Diversity (Diversity is the condition of having many different elements.

) But, our World does not have that It’s either the left or right The haves and have-nots The weak, those with all the might. We still have brother killing brother Because, we want it all our way We will never stop to listen to What, others might think or say. I read a piece about the “natives” But, from any other given place We all came here from, Africa DNA shows, we all have that trace. We all think we are different “We’re not, like that other one!” Though, we really are the same When, all is said, and done. We all try to tell ourselves That, we’re something, we’re not But, all it all comes down to Is that, we want what, “they’ve” got! Hate, and, Greed, and, selfishness Is our, diversity, at its worst And that’s why, the human race Will, for all time, be cursed! Del “Abe” Jones 03.07.2012

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