Guiltily.. or lack of it... just maybe.. However. he'd blow it wide open . Hell! Sex burns up less energy than boxing one round . of course. God damn it . to have Joan with me! Of course..... Damn .. Christ ... for very obvious reasons.. he was waiting to see what Jay Ballard would come up with. there's going to be all hell to pay! 35 .. while he was training . when they get to her . when I want it! Arnie hadn't told Harry Nash about the blackmail thing ... finally . but I'm going to live in the kind of place I want . with his wife. and he wasn't pleased with himself. But. And. "Okay .. otherwise . he hadn't told Joan.. darling ... as far as finding out who it was . Damn! Carla's something else ... His wife was really going to stay with him . for a piece of ass! That's why he was so glad that Joan was going to stay with him.. at all! But. for Joan was definitely a sexy woman . beautiful almost to perfection.. they always came in pairs. and she did try to please him ............. most of the time.... but he overlooked those two things. If I ever get the chance.... alone. he remembered what that little session with the hot blooded girl had resulted in .

Carla didn't really like men. the sparkling conversation ." "It's a lovely place!" Joan gushed." They moved in the next day. Carla had spotted Joan Pearson that afternoon in her favorite Hairdresser's Salon. somewhere! He tried to fix the location in his mind but drew a blank. Actually. * * * "I've just come to California ... Joan was appreciative of her easy. Secondly: The price he was going to have to pay for a fully furnished apartment made him flinch .. It would end up in an argument. And it's in a perfect location . ". She had found it easy to strike up a conversation with the black-haired beauty who was obviously a stranger.." Joan confessed to the auburn-haired woman who sat across from her.. with a view of the Ocean..... She knew it would be easy to get 36 .. on two counts: The location! Christ! Carla Reynolds lives down there .... Carla seemed to have a sixth sense about things like this. and so...* * * Joan went apartment hunting. almost equally. the invitation to an afternoon cocktail .. drinking a leisurely martini . Like many prostitutes.. there they were.. but he wasn't going to object... at Carla's invitation. but with another beautiful woman . she swung both ways. Men provided her with the necessities ... "Okay.. we'll rent it and move into it ... They were in a plush cocktail lounge. She tolerated them .. darling .... friendly ways.. so he just bit his tongue and said.. and many of the luxuries of life ..128 .. in Corona del Mar! Arnie was appalled when she told him . if that's what you really want .. She found exactly what she wanted . but she really got her best kicks with women.

after we get to her apartment .. that girlfriend. as memory flooded back.A. there had been 37 . later . she couldn't force me to do . she had known. after the second round of drinks ....... but I think it'd be groovy ..... for some kind of conference. her grey-green eyes smoldering over the rim of her glass... She really should be home when Arnie got back. when Helen had kissed them .. Joan had never experienced a woman-woman relationship. something I didn't want to do! And there was her curiosity... She'd heard of women who loved other women ..... and get to know each other better . when Carla made the pitch to her . If I don't like the way things are going . even then .. It hadn't gone beyond that.. you know ...128 .. here!" Carla told her.. Joan knew that she was being picked up . Joan felt a little uneasy. There was the warm tingle in her breasts. and yes .. After that .. listen to some wild records . when she was in high school..... "I just know you'll love it. After all . still remembered.. back in Omaha.. and there had been some kissing.. had wanted to rub and massage her breasts ... And... yet there was something perverse in her that told her to go along with the act .her new friend up to her apartment. "You can leave . that they had been on the verge of discovering more of their sexuality." Carla smiled. I'll just walk out! .... about coming over to her apartment.. mysteriously. and the alcohol that caused Carla's eyes to do those things. any time you want to . and that uncomfortable moistness between her legs .. but she decided that it was just friendliness . She remembered that Helen . Still .. well . he'd had to go into L....... but except for a passing attraction another girl had for her .. to relax .. Joan had some second thoughts... It would be a nice afternoon interlude before the evening's work. Carla knew what to do ...... experience something new! It was her headstrong stubbornness getting in the way of rational thought. In the back of her mind.

. Carla put her glass down on the low coffee table... "Really . as her tiny. when it came. Carla! Wh-What . as she wondered when things were going to start happening. between the other woman's lips and into her mouth to dart. and then the drinks were finished. make love to you!" 38 ...sexual stimulation. warmly. m-mean .?" "You know what I want! You!" Carla hissed.. It was a new feeling. and she felt exhilaration and a high sense of adventure . are you doing? What do you . warmly avid hand went out to caress the fullness of a soft breast through her clothing. your lovely body! I want to . warmly passionate kiss. Instinctively.. exploringly. Helen had moved away. They were more exciting.. Joan was surprised ... she tried to pull away. Carla. finally. her head whirled. succeeding.?" "I want you ...... her grey-green eyes burning into Joan's dark orbs... as always. in twisting her mouth to the side to break the deep.. what it had been... to get better acquainted! She was not that naïve! She knew what the implications were in that loaded invitation! In Carla's apartment they shared another drink. one she had never before experienced. worming it. tasting and savoring the sweetness of her mouth. leaned over to her... Joan was beginning to feel the effects of them.. seated on the couch next to Joan.. w-want . put her arms around the black-haired woman and kissed her. until this very moment .. in her belly was a tiny spark of anticipating sensuality. Even though she had expected it.. listened to a record or two . There's no point . and shocked. and it hadn't taken Joan long to find out why . waiting there to be fanned into full-blown passionate desire. she thought .. She gasped. in wasting any more time! Direct. "Do you . She hadn't thought about women as sex-objects . gently...... They chattered .. She knew now ... when Carla had suggested going to her apartment . Churning.. eyes refused to focus properly . decisively. using her tongue.128 .. or was it that she had discovered boys....

what not to do ." "Wrong .... "You'll never know .. stop the other woman from going too far.... be there .. about what really turns a woman on .... him!" "Men! What do they know about love . tossing her au burn hair back... she felt panic . her lips twisting around the obscenity. She had never heard a woman use words like that! She had heard the crudity from boys she had gone out with . censoring the lewdly lubricious. Suddenly.128 . Desperately. her voice husky and low....... a fear that she had overstepped the bounds ....... leaping thrill-sensation surge warmly through her loins.. you can just walk away from it! You promised ..... until you've been loved ." "He'd never need to know . experience all..! Joan's own hand followed Carla's. But . as Carla's hand drifted down across her flat abdomen and began to squirm its way down into the angle of her thighs.. that she was in deeper water than she could handle." "... when my husband . by another woman! Because she's a woman .. Arnie. but her reasoning mind was there. Joan was shocked.. in the face of the other woman's savage desire.... and from her husband." "Fuck your husband! He can wait ... she knows what to do . telling her: This isn't what you want . seeming to center down there. his turn!" Carla spat. so ..... between her now trembling thighs..?" "It j-just seems . "My husband . to plunge in .. to be turned on .. lewdly. I-I .Carla told her... grasped it in an attempt to pull it away . do that!" Joan gasped.. really . Her body wanted to leap for joy .. really! Remember .." Then..?" Carla finished.... what it's like .. sexually oriented signals.... but no woman she had ever known had used the lewd 39 ... "I-I couldn't . to g-go home .. "I've got .. signaling a prelude to forbidden pleasures. pressing in against the curling.... Joan felt a sudden. down-covered mound through the light layers of her clothing. that way ... I-I love . she murmured. and fear.

that they own you! ..... began to ricochet around inside her skull. about pregnancy ..128 .. ramming it into your cunt ..!? No! NO! NOOOOO! There was that moist warmth between her legs. Joan knew that she was facing a truth. here .. I think . and the possibility of getting caught with a baby! And.. to know what was going on! All men are alike ... to the loneliness she experienced.... who had rapped it out so brazenly. She rejected the borning idea almost as soon as it materialized in her mind and became words. when Arnie was in training camp. the germ of an idea....... not just fucking! There's a difference . and they're not very many men ........ Her face crimsoned with an unbidden blush.. when I was seventeen . She could have recited the same story ....... he's home so seldom! ..... once . they'll just fuck you . Maybe there was a partial answer.. There was an exception: She had tried to learn to respond to Arnie ...... when Arnie's gone . all the time ... while the big. male egos . too damned young ... and not cumming .... who know how to love a woman!" It was a long tirade that Carla spat out in her hate and frustration.. goes to sleep ...word. what you really wanted was some real loving .. tough titty! Then . for a fight .. All they want to do is screw! Climb on top of you .. thinking once they're married . Then . "I was married ... leaving me alone . Somehow.. Carla went on. selfish son-of-a-bitch .. But God . the tremulant... Always going off to train somewhere . in disbelief. No! God ...... it's good . but if you don't . leaving you with nothing but a sore cunt ... auburn-tressed woman.. Seeing her shocked surprise...? Take a woman .. her vengefulness contorting her beautiful face as she spoke. shoot their load into you ...... when he was home. keening 40 .... She gaped at the delicately beautiful... and thought she was working toward a good sex life with him . shove a hard cock between your legs . Well.. and not giving a damn whether you want it! All they care about is their own precious. without the obscenities coloring it. whether you're ready or not ... Wh-What am I thinking about .. you're left to worry . almost half the time! A flash of insight. and if you cum . l-lover .

standing naked. Carla Reynolds knew that it was time. and leading her somewhere. in fact . get away from Carla .." Looking down at the lovely woman on her bed.. Carla allowed her hands to roam over her own body... pink nipples to spiky erection.. knowing that Joan couldn't help but watch... and didn't know it! Like .... there. being helped onto the bed . as she did so .. with a feeling of revulsion for what she knew would soon follow . It seemed to her that Joan was hotter . It'll be out of this world . at this point! It had been easier than she'd thought . Of course. almost unable to support her weight....... more ready and more receptive than any woman she had ever seduced.. give her something she'd remember. wondered what it would feel like to have another woman's body in intimate contact with her own. Soft.. and she wondered . But.. before ..128 .. Carla stood up and began to take off her clothes. She smiled to herself. what she wants .. She shivered..sensations that were racing through her .. it was lucky for her that I came along . maybe she was ready for it .... reassuringly. now. to get Joan into bed.. "Everything's going to be all right . the drinks helped .. lightly covered with curling. female arms were around her. with the 41 ..? Then.. full breasts. erotically. for you .. Joan Pearson watched the other woman strip off her encumbering garments. she doesn't know .. Baby .. Struggling to her feet. Not hurrying..... How . Where? She was in a bedroom . Hell .. rolling the delicate.. auburn hair that gleamed like polished bronze. Fascinated. finally. beside the bed. posing provocatively. and she didn't want it. the voluptuousness of her curvaceously delicate figure.... even as she watched." Carla crooned. She had to leave . she swayed.... cupping up her luscious... caressingly. supporting her .. "You'll see . finding her legs shaky. clear-skinned body ... maybe .. to reveal the loveliness of her soft. and Carla's voice came to her... to make it with the confused girl . almost hypnotized. a hand slid down across the flatness of her smooth white belly to the triangle of her pubic mound.. through the pounding in her head. dizzily. soothingly. where she slipped a finger into the moist pinkness of her woman's slit to tease at her own erectly alert clitoris.... seductively. would it be ... and just sort of nudged her over the brink .... She was a practiced expert .

. her hands going out to caress and fondle a full-orbed breast and reveling in the smooth pliancy of the soft. intense.. even helping a little . "Now .. God .. you can!" Carla's voice was low. and experience. then . no running away from it... Joan affirmed it with a little wag of her head. "Oh . to yourself .. dazedly. on the bed..... the tingling sensations almost more than she could stand .. that's soooo nice . because now . beginning already to unbutton buttons. It all felt so good. 42 . Sidling onto the bed.... silky skin. stretching out beside the blackhaired beauty of Joan's equally luscious body.! "Oh. her mind.. "Yes .... "Have you . Joan allowed herself. to be disrobed ... Just relax ... telling her to deny this forbidden experience. Carla .. c-can't!" she strangled out. I-I can't! I just .." Carla cooed. Carla ran her hands over Joan's softly rounded body.128 .. "OOooh . she wanted more than anything else in the world. and she knew. that there would be no retreat . indeed she had passed beyond wanting .wild sensations her own finger caused. Once again. "Let me teach you .. tried to haul in a close rein on her sensation-filled body.. let's get you stripped.. dictator-like. perverted .." Carla breathed.... mashing their breasts together. to needing.... Not understanding why. lovely .. too lay on the bed stark naked.. too .. darling . beside her...?" Mutely... her mouth following to suck and nibble while her hand taunted at the opposite one... It's unnatural . The first electric contact of Carla's hands made her all shivery.. her warm hands sending tiny thrills coursing through her. until she... and let me show you how ... She had to know . ever done that ." Turning Joan to face her.. Deftly. she teased a cameo-pink nipple into erect hardness... the more experienced Carla clamped her body to the other woman's." she breathed..

But. she rubbed her hands down Carla's smooth back and over the soft fullness of her buttocks. Carla sighed. then . damn it! Get her worked up .her mouth seeking and finding her lipstick-smeared lips and pressing her own sensuous mouth against them in a gentle.. She tasted the salt of Joan's tears . not wanting to do anything that would disturb Joan. Gradually.. her arms going out to Carla. cheated on my h-husband . fondling.! More and more. caressingly. n-never . trying to make one last.. now . Joan began to respond to Carla. caressing.. Carla's tongue snaked out. licking flames of desire. She felt the in the palm of her hand..... little circles. that was so much like her own. to touch Carla's cupped the other's softly resilient mound coned out nipple. Joan moaned in helplessness. and knew what it was the other woman was feeling.. It was like caressing herself! Pulling away. remembering the first time she.. realized that she had been the cause of it. slowly. Her hand came up between them. her own great need welling up in her. and Joan with the timid sense of a neophyte... feeling it's . and she velvet-skinned titty. where she'll be climbing the walls for it . an intensely erotic feeling that was being generated in her by the soft femaleness of her seducer's lovely body.128 . tastingly. uncontrollably . Busily... Joan relaxed against her. rimming her lips with sensationproducing lubricity. she had a distinct urge breasts. There was an unaccountable thrill that she began to feel . smoothing and massaging. slightly. All the while. the fires of sensuality in their loins raged into uncontrollable. Don't rush it ..." she murmured. but desperately. then her hands teased and taunted the other's curvaceous body. like a swarm of hungry insects. she broke the deep.. she held back.. 43 . their avidly hungry mouths were welded together in a mutual. Shyly... caressingly: Carla with sure knowledge . non-demanding kiss.. had lain in another woman's arms.. to run in sensuous.. soul kiss. as tongues darted in and out... and she Now.. and their hands began to explore. "I've . herself. and their kiss was fired with passion. hard shudderingly. swarming over her voluptuous contours. to the point . deep kiss.. feeble protest.. There was nothing more she could do to stop it.

as she felt the convulsive shock in the other woman's body. rubbed it caressingly .. white.. spreading them apart and insinuating her loins in close until the two soft pubic mounds met.... and take her to bed ... Carla pulled the full orbs of Joan's buttocks in tight to her. Did he find another woman . Then. when they're shoving a hard cock . curvaceous thigh up between the trembling. to find the moist pinkness of her vaginal opening.. her voracious mouth devouring the sweetness of them. She smiled with lewd satisfaction. and ever so gently. her woman-lover. and he'll . she thrust her own. was slithering down 44 . and he was free on the town.... Carla recaptured Joan's lips.. again.. I-I'll newer know . and with a woman's sure knowledge. The fight was over. somehow .....?" "He'll never know. throbbingly sensate. It'll be our secret!" Almost savagely.. from Omaha .. I'd bet he's cheated on you!" Carla grated... Carla's auburn-haired one grinding in against the curling darkness of Joan's with wildly excited abandon.... She found it hard."But . only I get more kicks when I'm with another woman!" "You mean . then that same hand.. going in the back way... the s-same .. slipping a tiny finger into the bedewed vestibule to moisten it before it moved onward to find her sensitively erect clitoris..128 .. Reaching over her. darling . sooner or later .. trailed downward in the soft crevice. "This is woman-woman love!" "I'll change ...... between another woman's legs!" Carla's language jolted her. But it's almost . vehemently. and she recoiled. and they sure as hell don't think about you ...! ". Joan was aware that Carla. "Most men do . after Arnie had canceled his own flight home." "No! You can swing both ways . He had won it . That was the main reason she'd changed her mind and flew out to Los Angeles..? Oh. She paused there.." "It's not the same!" Carla shot out.. while below.. tapering columns of the black-haired beauty she had entrapped. just like I do .

too.. and she knew that it was the end of her resistance. moving the hardened nipples in and out of her mouth in quick tempo.. the agile. between the soft mounds of her breasts. surgingly.. over her ribs. 45 ... Crawling between Joan's legs.128 . taunting tongue pausing to swirl in and out of her navel .. Joan's hips began to undulate in tiny.. Carla could do anything with her.. with her husband.. Closer.. cuntal flesh. and sending ecstatic sensations of sexual pleasure to her brain . in the instant that Carla's mouth made electrifying contact with her pulsing.. She was filled with the most exquisite ecstasy she had ever known. Goddddd!" Carla's hungrily teasing lips began moving down. now . teasing at her sensitive clitoris. and just before the other woman's soft mouth gained her exciting goal.. by gentle female hands. grinding circles under her. licking. while at the same time.. and then Joan felt her thighs being spread apart... Never had it ever been like this . as she maintained a constant sucking pressure. as Carla's hands. Joan had a disquieting thought.her body. kneaded and massaged at her curvaceous softness. Carla's hands kneaded the satiny flesh of her inner thighs. moistly. it was there! That tantalizing. hungrily on her aching breasts. her flat belly. kissing and sucking. she found it difficult to know why it was forbidden. but as her sensation-tortured nerve endings responded to the auburn-haired woman who was seducing her. forbidden. "OOoohh . gently rolling her over to her back. she knew. helplessly. her mouth working. somehow. just as she had been changed.. suddenly. from other women? Now.. ever downward .. and Joan moaned with excited anticipation. Joan remembered that all of this was wrong ." she moaned. Arcing sensations grounded in her loins. "Oh . Dimly.. as the delightfully erotic sensations keened. Somehow . Weren't Lesbians different . now. lovely and soul-destroying tongue was there . through her. splaying out her legs with her thigh. through the defile. when she had given up her virginity... she would be changed ... Arnie! Uncontrollably. her mouth following .. Carla's mouth worked toward the pulsating hungering portal of her cunt .. as she divined what was coming next... to expose the palpitating flesh of her cuntal furrow to the other woman's salacious gaze..

but her taboo-instilled mind would not let go. licking and sucking at her tremulant. Joan cried out..!" Carla's mouth stopped.. measured tempo.. almost like a man's ravaging cock. OOooh ... all the way!" "... long enough to say.. or think a rational thought.. sinuously..... auburn-tressed Carla...and wildly stimulated body.. And then... It was a rhapsody of carnal sensation . until you cum?" 46 . Carla took her mouth away. God . coralline portal of her cuntal passage. to keep on . Carla! N-No! Noooooo!" Pausing for a moment. then shifted. "It's yes ... even as her body responded.. Joan knew that there was nothing else like it in this world. yesssss! Carla . "Oh. pink flesh of her involuntarily pulsing cunt.. had to have that marvelous tongue doing those wonderful things to her .. yes! M-Make me c-cum .. unable any longer to control her body . matching the rhythm that Joan's grinding hips had already set.. Beneath Carla's teasingly educated tongue.128 .. alabaster-white thighs to the sensate... d-dirty . "Oh.. haven't you?" Carla countered and. Baby . in her naked.. into the liquid.. and Joan heard her muffled voice ask. sparkingly.. more of everything.. . after a moment or two to dart. "You want me . knew that it was true! She had loved every minute of her seduction by the lovely. her head sank down between Joan's trembling.!" Joan wailed in anguish... now upturned loins... it's . God! She had to have it now .. as Carla's tongue danced little pirouettes on the palpitating bud. Joan. her hips gyrating up to Carla's mouth in mute supplication . you've loved every minute of it .. in anguished desperation.. conscious only of the arcing.. highvoltage flash of desire that burned. "And. OOOooohhh. sensation-seared cunt! Throwing all caution to the winds. She thrust her tongue in and out in flicking.. like this . and you know it! Relax and enjoy it ... fucking in and out . wanting more of it . her tongue plunging deep into the liquid depths of her lust-incited pussy.. B-But ..

. tauntingly only inches above her sensuous lips.. then!" Carla told her. sexual surrender from deep in her chest. firmly.. her hips undulating up to find Carla's mouth. tapering thighs straddled Joan's face.!" Joan cried. Quickly Carla reversed her position.. yesssssssss!" "Let's go that one better. Joan looked straight up into the moistly pink flesh of Carla's cuntal furrow. Baby Doll! I'm hot.. Carla's vibrantly needful pussy came down to a firm. mewling moan of complete.."Y-Yes!" Joan gasped. while.128 . again. How did I get into this? With a swivel-hipped undulation. Suddenly. It was the classic position of mutual.... but when Carla's tongue contacted the quiveringly sensitive flesh of her cunt. where it hung.. if she were to cum to her rapturous orgasm that beckoned her. you know ...?" Joan was desperate.. God . while her own head was poised over the darkly curling down at the cusp of her thighs. it was clear to her what she must do ... "Oh. again. Her tongue lashed out to lick the pulsing bud with voracious sensuality... Joan had heard about it. softly and sparsely ringed by her auburn pubic hair. "Do each other .. electrifying contact with Joan's mouth. at the same time.. Joan's first impulse was to scream . "Now's the time to learn. just out of reach. trapped. together!" "Wh-What do you . Her lovely.. at the same time!" "H-How .. in this bizarre position... it brought a long.. but never would she have thought that she would be doing it ... They were in the sixty-nine position. m-mean .. causing her to lift her head up against the 47 . oral-genital sex .. Feeling suffocated.. that I've been doing to you!" ". her own head nuzzled in between the other's thighs. so let's make it .?" "You just do the same thing to me . Startled. But I've n-never .. too . to find her throbbingly sensate clitoris.

hips ground and mouths gasped and mewled out moans and groans of mutual sexpleasure. "Eat me! Eat me . Joan began to match her.. the two women arrived at the apogee of rapture. euphoric impulses of pure sexual pleasure. that told her more eloquently than words the effect it had on the auburn-haired woman. gyrating above her. as wave after surging wave of ecstatic rapture broke over her sensation-filled loins. darling! Eat my .. And. she was surprised to find the taste of it slightly pungent and not at all distasteful. she heard Carla's counterpointing chant. flicking her tongue into the moistness of Carla's vaginal opening. good . release in orgasm.. in imitation of a virile.. Joan Pearson felt it begin. spreading through her in relaxing. below. doing it!" From below.. her tongue darting out. she licked at it . their tongues a pair of surrogate cocks in their heatedly sensual cunts. experimentally to find Carla's hardened little clitoris. between her own trembling legs.. as tongues licked and mouths sucked. fleshy furrow above her. between the thighs. until they had established a mutual rhythm... in the exquisitely shuddering convulsions of her body that caused her to spasm in release. mutually giving and receiving. for her. "OOooh! That feels . "AAAAAAaaaaauuuuugggghhhh! III'mmmm cuuuuummmmiiiinnng! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh!" 48 . .. Joan was mouthing words up into the moist cunt-flesh.. Suddenly.warm. dim and muffled. and as Carla's tongue plunged in and out of her. together.. fucking cock.. hot little pussy!" Their bodies intertwined. they spiraled toward the heights of release.... and felt the shuddering convulsion in Carla's body . together. heaving and writhing. s-so good! Don't stop . Timidly..128 . Then. hands grasped and caressed.

...... her hands beginning to trail. and her address.. "OOOooohhh! It was . "I'm really .. in a whirl ." Carla didn't press her. maybe . My Godddddd! Eat me! Eat me! Eat me! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh!" Carla collapsed on top of Joan. out of this world!" As Carla snuggled in close to her.. and telephone number .. Joan began to regain some of her composure. mingling with Joan's in an ancient chant of completion and satisfaction that announced the arrival of her moment of rapture... followed by her telephone number and handed it to Joan. Carla ground her hips tight against Joan's face..128 .. go home.. She scribbled her name.. and satiated..... her arms going out to clasp the black-haired beauty to her and clamping her mouth to Joan's in a long. I'll see you." Carla suggested.. caressingly... honey .. sitting up and gathering up her garments. Joan could only moan. tomorrow?" "I-I don't know . "Let me give you my address . Carla .? I've got to get home! It's getting late . attempting to sort out her new options. I can't think straight .. we could really have a thing ." "Then . deeply passionate kiss.. reaching out to get pen and pencil from her purse.. 49 ..... One thing was sure: She'd have to get away from Carla ..Above her.." Carla murmured.. "OOOoooohhhhh. convulsive waves of orgasm left them drained ... She knew it was better that way . about anything ... and I've got to have time .. "Carla ... right out of my skull!" Carla declared with a little gasp. who put the scrap of paper.. "God! I flipped . reversing herself. momentarily. her voice. over her body again.. with wild abandon. Please .." Joan told her. as the last of the spasming.. again to stretch out beside her. to think .. then rolled off. but next time . where she could really think things through. "Joan. and her mind was functioning.

"because . right now. Makes the racing circuit . "The next time . her curiosity rising." he told the boxer.. And.. and ." Carla breathed. there's a lot more I can show you!" It was a mysterious promise.. into her own purse......" Jay said..?" Joan asked..." Carla added. or come over ." Arnie admitted. Extensive holdings in electronics . "I haven't been able to locate Carla Reynolds . "Now. and is a big bettor whether his horses are running or not ......" Jay paused.. at least he isn't married. Bachelor . I hadn't thought of that .. significantly.. together!" Chapter 4 The "conference" Arnie drove up to L A... for was with Jay Ballard.128 .... Good rating with Dunn and Bradstreet . here's what I've got on Warren Ramsey. He sat across the desk from the private investigator.. this is important! He has a string of race horses . yet.. "but she could be using another name. President of a pleasure boat building company . "You can call me ...absently.. about fifty-years old..... "He was born in Idaho . "Such as ... "Next time ... referring to his notes. any time you want .." "Yeah . "he's a fight fan! Attends almost all the important bouts!" 50 . while Jay ran down the list of information he had gathered so far.

....." Arnie said. except that you went to a party..... maybe you're on the wrong track ... then . in the international jet-set!" "He really gets around... "He's clean .. is that right?" "That's the hell of it . that take money! Lots of it .. ".. I haven't been able to dig it out.. But..... he's a big party-giver .... thoughtfully."Which means.. and that's what bugs me!" "Then ... Horses .. own any boxer's contracts . Women .. lavishly!" "Pays his income tax .. right now . "It would sure fit together .. yet!" Jay grunted. Gambling! Three weaknesses ." "I don't think so!" Jay snorted. "By the way I've moved 51 .. "Here's a rough profile: Money .... And spends money.... he's also betting on the fights. I hope you can!" Arnie said fervently. and I don't think he makes that much money building pleasure boats . alone! There's got to be another source! All I've got to do is find out where the rest of his money comes from!" "Well .. and Carla .. "if he's betting the horses ... as far as Ramsey's concerned . and all I'd have to do is connect one of those bully boys with him .. "Exactly!" "Is he into any of the fight stables .128 . with a pretty good reputation as a cocksman! He's also been involved with some pretty well-known women . and we could bust it wide open!" the detective speculated... there's nothing to tie him into it ... I'm just making a wild guess!" Ballard confessed....?" "..... absolutely clean ..?" "Like a model citizen!" Jay affirmed.. that he gave! Which reminds me ... "There's not a damned thing to connect him with anything ..?" "If he does ..

.. while it's just a conspiracy . "She finally got some sense ... She picked the apartment!" Arnie defended.?" "Corona del Mar area . it'd buy us some time. "I don't have a telephone." Jay was surprised... and Jay stared at the closed door.128 . now?" "Yeah... cynically. tell her what's going on?" Arnie asked. and I'm sure they haven't made contact with her yet!" "Let's hope not!" "Should I level with Joan . "No! Not yet! I'd like to stop it ... "We spotted Pearson!" 52 . while they're trying to find you.. wondering: I sure as hell hope that I've made the right guess! * * * Warren Ramsey picked up the third telephone on his desk. whatever you say ... "Yes .. I guess!" ". worriedly." Arnie Pearson left..... "Here's the address ." "That's good . completely!" Jay told him... Or she's suspicious ...?" he barked into the mouthpiece..... again!" Jay observed... "I don't think so . "Do you mean .." Arnie told him.. Warren . yet." He wrote it out for the detective." the voice came over the wires to him.. "Why the hell did you move down there?" "That's where Joan wanted to live..!" Jay suggested. and maybe we could keep it from her.." Arnie grinned. Its number was unlisted and known to only a very few people. "Okay .... she's going to stay here.. "Stearns . "Where .

tell him to let me know ... You got Pratt with you .. "You Jay Ballard .. Jack . And.... to pay a little visit to that private detective! Tell him it's time to bow out . this's what I want you to do. but you'll know what to do if he's not going to cooperate . "Yes . at all!" 53 .. taking him by surprise. "No .... I want you... with him .." "Have him stick to Pearson ..... "What is it?" "Nothing! Don't do any more work for him . just warn him off . or else!" "Should I give him something to remember ."Where?" "He's talking to a private eye .......?" he demanded... about what to do on his case!" "I can always use good advice . "Okay .. what do you want?" "Arnie Pearson was just here ..128 .?" Jack Stearns asked.. find out where he's living now.?" "Yeah. we'll get right on it!" Stearns broke the connection... I figure that wife of his must be here. and I'd like to give you some advice .... * * * Jack Stearns bulldozed his way past Karen Forrester in the outer office and burst into Jay's office.." Ramsey told him. personally as soon as he's got the address!" "Right!" "And.. ".. since they turned up a blank in Omaha!" Ramsey instructed. name of Ballard!" "Okay! That's good! Now.." Jay said mildly.

180 pounds .. scar on his forehead .. it was damned close ... "Okay .. I'd suggest you leave. and the sound of his voice.. where the big.128 . as yet. late thirties .... with a disarming grin.... don't say you weren't warned!" "I'll get it down in my notes!" Jay Ballard returned. maybe you should take a vacation!" While the other man was talking. Medium build .. shooting back.. all registered in his mind and he would remember. now. Hell! Things aren't getting any better 54 . caught off guard by Jay's unruffled reaction. until the early hours of the morning. He knew.. then turned to leave.. He would know this man ......"He's given me a retainer .. leaning back in his swivel chair.. glad that there had been no violence.. brown eyes . heavy lower jaw .. so they were trying to scare him off! "You're not listening very good!" Ramsey's man threatened. Jay headed for the parking lot. and you're playing it worse than any I've ever seen!" Jay said. "Better yet .. straight nose .." "Give it back!" Stearns grated. for a moment. smart-ass . "Come off it. if I hadn't kidded him out of it! Intending to go home for dinner.. now!" Stearns.. over his shoulder. long.. staringly... I've sat through hundreds of Grade B movies and TV whodunnits . and I .... oval face . waiting for a possible attack.... Jay made mental notes. "I don't have time for vacations!" Jay told him.. not about Arnie's troubles but his own.. five feet ten or eleven inches tall . He was worried . He was relaxed but alert. "Now . any time he saw him again. unless you've got some further business with me .. the detective heaved a sigh of relief.. unknown source was gone.. Man . since he'd been so busy for the last two days that he hadn't made it home .... gaped.. But. tough guy warns the detective to lay off . lamely. When the unknown bearer of a warning from an equally. wavy blonde hair . that someone-Ramsey maybe -was worried. long..

. "Do you know why.. one former conviction for armed robbery. evasively.. so he drove South... we're headed straight for the divorce court! The hell of it is ... She's got everything going for her! .... relax .. God damn! That was close . picked up a bite to eat at a drive-in and continued his search for Carla Reynolds.. what we need is a good vacation ..?" "He tried to kill me .. otherwise . a big Pontiac... he jumped out of the way and rolled between two parked cars. he drove to police headquarters.. a sexy woman . between Betty and me ... I love her . John W... well try to pick him up on this!" After all the details were taken care of .. had just missed him . Betty's basically . He found what he was looking for and lodged a formal complaint against: Stearns.. And.. an extortion case was dismissed . with his car. it was too late to drive home. "We don't have anything pending on him .... or the damned guy was really trying to do me in! He hadn't had time to get a license number . for lack of evidence." the duty Lieutenant told Ballard.. He glanced back to see a car bearing down on him." Forgotten was his intention to go home. It was the goon who'd burst into his office to give the detective some "advice.128 ... If only .. instead.. Jay?" "I haven't the slightest idea. but she's not turned on! Christ! .. when he became aware of a racing engine behind him. in the parking lot of my office building!" Jay said vehemently. as well as three busts for bookmaking. "Okay . Jay had almost reached his Mustang and was delving into his jacket pocket for the car's keys.... "What happened . and as he picked himself up off the asphalt. but if she'd loosen up a little bit and put a little zing into our sex-life ... but the face behind the wheel he'd know anywhere. There was a long string of assaults in his record. to Newport .. go off somewhere ... it's either a second warning ." Jay answered. The car... and get things ironed out ...... it'd sure help! Maybe. whom he was convinced was somehow the key to the whole situation. too close! And.. 55 . also called Jack.. right now.. he knew it was no accident.. then asked.. where he spent an hour or more poring over mug shots. Instinctively..

... all primed .. an' ready for some fun!" "Who is this?" she demanded. "I'm here .. but I heard 'bout you . and what do you want .. he was determined to see her .. what's your name .. for the rest of the night . and I'll be right over!" "No . and I don't have to tell you what I'm after. purposely.. Baby!" he slurred. Carla arrived . Settling down to wait and watch.?" "Well ..... Carla Baby!" he said. right . Hell! She's picked up an all night trick! He made for the nearest pay telephone and dialed her number..?" "Name's Jay ... "You don't know me.... I can guess ." "But . an .. and I . some other bastard beat me to the punch ..?" "It's late ... and get information from her one way or the other....... if things weren't too far along. you don't understand . The rest was easy.. sure that she would answer ...... checked it and found her apartment empty. Jay Ballard ...." "Kick 'im out .... with a man.. and a five dollar bill was enough to get him her telephone number..... A little after one in the morning.." "Yeah ... Baby ." "The hell I don't!" 56 .* * * It was around midnight when Jay hit pay-dirt.. you get me .. you know . He found a bartender in a plush bar who knew Carla..128 ... An' I got the money to pay for it with . "Hello . I'm from out of town .. ".. He located the apartment building.... slurring his words..

... stepping in close to take her 57 ... Okay . Ballard told her the name of the bartender and the location of the place... There was no point in being completely unprepared. I've got to be careful." "Yeah . Before he went up to Carla's apartment. ". and a bad need .. "Tomorrow ... without making some arrangement .. it cost me five!" he concluded. "Jay . grinning his satisfaction.?" "That's perfect.. for tomorrow . and it's sure been a long wait!" She didn't let him in.. for later. But.. that's going to be fun to keep! * * * Jay was on time.. that'll be Okay ... "Where'd you get my telephone number?" Carla demanded...38 in the glove compartment of his car and clipped the little Berreta to the inside back of his pants waistband........ Satisfied that he was not a vice-squad officer. Baby . And.. I suppose so . I've got a date . "Do you quiz everybody ." he agreed. "Well . Carla Baby! You got yourself a date!" He hung up. Well .." She hated to let him go . "Yeah . afternoon .?" he queried. "Yes . like that?" Jay asked. quick.. she opened the door to admit him........ for some real fun and games!" "Around two . maybe we could work something out .. you know .".. just yet... Give me a call .. Carla greeted him at the door.?" "Sure... 'cause I've got three more days ..?" she asked.. he put his ...128 ..... I'll call you ..

firmly. in advance!" "You're lovely . she turned away. the frown turned to a smile. as she tried to work up some anger over what he had said. "Okay . quickly. Handing him his drink...." He watched her gathering frown. to kiss her. "It's fifty dollars . though.. his hands moving down over the softness of her straight back to the rounded protuberances of her full-orbed buttocks and discovering in the process that she wore no encumbering bra or panties.? The bedroom's back here!" "That fifty ought to buy a drink . dropping into a comfortable chair.. tucking up her legs. Carla fixed the drinks and brought them.. She had balanced it out.. too . Twisting her lips away. she said. Looking back over her shoulder at him.128 . what'll it be?" She was disappointed that he wanted to delay." he suggested. facing him. "Well .in his arms. but you must have a cash register . and kick him out of here! Jay didn't follow. when she reached out for the fifty dollar bill he took out of his wallet..... she sat on the sofa. for herself . her walk studiedly provocative as she headed for the bedroom.... hungrily. Smart-ass! I'll give him a quickie . in favor of the money. in place of a heart. Silently.. Carla told him." Jay grunted. "Scotch-rock'll be fine. His hands dug into the resilient flesh of them. her mini-shift riding up 58 ." Jay told her with a disarming grin. as he probed at her lips with his tongue.... She seemed to be reluctant.

.?" she smiled." He took her. she had been busted by vice-squad men. into his arms. then as he looked over at her. and hoisting his glass in toast. and his lips sought for and found hers. setting his glass down on the coffee table and getting up to strip off his jacket and tie.. "No! Money!" He took a long swallow of his drink. searchingly. and felt the tiny nipple spiking out hard and erect into the palm of his hand. Damn it . thinking she had made a mistake about him. before sitting down. after all. but this time.and giving him a clear view of her curvaceously tapered thighs and a flashing glimpse of auburn-tinted pubic hair to match the dark red of her carefully combed.. if his plan for Carla were to work. with a grin. He smiled his lewd appreciation.... the natural and normal reaction began to take place. "Here's to what makes the world go around!" "Sex . solidly. and she was frightened.128 . lustrous hair... She tried to change the subject.... just concentrate on getting her worked up! 59 . There was the crawling lift of his scrotum pulling his balls up close to his body and the throbbing fullness in his penis as it became bloodengorged in a growing erection. momentarily. "Your business .. he added. between his own legs. next to her on the couch. it was her moist. "It's the one thing people'll do almost anything for!" His remark made her feel uncomfortable.. said. Cupping the resilient mound of a perfectly sculptured breast through the soft material of her dress. just to drink and talk . while below. She started to cringe away from him. again. he kneaded it massagingly.?" "Hell no! I came here on business!" Jay told her. as his hands began to explore the soft contours of her lush body. Twice before. that is . "Did you come here . until he added.. pink tongue that came surging into his mouth. He'd have to hold himself back . again.

. allowing his warm hand to massage the soft flesh up the smooth inner side.. beneath him. her legs straightened out.. Baby . caressing the curling fleeciness of her pubic hair.... slowly... until she was lying supine on the couch. you're going to make it with me . His finger rubbed at it.... and parted slightly.128 . twisting her mouth away. by slow degrees. to find the tiny. savagely. now. he went in under the short length of her dress.. Jay.He knew. made the guy think he was really getting a good lay. from past experience.... he was forcing her back. at the same time he stimulated her.... who just want a quick fuck! You've got to make like the great lover!" "What's your objection.. meanwhile. Baby?" "I just don't like to . make it . removing his shirt and 60 . pressuring in through the fleshy folds from the top and parting the sparse adornment of hair.. really make it with the johns .. The detective followed her into the bedroom. leaning back to allow her to get up. Carla gasped. he slipped a finger down into the moist warmth of her pussy. Sliding his hand down across her flat belly." Jay agreed.. reversing the roles. and besides . they just faked it all the way . he drummed a tattoo up and down its short. Carla. Suddenly.. all the way!" he promised. using two fingers. that many prostitutes didn't allow themselves to become involved with their johns. then. pulsating length. "Let's go into the bedroom . teasingly. it takes up my time!" "Well . then out along the smooth whiteness of a finely tapered thigh. erectly throbbing bud of her clitoris. together. then!" "Suits me . consciously. Smoothly. you're not like most of the others .. tried to repress his own sexuality. until he was rummaging in the angle of her thighs. gently bringing it to even greater hardness. and moaning. "Damn you . moving upward. He was rewarded by feeling the erotic spasms of it in her body and the tiny grinding undulations of her loins up against his taunting fingers. while she remained completely detached.

.. This man's lips. I'm letting you do this . smoothing the svelte contours of her body. while his lips came down to kiss her delicately sloping shoulders and the nape of her neck. his massive erection stirred and jerked involuntarily. partially. Then. Carla whipped off her mini-sheath to reveal the voluptuous curves of her soft. Jay came in behind her. throbbing cock. Carla's legs were splayed.undershirt.. hairy chest. Once inside the bedroom. obscenely. warm flesh of her full-orbed buttocks. socks and pants. glistening dully moist and palpitant in the dim light of the bedroom. and watching the provocative sway of her hips. "I don't know why . Quickly. against his own naked. while below her hips gyrated in tiny circles against the lengthening hardness of his almost fully erect. As the backs of her knees contacted the edge of the bed. his tongue bursting through her lips to probe deep into the honeyed sweetness of her mouth. softly pliant mounds of her breasts. walking her backward the short distance to the edge of the bed.. his strong fingers kneading the resilient.. leaving only his shorts to cover him. As she tossed her dress to the back of a vanity chair. his mouth was on hers.. I imagine!" he grunted.128 . Jay's hands swarmed over her. Inside his shorts. womanly body. I want her really hot to trot . she broke the kiss and murmured. He did it with more ardor than he felt . He felt the erect cones of her hardened nipples press in. and she was trapped in a morass of ecstatic 61 . tongue and hands had ignited a slow fuse that was sputtering away in her. before I really start working her over! After a moment or two. as he walked. She shivered with delight and turned in the circle of his arms to press her nakedly curvaceous body up against him with a mewling moan of building passion. where he had shoved her down.. tightly. Sprawling there on the bed... on purpose.. his arms going around her. he pushed the auburn-haired beauty back onto it and stepped back. under her arms. and Carla's eyes were glued to the spot. he shed his shoes. and he could see the pink flesh of her pussy. his itching hands clutching at the full. her interest intense." "Because you like it .

..... berry-like buds of her nipples...sensations that raced through her voluptuous body in waves of erotic anticipation.. I'm all worked up . but she hated to turn him away and lose the money. a lewd smile of anticipation on his face.. well-manicured and lotion-softened..... She had already agreed to having Jay there .. She hated worse the fact that he had turned out to be so ardent.. expecting that he would be on top of her.. until he came. Then. she had been thinking of Joan. But.. finally. the darker pink of their aureoles drawing up in sensitive wrinkles of soft flesh. It had been farthest from her mind that she'd be responding to Jay . and it won't be long . and the reason she didn't want to become involved. Now .. he held it behind him. sinuously.. She's hot .. "Get your shorts off . so you can start fucking me .. now . narcissistically.. and Carla had convinced her to come to her apartment that same afternoon. ... anxious for him to go on now. up over her body to the full moons of her breasts. with that big cock of yours!" While Jay had been watching her. but she was. where her fingers played. watching the lurch of the outsized bulge in his shorts. now ... this afternoon . to get the object he needed. and that would be that . "God!" she moaned. Then.. it didn't happen that way! 62 .... and the delicious things she had in mind for her. with the distended. A mewling hum of anticipation emitted from her throat.. digging and poking at her body and shoving his hard cock into her cunt.. as her eyes devoured him. before she'd be crawling up the walls! Carla closed her eyes.. he had reached back of him.. before Joan arrived. was the telephone call she had received just before Jay's arrival.. and I'll have to go through with it! Not that she didn't like the idea of being turned on by a man. Now.128 . her own hands. he'd fuck her for all he was worth . There was nothing she could do about it . slid.. already . from his shirt pocket. She just hoped that she could get rid of him . frantically .... The thing that really bothered her . It was Joan who had called ..

"It feels good . salaciously. "Getting you good and ready . Her body jerked. intent on what he was doing. her hands flew to her pubic mound... and she didn't want that. of the expected pleasures she would have with the dark-haired Joan . open your legs!" he ordered.. dragging it now up the valley of her closeheld thighs.. spasmodically. for a while!" Catching up her hands by the wrists. involuntarily. like nothing you've ever had before!" he grated... don't do that . Her eyes flew open. She still held the image. Jay ...She was caught by surprise. as he twirled it.. and went right on with his tantalizing torture of her.. "So you might as well lie back and enjoy it . lightly. doesn't it?" "Yes . sex-tingling flesh. at the light. protectively. "Now . "My God.. Jay grinned down at her.128 .. she clamped down to where Jay was green peacock feather held teasingly. because of her obscenely splayed thighs.. tickle of something that was moving inch by tortuous inch up the soft. "No! I-I won't let you do it!" 63 .. as she gaped leaning over her. she knew for the pulsating portal of her cuntal passage that gaped open to him. for some wild fucking!" he told her.?" he grunted. her legs together. "What the hell .... widening. to me!" "Why not . in a steel-fingered grasp.. heading.. but it's torture!" "Not really! This'll turn you on . in her mind.. when she arrived. Instinctively. he pulled them away from the pulsating slit of her pussy. Instantly. do you think you're doing?" she demanded. sensitive flesh of her inner thigh.. on her vibrant.. a gaily colored blue and in his fingers... as the unexpected happened. knowing in a flash that if he were actually to use the feather on her cunt there would be no end to her arousal .

Carla felt the teasing lightness of the soft tip of the feather. igniting searing flames of desire that raced. leaping before a strong wind and destroying all in its path.. nerve-charged. I'll do what the hell I please! Understand?" Carla understood.. She writhed on the bed. and crazy clothes! The detective's triumph over her gave him a definite edge.. Around and around he twisted it. like an all-consuming prairie fire. Groaning with helplessness. then. fringed. "And. now. Damn! It won't be long . Never had Carla experienced such an ecstatically sexy. as she felt him thrust it. began to tantalize her naked flesh with the peacock feather. lightly.. dipping into her cuntal opening. At least . twirlingly. Inexorably. exciting sensation.. until she's begging for mercy! Then . She could have screamed with the excruciating torment. as it moved.. darting into the hollows on either side of her sparsely hair fringed cuntal lips. She slowly relaxed the muscles of her thighs. and focusing his full attention on what he was doing."I've paid you . unchecked in her nerve endings.. and already she had had enough of the feather. and her breath came in uncontrolled.128 .. short. Jay released her hands. toward its obvious target.. with the soft auburn curls of her pubic hair. relentlessly. until finally. it trailed into the coralline moistness of her vaginal furrow. It could be worse! She told herself. petal-like lips that had begun to flower open with blood engorgement. as it tracked tiny circles of fire on the smooth skin of her inner thighs. sharp pantings.. you little whore!" he bellowed. between the inner. her hips undulating up to that torturing feather. and as he watched with lewd satisfaction he saw them begin to turn to a darker shade of pink. in and out of her moist cuntal passage. he's not one of the weird ones with whips . She was ready . we'll see ... only to drag it. momentarily. in advance .. as she 64 .. to allow them to spread apart for his idea of fun.. through a deviously tortuous route.. the feather in his hand moved closer and closer.

coming to rest with a twirling motion on the sensitive triangle of its blood-engorged. My God . from her lips. Never.became aware of the slippery. orbiting them in a figure eight. until it circled the crowning. in her throat. and joy. dipping with a saucy twirl into the shallow depression of her navel and moving out to her groin to tantalize the soft hollows there. The peacock feather. and just at the point when she was sure she could stand no more of it.. until it proscribed only one of the hardened.. he wanted her completely helpless .. because she wouldn't allow him to know that he had subjugated her with an insignificant feather.. She stifled a scream. Then. "Oh. God! She was on fire with a desire she had never before felt.. had she experienced such exquisite agony .. white breasts. at the same time. across her abdomen and out over the flat.. the teasing peacock feather was on her breasts. then finally. She killed the building scream.128 . up and down the short length of the miniature phallus. tormentingly. erectile nipples. yet. He twisted the feather farther into the moist depths of her cent. moving upward on the full mounds of her trembling. warm moisture that exuded from the inner walls of her vaginal tunnel to ooze in viscid droplets into her cuntal portal.. auburn fringe to the pulsating bud of her erectile clitoris.. "Stop playing around with me . Soft. unbidden. hidden in the defile of her womanly slit. the lust-inciting feather was suddenly gone. playing on the crinkled flesh of the aureole. still moist from the dews of her cuntal opening.. her quivering breasts set all atingle with the lascivious sensations it generated in them. moved in ever smaller circles. then on the pink column of the tiny nipple itself. with a broad sweep. mewling whimpers began to come. danced teasingly on her throbbing clitoris for only a few moments. which grew smaller with each evolution. He moved it. ever. 65 . cameo-pink of her hard-coned nipples. as the torturing feather. Baby!" Jay wasn't about to stop . after long moments it left her vagina and pirouetted upward to dance through the sparse. in Jay's hand.. Jay! Stop it! I can't stand it!" she groaned. white plane of her smooth belly.. and fuck me . damn it!" "Later . she felt it trailing up through the fleecy softness of her pubic hair. sensitive head... Suddenly.

The teasing feather left her breasts. suddenly. and she felt it trace a salacious path down through the moistly perspirant valley between her mounding breasts to swoop down and downward again to the throbbing pink flesh of her searingly expectant cunt. down through her cuntal furrow. before she'd have to have Jay's big cock in her. and she was helpless in its grip.... on her clitoris. the anticipation of what she expected to come to her . until it was running in tiny.. 66 . radiatingly into her whole abdomen. already crazed with overpowering desire.. she felt it plow. puckered ring of her anus.. her hands clawed upward to the magnificent orbs of her breasts. momentarily. offering them to the torment like a sacrifice.. she kneaded and massaged them.. suddenly. She gasped with sheer ecstatic joy. She was aware only of the throbbing ache of her loins that seemed to pulsate.. dancing feather engendered in her whole body that trembled with lewd anticipation. where the twitching torment of the feather left her breathlessly writhing on the bed.128 . on her clitoris. quivering body. the exuded. to pause. stabbing excitedly deep into her very being. lightly. Her body. her torso writhing.. filling her . Carla almost screamed with frantic frustration when it didn't stop there. She felt as though she were in a strong undertow. The full moons of her buttocks spasmed. Carla found herself wriggling her shoulders. Conscious control stopped . pressing them up from her supine.. as she felt the moist tip of it slide down through her auburn pubic hair. depraved enjoyment of the sensations the twirling. and yet more. fulfilling her . instead. wanted more .Then. or she'd go out of her mind. cruelly. it seemed . orbiting circles around the brownish. being dragged under water. as she attempted to shove her breasts up against the teasing tip of the feather in Jay's hand. as the tip of the feather nestled down between the orbs of white flesh to tantalize the sensitive flesh of her clenching rear passage. soon. She couldn't wait any longer. and she surrendered her body to the total. against her will. Frantically. viscous moisture there making her even more expectant..

. Jay! Stop it! Take that damned feather away! Please . This was a battle of sexual wills. heavy with engorged blood. again.. .. with his need to get it shoved into her cunt and start fucking. Reaching down. watching as she writhed her full-curved hips. was winning . and he wanted to keep it that way. loud! "Stop! STOP! Please ...? OOOooohhh . But the real fun'll come . but he had to control himself . please .. as with the other hand. then. She screamed . "OOOOooooohhhh!" she groaned. on the Fourth of July! His massive cock throbbed achingly. as he half leaned and half crouched between Carla's wide-spread legs. uncontrolled through her body... Baby . which he. "Oh. as the unbelievably powerful sensations surged.. stop?!" Now's the time! Jay leaned over her. and said. It won't be long .. her clitoris... her clenching and unclenching anus seeming to claim the teasing feather as its own. torturing her with the gaily colored feather. now! He was gleeful . keep himself from doing what she expected. he kept the feather alive and dancing.128 .. "You really want me to stop. Jay was aware that a tiny rivulet of clear.. Carla. Christ! I-I can't take any more. for now. Jay found himself breathing heavily... when I finally get my cock in her! She'll go of like a Roman candle . staring straight into her tearglistening eyes.. viscous lubricating fluid was oozing from the slit in his cock head.. still keeping the feather twisting tormentingly on her clitoris..? Oh.. peeping out from its enfolding ridges of cunt-flesh. he grasped the pulsating shaft of his prick and milked back the loose foreskin to reveal the fiery red crown. he used his thumb to spread the lubricant over the chunky throbbing head.. twirling it up through her cuntal slit to search out.?" 67 ... please?" In spite of his resolve to hold back his own sexual arousal. It was jerking. involuntarily..That was it! She had reached her limit of tolerance. with agonized rapture.

ever find out . Ram-Ramsey .. he didn't want his name connected with it at all! Jack Stearns ... with her last gasping words.... the agonizing torment was suddenly lifted from her frustrated.. slowly. as everything seemed to come tumbling down for Carla.... "Who was it. Ah. then cried. told me . aching cunt. strickenly. surprise and anger all crossed her lovely face in quick succession. when you tell me who paid you to set-up Arnie Pearson . as the tense muscles of her body relaxed. will you . and because of it she would be in mortal danger.... who?" "It's ... The feather in Jay's hands had brought her to the highest level of sexual excitement she had ever experienced .. leaving her breathless. about?" ". Warren .. Jay tossed it aside... My God! I could get k-killed . that I spilled it . more of it!" "Okay ."Yesssssssss! I-I can't take any . "Who?" "It's Mr... "Who?" He lashed the feather deep into her cunt........ are you the one blackmailing Pearson?" "No! Oh... "How much did Ramsey pay you?" he rasped out at her..... God .. "Now ...! The peacock feather had served its purpose. fast!" He dragged the feather down through her pulsing furrow and nestled it into the sensitive flesh of her anus. was going to handle everything . "No! NO! I don't know what you're talking . for a blackmail job?" Shock. I'll stop .128 .." She stopped...... Warren Ramsey!" She gasped. start giving me the answers . 68 . but you do . stop?" Finally.! If either of them . She stared at him. again..... no! It's not me!" "Then. Carla?" "Nobody!" "Then . and she lowered her upraised pelvis.. Baby! So . feeling both a sense of relief and of disappointment in her nerve-tortured loins.

we can get back to important things .." Carla answered. Christ! What a gorgeous cunt! He gaped down at the narrow. her hips undulated upward to meet the delicious 69 .. she's almost ready to pop! Through lust-crazed eyes. dimly. looking down at her sensuously squirming body. Quickly. and another man ."Does that make any difference ...128 ... She wished.. moistly pink slit. I want to know how important this is to him?" "Two thousand . its slightly irregular opening bedewed with viscous droplets of moisture and saw that it was visibly throbbing with her need. Hell . the inquisition's over!" Jay told her. his mouth hung just above her still wildly pulsing vaginal opening. feeling miserable. yes that's it ... now that he had the information he needed. while. ready to lick and suck her ... holding them wide apart.. anticipating his next move she watched as the detective lowered his head between her tingling thighs. "Now... where he knelt between her legs. Jay Ballard grasped her ankles and pulled her unresisting body toward the edge of the bed... She knew his intention. "Why don't you fuck me .. Now..?" "Yeah . until her buttocks extended slightly beyond the edge of the mattress.... like sex!" Standing to his full height.. Ollie Pratt . Jack Stearns . instead of giving me the third degree!?" "Names!" he barked.. He couldn't help but feel jubilant. that it might have been Joan.. fascinated..." "Okay . and she could feel the warm palms of his hands against the softly tender flesh of her inner thighs. welcomed it and instinctively wanted to open her legs even farther to give him easy access to her painfully aroused cunt. Then. Jay would have to do ... "Now give me a few more names!" he barked.. Carla looked down at him. then. but since it wasn't. I think his name is Pratt . her newest conquest kneeling there. he knelt down between her wide-spread legs and pulled her knees up over his shoulders. involuntarily. his eyes lewd and filled with pure lust for her. "Who else's in on this?" "God damn you!" Carla spat. "Who else?" "Jack ..

Joan had wanted to put her newfound knowledge to work.. but it was not the earth-shaking thing 70 . cameo-pink nipples for a moment. it wasn't spectacular. slowly. She had tried to find out what it was . pulsating cuntal mouth.. how to make her wishes known to him. until she could wait no longer. bringing her finally to what she knew. over the twin hillocks of her swollen. and wanted to give all of herself to him. before they slid. moist furrow. Her vision blurred and her head pounded with her heartbeat. as Carla had .sensations his mouth would bring to her. on either side of his lewdly sucking lips.. when Arnie had met her at the airport that something was bothering him. sinuously. then.. along her flat.. throbbing breasts... his tongue darting out to lash deep into the snug moistness of her quivering opening. knowing that if Arnie were to use his mouth on her. white belly. Arnie had fumbled through the sex act. she used her fingers to pull the pulsing lips of her pussy apart to allow his mouth the complete liberty of all her searing. In the end. was only a lower level of arousal. Last night. her fingers teasing. as he planted lewdly lascivious kisses on the tingling aperture of her wildly anticipating pussy. they arrived at her groin. She wanted all .. * * * Joan Pearson had known.. She had climaxed .. that is to say . now.. "AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!" she moaned. the erectile. almost from the first. or the earth moving under them was theirs. again. uncontrollably. but he was closemouthed and non-committal. Stroking herself gently. sensuous knowledge. her body spasming. Now.. caressingly. she had said nothing. until finally... her own hands moved with sure. but she didn't know how to bring it off . hair-lined lips of her cunt.. No fireworks . Their love-making these few days was middling satisfactory. it would bring her vibrant body to exploding sexuality . as his moistly hot lips closed over her heated.128 . caressing all around them. her soft fingers rubbed up from the hollows of her flexing groin to the fleshy. deliberately..

but I've just got to see her . She must be in the bedroom . Joan walked up the stairs into the modern.. but all the arguments of her rational mind couldn't prevail over the rising excitement in her body. on that morning .! Paying the cab driver. softly..... when she broke the connection why she was going. with Carla . as it neared the time Carla had suggested. Joan knew.? 71 . It's wrong . Even though she had told herself that she wouldn't do it. if only . Impulsively. or woman .. somehow. as she remembered the afternoon. She called a cab.? Then.. and foolish . apartment building and found Carla's door. a slight sense of frustration. She started to ring the doorbell.. but noticed that the door was standing slightly ajar. the more aroused and inflamed she became.. She debated the question with herself . Carla was expecting her . There was no answer........... on purpose . remembered how the other woman's mouth had skyrocketed her to the pinnacle of rapture. balanced by the knowledge that it didn't have to be that way ..... Joan was on edge.. and maybe she left the door open .. unable to wait any longer. and called Carla Reynolds.?" she called. she gave the door an inward push.. it seemed important for her to know: Is her visitor a man ...it could have been .. having told her that the "visitor" she expected would be gone already. She stepped inside and called out. The two women chatted.. There was a vague feeling of restlessness in her. Do you suppose her visitor's still here . gave the driver the address and rode the fairly short distance to Carla's apartment.. A devilish curiosity took over. Finally..128 .. I know . "Carla . It swung open to reveal an empty living room. The more she thought about it . again. she did. which had just been installed in their apartment. before... and in the end. Joan had agreed to come to Carla's apartment.... She picked up the telephone.

... but now. Joan knew that his mouth nuzzled up into the angle of Carla's thighs was generating all those delightful sensations reflected on her lovely face. The bedroom door opened. taunting tongue flicked out.. incessantly. soundlessly . its soft tip searching for then circling her palpitant clitoris.. Joan walked farther into the apartment.. it was her clitoris that received the attention of his licking tongue. as she had promised herself . her beautiful auburn tresses in total disarray. She groaned out her pleasure from deep 72 . tender petals of her flowered-open cunt into the hot cavern of his mouth.. while his tongue teased its short length with sensuous flickings of his lingual member. Under Jay's voraciously active mouth. Carla felt his lips suck at her. and as Joan watched she saw that the man kneeling between her whitely tapering thighs was using his mouth to suck and lick at her nakedly exposed cuntal slit. and come back later .. her eyes were tightly closed and her head flailed from side to side. this time. but this is Carla's little party . that slow-building need that had been with her all day. then I'll leave . prompted her to come to Carla's apartment. She knew where the bedroom was and made unerringly for it. I'll just peek in . The woman was moaning. and Joan saw that it was a man. she stood rooted to the spot..Closing the door... Carla. of course.. She recognized it . with her man "visitor"! She knew she should have left .. And. She heard the moans of a woman caught up in passion. before finally taking it lightly in his teeth. knew that she'd have to be fulfilled . as she watched. right then .. Her curiosity led her on. as she responded to the man with unbridled ecstasy. erect bud up between his lips to suck it for a moment. on the bed. then. who was bringing such rapture to the auburn-haired Carla. drawing the warm. finally. burst into licking flames of desire in her loins.. ..... Joan had really meant only to peek in then leave.. unable to take her eyes from the hotly writhing body of the girl. He drew the tiny. as his agile.. firmly. and which had.. Carla's arms were pressed in tight against her sides.128 . pausing to listen outside the door.

Inexorably. Joan couldn't drag herself away . Oh.. pausing.. Then. but there's nothing I can do . he knew . She had not worn bra or panties. as he had taunted her with the feather . pulsating furrow.in her throat. she'll know she's been fucked .... wildly. to probe. through the light material of her mini-shift. searching tip of his sinuous tongue worked its way up and down the narrow length of her soft.. the excitedly writhing girl reached out to entangle her fingers in his hair. guiltily watching....... beginning at her lower belly and pressuring its way down to the softly pliant opening of her hungrily clasping cuntal opening. and now with his mouth .128 ... couldn't stop watching the lewd sex act. gently.. and one of them snaked over to cover her pubic mound. But. now . God .... when he was ready to shove his big cock into her. mewling and purling as now the hot. Carla's unceasing moans seemed to drive Jay's tongue faster and faster. and she was already more than ready.. puckered ring of her sensitively clenching anal opening below... She gasped with the erotic shock of it... a finger then going into the fleshy fold of sensitive flesh to her already erect clitoris. knowing deep in the back of her mind her real reason for coming to the auburn-haired woman's apartment .. I'm getting so aroused . Standing there in the doorway of Carla's bedroom.. as he slaved away at her steamingly voracious loins. moistly.. to herself .. and her hips ground up at him.. 73 . But. except .. screaming in agony to be fucked.. Unconsciously she rubbed.. at herself. and just keep blowing! He liked it that way! Suddenly. down into the crevice of her resiliently hollowing buttocks. his tongue worked lower and lower. then he withdrew it to flick.. she didn't like to do that . daringly. when I'm through with her . snugging him in between her widesplayed legs . It was sadistic. Almost hypnotically. because she'll blow her nuts . Damn! He wanted the little bitch begging for it . momentarily. her own hands sneaked up to her tingling breasts and caressed them through her dress.. at the tight. and he stabbed his stiffened tongue deeply into the moist depths of her vaginal opening. then. down and down ... her hands moved down. until they smoothed into the hollows of her groin. begging for more and yet more of the same. guiding his face in tight to the palpitating vestibule of her cuntal passage..

teasingly. her warm. around his long. deeply. It was jerking and throbbing. viscous fluid on its fiery. She pulled him in so hard that he could barely breathe. clearly. It was trim and hard-muscled. but it cut across the other sounds in the room . She gasped. beyond all reason. her eyes wandered over the kneeling man's body. coral-pink edges.. around it in a tiny. as she lifted her loins up to him. sex-crazed strength. flicking it in and out. milking motion of its own. again. as they slipped. animal-like groan. Jay could feel. wildly. now. turned in confusion to leave. spearing out from his hairy loins. and the obscene sucking noises that the man's mouth made as he lashed his tongue deep into the auburn fringed orifice of her seething cuntal passage. the moist flesh of her silky smooth vaginal walls. pressed down hard. below. Joan. Her eyes fluttered open to see Joan standing there. transfixed. aloud. undulantly.. trembling thighs closed. the soft mewlings from Carla .. swung up over his back. blood-engorged head. and he was a big man. Carla was in a rapturous state. Her heels. in imitation of a fucking cock. she saw the hardened massiveness of his erectile penis. aware that her presence was known. she decided. swirlingly. as she was caught in her voyeuristic role. she pulled his head in even closer. vertical opening of her demandingly searing passage. With lustful. convulsively around either side of his slightly bobbing head. pressing his mouth directly over the thin. to a set tempo. but now. From deep in her throat emitted a low. agile tongue. a tiny sound. guttural. sheathingly. Carla heard it.128 . and below. she had concentrated her attention almost exclusively on watching what the unknown man was doing. Then. between Carla's lovely thighs.. and he felt almost as though he were caught in a fleshy trap. and as his lips ovalled and covered the softly bearded mouth. and she could see the glistening droplets of clear. her face turning crimson with her quick blush. the lining of her cunt seeming to clasp. pulsingly. down there. For the several moments Joan had stood there. 74 . although not as tall or heavy as Arnie. he thrust his tongue into it. around the ragged.

? Who's she?" "M-My girlfriend . caressingly.. to the full-orbed protuberances of her buttocks. "Jay ...!" Jay looked around. She wanted Joan . and Jay stood up. to see Joan standing in the doorway.. and as Carla slithered down her body. but don't go!" Instantly.. if she wants to . "You will . now.?" she pleaded. Joan found herself on the bed. ready for flight. to leave the room... Carla laid her unresisting body down supine upon it. sexually. her lust-filled eyes devouring Joan's figure.. at the same time . Carla moved her toward the bed. while she scrambled off the bed... he understood what Carla wanted. "Joan . she knew she couldn't resist any longer. with gentle insistence. imploringly. 75 ." Carla released his hair. momentarily. as he saw the dark-haired beauty of the young woman .. and appraised her luscious body that was barely hidden by the light mini-shift she wore. while you fuck me . to Jay. walking her backwards . poking into her own naked breasts through the light material of her dress and knew that the black-haired woman was aroused. hard and erect.. Joan!" Carla breathed. as Carla's mouth sought hers and kissed her deeply..!" he agreed. Joan moaned in her arms.... then. her nipples. Let me up ... Carla scampered after her and trapped her in her naked arms... later . Then. as her hands smoothed down Joan's back.... won't you . Then.. "It suits me fine . she knew.. Frantically. too! Then.. "I-I'll come back ..... too!" She felt her trembling body." She turned... please?" Jay stopped...128 ... so I can do Joan . lying crosswise. and need you . she felt her dress being lifted and shoved up to her hips. honey .?" "I-I don't know .. she discovered that the other woman wore no panties either." Joan stumbled... Helplessly. Carla .. as the beautiful auburn haired woman pried her legs apart and crawled in between them. again. she cried out. "Joan.. then. poised. "You're here . "Hell yes . until when they reached the edge of the bed. "I want you ... looked up at her and asked.. then. Joan ...."Oohh. startled..

His cock had been incited to a jerking rock-hardness . she looked down to see Carla crouched between her legs..With an agonized moan of anticipation. glancing down quickly to see that he was on target. knowing tongue snaked out to lick insanely at Joan's erect. pulsatingly hard clitoris. he flexed his pelvis forward. The exquisitely racing sensations caused her to moan aloud. she realized that she was now part of a three-linked chain. at one and the same time. in one powerfully smooth thrust. as his pubic bone smacked up hard into the smooth crevice between her whitely trembling buttocks. for too long already. and he had to get his cock shoved into her . Damn! His balls ached. and he had held himself back... then as she heard Carla's sharply in-drawn gasp.. In that instant. Jay had waited the few moments none too patiently. as he used the power of his arms to haul her buttocks back to him. giving and receiving. her mouth dropping down between her softly tapering thighs. With a frantic moan.. in full submission to the highly erotic stimulation of her lashing tongue. fully erect cock deep into Carla's warmly clasping vaginal opening. his wildly pulsating cockhead nudged into her heated vaginal opening. 76 . concentrating on the tiny. and start fucking. claw-like.. now! If he didn't . with Carla being the middle length ... to do that .. white buttocks waving nakedly up behind her. Carla's agile. both active and passive . she looked up to see that the man Carla had called Jay was standing behind her woman lover's buttocks. she gasped. sensitive head of it. Hell! I'll be shooting my cum all over the place! No sooner had Carla crouched down between Joan's legs. she wondered for a moment about it .. at the same time.. Then. as the other woman's hotly moist tongue made electric-arcing contact with the sensitive flesh of her cuntal furrow. too ... undulantly.128 .? Then. his hands reaching out. he rammed his hugely throbbing cock deep into her cuntal passage. as he rammed his massive.. purposely.. her smooth. a contorted look of pure lust on his face.. to grasp her swiveling hips.. Then. to .. He felt her backward push against him and heard her gasp of pleasure. than Jay moved in smoothly to stand in back of her. aloud and raised her hips up.. It crossed her mind faintly: Will they be expecting m-me ..

. She collapsed into a satiated heap on top of Joan. keep on doing it?" "God damn!" Jay exploded. Carla . as his aching. and mindlessly. again and again. there was only one thing left to do .. who had spiraled upward to the very brink of her orgasm . . stimulated first by that tormenting feather then by his licking.. rock-hard shaft soared far up into the warm... but she was relaxed. into soaring orgasm . to leave them both frustrated and unsatiated. unable to hold herself up on knees and elbows. screaming. now. with a delayed fuse. as she collapsed.wondered what she would do . moist depths of her clasping vaginal sheath.128 .. if it came up. she was there. "Oh . to seek a forbidden ecstasy again... Finally . but she forgot it promptly. between her legs. hearing blurred.. "Oh. Jay's rampaging cock was pulled clear of her still moistly milking cunt. was nudged over the edge quickly. dead weight.. She exploded like a stick of dynamite... She came. my God! IIIII'mmmmm Cuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiinnngg! AAAAMAAaaaaaaauuuuuuuggggghhhhh!" Her vision dimmed. Christ! He had to go on .. and.. "Just when it was getting good!" Desperately he tried to haul the auburn-haired one's hips back into position. as she convulsed. Joan groaned. sucking mouth. Standing behind Carla. Baby-whoever you are-" he growled.. Pausing only long enough to roll Carla's sex-satisfied body aside. under his plundering assault from the rear... p-please . like a rutting boar. he crawled up between the softly grinding whiteness of Joan's still widespread thighs and wedged himself down between them. and suddenly she was weak. "Joan.. she ground her loins up to Carla's hungry mouth. her body refusing to function. and hung there for what seemed an eternity. a release that shattered her. And Carla. Jay drove his goring cock in and out of her. and with Carla out of action.. falling forward to lie prone on top of Joan.... moaning out her exquisite joy. almost unconscious from the intensity of her final release . were driving her wild with sensual delirium. "we're both in the same boat 77 . or whether she would even consider it . Those delicious sensations down there...

using all the strength of his body to drive his demanding cock deeper and deeper and faster and faster. Joan groaned as his throbbingly lust-inflated cock slammed deep into her. It just happened .. chant up into his face. his torso pressing her legs back even farther. fuck me!" Instinctively. "Oh. The whole 78 . Flicking his hips.. until with a sharp smack.. and suddenly she was on a run-away escalator that hurtled her upwards toward her orgasm . yessss!" she gasped.. followed by the taunting stimulation of Carla's mouth all worked against her . God .. lifting her loins up to him in counteringly undulant gyrations.. and she heard herself. God . perspiring breasts were mashed flat.128 . goring into her with demonic fury ... Joan became an adulteress. Jay plunged the hardness of his almost bursting cock deep into the moistly clinging depths of her pussy... and she was too far gone ... and on the instant. plundering lunges.. her watching Jay and Carla .. while beneath him. she pulled her thighs back to her chest. oblivious to all but the ecstatic sensations racing through her. Joan. Afraid that he had held himself back too long... She didn't object. and I'm going to fuck you . "Fuck me! Hard! Oh.. . his sperm-laden balls slapped up against the nakedness of her trembling upturned buttocks. Jay began to fuck in and out of her hungrily clasping young vaginal sheath with insane.. Things had happened so fast that Joan hadn't time to think about it at all. the bulbous head pressing waves of her tender vaginal walls ahead of it.. reaching down between them to guide the massively hardened shaft of his cock straight into her searingly aroused cuntal passage. until her aching.. frustrated as hell .. and she felt him bear down hard on her.. helpless to change the firm course of events. She could not have denied the demands of her sexually aroused body then . Her tensions building during the day. even if she had wanted to do so. began to match him.. and she let it happen.. right now!" It was confusing. because it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world....

. allowing him to thrust all the more deeply into her wildly convulsing belly. his hotly jetting semen racing the full length of his wildly pumping cock to splash deep up into the moist warmth of her involuntarily milking cuntal passage. as her own sexual excitement began slowly to subside . yet ... Tears of remorse began streaming down her eyes.. please?" Her plea fell on deaf ears. Writhing sensuously under him.. as she quickly scrambled off the bed.. And. OOOOOooooohhhhhh! Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" she screamed.. to . Hell! I never saw her naked! "I don't know . "Joan. "I'm . don't leave. with a groan.. only the rapture of completion. reality intruded.. come back.of her now hotly pulsating pussy was offered up to him.. didn't intend to ... Joan?" The door slammed. Jay complied... there was no time or place.?" Jay asked. where for a moment. Then. of here! "Let me up!" she wailed. one after the other! Beneath him. completely spent . Jay's spewing orgasm came to him. just Joan . My God! I've just cheated on Arnie! It's adultery! ... I didn't want that .... "She'll 79 ... Joan felt the throbbing lurches of his pumping cock. going . "Will you . Raising herself up on an elbow. "Joan . Carla called after her... Joan was determined to leave. when Carla called to her. Joan's head flailed from side to side. who .... cuuuuummmmmmm!" Several slamming strokes later.. "God damn!" he blurted. again. satisfied.. to . he slumped down on top of her. Two of them! I fucked two women . OOooh. Suddenly..128 ." Carla answered dismally. as she climaxed in shuddering emotional release. "Oooooh .. then. I've got to get out .. rolling away from her to his side. and... her body seeming to soar into deep space.. the fulfillment of a promise.. she realized what had happened. honey .. She was already at the front door.. pulled her skirt down around her thighs and made for the door..

so you might as well buzz off. again.." he agreed. everything you told me is confidential! I'll never tell!" he assured her. too!" Jay knew she was right. Because . I think!" He reached out for her to take her into his arms. and more than you came for .....128 . you were here .?" "Yeah . "Okay . ".. come back." "I hope you drop dead!" she snapped vehemently.. if they ever find out . "Oh..... I hope so! Now.... "You got all . but she resisted him... "Are you a private detective .... saying... get the hell out of here!" Chapter 5 80 . God.." "Do you have a thing with her?" "We could have .probably not .." "Don't worry ..

it seemed. picked up the phone and dialed a local travel agency. Time might be running out on her. as soon as she could was more important. for she was sure that the detective's information he had tortured out of her could very well be Carla did some fast. when he was so drunk .. he hasn't even wanted to talk to me . And. Or touch me . Then. Every case. in the backwoods .. either too tired or too drunk . then.. She knew he was absorbed in his work. and that's just enough time ... that he was 81 .. she was the greater her visit and the her death warrant. But. on that little farm in Indiana! She hated the idea of living there again. but she knew it would be safe. a year at most! Hastily. completely ignoring her. * * * Betty Ballard was worried sick.. She decided to ignore it. leaving everything just as it was in her apartment. She could pick up her airline ticket within the hour and catch her flight to Chicago at six that same evening. he forced me . crawled into bed and gone to sleep. nobody'll be able to find me . making a careful selection of her clothing.. she'd catch a quick flight on a feeder line . she decided. serious thinking. because she was just going to disappear .. ever since that night . then. she began to pack. and she wasn't taking any chances. I'll only have to stay there for six months .. She would only take one bag.... Throwing on a robe..... The telephone rang.... Maybe.. There won't be any suspicion for a couple of days . he was up and gone again. before she could have a chance to talk with him. Was it possible he was making good on his threat . was his most important . Quickly. it was settled. for me to lose myself ..... she raced into the living room..128 . He had come home in the early morning hours.. The longer she stayed where danger.. She had hardly seen her husband for three days...After Jay had dressed and left her apartment... Getting packed and leaving.

Cocktail lounge .. wondering vague things . Then. later. after all....... the shopping and.. I could fight it! . keeping what was important and throwing the rest away. as she went about her household chores. somehow .? It's not fair! Just when I was going to . including prostitutes. he's always wanting to do . she dialed the telephone number. almost indecipherable was a notation that read: B-Girl! i.. before popping them into the automatic machine. or a secretary . it gnawed at her.. about how they would be doing it. and let him do some of those things . Did it mean that Jay had an afternoon date with a prostitute? She didn't want to believe that. she couldn't stand any more of it. she emptied out pockets of Jay's shirts.. however.. She 82 .. Betty looked at it as though it were a writhing snake.. She had been conjuring up mental fantasies concerning Jay .. Ordinarily. Getting ready to do the clothes washing. and maybe . make some changes in my own ideas . If he were playing around .. It was a telephone number and a woman's name: Carla Reynolds .m. Arnie P.having an affair with another woman ..e. the day's date and the time.... Makes pick-ups at Premiere Room. She tried to forget it . She must be a source of information .. at the hairdresser's.. creating in her mind some doubt as to her husband's reason for making such an appointment. a housewife . She let it ring five times..128 . but all during the day. his work as a private investigator did put him into contact with all kinds of people... with another woman .. a scrap of paper caught her eye. or maybe he was getting ready to leave her . realizing as she did that it was an outof-area prefix... all written in Jay's scribbled hand. or she's involved in a case .. Retrieving the doubt-producing scrap of paper from Jay's desk.. and a whore named Carla. There was one way to find out .... it was almost three o'clock.. I could understand it.. God! What can I do about it? UGH! Finally... There was no answer. Today... she didn't pay attention to the items she removed from his pockets.... she just set them aside for her husband to go through. Below... 2:00 p. But going to a cheap little whore .

...128 . locked it and went down the stairs to the carport. All the way down there ... again!" The line went dead.. And. but he's gone now! Sorry .. again.." Betty said.. ".... I hope to hell I never see him.. he-he didn't tell me .. I believe .... you don't know why your boss was here?" "No . it does!" There was a catch in Betty's voice. Carla left her apartment.?" Betty asked. discovering that it was a number in Corona del Mar. she dialed.." "Yes . "Hello .." "Well ....." "Then . She closed the door. "He had some kind of appointment with you . cautious and a little hesitant.. anxious to end the conversation.. "That's a good one! It's the first time I've ever heard it called that!" "I'm sorry ... I hope I can pull this off! "Hello ... while we were both naked on my bed! Does that explain it?" "Yes .. I'm Carla! He was here .. I-I don't understand .. he interviewed me .. "Then .?" Carla's laugh was brittle..?" It was a woman's voice... he did get to interview you .. Carla Reynolds . I have an urgent message for him!" "He's not here!" "Are you Miss .hung up and looked up the prefix in the telephone directory. * * * Carrying her single suitcase. Ballard's secretary . "this is Mr.. purposely leaving several lights burning.." She was brisk.. yes.....? Five minutes later.. I can't help you .. 83 .

it was roughly taken out of her hand. "Now .. and you won't get hurt!" God! How did I get involved .... j-just some things I'm taking .128 . you decide to take a little trip ..Just as she was putting the bag in her car.. if you happened to be going somewhere on an airline!" "It's . get into my car! Don't cause any commotion ... "Does that jog your memory?" "You're wrong!" she gasped.. wh-what you're talking about!" "Ballard's a private eye . Jay Ballard leaves here .. He wasn't able to get a good look at the driver... before gaining the freeway South. 84 . She gasped. examined some magazines casually and finally bought a paper.. The driver of the big Oldsmobile pulled past his parked car and stopped to wait...... So. as she looked up into the unsmiling face of Jack Stearns... that is . in all this? * * * When Arnie Pearson had left Jay Ballard's office the day before. but he noted the letter and number combinations of the Olds' license tags .." she lied..... that just a few minutes after Mr. "A real coincidence ... to a girlfriend's house . that's a coincidence!" Jack spat out at her..?" "Nothing! What could I tell him? I don't know anything!" "Tell that to Warren .. "No. and he's working for Arnie Pearson!" he barked... it hadn't taken him long to realize that he was being followed.. he stopped at a newsstand.. "Now . what did you tell him . He hefted the suitcase. He first spotted the car while he was still on the streets. when we get there!" he told her grimly. I'm not! Now.. To find out for sure. "This feels like it's a little overweight .!" "I don't know .

things were rapidly coming to the boiling point.. Damn! I made it! And. then slowed down.. trying to think of something. too late . He was on edge . The Olds' driver stayed right behind him through a couple of lane changes. It was impossible for him to follow. cut across the two open lanes and darted into the off ramp.. until he was cruising at fifty-five. then. The driver of the Olds realized too late what had happened. Arnie found the Coast route and followed it south towards home. I'll have to shake this guy . This time.. he began slowing down..... all that guy knows is that I was headed south! Making his way westward on one of the Boulevards. for good . as he drove fast . he didn't sleep too well.. because he didn't want to get out of condition completely. spent several minutes swapping stories with some of the other boxers.. he suddenly gunned his rental Ford... The Oldsmobile stuck right with him .. he had spent at the Olympic working out.. An idea formed 85 . Getting back into his car. He showered. Now. There's no doubt at all! He's following me! Arnie settled down to travel at sixty-five miles an hour in the number two lane of four lanes. then left the gymnasium to head for home. little by little.128 . it was a big. It worried him. until there were only four or five car-lengths between them. no doubt. as he was approaching an off-ramp. the following day. Then. Afterwards. if he attempted the same maneuver. he headed for the freeway. green Pontiac that followed him. in the process. his mind churned.now they're tailing me! Trying to find out where I've moved to .. and he was cloddish with Joan in bed that night. As he drove along the streets. leaving the driver of the Olds a choice of following him to a certain crack-up. and the third and fourth lanes were clear on his right. He held his speed steady for seven or eight miles. He chose the freeway and lost his man. The Olds crept up closer. or continuing on down the freeway safely. I guess . losing Arnie..

in his brain. Damn it! Of course ... that's it! Carry the fight to him! Spotting a corner news kiosk, Arnie pulled in to park, hopped out of the car, on the right side, and sprinted along the sidewalk for three or four car-lengths. Ducking into a doorway, he waited. The driver of the Pontiac, he saw, was the same man who had followed him the day before, and just as he had, yesterday, his pursuer pulled ahead of Arnie's parked car, angled into the curb and stopped. Arnie walked out into the street and approached the car from the left front. The driver was twisted around, looking over his shoulder to where he expected his quarry to be at the newsstand. Jerking the door open, Arnie hauled the man out and slammed him up hard against the rear fender. "You looking for me?" he growled. The man who had been trailing him was husky, heavily muscled and Arnie saw that his face bore the marks of many a bout, the gloves of his opponents having cut him, time after time. "What the hell?" the old fighter snarled, his hand diving into a jacket pocket and coming up holding a snub-nosed pistol. Arnie grabbed the gun hand and smashed it against the fender of the car. He heard the sickening crunch of breaking bones. The pistol dropped to the ground. The man who had been following him grabbed at his broken hand with a groan. "Son-of-a-bitch! My hand's broke!" Reaching down, Arnie picked up the pistol from the pavement and rapped out, "You're lucky that's all!" "Why'n hell you do that?" "Why have you been following me ... the last two days?" Arnie countered. "You're crazy! No such thing!" the other groaned.

86 - 128

As the injured man was speaking, Arnie studied his face, his memory clicking. He was almost sure that he knew who the man was. "Why'd you pull this gun on me ... just now?" "Well, hell ... I thought you were a mugger ... or something!" Arnie's memory dredged up a name: Pratt ... Ollie Pratt! He had been a welter-weight ... one of the top ones. Let me see ... maybe fifteen years ago. "You knew who I was ... Ollie!" Arnie grunted. "You're off your rocker! My name's ..." "Ollie Pratt! Welter-weight ... out of Des Moines ... right at the top of the weight! You were even the contender for the title ... one time ... but it looks like the gamblers found your price! What was it ... money ... women ... drugs?" "Shut up! Damn you!" "Now ... you're packing a gun ... and mixed up with a blackmailing thing! Christ! How low can a man get?" There was raw contempt in his voice for the former boxer. Methodically, Arnie swung open the cylinder of Pratt's snub-nosed pistol and extracted the shells; one by one he tossed them toward the iron grating of a flood-control inlet near the curb. When he was finished unloading the gun, he hurled it into the weeds of a vacant lot opposite Ollie's parked car; then, reaching inside, he removed the ignition keys. They followed the pistol. In the waning light they would be hard to find. Satisfied that the former boxer, turned gunman and blackmailer, wouldn't be able to follow him now, Arnie told Pratt grimly, "Give this message to your boss, Ollie. I don't scare easy!" Walking purposefully to his own car, he got into it and left Ollie Pratt standing helplessly where he was, holding his broken hand and cursing through his groans of pain. * * * 87 - 128

Cautiously, Jay Ballard checked all around the immediate area, before he climbed into his Mustang to leave Carla Reynolds' apartment building. There's a damned good chance they might be watching her! Everything seemed to be clear. He drove away. He had considered the possibility of Carla's being in some danger, and thought, perhaps, she should be in protective custody ... But, hell ... she might not testify against Ramsey ... and if it ever come out in court how I got my information from her ... there'd be hell to pay ... as far as I'm concerned! So, if she wants to play in the big time ... she'll just have to take her chances! Arnie would have to be told what he'd found out, so far, but the case was still a long ways from being settled. He'd have to have a lot more to go on, before he could take it to the police. Remembering that the heavyweight fighter was going into L.A. to work out and probably wouldn't be home until late in the afternoon, Jay headed for the air-conditioned comfort of a bar to refresh himself and kill some time, before looking up Arnie's new address. At about a quarter after six, Jay found the new apartment complex, walked up a flight to the number Arnie had given him, pushed the doorbell and waited, humming a tuneless popular song to himself. The door opened. He recognized her, instantly. Joan! The other woman ... in Carla's place! He stared at her hard. "Joan ...?" "You!" She started to slam the door in his face. "Wait!" Jay said, holding the door back. "Are you ... Joan Pearson ... Arnie Pearson's wife ...?" "What difference would that make?" Again, she struggled to close the door. He saw that she had been crying. "Wait ... Joan ... let me explain ...?" he implored. "I'm a friend of Arnie's ... and I have to see him." "He isn't here!" Joan snapped. "Goodbye!"

88 - 128

"Look ... Joan, it was just an accident ... or a horrible coincidence ... that you came into Carla's apartment ... and it just happened! You know that ... don't you?" "Oh, p-please ... just go away ...!" she sobbed, tears starting into her eyes, again. "I've got a pretty good idea ... of why you went there ..." he began. "That'd be none of your ... b-business!" "Carla's just like a lot of other prostitutes ... you know ..." Joan stared at him, unbelieving. "P-Prostitute ...?" "Yes ... didn't you know?" Mutely, she shook her head in negative disbelief. "Anyway ... she's a man-hater ... and gets her real kicks with other women!" he explained. "... And, I gather ... you and she had a thing going ... and ... and I just happened to be there ... as a ... customer!" "Oooh, No!" Joan moaned, covering her face with both hands and turning away to slump into an overstuffed chair near the door. Jay came to stand beside her. Looking down at her pitiable figure, he said, "Arnie'll never have to know ... about her ... or me ... if that's the way you want it. It'll be our secret!" "Oh, God ... I'd just die ... if Arnie ... ever ... f-found out!" "He won't ever known he promised. "Really ...?" Joan looked up at him gratefully through streaming eyes. "Really! Just tell Arnie I called him ... and have him call me at my office, in the morning ... Okay? You don't even have to tell him I was here." "All right ..." She dabbed at her eyes. "What did you say ... your name was ...?" "Jay ... Jay Ballard ..." 89 - 128

..As he looked down at her. now .. in Carla's apartment. He repressed it. just one of those things!" l He closed the door behind him and left her there.. just a few hours ago. It 90 . and they start playing real rough . then. well .. and you'll want to look your best for him!" "A-All right .. with Arnie! Chapter 6 Jay drove rapidly along the freeways toward Santa Monica and home... remembering how she had climaxed under him.. she doesn't know which way's which! With an exertion of will. especially.. he felt a surging rekindling of sexual arousal ." "Jay!" he said.. the beginning of a throbbing erection.. he turned and said...... Christ! This changes everything .128 ... Mr.. "And just forget that it ever happened! It was .? Hell! There's no ball game . the fact that she and Carla were having . Ballard . Jay forced himself to walk to the door and out.. "Get yourself all prettied up! Arnie'll probably be here pretty soon .. a lesbian affair! What happens when they try to show her pictures of Arnie's little dalliance with Carla ... Damn it! No! She's so uptight.

and right after I finish up this thing for Arnie ..... drained. foreign car wasn't in the garage. toowith Betty. by the telephone.. together! Betty's little. disconsolate.. What made her leave? What did I do . but tonight.. realizing that most of Betty's things were missing. his mind in a chaotic whirl.. or visiting with one of her women friends..? Finally. I found out where. Christ! She's left me! He slumped down on the edge of the bed . He hadn't spent much time at home the last few days... Betty Divorce!? God damn! She's really . "What the hell . or get a divorce. and she doesn't even know why I went to see Carla Reynolds! .. Walking back to the bedroom wing..... and nights have you spent with women .. again . a damn good one. we can start working things out. almost paranoid. all I can think about is how badly you've hurt me... I'm leaving! You don't seem to need me .. we'll take that vacation . before he read: Jay. thinking about a divorce .. Then. today! How many other days . He mixed a triple . He picked it up and fortified himself with a gulp of his drink.. he looked into their bedroom and found it a shambles.128 . an empty shell.. like that girl named Carla? I've got to think.. how in hell did she find out where I was? 91 . and I need time to decide whether or not we should try.. His natural thought was that she was out shopping. But..?" He looked around.. Right now. to make her leave? Sure! I'm not home regular . that's why I'm leaving.. but I'm out busting my ass to earn a living .... he found Betty's note.. with a dash of water and a couple of ice cubes. when he parked. or want me. so he stopped for a quick bite along the way. he went out into the living room to get a good stiff drink. dumbfounded.would be too late for dinner at home.. His wife wasn't in the living room or the kitchen. he was determined to spend the whole evening-and night. too! Is there another man . Maybe... His first thoughts were bitter .. now .

for sure! He's got two bird dogs out! One's a guy by the name of Jack Stearns." "What .. Ballard... she's working on a divorce case .. I've lost her! Then.. he remembered that he had put it in his shirt pocket . And. to explain .. or anyway ." he mumbled.. a part of his job.. He struggled to the desk and picked up the handset. read it and figured his wife must have called Carla's number. I did .. "Thanks . there was no way of knowing where she might have gone ... when Arnie called again. Jay was sure that he loved his wife.. and made a federal case out of it.. he proceeded to sit there ... she found it ." his secretary said.. And..? Oh....... He insisted that you told him to call .. yeah . Karen! By the way what time is it?" "It's ten-oh-five .. Pearson has been calling you... slugging down one drink after the other. "Tell the operator .... until alcoholic oblivion overcame him.. try to make her understand . The other's 92 . Jay.... Okay . practically ." "I do! Now.. Mr." Miss Forrester said sweetly. There's no telling what that little bitch might have told her! Looking at the scrap of paper. The insistent ringing of the telephone awakened him finally at ten o'clock the following morning.. "Jay! Just call me Jay .. Jay .128 . "Mr... listen carefully! I know it's Ramsey ... "Yeah .. no way of getting in touch with her ... to put him through to my home phone . Ballard ... this is Karen.. that Carla meant nothing more than a source of information .. ours! . "Joan told me you wanted to talk to me.His own scribbled note was lying under Betty's note. Mr.?" he said thickly...... He picked it up.. and I'll wait here for Arnie Pearson's call!" He was fully awake ten minutes later.?" "All right. Now .

Quickly. falling down drunk.. it's you they're after! If you're in a hospital . and she'll be safe where she is . make sure you won't be fighting . Jay added his own experience.. when they do . He used to be a fighter a few years back.. yet .. now . "He was following me the last two days .... that far?!" "Don't bet on it!" Jay snapped.... so I want you to drop out of sight... "What about my wife?" "Don't tell her where you're going! The less she knows the better .. And... you'll be no threat to Ramsey . Pack a minimum of things and meet me at my office in forty-five minutes!" "You serious?" Arnie questioned.. there's a new development .. but it makes me believe that the next step .... or ... is to get you . or a morgue.. and you're too big a target . Arnie filled him in. up in the mountains!" * * * Betty Ballard didn't really like to drink.. for the first time in her life. try to kill you!" "They wouldn't go . eh?" "Yes! Now. determined to get drunk ." Arnie said. but she had just poured the third martini for herself. "They haven't located your new apartment. ".. either to cripple you ... and his plan to clean up on the next championship fight!" "Where'll I be going?" "To a little cabin I've got ... and last night I put him out of commission!" "What happened?" Ballard inquired...128 . because now.. I can't tell you about .... Tomorrow .. after she sobered 93 ... I know Ollie Pratt..named Pratt!" "Yeah. with a few laconic details.. Stearns tried to run me down with his car!" "They're wanting to play rough...

" Arnie began... he asked." Arnie offered.. undecided..... go back to Jay and try... For a moment.. And.. I'm Arnie Pearson .. "If . h-he was with! Letting himself in with the key that Jay had given him.. who owns this place sent me up here to stay . "So . I thought the place was vacant .. you can leave.. anything I can do . "I-If there's . "Well . "Does Jay know you're here?" "No! I've left him!" She sat back down... again . as you can see! I'm here!" Betty told him..?" she snapped. as tears welled into her deep blue eyes. ". try to make a decision as to what she would do . And where'd you get a key .. the big boxer stood there... Curious.... now!" "Let me explain . it isn't . Right then. for a while!" ". or do... set it down.. "Who are you . "I'm sorry . or file for divorce. I hadn't been so snoopy and found out about th-that cheap little whore . "So.. "There's nothing .. she'd start thinking about what she would do . and I say you can't stay here!" She swayed toward him unsteadily.. maybe I could talk to him ... divorce was the obvious solution ... light suitcase...... I'm Betty Ballard.128 ... to get in here?" Arnie was surprised. not knowing what to say . Jay had told him the place would be empty.?" he fumbled.... get out!" Arnie knew then that she had been drinking. and Jay Ballard. Except .. "You'd never understand!" 94 . I knew why . Jay's wife .. Arnie Pearson carried in his single.. that I think I do love him! If only . locked the door and turned around to see a blonde vision of loveliness struggling to her feet from the divan where she had been sitting...... a-anybody can do!" she sobbed..up..

. turning she brought it back across the room.... by talking to Jay ... Ballard .128 .?" "Okay ." "I'm too miserable . Instantly... "Drink . Mrs.. Betty felt as though she wanted to tell this big stranger her troubles.........." She arose uncertainly and made her way to the portable bar.. and letting him know how I-I feel . and he couldn't help noticing the luscious curves of her body.. he was there to catch her. I'm . He seemed to be so concerned . heavily muscled chest... she's Jay's wife! ... Arnie saw her sway and lose her balance. "Oh ..... in bed .. and she was in the circle of his arms.. I'll tell you . that she knew she wasn't the best kind of wife . maybe he could help . But.... Damn! She's some woman! I could really go for her ." Betty sniffled.. then. where she made a bourbon and water for him. I'll never get the chance!" 95 ..." He helped her to the couch... "Sometimes talking about things .... different positions . "I'll listen .... going t-to . about it all!" she sniffled.. she was talking." . if you want to talk.. makes them easier . He tingled where she had leaned against him." he soothed.. And suddenly. He took the drink from her. telling him of her suspicions that Jay had been unfaithful to her .. I was going to try to learn some of those things . and he was a friend of Jay's .. "Whiskey... now . "Oh... And..... you know .......?" he asked.. other women! "Such as . s-so woozy ..." he agreed.. "A-All right . I'll have a drink with you . leaning against his broad. and keep him from . he wanted me to do .. Then... and he felt that sudden surge of pounding blood into his loins.. and things with your mmouth .. Betty . but Christ . if they'd make him happier ."Why don't you try me . erecting his penis to vibrantly throbbing life.." "I see . But...." "...

.... it'd be easy .. hugely throbbing cock ..She dissolved into tears again. I guess.... warm breast. She's had several drinks .... understanding warmth. His pulsating cock jerked involuntarily.... w-with a .. he caressed and stroked the satin-smooth skin of her shoulder. while below..... the last seven days! Christ . Her husband's long.. to know he was listening . until he's hard as a rock . moist tongue .... lightly. even if it's true that a lot of those women .. and she leaned against him for comfort.. the other scene was a reversal.... "They know all the tricks . licking and sucking ..." he told her.. she wondered: Could I do it easier ... in her mouth . His arms went around her. from what she's saying ... Dimly.. to get her into the sack! . it wouldn't take much .... cheap little . It'd be taking advantage of her .... her upper arm. She's getting hot! Hell .. his balls began to ache as his scrotum crawled and pulled them up tight into his crotch. especially if she's starting to feel like it! Despite her wrought up condition. but she's so upset .. and she was responding to it.. the nipple of it standing hard and erect where it poked into him through his shirt..... And .. wh-whore!" "Brooding on it won't help! You'll just have to forget about it ... her tears and the alcohol she had drunk... honey-gold hair gently.? 96 . was interested in what she said.128 . was there. pressing against his chest.... and he stroked her soft. licking and sucking her there . and in need of affection . really know how to turn a man on." Arnie could feel the firmness of her mounding. wanted his gentle.. if I had a few drinks first . what really bothers me .. "I guess . maybe I should try to fuck her .. then. down between her legs. and in her imagination she was actually doing it. to be babied a little ... Betty held some images in her mind: Jay's warm. is that he was . Jay hasn't been fucking her .. It felt so good to be enfolded in his strong arms ... and she needed it .

He felt it warm and humid against his chest.. but right now . as she thought about making love to Jay. I'm getting all aroused . It was moistening her panties.. he was so male . although her face was still buried in his chest. so protected there.. now... and too exciting! Arnie felt the trembling excitement in her body... Arnie wasn't her husband. he casually allowed it to 97 .. but not unwelcome. so close.. will d-do .. and she didn't want to think about her troubles. sliding it up along her back. again.. and she knew she'd have to put a stop to those lewd feelings. If she could just get Jay back .. Then.. realizing that her sobbing misery was being replaced by a building sensuality... when we're together. letting his hand slip down gently along the length of her arm. in those new ways. he brought his hand up. Heavens! Imagine . she began to feel a tingling excitement. being there in Arnie's arms ..She felt soothed... and I . she felt the viscous droplets of lubrication exuded from her vagina's mouth. it was so nice to talk to Arnie .. and down. teasing along the ridge of her spine.. Damn! Now's the time to move in on her! Bringing his hand up to her shoulder again. becoming more and more intimate with it.. she knew they'd be able to work things out. After all. he sensed a quickening change in her breathing. Strangely. he continued to caress her shoulder. through the material of his shirt. It was unexpected ... taming it by careful handling. She wouldn't think of doing anything .128 .. as one treats a wild animal. until its trust is strengthened to the point where it comes to cuddle in your arms. then down. in the snug cabin .. and she could feel herself getting all warm. and down there between her thighs... Her nipples were getting hard and erect . opening and closing them almost imperceptibly. With a little more boldness. deep in her belly. almost to the protruding curve of her buttocks. with another man.! But.. to feel so serene . to each other .... Betty's breath was coming faster now.. in a gathering rhythm of sexual arousal.. There were no more tears.. again! She began to move her thighs uncomfortably. just from thinking about what Jay . as he held her close.

of the goose and the gander . welding their mouths together with the heat of their passion.. before things got out of hand. made no move to pull away from him. it'll teach Jay .... She'd have to stop him . he rolled the distended cone of 98 . Arnie unbuttoned the top button of her dress.. with him......" His thumb kept brushing across the hardened bud of her nipple. Down below.. in a bid to escape from his imprisoning shorts and trousers. Something could happen . the achingly hardened shaft of his cock leaped.. I don't know! Deftly. a little two-bit whore! Could she make him suffer.... Below.... tauntingly.. clinging close.... as slashingly powerful sex sensations charged her loins .... and Arnie captured them moistly.... but there was something wrong. just to hurt him .? She had been hurt ...128 ..?" Arnie breathed into her ear... He was suggesting that she . do the same thing Jay had done . badly! He was with .. for the goose ...slide down to press in against the swelling mound of her breast. while she turned her body to him...? Get even .. Arnie whispered in her ear.... the same way she had suffered? Did she dare take another man .. and his hand wormed its way inside.. You could bring Jay up short .. jerkingly.. isn't it ... too.. and she knew! I'll dare to do it! . the warm palm of his hand trailing a tingling path along the smooth skin of her chest. down into the deep Vee of her bra to the velvety.. as a lover... a lesson! Her lips lifted expectantly. Turnabout? What's good for the gander is good . his tongue snaking into her mouth to savor the sweetness of her. God . with Jay . soft pliancy of a naked breast.? Two-way street . by letting him know . She gasped and her body stiffened convulsively.. her hips squirmed. And. Inside her bra. he's working a two-way street! It's the old story . Turnabout's only fair . show him that all was fair? Oh. but she said nothing . kneading and massaging the resiliently smooth flesh through her dress and bra.. while her hand went up to press against the back of his head. Husky-voiced. there's another thing . "Of course .. It felt so good to have his hand on her breast . "You could get even . his own heart pounding with excitement as he wondered whether or not she would buy that story..

.. God... that he was really going to . and he pushed the leg-band of her wispy panties aside. n-now! .. and I really do love my h-husband! I'll have to make him stop it . it burst through into his mouth.. stop him . sliding up along it's curvaceous taper. She's hot to trot . her tongue parried his. caressingly.... through the thin material of her panties... elastic-like pussy mouth and feeling the vibrant arousal in her lusciously voluptuous body. She was all his . Arnie knew that she was fighting against herself. But. along the softly smooth inner-side. where he pushed a finger into the moist furrow and rubbed gently.. Jubilant triumph was Arnie's.. go ahead and . Oh... do it .. to her. or herself.. and he was going to fuck Jay Ballard's hot little wife . She needed . His hand on her body was like little electric shocks... now.. His hand on her cunt was driving her wild. as she realized that this was for real . trembling passage of Betty's suddenly warmly quivering little cuntal lips. like she'd never been fucked before! Confidently now. and tiny mewling sounds issued from deep in her throat.. no! It's wrong! It's still adultery . until finally. Now. Betty recoiled violently at the searing contact of his hand against the nakedness of her lust-incited cunt. 99 . upward to the pulsating warmth of her nylon-covered pussy. Undulating up against his rummaging hand. she knew it was too late . She groaned. And dimly through the dizzying fumes of the alcohol in her brain. and his tongue in her mouth was so sexy.. parting the softly resilient pubic down to slip his finger into the moist. God! She wanted. She was already too far gone! There was no way she could pull herself away from him. at the hardened bud of her clitoris... He teased. reveling in the feel of her soft... her hips ground counteringly. he took his hand away from her breasts and let it glide unerringly to her bare thigh.. up and down.a hardened nipple to excite it to even greater erection.128 .. it was too late! She couldn't stop it .

bunching it at the waist.. and he'd make the most of it... and led her. Impulsively. while below. Oh.. Off to the side. his fingers rolling the spiked-out bud. unresistingly to the rug. that won't let go! He whispered in her ear. and she heard his gasp of delight at their mounding firmness and satin-like. and he recaptured her mouth to lash his tongue in and out of her warmly moist oral cavern suggestively. unbuttoning it and pulling it up over her head.. distended... while one of his hands still fondled its twin. "Don't fight it. f-for what he's done!" Arnie needed no more encouragement. What a gorgeous little cunt! Then. too!" It seemed to be so logical . I'll make him pay .. so right. that's right . and started enjoying yourself . berrylike paps. Baby! It's time you broke loose . Her bra followed. Then. He helped her.. that feels sooooo good! 100 . and looking down at her lewdly.. his pulsating cock lurched wildly against the confines of his clothing. he took her by the hands. hovering over her partially reclining body. His middle finger still teased at her naked clitoris. It was smooth sailing from there on in. lifted her hips up as he reached up to slide her filmy.128 . dragging him down with her. in her confused state of mind. then.but she's still got that Puritan hang-up .. to her.! And.. smooth pliancy. Leaning back he drank in the loveliness of her body with a triumphant grin. and tossing it aside.. hair-lined furrow to his lewdly salacious gaze. "Yes . his mouth followed to engulf one of her hard. nylon panties down over the lovely white taper of her trembling thighs. Gathering spasmodic jolts of sensual pleasure rippled through her as Arnie's warmly caressing hands closed over her sensitive. raising her to her feet. swelling breasts. now!" For answer. maddeningly. in front of the fireplace. "I'm going to strip you naked. and she was completely nude. Betty was struggling with her dress. he had noticed a large bearskin rug. she mutely. where she lay down on it.. revealing the petal-like softness of her golden. he said. he pushed her dress up. eloquently.

and look at me . what his true goal was! 101 . to a quivering. because I'm going to fuck you with it!" Betty Ballard's eyes fluttered open. then the other of her nipples into the moist warmth of his mouth to lick and suck.. His head began to move lower. his teeth nibbling them gently . mesmerized.. she tried to imagine that massively bloated thing burrowing deep into the soft. slowly. until she wanted to scream with the ecstasy of the exquisite sensations surging through her body. white breast. God . what he was going to do .. until she felt the humid warmth of his breath on the soft. "Don't worry . heavily-muscled body solidly substantial. his hands and mouth left her.. Her eyes closed. I-I couldn't take . flat belly to her navel. Arnie was kneeling there.... trailing moist kisses down between her passion-swollen breasts. For a moment or two. while beneath her. down her soft. I-It'd be impossible . too! She clenched her eyelids tighter. She mewled softly as he took one.... "Do you think this'll do something for you?" "Oh. but she was dimly aware of the rustle of clothing..... where he paused to tease the tiny depression. with no trouble!" Arnie stretched out beside her. up inside of me!" she managed... when you're ready to take it . again... and she felt disappointment. making himself naked. golden fleece of her pubic hair... and his mouth dipped down. With an involuntary gasp.. you'll take all of it .... Suddenly. then her gaze zeroed in on the bulky length of his throbbingly hardened penis spearing out from his powerful loins. Her eyes flicked over his body appreciatively. on downward to her abdomen . curling. without tearing me apart! A shiver of fear raced through her.128 . as she reveled in the sensuous feel of his hands and mouth. I don't want to look! "You might as well open your eyes ....... with a start. all of that . his big. She watched. baby .. her hips began a grindingly undulant rhythm. she realized. as he gripped the swollen shaft of his cock and asked lewdly.. then ... He's undressing .She groaned. fleshy folds of her vagina. My God . Betty .

would not be dissuaded. inner sides of her lovely... while below. widespread thighs.... kneeling between her soft.. tapering thighs to spread them even wider apart. agile and voracious tongue darted out to plunge sinuously deep into her cuntal passage.. to pull him into closer contact with her lust-incited loins. and the many times she had thwarted his attempts to do that! Frantically.. "You want to learn all about it . The intense... to enjoy leaped into the saddle to lead her wild charge into the unknown.. cupping and squeezing them with brutal force. fear. and his long. that feels so gooooood! Arnie's hands slid up over her belly to the rounded firmness of her tits again... Baby .. and tongue .. to experience . His tongue lashed into her like a substitute cock. the humiliation.. then.... to a spiraling degree she had never known.. Somehow. shame. Claw-like her hands reached out to his head..!" Arnie. her body spasming with lewd sensuality. she was revulsed. that . and lick me! Suck me . "Yes! Yessss! Arnie! D-Do it t-to me! Use your m-mouth .. he wedged his head down between her quivering thighs. want! She trembled with a wanton desire she had never known. guilt . and keep him coming back!" Again.. "OOOooooh!" Betty moaned. his words seemed so right.. and disgust didn't seem to matter. his lips making electric contact with the moist softness of her vagina's mouth.. the degradation. as she felt herself aroused insanely .. as she surrendered everything to him. I-It's sickening! She was remembering Jay's lewd suggestions . now. don't you. grasping his hair.. there! Everything!" Moaning his desire. "N-No! Please? Don't d-do . she reached down to grasp the huge boxer's head. in an effort to keep him from doing it. flaming desire to know . And. because that's how you're going to get Jay back ... His strong hands pressed hard against the soft. as her hips ground up against his face. he withdrew his tongue from her vaginal orifice and pressured up through her pink cunt-flesh to locate the erectile bud of her 102 .. Oh. Yes! That's what I-I .128 ..

until her flesh ridged through his fingers. yet!" she pleaded. while the tip of his tongue teased it in maddening little circles.. "Don't stop! Oh. Arnie stopped and raised his head. lifting them up until they were draped over his shoulders. in wanton abandon. Never letting up for a moment. God . ready . now. her head began to flail from side to side. you're ready to fuck . Unceasingly. again. And.... to the moistly searing opening of her hotly clasping vaginal tunnel and began to plunge his stiffened tongue in and out of her in regular tempo. as he cupped the resilient. please ... now. She whined agonizingly as he captured the tiny. wide-splayed thighs. tantalizingly. it stopped. like I could cum! His tongue . then slipped his hands under her thighs. he swirled and flicked his tongue around the velvety insides of her cuntal passage... white softness of a full-rounded buttock in either hand. throbbing phallus between his teeth.. will make me cum! . . Suddenly. presenting the whole of her naked loins to him. as he moved downward.. and she looked down to see his quick grin. fully 103 . as mewling whimpers cascaded unintelligibly from her agonized lips. don't stop . his hotly pulsing cock.... I was almost . his fingers digging in. you liked it?" "Oh. Then. filling the living room of the cabin with sounds of animal pleasure.. wedging his hips down between her quivering.pulsating clitoris... his chin glisteningly moist from the viscous secretions of her pulsating loins. Oh..." "I know.. cruelly. holding it lightly. Baby Doll ... now!" He came down on top of Jay's wife. she felt it. I-I feel . her golden tresses becoming totally disarrayed.. "Then. He listened to her with lewd satisfaction.128 . moans of ecstatic passion poured from Betty's mouth.

ginning down at her with lewd delight.. apart!" she groaned.. d-do it to me!" "Not like that! Use the right words!" Arnie grunted.128 .... s-so big! It's tearing m-me .....?" he countered.. "B-Beg? Why .. in an attempt to escape his skewering entry. God! I'm torn . He lay still on top of her for a moment. soft. his pubic bone pressed tightly against her nakedly throbbing clitoris. to little pieces! Arnie's cock was buried to the hilt in the moist warmth of her widestretched cuntal passage. She was filled with hotly throbbing cock.. and she could feel every ridge of the giant prick he had sunk deeply into her quaking. "I-It's . he throbbed his cock expandingly deep inside her sensitive 104 .hardened. and . before he flexed the hardened shaft of his cock deep in her cuntal passage. learn to ask for it!" "It's in me ...... her face grimacing with the pain of it... Again.. d-do that!" "Do you want to learn to please Jay . He smiled down at her lewdly. and lunged forward to send his cock lancing hard and deep into her with one smoothly forceful plunge. "If you do . Betty screamed.?" She was confused. Frantically. already! Go ahead . poised hugely at the mouth of her expectantly palpitant cunt.. and it felt as though he had split her asunder. you can beg for it! Beg me to fuck you!" he ordered.. white belly. screwing her naked loins down and back. "I-I can't . grinding it into her another fraction of an inch at the same time.. "UUUUuuuuuuuuhhhh!" she grunted. glancing down to see that his massively lust-filled cock was nudging into the soft-fleshed portal of her moistly coral-pink vagina .. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Now . she squirmed around beneath him.

cuntal sheath, and his fingers dug into her shoulders cruelly. "OOOooohhh!" she sobbed. "Yesssss! I-I want you ... t-to f-fuck me!" There! I said it. I said that horrible word! She spat it out with revulsion that she had been forced to say it, and suddenly she realized: I-I'm ... an adulteress! I-I'm actually lying under another ... m-man with my legs spread wide ... and being fucked by him! With slow, deliberate strokes, Arnie began to fuck in and out of her tight, narrow cuntal sheath, feeling it cling tightly to the hardened shaft of his cock, each smooth, short stroke stretching her resilient flesh a little more, until he was fucking into her deeply, and he heard her groan of final surrender, as helplessly she began to undulate and grind her naked buttocks beneath him. A desire she had never known surged through her body, as lascivious flames of passion seared her ... and she found no further reason to fight it. Now, her whole body writhed and squirmed with wanton abandon under him, as Arnie's hardened cock began to slam in and out of her with animal-like energy, plunging deep into the quivering, moist warmth of her delighted cunt, as from deep in her chest came low, guttural hummings of passionate acceptance. Tiny droplets of sensual perspiration broke out on her swelling breasts, and her face was contorted with the insane excitement of her full arousal. Now, Arnie slid his hands up under her hollowing buttocks, his fingers digging into the soft, smooth orbs, and her satiny flesh oozed through his fingers, as he pulled her in hard against his pounding loins. Her legs were spread wide on either side of his hard, impaling prick, quivering in uncontrolled ecstasy as she scissored them around his waist. Then, instinctively, she began to pull her thighs back against her chest, mashing the softly rounded orbs of her breasts, and the whole of her moistly palpitant cunt flowered open to him in lewd invitation to take more and yet more of his plunging cock into her ... to ever greater depths. Yes! She was being fucked ... by a strange man ... against her will ... but now she wanted to give him back ... as much as she was being given! Suddenly, now, he began to lengthen his cunt-stretching thrusts into her, pulling his gross, massively hardened cock almost completely out of her wildly clasping vaginal sheath on the upstroke, then driving it deeply into her upturned loins on the down-stroke, feeling the satisfying smack of his sperm-laden balls as they swung up into the defenseless crevice between her soft, full-orbed buttocks. 105 - 128

That's it! Arnie grinned at the thought of one more thing he could do to her. Hell! She might as well get the full treatment! His hand drifted down over the smooth, tight skin of her wildly grinding ass-cheeks, and probing with his middle finger, found the tiny, puckered lips of her anal opening in the soft yielding crevice between them. They were warm and soft, and he could feel it working and flexing hotly against the tip of his finger. He heard her sharply indrawn breath, as he pushed experimentally against the soft, rubbery flesh. ... Then, he pushed hard. His finger burst through the elastic opening into the warm spongy flesh of her rectum. "OOOOooooohhhh!" Betty groaned, protesting it, painfully. Arnie thrust, again, until his finger was all the way up inside, and he wormed it around, stretching the resilient softness, with merciless intent. She screamed. "AAAAaaaaggghh!" Frantically, she tried to escape his skewering finger, screwing her hips around, gyratingly, but there was no let up as he fucked both finger and cock into her at the same time. Gradually, her whimpers of pain subsided to be replaced by even greater moans of delight than before, as her anus slowly adjusted to the unnatural presence there. Jay Ballard's wife was hopelessly impaled on Arnie Pearson's driving cock in her searing vagina and his finger buried deep in her desperately squirming little anus, and she mewled and moaned out her pleasure under him. Lewdly then, his other hand went down to where his enormous, rock-hard prick was pistoning smoothly in and out of her voraciously clasping cuntal passage. He fondled caressingly the soft, hair-lined lips of her cunt stretched so tight around his pounding cock, and he could feel their clinging softness clenching and contracting with each of his long, deep pile-driving plunges into her soft, white belly. ... Then, her thighs began to jerk spasmodically, her head flailed uncontrollably and her face was contorted with the intensity of her 106 - 128

rapturous passion. She was almost ready to cum. He ripped his finger from her hotly clenching rectum and pressing his hands behind her knees, he pushed her thighs back until they lay flat beside her shoulders on the bearskin rug. The whole plane of her upturned genitals were opened wide to his jack-hammering plunges, as he thrust deep into the moist depths of her wildly clasping cuntal sheath. Her face was a contorted mask of unbridled passion, as she began to chant up into his face, "Oh! OOoohh! OOOooohhh! Oh, God! Fuck me ... hard!" Her moisture bedewed breasts, swelled and danced up against his chest, her erectile nipples spiking hard into him, as he strove mightily to drive hard and deep into her needful cunt. ... Then, she convulsed under him, her soaring climax coming to her, laden with exquisitely ecstatic sensations of passionate rapture. "OOOooohhh! I'mmm going ... t-to ... cummmmmmmmmm! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggggghhhhh!" With frenetic energy, Arnie slaved away above her, feeling the wildly clasping lips of her cunt milking greedily, voraciously, at his rampaging cock, until suddenly, he felt his own searing ejaculation begin. His hot, white sperm shot from the tiny slit in the top of his cockhead, jetting from the depths of his crazily jerking balls to splash far up into the deepest recesses of her hotly sucking vaginal passage. Her legs splayed limply to the sides obscenely, and her heart triphammered in her chest, as her satiated body lapsed into subsiding waves of relaxing euphoria. Then, as her rational mind began to function, again, she remembered. God! I've done it! I've been sucked ... and ffucked ... by another man ... and that's adultery ... or does that make me just another cheap ... little ... wh-whore ... like Carla ... the one my husband was with? She could still feel Arnie's spewing penis jerking its last up inside of her, filling her belly almost to the bursting, as the last of his load of heated male sperm was ejaculated from the slitted head of his cock. Groaning his satisfaction, Arnie collapsed on top of her, "Damn! That was something! Did you like it, Baby?"

107 - 128

.. but now.... I can ... trying to prolong the mood. and it's your case he's been working on the last several days?" she queried.. with herself..." "Well . "I suppose you'll have to stay! Let me up now .. I liked it ....... 108 .. "Yes .128 .?" "I can't tell you that . with myself!" "You've done both yourself . and told me to stay here . but she twisted her head aside... "Jay sent me up here ..She was honest with him . is what I think!" he told her. about what I've already done! I-I don't know whether . I'm afraid so ...... "Yes . saying. until things are settled!" "What things .. I'm not a criminal! Your husband is trying to help me!" "I see ... you'll have to go!" "I can't leave here!" he told her.. p-police . rolling to his side from on top of her.. yes .... please?" Arnie tried to recapture her lips..." "The ..... l-live ...?" "No .. except that there are some people looking for me ." she said resignedly. and Jay a favor. "No! Don't! I've got to think ..

" "So .." "Oh..... "Your husband .. "He'll be gone for several days .. "Joan . I want to explain . again ....?" Joan was cynical." Then she added.... "Where'd 109 ....." Joan hesitated. as an after thought. it was a matter of life or death ...?" "What's this all got to with anything ... to your house .128 . Carla Reynolds . but to Carla Reynolds... isn't around there is he .. woman-woman thing.. don't hang up on me ... especially if your husband's going to be gone . now." she pleaded desperately. I don't want to talk to you!" "Please . before you arrived ..?" "I thought that man .? This is Carla .... where did he go ... I thought maybe you'd want to invite me ..." "Well.. if you'd feel better about things ...... her own.... I think .... I just had to talk to you ... he's gone!" "Just for the day .. "What's to explain ... and we'd just have a lovely . who made it. or will he be gone for a few days?" "Well . the telephone call was innocent enough.?" "Well .?" "No . Jay would be gone .Chapter 7 To Joan Pearson.......

. "Carla! You're wasting your time! I've thought it all over .?" "My mind's made up! I meant what I said!" Joan snapped and slammed down the receiver... you forced on me. Carla!" Warren Ramsey said. good ... Joan had made up her mind... * * * Betty Ballard had wanted to get into her car and leave the cabin to 110 ... "And... that kind of life .. again!" "J-Joan ... even before Carla's call." Joan told her. and II've decided that .... for some training workouts. I love my husband . and she had rehearsed what she would say to the woman who had seduced her.. please . "That was a good performance... then he's not likely to pop in . exclusive houses . Warren . swollen eyes.." Carla was suggestive........" Carla tried to smile through cracked lips..... thank you! Thank you!" she blubbered... and I'll do everything I can to keep him loving me!" "Then . He's not going to kill me! "Oh. in one of his more . I'll keep my part of the bargain! I'll send you to my friend Wong Ho .. in Hong Kong ..?" "That's right!" Joan cut in... you won't .. and spoil things for us . I think . I don't really want the kind of thing you ..128 .?" "I didn't . revealing only what Arnie had told her. or see me .. "I don't want ...... "Oh.you say he was .... and tears welled from blackened.... instead of to the bottom of the Catalina Channel. so please don't try to call me . Wong told me he could use a beautiful white woman . Idyllwild . but he said something about going to the mountains .

She swiveled her eyes around to see that he was a short. as she saw another man coming through that door toward her. but it was not Arnie! "Who . as she was pinioned by the second man... "Take her into the bedroom! Tie her up!" someone ordered. He had told her some people were trying to find 111 . N-No . she remembered..? "Say! She's quite a woman!" One of the men grinned. There was very little to eat in the cabin. pleadingly. unless I change my mind . Hearing a step in the living room. expecting to see Arnie loaded down with grocery sacks . then she was on the big. He had decided to walk. In the end. and as dinner time neared..." she had told him. you'll have to promise . with a scar on his forehead. Her scream was muffled by a rough hand clamped over her mouth. H-He wants me! "Pearson's not here!" the leader snapped...?" she started to say. with very white hair. square man.. into hard eyes. she saw lust .Arnie... a gag stuffed in her mouth. but he had refused to let her leave. to stay your distance . carried. She looked up. w-want . Arnie volunteered to go down to the village to buy whatever was necessary.. "But.. she froze in terror. as they had talked afterward . and she was still feeling lightheaded. pointing out that she was in no condition to drive safely... She had had one more drink with Arnie... God! Who are they? Wh-What do they . she had agreed to stay. free and unfettered under her dressing robe. and she knew. Glancing behind her. ogling her. seeing a blonde man. when she heard the kitchen door open. while hard-handed men tied her to the bed. then reached out to feel appreciatively of her breasts.. she glanced through the door. Behind the hardness of those merciless eyes. She felt herself lifted.128 . knowing that it would help him to stay in condition.. double bed. I'm wrong! They're looking for Arnie! Then... Betty was fussing around in the kitchen getting ready to prepare their evening meal.

.. My G-God .... he's pretty tough! I know!" "A .. or anybody else .. The third man added. went around to the 112 ..? Oh. they're three of us. "You can object all you want to . reaching out to untie the knotted ropes at her ankles. and I'm the wrong woman! The white-haired man leaned over her.. but what if Pearson comes back while we're throwing a fuck into his wife ... They think I-I'm Arnie's wife ..45 slug'll stop him.. "You can make it as easy .. they think I-I'm Arnie's wife! They're going t-to rape me .. I can't guarantee anything!" Turning to the scar-faced man he said. then reached down to pull her dressing robe open. Jack ...?" Jack queried..... She tried to scream it. but you're going to get fucked .. while we're waiting for him to show?" the third man in the bedroom suggested... Then.. The third man.. "Untie her legs. why not?" he grunted. they have! "How about having a little fun with his wife .... you won't get hurt . she flailed her head negatively.him . "Hell ... Mrs.. and she saw that he was not really old. but the gag in her mouth muffled the sound. revealing her nakedness to all three pair of lewdly staring eyes. when we're through with him!" Through fear-widened eyes she looked up at them and wig-wagged her head a violent NO... "..? Are all three of them .. he told her. with guns! He wouldn't stand a chance!" Warren answered. though!" Jack sneered. after all... "Arnie's not going to be any use to her ... Pearson . Going on. whose name she hadn't heard yet. And.. by all three of us .. And..! The white-haired man looked down at her. understand?" Again.128 . But... or as hard as you want! If you cooperate .. Rape! Rape! RAPE! The word ricocheted screamingly around inside her skull... going into RAPE m-me . "Just keep your guns handy .. Warren .. A-All three of them . but if you fight us .. another equally startlingly ironic thought: . for starters!" "Okay ..

. what do you say . his nose had been broken. Baby . and I'll get it. Betty saw then that his right hand was encased in a cast.. "Yeah . "You see this . and I'd like to see Arnie's face when he finds out I did!" "Is that all you want . "Damn! She's really a hot looking little piece!" he leered.. you'll do exactly what we want you to do . Looking down... and blow your insides out!" 113 .. She moved her head up and down in understanding.. little cunt ... and: as she watched." he was saying. he growled. Because . coming to the bed to sit down beside her.?" "Okay!" he agreed... caressing her and moving upward. and take that gag out of your mouth .? Well . He had taken off all of his clothes. pulling her robe aside to expose her naked loins.. and take the gag off . and tried to clench her thighs tightly together. She was revulsed by his appearance. ".. as she looked beyond the seated man..... sat down on it and reached out with his left hand.... "Warren .other side of the bed. he went on. too!" His hand was on her inner thigh now. He snickered at her.. The man's face was scarred.... if we untie her completely . To cinch it down for her. giving him an evil look... "You can't keep them together like that for long!" Then. Standing out rigidly from his body. and no talking or screeching ... "It's going to be fun fucking you.128 . otherwise. if I untie you ....... his shorts came off. "It'll be a hell of a lot more fun . Shoving his pistol into her face. I'll shove this cannon up your sweet. understand?" Betty stared at the gun and knew that he meant business... Doll . his massively hard erection jerked throbbingly in his hand that gripped the shaft of it lightly. revenge?" Warren asked. she saw Jack standing at the foot of the bed.

don't you?" With a wary look at the pistol in his hand." "That's all! No more talking!" he snapped. cupping and tweaking. Then his hands swarmed over the luscious contours of her body. "Open your legs!" Warren ordered... on the bed beside her... if she didn't cooperate. as she wanted to tell them that they had made a horrible mistake ... sinuously.. while Warren removed the gag from her mouth.. she found herself responding to him. I-I'm sure he's capable of doing it too! The horrible vision of a death like that passed in gory detail before her eyes . 114 . But I-I'm .... while at the same time... teasing the nipples into coning erection. naked. that she wasn't Arnie's wife! Now. to taste and savor. and she knew there was nothing she could do but accept whatever they did to her .. My God . and his mouth captured hers.. the hardened shaft of his throbbing cock pressing up tight against the smooth flesh of her thigh. Warren was standing beside the bed taking off his clothing. Now. silencing her.. toward the nakedness of her loins. threatened with death ..The threat was delivered with a deadliness she couldn't believe. but as the naked man beside her mauled the sensitive mounds of her smoothly pliant breasts. his tongue sliding deep into her mouth. warm hands worked their way up her thighs. Betty was sure it wouldn't happen! She was being forced ... his tongue flicked in and out of her mouth.. raped .. she murmured. while Jack stretched out. "You understand . kneading and massaging... and unconsciously she clamped her thighs together. but she didn't have to like it! . "Y-Yes . God! She didn't want that! They could force her . if she expected to live! Jack released her hands. his warm body snuggling into close contact.128 ..

she felt his blunt finger tracing the length of her now tinglingly vibrant cuntal furrow. until his hands framed the golden-downed lips of her cringingly expectant slit. a grisly image of what he threatened bounced around inside her skull. No matter how she tried to suppress it. flowering her open to him. causing her to grind her hips.. His thumbs. fear clutching at thighs to relax.Reluctantly. she felt Warren pull his moistened finger from her rapidly heating vaginal tunnel. then. She felt it clearly. at the same time. She knew what was coming next. ecstatically. the third man. rubbing against the short length of her sensitively hardened clitoral bud. Lying down beside her.128 . pressed his hard-muscled body in close to her. using both hands.. and she had a feverish impulse to cry out . matching Jack's on the opposite side. whose name had still not been mentioned. control the trembling of her legs. her desire was being rekindled by these lewd rapists . slowly spread her coraltinged petals. electric sensations grounded themselves in her loins and flashed along her nerve endings... where he thrust it in and out of her then swirled it around and around just inside the opening. he raised her knees. tapering columns. as his finger drifted on down to worm its way into the moist warmth of her vaginal opening. She heard him wide. gyratingly. as he forced her legs to splay in between the white. and she could feel the cooling air as it washed over the moist warmth of her most secret flesh. in a long time!" Then.. no doubt. and then he was crawling Try as she might she could not her insides. forcing them wider apart. she slowly allowed her gasp. Life was too dear! Her 115 . and she couldn't help it. on either side. stop him. Down between her legs. his warm palms sliding caressingly down the inner velvet-smooth flesh of her thighs. She could feel the enormously hard shaft of his erectile penis against the satin-smooth skin of her thigh. by the cast on his right hand.. flexing them. and who was hampered in undressing. "God damn! That's the sweetest little cunt I've seen . Arcing. until she found that her hips were undulating up involuntarily to meet his obscenely stimulating finger. in an effort to escape the tantalizing sensations it generated in her.

. hidden in its fold of flesh. Warren's lips grazed their way through her sensation-seared vaginal furrow to find the sensitively erect bud of her clitoris.. OOoohh . the man with the injured hand. lying on either side of her. as his good hand. her loins undulated up to him. Involuntarily she moaned. Warren. pressing their naked bodies against her. below. Unwanted. wanting more of his lewdly licking tongue. felt the deep shock of it in her. It teased at her coral-lined opening for a long moment. liquid depths.128 . liked the feeling of her hardened nipples being nibbled on and spiking out into his warm palm. too . the third man. her loins gyrated. And.. then. writhing her torso up to the third man's nibbling.thighs relaxed. "Oh . 116 . Now. She gasped as the heat lightning his tongue generated was grounded deep in her quivering belly. holding it imprisoned. then. circling the tiny. as his tongue flicked in and out of her now lust-filled cunt. Shifting upward. fondling the firm roundness of its satiny smooth flesh. the warmth of his caressing hand that roamed over her body. throbbingly vibrant head in rapid tempo. and on her other side. and she could do nothing to stop them. jiggling her breasts prettily for his benefit. stretched out on the opposite side from Jack. the sparse golden curls of her pubic hair parting as his tongue pressured tantalizingly into it. while his tongue danced a whirling dervish. She liked that. as slashing erotic sensations surged uncontrollably through her whole body. Both men. while his hand kneaded the softly resilient flesh of the opposite breast. She liked Jack's kiss. took the throbbingly erect bud of her clitoris between his teeth. exquisite sensations seemed to multiply themselves in her body.. uncontrollably. and she found herself sucking hungrily at Jack's tongue. Below. before he plunged the wetly flicking tip deep up into her searing. and she allowed her hips to rise up to meet his long. cupped and kneaded. sucking mouth. grindingly up into Warren's face. the arcing flash of it causing her to writhe her buttocks down and away from his lashing tongue. but in the very next instant. was nibbling and sucking at a distended nipple. his darting tongue alive in her mouth.!" she moaned up into Jack's mouth. sucked at her breasts. moistly taunting tongue... Sensation after sensation crowded in on her.

. get her up on her knees . Warren pulled away from her. My Goddddd!" she breathed up into Jack's mouth. Betty answered.. "You ready . ch-choice .. She looked down. "You haven't given me a . and addressing his boss said. why don't we give her the full treatment . Hypnotized.. that's enough of that! It's time you were being fucked!" Warren Ramsey grunted. fearfully.. Leering into her face lewdly. Groping with both hands. Then.. conscious of everything that each of the three men were doing. For several moments. . to see that he gripped the hugely pulsing shaft of his cock....128 . so she can handle more than one at a time!" Ramsey was agreeable.... entangling her fingers in his hair and pulling his face in tight to her sensationfilled loins.. Ollie . red-satin smoothness of his cock head. she found Warren's head. There was a tiny droplet of viscous moisture oozing from the thin little slit at its tip. Instinctively. the two men on either side of her also pulled away to make room for their leader... really!" "You're damned right!" the white-haired Ramsey grated. and she felt instant disappointment.. The third man leaned up.. she spiraled upward in ever-increasing arousal.. The intensity of the sensations she experienced was almost more than she could bear.. "Okay. who now knelt between her moistly widespread thighs. right now .."Oh. for some fucking?" Dismally.?" "Hell ... "Okay . she watched.. turn her over!" 117 . Baby .. "Warren ... suddenly. he asked. as he slowly retracted the heavy foreskin to reveal the shiny.?" "What do you mean .

swirling it all around the smooth rubbery flesh. his long pulsing cock standing out rampantly from his hairy loins. you can suck my cock!" the one named Jack leered. attempting finally to push the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit. and she felt the throbbing jerk of it in her oral cavern. She found its flavor different . slamming into her from behind. Pearson . leaving only insanely ecstatic sensations of sexual pleasure. "AAaaaaggh! It's . sitting back on his heels.! And. she began to thrust back at him. her softly rounded. rocked her forward. her hips hauled up until she was on her knees and elbows. and as Warren. t-too big!" she screamed. her revulsion left her. She was filled as never before with the length and girth of Ramsey's plundering prick. she used her tongue.. Then. pistoning cock.. stretching the resilient flesh of her clasping vaginal passage. instantly. Bitch! I told you no screaming!" he grunted as he worked the aching shaft of his cock around inside her. she thought: Why . as he guided his granite-hard rod of throbbing male flesh straight into her softly pulsing cuntal opening. With wild abandon. She gasped at the monstrous size of it. he began to fuck in and out of her.. knowing that in this she would have no choice either. Then. short strokes... full-orbed buttocks upturned nakedly in the air behind her..128 . quite naturally. She obeyed. "Here. heavily masculine. Unthinking... as she hollowed her cheeks and tried bravely to suck it. Jack Stearns was kneeling in front of her. counterpointing his potent. she 118 . Betty suppressed her revulsion. Gradually.. her lips brushed against the silky softness of its blood-engorged head. Coming in behind her. "Turn your lips in over your teeth!" Jack growled. Dimly.. Mrs. automatically. with smooth.Betty felt herself being turned over to her stomach. or ugly . "Shut up... and took the head of his cock into the saliva moistened-warmth of her mouth. as her sharp teeth grazed the sensitive flesh of his pulsingly hardened shaft. and the temporary pain seemed to vanish. Warren used both hands to spread her tremblingly clenching ass-cheeks wide. it's not that bad .

and stopped dead in his tracks. gold-colored Oldsmobile that was parked just below the cabin... when her own husband had wanted her to do it. or lookout . she sort of left it open-ended ... in there! 119 . he read the license tag ... there was a fifth of gin and Scotch in his shopping bags. right now! Then he saw that all three had pistols lying close at hand! Damn! I wouldn't have a chance of a snowball in hell .. He passed a big. He's fucking her from behind . the big boxer gained the bedroom window. "They're here!" Then: Christ! I almost walked into a trap! Quickly.. that I can see ... Hell . where all of it had begun. on the road.wished fervently that she'd not been so stubborn ... That leaves the bedroom . The room was not occupied.. and that other guy whose cock she's sucking must be Jack Stearns! Ollie Pratt's not doing anything .128 ... He could see on through the kitchen. he peeked into the living room window.... God! Do you suppose ... Approaching the house carefully. keeping himself hidden. There's no guard . "Son-of-a-bitch!" he muttered to himself.. he ditched the bags of groceries . Automatically. and I'll do my damndest to get her into the sack .... carefully......? Inching himself cautiously along the side of the cabin.. He was thinking about the coming evening . And Jay Ballard's wife is in there .... by herself! He looked the cabin over. and how he'd try to change Betty's mind .. On the bed he saw the sexual tableau. He recognized Warren Ramsey from the party at his house in Newport . Arnie carried two large paper bags full of groceries... * * * Walking back along the road to the Ballard's cabin. again! To that end.

That's impossible! They wouldn't! But. She truly believed they were. Jack began to flex his hips to force his aching cock deeper into Betty Ballard's widely ovalled mouth ... t-time?? The monstrous idea slammed around inside her skull. and her quivering. clenching backside.128 . Jay Ballard was at home. "Hell . at first... until finally he was driving it all the way down into her throat. "Hell! That's simple! One in her cunt . but things hadn't gone the way he had wanted it. "God damn it!" she heard him growl. She couldn't because her mouth was stuffed full of Jack's hotly throbbing cock. in simulation of genital intercourse. * * * Gradually..Silently. "I want to fuck her. that was driving his thundering prick deep into her cuntal sheath. she knew they would. A finger searching in the crevice for the puckered brown flesh of her anus.? All three .. and she sucks off the other one!" Betty wanted to scream in protest.. too!" "You'll have to wait.?" Warren asked.. He answered his telephone on the third ring. Oh. God! No! "How're you going to manage that . It was he who had suggested a change in position.. at the some . Ollie's hand caressing the flexing orbs of her buttocks.. one up in her ass .. when she can take all three of us . the tip of his finger probing at 120 .... matching him. She gagged... Three .. she felt. but after a while she accepted it. Ollie was feeling cut out.. and she took it.. These three men were capable of anything. as her head began to bob up and down. why should I wait .. Ollie!" Warren snapped. he made his way back to the road and ran back to the village. at the same time!" Pratt came back. He found a pay telephone at a service station. They're heartless! Then. It slid down between Warren's pounding pelvis.

"OOOOOoooooh! Godddd! D-Don't do .. She heard Ollie chortle through her pain. Kneeling on all fours she was able to clear her mouth of Jack's jerking... The pain was almost unbearable. grasping it roughly and forced her head back down to his moistly glistening cock's head. his legs straining as he forced the blood-engorged cock-head up into the lips of her tiny protesting anus a bare inch. sponginess of her rectum. Now. moving twirlingly in the soft. warmth of her spongy-fleshed rectum. but she couldn't scream. sawing it in and out. until it popped in past the ring of flexing muscle. Then he shoved. His lewd voice came to her. Oh. then. Warren rolled to his side. in about a minute!" Suddenly. brawny arms around Betty tightly. My God . hauling 121 . "Okay! Now. she following. and his finger was worming around deep inside. he squirmed over onto his back. that .. he thrust in a second finger. Frantically. hard. wildly pulsing shaft deep into the smooth. but no sound escaped around the massive. "Keep sucking!" he ordered. cringing opening. roll her over with her back on your stomach!" Ollie instructed..it. she cried out. It hurt! She screamed. she'll be able to take your cock! Just go ahead and shove it in her!" Warren pulled out of her now wildly milking pussy and nudged the head of his rock-hard cock into the tiny.. Warren thrust hard and drove his giant. Betty heaved herself up to her hands. t-to me!" CRACK! Jack slapped her face.128 . where he flexed it deep up inside her.. lust-filled cock. The exquisite pleasure-pain of it was almost too much for him.. "Now . then. Wrapping his short. growling. It'll split me in two! With super-human effort.. as he said. Bitch! We warned you not to scream!" He reached out to her head. "Shut up. Sweat broke out on Warren's face.. Behind her she felt Ollie's fingers being pulled from her now slightly stretched rectum. "She'll be ready . orchestrating the whole procedure. pulsing presence in her mouth and throat. Then he thrust hard. hard. in tempo with Warren's fucking prick.

Warren was sawing in and out of her clinging rectum. she was aware that the 122 .. not understanding why . knelt on all fours.. without further preparation. plunging it home into her helplessly quivering belly. Never in Betty's wildest imagination could she have conjured up anything as bizarre . "Oh God! Two of them sucking me!" Her head whirled spinningly... and the sensations she was experiencing were simply out of this world. Jack.. Three men were all fucking her ... At the same time. and her whole abdomen felt as though she were being torn asunder. and all the way!" Hungrily. Baby! Now . Ollie Pratt could hardly wait for her to get into position.. and cum .... as above her Ollie Pratt began fucking in and out of her wildly clasping cunt. guiding his achingly throbbing cock straight into her flowered open cunt. just knowing that now she wanted to do it. bringing his lust-soaked cock-head down to her mouth. there was no pain for Betty.. She felt as though she were being blasted off into deep space. There was only the spiraling sensations rocketing through her. she began to convulse.128 . arriving at her orgasm in an arcing flash of sensation. and never would she have divined that it could have happened to her. suck me good . she ovalled her lips to take it into her mouth. growling..her up to lie on his stomach. Then. again. at the same time . below... crosswise above her face. building within her almost beyond human endurance. he forced his loins up between her splayed-out legs.. Oh! I'mmmmmmm going t-to cummmmmm! AAAAAAAaaauuuuugggh!" She couldn't scream it aloud because of the man named Jack's cock sliding wildly in and out of her mouth. as he kept his penis imbedded deeply up into her wide-stretched rectum. "Here it is... almost endlessly.. Suddenly. who had been forced to pull his almost ready to burst cock from her mouth while the position changed was made. and now. Then.. With a groaning rush. and cum . She began to cum . A concert of motion was there among them .

lifting them both. He came... Somehow. again! Fuuuuck meeeee! Haaaarrrrdd!" she screamed. gasping his lewd satisfaction.. damned good!" ... above her driving toward his ejaculation. spewingly . 123 . Jack pulled his deflating penis from her mouth and rolled to his side. Warren heaved up against her to drive his spewing penis deep. and she began to cum ... began to slam long. Then as she convulsed in soulshattering release she opened her mouth and squealed out her completion. Warren's cock also began to jet out its white.. God! He'll cum in my mouth! She didn't have time to think about it. "AAAAaaaaauuuuugggggh!" Almost simultaneously. for the second time! "Ohhhhh! IIIIIII'mmm cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnggg . Ollie. She could feel both wildly pumping pricks. Ollie.. slamming up into her squirming rectum. as they jerked expandingly deep inside both of her desperately milking passages. and she was forced to swallow it. to keep from gagging. as he held himself stiffened above her. while below. it had never occurred to her..128 . And now. Finally. Beneath her. cradled between her wide-spread legs. as his cum spurted deep into the clinging sponginess of her rectum. His hot.insanely throbbing expansion of it meant that he was beginning to climax. hot semen. Baby Doll . automatically. sandwiched between the two wildly ravishing cocks. hard cunt-punishing strokes into her . while his heavy load of sperm was hosed through him to splash deeply up into her greedily clasping vaginal tunnel. Ollie groaned out his satisfaction. not moving. and he was there. demandingly.. She could feel it flowing hotly in warmly cascading rivulets of milk-white heat far down into her hungrily accepting belly. until that instant. pounded into her deeply. "That was good.. white semen spewed from the top of his expanding cock deep into her throat. He groaned.

. Chapter 8 Warren Ramsey.. Jack Stearns and Ollie Pratt were dressed now. The only sounds in the bedroom for several moments were those of raspy breathing and moans of satisfaction. 124 . one of them'll come out .Then Ollie collapsed on top of her. As Jay had explained it.. and Warren had ordered Betty tied up again.128 . The orgy was finished and Betty Ballard felt as the whole of her insides was nothing more than a great swirling pool of heated male sperm.. Outside Jay Ballard and Arnie Pearson played the same waiting game. There was only the unfinished business of Arnie Pearson. She was filled to the bursting point. as the three deadly men waited for him to return to the cabin. they had bound and gagged her. Not bothering to cover her shameful nakedness and sperm covered body. "Sooner or later . leaving her there on the bed where she had been ravished to sort out her thoughts and feelings.

. Ollie came out of the cabin.128 . "Stop worrying . carrying Stearns' unconscious form. delivered by Jay Ballard. his pistol clutched in his good left hand. Warren growled. But it's been over two hours. "Drop the gun .and we nail him!" Inside the cabin......? As he turned to go back into the cabin.. Ollie!" Ramsey growled. He peered into the darkness. "He won't go to the police!" Stearns came out onto the porch and looked out into the gathering darkness... Everything seemed to be peaceful and quiet.? Maybe you'd better check on him. And. "One down .. low-voiced. lying in a ditch beside the road. seeing that Arnie's rental car was undisturbed... "Where the hell are you?" "Over here . "Son-of-a-bitch! Arnie!" 125 . Ollie!" Arnie told him. "What the hell's keeping Jack . The former boxer moved toward him. and two to go!" Jay whispered. damn it! He'll have to come back . He was soon disarmed and tied securely. ". I wonder where the hell he is . but Jack was worried. Jack's pistol in his hand. he slumped without a sound from a sharp blow to the back of his neck. Warren declared... "I think I'll go out and take a look around! He could be bringing all the fuzz in the County down on us!" Confidently. his car is still here!" ". Arnie caught him and together the two men moved off into the darkness. Ollie!" Jay stage-whispered... Five minutes passed.. it won't be long before they'll be looking for him!" They settled down to wait.. as Arnie came from behind. now!" Jack Stearns fumed. "He's mine!" Arnie whispered. "Stearns!" he called.

Jay could have shot him . and she was in his arms. helplessly. as he realized both his hands were broken. Jay recounted the charges he would bring against them.. and the pistol clattered to the porch flooring. "They .. Ramsey. his pistol in his hand. bringing his own hand gun down in a short. Pausing only long enough. darling .He swung around to level his pistol. I want her held as a material witness!" * * * 126 .. Jay!" she cried with relief...128 .A . but he didn't. "Jay! Oh.. but everything's all right. who administered a sedative to her and recommended that she rest in bed for a day or two... hearing Ollie's shriek of pain. now!" he soothed. jumped up from his chair and dashed toward the front door. to face a court. and did horrible things . He wanted the man to live ... he coolly waited for his man and chopped him down with a stunning blow to the back of the neck as he came through the door. To the sheriff's deputies who came to take the three men into custody. Standing in the darkness of the porch.. "OOww!" he screeched. * * * Jay summoned a doctor. he freed her. looking down. "I'll be talking to the D. we can start off with forcible rape. just as Jay sprang from cover.. t-to m-me!" "I know . r-raped me .. The crazy impulse to charge in shooting had already been stilled. to pick up Ramsey's pistol and grunt to Arnie. and if we can get the word out fast enough ... "Take care of them!" he headed toward the bedroom and his wife. Quickly.. we can take Carla Reynolds off that plane in Hawaii. hard arc against Ollie's gun-clutching hand... but for now... as her hysteria mounted. Now. The steel barrel crunched the bones of that hand. assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit extortion .

. "I've got a real tigress in bed.. "One thing .. It was three weeks later. I found out . that Arnie and Joan Pearson were guests for dinner at the Ballard home. ".128 ..The human spirit is resilient and time is its best ally.. and as the talk drifted to sex. one thing I've really thought about ... She was the perfect hostess. "What do you think darling . and after dinner with drinks in their hands. that's not what she means!" Jay said.... it was Betty who carried the conversational ball. Arnie was uncomfortable.. is more of the same!" "Damn! You're not serious?!" Arnie grinned. at Betty's insistence... now!" ". is that loving one man isn't enough for me .. "Let's all face the truth of the matter!" He looked around at the other three. then. Betty was seated next to him on the couch..?" 127 . and Jay and I've talked about it. and I found out that I'm more responsive than I thought!" "You can say that.... again!" Jay put in.?" "We are!" Betty and Jay said it almost simultaneously. But. now?" "No . you want to have affairs..... the way I treated Jay .. Betty turned toward Arnie and asked breathlessly.. before . Are you . "I've made it with Joan . was that I was dead wrong .. "Do you mean .... and Arnie's made it with Betty! What we're talking about .!" Joan Pearson cut in. serving everything to perfection... the conversation turned to the experiences they had shared.

but .. as Betty Ballard slid easily into her husband's arms. "Well . first!" The End 128 . took her by the arm... lifting her..." She stopped momentarily.?" Jay asked." he told her.. "we'll have plenty of time to get acquainted ."I think it's a damned good idea!" "What about you Joan .. then led her down the hallway toward the guest room. it's kind of a wild idea . Then. looking at her husband Arnie. she went on. "This time.. "I'll go along with it!" Jay Ballard came to where Arnie's wife sat..128 ..

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