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Greetings & welcome to another issue of Coffee Crumbs!
This issue we decided to try something without words. Actually the decision was a bit forced upon us by our writers who failed to come up with any appropriate captions for our series of illustrations. We would have taken inappropriate captions, but again our award winning team of writers came up with nothing. I blame Twitter. M-15: Kronos is a collaborative storyboard which we created with the help of our former intern, Dan Levar. We took turns illustrating sequential drawings to tell a free form story themed around “time”. By following this process we were able to show off our individual styles in an Ouija board narrative. Not literally. We didn’t actually use an Ouija board. I’m using the word figuratively to help describe how we work together as artists. I wish you didn’t make me over explain things. Actually I take that back, that would be an obscure waste of a wish. Plus, I’ve watched Twilight Zone enough times to know that wishes always backfire in unintuitive ways. How that would apply to this wish, I’m not sure. But I don’t want to find out, at least...not like this. So please enjoy this issue of Coffee Crumbs! Lovingly, Dim Media

By Charles Denton, Joe Lipscomb, Blaine Garrett, Ivy Sendrijas & Featuring guest artist Dan Levar

Cover Art by Dim Media Illustrations: 1, 6, & 11 by Joe Lipscomb Illustrations: 2, 7, & 12 by Dan Levar Illustrations: 3, 8, & 13 by Charles Denton Illustrations: 4, 9, & 14 by Blaine Garrett Illustrations: 5, 10, & 15 by Ivy Sendrijas

Special thanks to Dan Levar, MCAD, Red Hot Art Festival, Twin Cities Zine Fest, Tarnish & Gold & the Midwest Comic Association.

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Dim Media© Production Dead Fish Press
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