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My Story
I'm a Male, Indian. (60). Tamilian. Was born into a Catholic Christian family. Date of Birth: 17th September 1951, 12-18-30 p.m.(Noon), at Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India. Graduate in B.A.Sociology. On 4-11-1970, 8-00 a.m. I entered into Government of India service as Stenographer, with M/s Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Tiruchirappalli. For two years after joining duty, I lived a normal young man's life of Music, movies and friends. In 1972, suddenly I found life was not as it seemed to be. I became acutely aware of the suffering of Humanity. I first read the book, 'Thought Power' of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, Himalayas, India. Then I had a meeting with Fr. Bede Griffiths, of Shantivanam, Kulittalai, Tamilnadu, India. His meeting promised me safety in spiritual life. In the mean time, I devoured thousands of spiritual books available on this earth. But I was growing more and more panic stricken. And I found a great spiritual asylum in a magnificent Guru Sri La Sri Pandrimalai Swamikal. He initiated me into a powerful Mantra towards worshipping god Murugan, the Deity of Tamilians. It was a successful pursuit that benefited me with material and spiritual benefits, along with rare siddhies, psychic powers like telepathy, precognition, and healing powers. I was happily married to my wife Bella. We were blessed with a rare and highly gifted girl child, who is now a Dentist abroad. i

I got spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT on 30-4-1984. I resigned my lucrative government job, which was a shock to many. But my wife who also worked for the Government took it all cool and supported and sustained me. For few years I managed to live my Enlightened state, though all along I felt it to be a limitation. I started feeling uncomfortable in it. On 19-2-2007, by 12-15 pm I stumbled upon the website Actual Freedom of Richard. Then I never turned back. I became actually free in 3 years.


Universe is Free. Everything in it is also always free. Only the human species have the idea of bondage and freedom. All other species are born free, live free and die free.

Some thinkers all along the history of human kind have created many theories of bondage and freedom.
An ant, a rose flower, an elephant, a tea cup never thought of bondage or freedom.

Ideas of Bondage and freedom are sheer human invention.

This is how the common man sees things. He neither bothers about the Ancient Wisdom nor about those who are against Ancient Wisdom.

Or he blends both in a strange way and makes out his living. I have written exclusively a Chapter on COMMON MANS WAYS TO FREEDOM.
I too was a common man. But life was too much for me to bear. I wanted to find freedom, happiness and harmlessness. Common mans satisfactions were not enough for me. iii

Suddenly, I found my questions were answered in Actual Freedom through progenitor of this web site offered me the shortest and sharpest way to freedom. I have shared here my experiences of Actual Freedom through Chapters like, My way to Actual Freedom, and Essence of Actual Freedom, along with some practical clues that helped me to arrive at actual freedom in my life. For me the message of Actual Freedom worked. I feel when it worked for one person, it will work for others also. But I wont claim that this is the only way to freedom. One has to see it for oneself. For me, this is the only freedom that is worth to be called as actual freedom. For another one, it can be something else. And it is not my intention to harm anybodys faith or practices. After all we are all free to follow our own way. Also, I dont claim, in my presentations, exact authenticity to the report as was envisaged by the progenitor of Actual Freedom web site. For precision and accuracy please go to their web site. It is said that, one who is really COMPLETE, will never attempt to educate others because, there will be no more any other for him. That way, since I aspire to share my experiences with others, if not to educate which I can never do, this itself may be a sign that Im INCOMPLETE. But, there is a delight in sharing. So I do! But again this is the beauty of Actual Freedom, in Actual Freedom there is neither me nor the other. No entities at all. No issue of completion or incompletion. There is only the Pristine Actuality that is shining FOREVER!! iv

Those who want to analyze my experiences, through these pages, are welcome to do so, to take it if it pleases them, or leave it, if they feel that it is not their cake to eat. This Universe is free. Everything in it, are already free, inherently free and peaceful, including the one who reads this manual. Regards, Justine.

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9 Tips To Quick Attainment Of Actual Freedom


1) Universe is always free. 2) So, everything in it is also always free. 3) Only the thinkers and so called philosophers started talking about bondage. 4) An ant, a rose, a lamb, an elephant or even a dinosaur never worried about freedom. They were born free, lived free, and died free.

5) Only man craves about freedom or feels sorry about bondage.

6) Both the old and the modern thinkers always condemn people and promise to give freedom, especially the religious thinkers and the new-age liberators. 7) While the religious leaders spoke about Original Sin, modern psycho-spiritual analysts speak about ego, instinctual passions called fear and desire. 8) Irregardless of these arguments, the Infinite always remains the Infinite.

9) In every age, new thinkers come, and teach new ways to freedom.
10) But nobody cares to see as to whether these teachings have any influence on the people and more than that, the Infinite whether cares about it, we dont know.

11) Any teacher, or psycho-spiritual inventor, simply imposes his findings on humanity with considerable threat, finality, banality and claim theirs is the only way to Freedom and Peace. 12) These things have never worked in Humanity.

13) They all remain only as tall claims and fanaticism.

14) People and other species are born happily, live and die as they all happen to be. 15) Both the spiritual people and the non-spiritual, the so called atheists both have brought to this earth, both good and evil, while the Infinite remains neutral. 16) Spirituality has blessed people with a lot of noble qualities like patience, sense-control, love and regard for others, compassion, grace, tolerance, charity and universal love.

17) Atheism has saved people from superstition, religious fanaticism, crooked thinking etc.
18) But, spirituality also enslaved people in lethargy, fatalism, and slavery. 19) Atheism, also took people to anarchism, irresponsibility, and cruelty. 20) Both spirituality and atheism have failed to bring happiness and harmlessness to people.

21) The third kind of Pacifist theories have also failed because, they simply say, the Infinite is Pure, so all is Pure, ignoring the fact that the whole world is in dirt and in chaos here. 22) Karma and rebirth are facts in Human Condition. 23) But from the Infinite Condition, they are not true or fact.

24) For many to succumb to the fact, either to any one of them as the ULTIMATE fact, is a disaster.
25) For them both the views are to be embraced as equal facts, because, the Infinite works that way. 26) Karma is a fact; as well as it is an illusion. 27) Karma is a fact, because, the person suffers or enjoys its consequence. 28) Karma is NOT a fact, because Infinite has no Karma. It is Utter Purity. 29) For them, a person who teaches Karma as the ultimate fact is as wrong as the one who preaches that there is no such thing as karma. 30) Many are able to accept both as facts, as follows.

31) For them those who preach God and gods as the ultimate fact are as wrong as those who teach that there is no God or gods.

32) One who preaches rebirth is the only truth is as wrong as the one who tells that there is no such thing as rebirth, or avoiding rebirth concept is the only safe way to freedom.

33) One who preaches that Ancient Wisdom is the only Truth, must be wrong as the one who denounces that wisdom, as the root cause of all evils.
34) Ancient Wisdom has truth in Human Condition, and it has no truth in the Infinite.

35) They feel one should have tolerance to embrace both. Somehow they blend both and live.
36) Those who stick on only to Ancient Wisdom are as mistaken as those who advocate a theory only against it.

37) That way both will spoil the natural peace of humanity.
38) How the so called fall of Humanity happened, no one can say. Only the Infinite might know it. 39) Apparently, there seems to be a fall from grace, harmony, peace etc. 40) But in the Infinite, it may not be a problem at all. 41) There the Ancient Wisdom comes to help. But it is a fact that it steeps humans in deep ignorance and laziness too.

42) Atheists who dont accept the Ancient Wisdom may be quick in their decisions, and impose unnecessary hardships upon humans. That way both the spiritualists and the atheists - work for the cause of confusion and chaos.
43) On the contrary, the Naturalists, who are neither spiritualists nor atheists can embrace all the facts of the Infinite, and keep themselves serene and peaceful under all circumstances. 44) For common people, the way is simple. Embrace all the people, the spiritualists and their Ancient Wisdom, the atheists with their penchant for direct Purity of the Infinite, and the Naturalists who dont care both of them, and are able to meet life, as it comes to them. 45) One who synthesizes all these three, the spiritualist, the atheist, and the Naturalist, seems to be a far better human being, free from all fanaticism and radicalism. 46) The spiritualist ridicules and condemns the atheist, the atheist laughs at the spiritualist, and the Naturalist abhors both. 47) But, a person who can accept all really lives in the Infinite, with total acceptance and simple peace that a flower, an ant, a cloud, an elephant or even a dinosaur enjoys.

48) What shall we call such a man?

49) We can call him a Common Man.

50) The common man lives his ordinary life in whatever way it comes.
51) He feels to be in line with the Infinitys (Natures) vibe. 52) The common man is not worried about God, or no-god. 53) He doesnt know about his instinctual passions. 54) Of course, all history is only about this common man. 55) The spiritualists, the atheists, the Naturalists, all lament about lack of peace and happiness in the world. The common man lives his life peacefully. He feels there is infinite sky and there must be something more than us, say like Nature. And he lives carefree and casual. 56) Common man does not know mysticism or its opposite, or any other ism. For him life passes smoothly as it is for an ant, or perhaps an angel, real or imaginary. 57) For him highlighting Love as the panacea for all the ills of life, or talking about its opposite as the only way to peace is cruel and insensible. He is ready to fight or kill if needed. Speaking of dispassion and detachment is also a crooked human invention. The other species have no such problems. They obey the will of Nature and the Infinite. They neither love hate nor try neutrality. This is only a bane on humanity, self-invited by humans.

58) Common man knows that astrology mostly works for strange reasons. But he has no time to bother much about it. Only the pundits who are for or against astrology make a big fuss of it.
59) A Guru is a great support to a common man. But that common man is not much bothered about it, as a spiritualist or an atheist for or against. 60) An anti-guru person speaks and writes vehemently against it as cultism. But the common man doesnt care about that at all. Also he has no much investment to one proclaiming guruthought.

61) An ant never contemplates its death. But the spiritualists, their opponents, and the naturalists give much significance to it.
62) Common man rejoices both in the gods are real and gods are not real. Mostly it never bothers him. But the intellectuals are making such a war over it. 63) Someone wants to make it known, he is against God/gods, and another one wants to be known for no God/no gods. 64) The Naturalist just enjoys his time, delighting at the beauty of Nature.

65) The common man has no time even to think over these things.

66) Astrology is a fact/lie, as is experienced by a common man. Still many believe it is as true as gravitational force I cant jump and stand in space even for a single minute or second the gravitation will pull my body down. Some believe, the celestial bodies, planets, might be sharing pulls between themselves that may tell upon the humans too. Still, I am a part of the Infinite. The planets are only dusty particles of the Infinite. Here two schools of thoughts happen, one says all is due to planets. Another school says This is all ridiculous! How can planets affect me? Both are fools for the common man. Because, he knows both are true. as he intuitively experiences these things as the play of the Infinite and he has no time for serious thoughts over them.
67) Both the spiritual guru and the atheistic guru take people for a ride which never gives peace or happiness, because the common man is safe from such hair-splitting dissections in his life. His life is as happy and spontaneous as that of an ant or a rose flower. 68) Common man believes and disbelieves astrology whereas spiritual people uniquely believe in it, and atheists uniquely disbelieve it. Who is in the natural position? The common man. 69) Too much faith in astrology and total disbelief in it, both are extremes. 70) A common man who doesnt care for both is in more peace.

71) Everyone claims authenticity. Every spiritual teacher has established his message into a school of thought. Every atheist too has established his theory beyond all disputes and arguments.
72) It is only the common man who never bothered about these things and he lives and dies without any trace, in the bosom of the Infinite. 73) Every prophet and the anti-prophet promised peace on this earth. 74) They all say, Peace is yet to happen. There is no Peace. 75) Is not the Infinite, PEACE itself? 76) And yet, how there are wars, discards, rapes, murders, suicides, famines, etc? 77) These things happen, in spite of the Already Existing Peace of the Infinite. 78) Human failure? - Failure of the teachings of the Prophets and Saviours? 79) Perhaps, the Infinite may know it all, as it runs this Universe. 80) But any one can claim authority on the Infinity, and claim his message as the authentic and final. Infinite doesnt care about it. Common man too.


81) These teachers are genuine people. Most of them dont want to cheat people. But the power, purity and infinitude they experience by the Infinite makes them get dazed, baffled, and excited and each one of them claims that he is the chosen one, long awaited one, etc., to save this earth. 82) Common man smiles. He has no time to listen to these craps. Some have time to listen and spoil their lives, along with these visionaries. Most others escape.
83) Invariably, all these teachers threaten humanity with some statistics. They are clever in their arguments. Common man, all along the history, has remained impervious to their logical arguments. For him, it is the Infinite that takes care of, and not these over-felt beings called prophets and anti-prophets. 84) Of course, it is all awful. The Infinitudes or the ways of Nature are horrible. But the solution given by the teachers of various schools of thought for peace are much more horrible. Each one tells something as if it is the final insight. They all claim themselves to be the son of god, messenger of god, or the most awaited incarnation, as the only harbinger of Peace. Centuries pass. Infinite keeps on smiling. It is not bothered. This gives renewed impetus to each teacher and so called prophet. Each one suffers megalomania that he/she is the only chosen one. They self-choose themselves. But the common man simply lives his life as it comes and dies in peace whether happy or unhappy.


85) But strangely, astrological researches reveal special people taking birth to redeem the fallen world. The birth charts of them show remarkable points about their life mission. There may be a truth in astrology. It is said, there are ways to decipher a birth chart exactly whether it is that of a murderer, teacher, musician, actor, writer, savior, yogi, atheist etc. Within the human condition, they seem to be true. But, in the Infinite Condition, that is all meaningless. To limit oneself to the Human Condition or to limit oneself to the Infinite Condition both must be wrong. It cant bring peace and happiness. 86) Again these are all based on our limited human intellect. Infinite must be fully aware of its ways and means. 87) Common man never cares for such things.

88) He is so happy and satisfied with his little things of life.

89) A yogi or his opposite the bogi plans his life style and gets annoyed and irritated with most of the things around him all the while believing himself to be happy and blissful. 90) Common man neither knows happiness or unhappiness greatly. All that he knows is like an ant or a crow, to eat when hungry and to mate with his mate. 91) Whole Universe and all the species in it function spontaneously. Only man troubles himself to decide whether to meditate or not to meditate, God/no god, love/hate, heaven/hell, bondage/liberation etc.


92) This does not mean seeking knowledge, peace, harmony, is wrong. The point is, they are so simply available than through yoga, anti-yoga, spirituality/atheism, third way, fourth way etc. Common man considers them as a sort of luxury or as it is not his cake to eat. 93) Astrology, anti-astrology, guru, non-guru and the one who teases gurus and the non-gurus, etc. are never a problem for the common man. 94) But, still all these are welcome provided none of them claim final authority on humanity. Common man shuns their shadow and lives merrily with his business called life. 95) Infinite will never claim authority on any one. Because, it is the Infinite that is experiencing itself as one and all. 96) It is the so called teachers who claim to come and give peace to humanity that do the mischief. 97) Otherwise, Universe functions well. 98) Common man has common sense. If the earth, the Universe has existed eternally, infinitely, these wars, discards, misfortunes are insignificant in the totality. Thats why common man is not bothering much for the appeal of the teachers threatening for a Judgment day or eternal damnation etc.


99) As the Infinite is infinitely aware of itself, no ultimate harm can ever happen. But human conflicts baffle us. Only the Infinite can answer and not the teachers with false promises of Love or hate.
100) It is really painful to note that all the teachers and antiteachers failed to bring peace on earth as they have all promised. 101) Is it a human failure, or the very nature of the Infinite? 102) It seems both, or it is something which we could never comprehend. 103) But the life of an ant, a rose is far better and they are spontaneously peaceful than humans and the warring creed of gurus/anti-gurus, the third group ridiculing both of them, and isms. 104) The bottom-line is, for common man, those who say that Ancient Wisdom is the solution for Peace on earth, and their opposite who say, Ancient Wisdom is the cause for all evils on this earth both dont bother him. And he can make a strange mix of both and make out his living. Because, we cannot fathom the INFINITE. And the Infinite remains dumb and neutral. To a common man, all that he can do is to mind his life as an ant or a rose or an animal. He is able to be quiet or to quarrel with others too.


105) Common man feels, Life knows how to lead him on and it knows better than us.
106) Common man feels we are safe. 107) Common man knows INFINITE IS ALWAYS FREE. 108) Common man lives as ALL IS WELL!






Q 1 . How do you say, you are fresh every moment? A n s : INFINITUDE is already COMPLETE. It is astoundingly aware of its own Infinitude and Eternity. The I/Me, as I feel, is imaginary a memory-packed entity. It is pain.

Bliss too is that of an entity. Pleasure is felicity. Blitheness is Peace. Actual is gaiety. I am in Pristine Actuality.
So, I am FRESH, THIS VERY MOMENT, NEXT MOMENT, And so on...! Q 2 . What happens when you sleep? Who is aware? A n s : INFINITE is aware of itself- when I sleep, or I am awake, or I become dead, or even when I was not born. Infinite is already complete, already peaceful. My imaginary I is an alien entity inhabiting this actual physical, flesh and blood body.

Body is actual, the I/Me are unreal.



Q 3 . Why is daily life boring and full of tensions? A n s : From the moment of waking from sleep till you go to bed, you act from the imaginary I/Me. So life is full of redundant activities. What else you expect that way, than boredom and tensions? Q 4 . How was I caught into imaginary I/me? A n s : Along with Natures survival instincts of species (for you as human) FEAR, DESIRE, NURTURE and AGGRESSION as a small baby - naturally prevail in you. Then your parents, teachers, and the society as a whole have imposed on you, the I/Me. And by that, you suffer pain, despair and disappointments in the entire life on earth, and in imaginary rebirth too! Q 5 . Is rebirth true? A n s : Whether rebirth is true or not, this, your present life is the first and last, INEVITABLY.



Q 6 . Where are the Saints, Sages and billions of people who lived

on this earth before us?

A n s : They dont exist in any form. When they lived, they were real. But now they are extinguished without a trace. Even then it was the Pristine Actuality that experienced itself as them. Only the Pristine Actuality, as this Infinite eternal physical Universe exists forever as a moving stillness in perpetuus mobilis. Q 7 . So, I too am an imagination of myself? A n s : Certainly. But there is the Pristine actuality behind your imaginary I. There are three Is. 1. 2. 3. Imaginary I. Societal I. Actual I.

Q 8 . How can I give up the imaginary I? A n s : The I cannot give up the I. Altruistic self-immolation brings that extinction. Then, the already existing Actuality reveals itself, in all its pristine purity.



Q 9 . Who are you? A n s : a) As an entity, I am my own imagination. b) As a person, I am an individual, with necessary agenda for a peaceful co-existence with others, for my allotted days on this earth life. c) As the Actuality, IN THE PRISTINE ACTUALITY, I or others don't exist at all. (In the sense of imaginary I). I never was, am, or will be. d) Infinitudes Moments live as me. e) This is everyones story. f) This imaginary I/Me, is not eternal or immortal. g) I am actually, a series of moments of the Eternal and Infinite. Q 1 0 . Why there is no peace on earth?

A n s : UNIVERSE is always in PEACE. In this magnificent Universe, This tiny earth has a species called Homosapiens along with other million species.
It is the humans who miss the ALREADY EXISTING PEACE. PEACE IS THE PRISTINE ACTUALITY OF THIS UNIVERSE. We humans massacre the already existing Peace.



Q 1 1 . How is it that I find myself very solidly existing? A n s : From birth onwards, you know only being. You never experienced non-being. That is, not-existing. Hence, this illusion of beingness and the Grand Delusion of BEING(GOD). OBLIVION is your ultimate Fact. PRISTINE ACTUALITY IS NEITHER BEING OR NON-BEING. IT IS. But this IS, is not the spiritual THAT. IT IS NOT TRUTH. Pursuing TRUTH is madness. You will never get it. Extinction of Instincts reveals ACTUALITY.

Q 1 2 . Can music, devotion, calenture take me to Actuality?

A n s : They are affective states. ACTUAL CONDITION is devoid of such states. Pristine Actuality is blitheness and gaiety, far superior than the affective devotional involvements. A sensual pleasure basically.
Q 1 3 . Religions ask you to reject sensual pleasures. A n s : That is 180 opposite of Actual Condition. Asceticism is radical departure from the Actual. But altruistic self-immolation is the way to the Actual State.



Q14. How can I attain Mukti?
A n s : How can a non-existing entity attain Enlightenment and its so-called culmination called Mukti. These are institutionalised insanity. Q 1 5 . Is liberation not true? A n s : There is no entity to get liberated. Bondage is relatively true, because, we see humans bound in suffering. Humanity is still under the grip of instinctual passions of FEAR, DESIRE, AGGRESSION and NURTURE. But liberation is utterly false. Actually, no one is in bondage, or no one is getting liberated. If I say, no one suffers actually, you will be angered and may ridicule me. Bondage and pain (except physical pain) are manmade. Nature, this boundless physical universe, has no trace of bondage, pain, or suffering at all. Universe is blithesome. Earth floats in felicity, gaiety, splendour, and unimaginable glory, through all eternity and infinity.



Q 1 6 . Is there a heaven and hell? A n s : Heaven and hell are states of human minds. Minds of imaginary entities. When the entity itself does not exist, how can heaven or hell be actually true? Q 1 7 . From where do I come from? A n s : As a living, biological flesh and blood body, you come out of fusion of the ovum of your mother and the sperm of your father. As a human species, through Nature. All species are of Nature, Universe experiences itself as me, you, all species, solar systems, stars and galaxies. Physical Universe is Eternal and Infinite. You come from nowhere and go to nowhere. You are always here. Q 1 8 . Karma seems to be true. A n s : Whether karma is true or untrue, the entity is certainly not true. All is, the eternally FREE universe experiencing itself. Pristine Purity permutates in perpetuous mobilis, in boundless, eternal, infinite physical universe. Karma and rebirth are childish human pettiness, in this grand, benevolent, gracious, Infinite Physical Universe.



Q 1 9 . Is astrology true? A n s : Ultimately, there is no way to foresee the future. Eternity decides everything moment by moment. In itself, it has no pre-conceived plan, because it is already COMPLETE. It is so FREE to run by itself. It does not care or know what I will eat for the dinner. My individual choice decides that. Every moment is FRESH to Eternity.

Infinitude has no beginning and end. It is already FULL and FULFILLED. It is astoundingly aware of itself. Earth rotates precisely on its axis. To the Infinite, this person J of to-days evening, say 4.00 pm, happens to exist precisely at that moment only. Not before, or after. It is so on.
As social beings, we have to plan things. For social coexistence we have schemes and civil conduct enforcements and proper executions of them by societal laws. As social beings we identify each others by a name, profession, status etc. But the actuality, and its instrumentation called Nature too dont know this J (me). They are concerned with me as a unique part in the total beingness of the human species. All the human hearts on this earth, beat 72 times per minute by average. Nature pumps the hearts, not me. Humanly, by observing certain natural events, like rotation of the earth, we can predict in our own realm to some extent. It depends on the physical facts. Some psychic periodicity may also help in predictions. But nothing is pre-ordained. Fate is human invention and madness. Physical Universe is ETERNALLY FREE.



Q 2 0 . Is psychic true? A n s : Pristine Actuality has no psychic domain. In Actuality, there are no vibrations at all. Earth or the Universe has no psychic power. There are only magnetic fields in the form of electrical energy. Mans imaginary I born of instinctive passions fear, desire, aggression and nurture, manipulates this energy through mind, in the form of the gods, or electrical and electronic gadgets. Some individuals with special training, or as natural gift from birth, or some with their bio-electrical energy called kundalini focussed at various levels do some psychic feats called telepathy, pre-cognition, apportation, materialisation or de-materialisation, telekinesis, healing the sick etc. There is nothing divine, or supernatural in them. That way psychic is true. We are all connected by a psychic web. There is a constant traffic going between people. Love connects us psychically. But psychic is not actuality. Thats why love or any emotion brings only pain and disappointment. Love in whatever form inevitably brings conflict. Love for my wife, my lover, my country, my friend all end in despair. ACTUAL INTIMACY is far superior than love. And in the Actual World, there is no Psychic web at all.



Q 2 1 . Can yoga and medition help me to arrive at truth? A n s : Truth is a human construct. Irregardless of our words, inventions, techniques etc. Infinitude exists in its own glory. By calling it God, Truth, Oneness, Supreme, we limit the limitless. We invite pain, misery, wars, rapes, murders, suicides and despair. Yoga if done for physical health benefits, it can be of some use. There are many ways as good as yoga for healthy living. Science has developed many methods. Yoga has a spiritual base in it. They call it a path to union with God, the Divine. An imaginary entity becomes one with God, sharing His Powers, Ashtama-Siddhies. Man becomes God. Many gods are created by man to war with one another. Each god becomes a religion and their followers become fanatics, and terrorists. Global peace is always at risk. Religions have failed to bring Peace on earth. On the contrary, they have only created endless wars among humanity. Killing one another for their own God or the State. Yoga and mediation is not the way to arrive at Actual Freedom.



Q 2 2 . How do you say Oneness is wrong? A n s : Though this word indicates a beautiful dimension, it is a restless metaphysical space. A mind-thing. Not the Actuality. Actual has no name. Actual is not fancy, imagination, or a mind-construct. ACTUAL IS ACTUALLY ACTUAL.

All words, even ONENESS are coined by us. We want to create unity where unity already exists. Already there is Actual Intimacy. One should realise Actual Intimacy, instead of creating Oneness born of love for another human being or for anything.
Q 2 3 . J.Krishnamurti, Osho and many teachers spoke about

A n s : Yes. All was old wine in new bottles. They are based on Spiritual principles, that never take one to Actual Freedom. They spoke against religions but ended in finding a religion- sort-of-thing by themselves.



Q 2 4 . Is not Actual Freedom too a sort of religion? A n s : It can never be. It is not a path. Pristine Actuality is a self-existing FACT. Religions speak about God. Atheists speak about NoGod. Actualism reveals the Actuality. An actualist is not a seeker. He knows peace already. So it is not a following as in religions. Q 2 5 . Is not Pristine Actuality another name for truth? A n s : Truth has been defined. Pristine Actuality need not be defined. Truth can be experienced. Actuality can only be apperceived. Q 2 6 . What do you mean by apperceived? A n s : TRUTH can be perceived by a perceiver. In actuality, there is no perceiver. No entity. There is only apperception. Q 2 7 . How can one arrive at the Actuality? A n s : Start asking yourself, How am I experiencing this moment of being alive? From waking up from sleep , and in all activities, all along keep asking yourself as much as possible. Very shortly it will take you to the Pristine Actuality and Actual Freedom.



Q 2 8 . Are there no steps? A n s : No steps. Fascination leads to contemplation. That ends in realisation. Soon Actualisation happens. May be it will be a matter of few months, and for some rare ones, it can be in days too. Pure Intent will be the driving force, all along. Q 2 9 . What are the essentials to Actual Freedom? A n s : Just interest. Thats all. We see misery in ourselves and others in the world. We all want peace and harmony, within and without.

Altruism takes you to self- immolation and results happen. The false I/Me are to be extinguished. It is a sort of psychicsuicide. Happiness and Harmlessness are the final result.
Q 3 0 . What are the other aids towards it? A n s : Pure Consciousness Experiences. We all have had a brief spell of PCE at various stages of our life. The confidence born out of the perfection experienced in PCEs will be great pulling force towards Actual Freedom.



Q 3 1 . What is Pure Consciousness Experience?

A n s : It is a pleasant memory of a past event. Mostly it will be very brief. When you revert back to it you will sense a state of temporary freedom, ease, sweetness, unearthly flavour, a longing, a power. It will be very difficult from all the other memories of our past. For many - time stands still. An extreme relaxation from the fetters and pains of the world. It varies from minutes, hours, days and to some months even. One person was in PCE for four months at a stretch.
Q 3 2 . Can PCE be induced? A n s : Yes. For some drugs did it, even alcohol to some extent. It is said that PCE can be induced on daily basis. For some it may be music, poetry, dance. To one person it happened just while dipping a biscuit into his tea-cup. But many mistake Altered State of Consciousness to Pure Consciousness Experience. Q 3 3 . Can meditation help to enter Actuality? A n s : No, Contemplation helps. Q 3 4 . What is contemplation? A n s : Looking squarely at FACT. Meditation becomes redundant. Contemplation is always NEW.



Q 3 5 . Has Actuality an element of samadhi? A n s : Never.

In Samadhi there is a person, and a state called Samadhi to enter. In Actuality both are missing.
Q 3 6 . Are you affected by past memories? A n s : They are there. It is like reading the old papers of somebody elses diary. Waste of time. Q 3 7 . Do you have anxiety about future? A n s : There are necessary essential plans and thoughts about future. But no affective state of anxiety. Actuality has no future. Its always only this Moment. I am aware of the man-made calendar future also. Q 3 8 . Can music take us to Actual?

A n s : Music is affective. It can trigger sadness or happiness. These are Altered States of Consciousness. Poetry too can take one to ASC. Sometimes they can induce a PCE.



Q 3 9 . Can alcohol open one to Actual? A n s : Alcohol is a mood-enhancer. Not a mind expander like marijuana. For one with Pure Intent, these things, can induce a PCE. Extended PCEs can take one to Virtual Freedom. In due course, VF gets actualised in Actual Freedom. Q 4 0 . Life on earth is full of harsh realities. Are all these fanciful

thoughts of A.F help bear such shocking facts?

A n s : Instead of deploring and despairing on these shocking facts, if you even once taste the Virtual Freedom, you will gain strength to march towards Actual Freedom that is just under ones own nose. Spirituality has failed to give cure to these ills of the society. See it for yourself, how safe you are in the Actuality.



Q 4 1 . Dont you get bored at times? A n s : Only an entity, a person can get bored. If the non-existence of the entity is found out, then who is there to get bored? of course, theres a living physical body with senses. It is to be engaged in sensuous activities. When hungry it eats, drinks, makes merry itself through sensual activities including sex, watches TV, walks on streets enjoying the busy activities all around, tobacco titillates the neurons, drinks intensify the happy moods, everything around fills the senses with felicity, gaiety and blitheness and sleep lulls me into blissful oblivion. When Nature decides it will take me into its bosom of PERMANENT OBLIVION.

Where is room to get bored?

Q 4 2 . Dont the miscreants irritate you? A n s : I enjoy their mischief with delight. Poor fellows. Sometimes I get into an uncontrollable laughter at their stints. Belly laughs that makes the eyes get watered. Q 4 3 . Do you weep? A n s : The tear-glands are there in my eyes. When dust fall in they shed water. There can be no emotional weeping. Very rarely crying happens too.



Q 4 4 . And self-pity...? A n s : In the absence of a self or Self, self-pity cannot arise. Those days, I had that kind of things. They are of no use now. Q 4 5 . Do you get angry? A n s : Anger is there. I look at its uselessness. I use devices on the target that kindles anger. Having applied the necessary action I keep quiet in the still-peace of the actuality. Q 4 6 . What do you mean by devices? A n s : One person was unnecessarily crossing my way of life, my quiet life through unwanted judgements and comments. It was provoking. I plainly told him our gap cannot be bridged. He was free to move with me; but I cannot show love for him apart from my actual intimacy. He might be disappointed and so may have to keep away from me for his own good. Q 4 7 . It shows you are heartless and ruthless. A n s : I have a physical heart but not a sentimental heart. I am intimate with all, but cannot possess or be possessed by others. If it is called ruthlessness, I disown responsibility.



Q 4 8 . Are you aware of the evils around you? A n s : I am more aware than others. But since theres no entity, I cant do anything about them except living my life in actual freedom.

Q 4 9 . Is not your behaviour eccentric?

A n s : I have been labelled as eccentric, heartless, immoral, antisocial etc. In my spiritual days, I was respected as a saintly, superhuman, lawabiding person. After entering the actual, I am considered an outright wastrel if not a scoundrel. Even in my spiritual years I was found to be socially useless. In the Actual, it was fully confirmed by these observers as an useless person. Some get scared of the stillness around me. But I have no way or need to compromise with them. Q 5 0 . What will you do, if a sudden earth-quake hits? A n s : I will also run to save myself and try to save others, and all other possible things one may have to do.

Q 5 1 . Is there a god?
A n s : There can be no God. Only the boundless physical Universe eternally exists. Q 5 2 . Then what is there? A n s : Physical Universe permutates in perpetuus mobilis. There cannot be anyone outside the Universe. God is human imagination.



Q 5 3 . Is there a soul? A n s : There is only a physical body. There is no soul. Soul was invented by humans to continue forever. I am not immortal. Universe is forever. As the Universe, I am always here. But as this body, I am here in this place and at this moment only, other things are metaphysical thoughts. Where else I could be actually than this place and at this moment? Mystics go astray here. Mysticism is a complex metaphysical thought. Imagination. This moment is concretely real. Its not maya. This pen and paper are actual. Not maya, imagination. Soul is imagination. And it is always, this moment. There is no not this moment. Its always here and always now. If people can understand, even if a single one, he can experience heaven this very moment, in this very earth. Truly, nobody suffers. Whether we understand this or do not understand, makes no difference to the boundless physical Universe, and its Pristine Actuality and Purity. In the Infinity, whether I am born, unborn, lived or dead, nothing makes any difference. Eternal is intact, complete, pure, unpolluted. Its my puny non- existing imaginary I - that has made all this mess, including asking the question, who am I?, Is there God etc. My very presence prevents the Actual and my seeking for meaning prevents the splendour of Actuality.



Q 5 4 . Do you mean, all the ancient scriptures and sages

were wrong in their teaching?

A n s : I dont know. But they did not give their promised peace on earth; this I know for sure. Also, they promised peace after death, not while living on this earth. Can you show one man who has come back again from the grave? There may be NDEs(Near Death Experience cases), I ask for a completely gone man, say, did Socrates come back? He would have taken rebirth, he may even say, I was Socrates. Whats the use? Somewhere, the entity has to end. Mukti, Mahasamadhi, Parinirvana. Then which was the first birth of that entity? So, this is all a metaphysical mind game. Entity is imagination. Peace on Earth is our essential need. Peace of Mukti is not important. Peace, here, now. Peace is yet to be seen on earth. Only the Pristine Actuality which is already existing peace - can fulfil our longings. All the old are TRIED AND FAILED Paths. Actualism is the need of the hour, for ailing Humanity to understand. World war may break at any moment. World peace is at stake. Everyone should realise this and come forward to bring the already existing Peace on Earth.



Q 5 5 . Are you afraid of death? A n s : Why should I? Before my birth, I was not. After death, I will not be. Where is the problem? When physical death comes - one moment I am here and the next moment I am gone. Extinction. Finish. Kaput. May be the process of death may be painful for some, or peaceful for the other. We cant say. Even if I fall sick for six months bed ridden or I die in a lightning speed in an accident- when actual physical death happens one moment I am here, and the next moment I am gone forever! Ah! what a happiness! Only fools can cling to this ephemeral body, with imaginary thoughts of heaven and hells. The limbos and purgatories, even if they are true, are dust in the final oblivion forever!

Q 5 6 . But you have to live here till death comes.

A n s : So what? One can live sensuously, joyously and at abandon. What else is one going to take away in death, and what for? Pava, Punya, merits and demerits? They can of course help for a peace-loving entity, but when the entity itself has to be abolished for final extinction, they are only the second-best choices of concepts. Not the original best now available. One can live the Parinirvana while living in a body. This could be the Natures next stage of evolution. Otherwise this azure planet earth will be destroyed by human beings themselves through wars. Theres no other way to Peace than inviting the Pristine Actuality.



Q 5 7 . Are you a missionary of Actualism?

A n s : I could never be. I have no missionary zeal. Actuality will take care of it. I am not even an instrument of it. I simply rejoice in this discovery and get delighted to share with other human beings. Q 5 8 . Do you experience pain and anguish at the sight of

suffering humanity?
A n s : Certainly. But it is on the surface. Deeply there is no one, no entity to identify with this universal suffering. I am not the son of god, or a messiah, or a teacher, nothing. I am neither joy nor suffering. I am blitheness, the neutral peace of this physical Infinitude, that is in Perpetuus mobilis. Q 5 9 . Why life on earth is dull and glum? A n s : Due to the dull and glum people. Q 6 0 . Why are they so? A n s : Due to false identity and religious repressions and revenges. Animal and plant kingdom are neither dull nor fiery. Q 6 1 . Is nature dull or jubilant? A n s : None. It is neutral Peace, felicity, gaiety.



Q 6 2 . Has the Universe intelligence? A n s : It is far more than intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, plan, scheme etc. It is puissance, full of benevolence, purity stemming endlessly that is fully aware of itself. But Nature is red in tooth and claw. It is wild. Perhaps man learnt this wildness from Nature than from animals. But Infinitude is endless stillness movement. It is movingstillness, not a still-stillness. Always same- but never the same. Every moment it is new. And it is beginningless and endless. Human brain cannot conceive this. Q 6 3 . Then how did you conceive it? A n s : Just by physical seeing. I could see no edges to the space and no opening point of time. Infinity and eternity, if they have no beginning and ending means, no middle too. One can keep on recessing or going forward endlessly in infinity. Nowhere it will end or begin. All that this puny mind can do is to enjoy the only moment given to it blithely and pass away in peace, when nature knocks the door. And seeking peaceful happy and harmless co-existence with my other human beings can only be the exclusive activity that can truly delight my sense of being here.



Q 6 4 . Is intelligence inherent or an attribute of the infinitude?

And why we humans are idiotic and silly?

A n s : It is inherent. A vast self-knowing condition. It knows many better ways than human intelligence. Serendipitous. Nature doesnt care neither our intelligence nor silliness. Q 6 5 . Why there are very few geniuses? A n s : These are man-made standards. The natural splendour of the endless physical universe lies beyond human comprehension. In the apperception of the actual, this dimension is opened up unsolicited to a human being.

Q 6 6 . All our prayers to the dead ones where do they go?

A n s : To the empty sky. Q 6 7 . Finally there is no reality at all? A n s : Yes. Even the words truth, Absolute, Supreme, even the Actual dont exist at all. These are names coined by humans. There is Pristine Actuality, which is also a word for our convenience. When I/Me vanish, Reality too vanishes.



Q 6 8 . Then whatelse is?

A n s : Boundless, infinite Physical Universe alone is. That Universe is experiencing itself as you and me.
Q 6 9 . Can we say only nothingness is? A n s : That is opposite of saying UNIVERSE IS. Physical Universe is forever. Religions call matter as Maya, nonexistent and a metaphysical idea of Absolute. This is 180 opposite. UNIVERSE IS IN ALL ITS GLORY! But for you and me or for anything, this moment only is. You can see, it is never not this moment. Where else I could be actually than this place and at this moment? Mystics go astray here. Mysticism is a complex metaphysical thought. Imagination. Q 7 0 . What is the use of realizing the actuality? A n s : Illusion and delusion ends. Benefits are beyond price. Instantly peace is found to yourself which you can share with the world. Finally intelligence operates in you unimpeded. Blind nature is superseded. Actual perfection and excellence is free. Unadorned I stand on my own, more free than a bird on a wing, cleaner than sea-breeze. To be me is to be fresh, each moment again. Owing nothing to no one, I am Free from corruption. Perversity has vanished forever. Goodwill freed of social morality comes effortlessly. All internal conflicts are over. I am gentle and peaceful in character. Physical Universe is magnificent.



Q 7 1 . Is Universe and life same? A n s : Yes. Universe is all time, space and matter, in perpetuus mobilis.

Q 7 2 . Still my mind craves to find meaning for life

A n s : Seeking meaning for life can end only in narcissism. I/Me are such a tiny speck of dust, Universe is grandiose and magnanimous. Q 7 3 . What is free mind?

A n s : Free mind is the perfect neuronal activity of the brain, always here now, freed of I/Me. It is joy to see that everything happens by itself, in this moment. Q 7 4 . What is Actual Freedom?
A n s : It is actual peace, innocence. No sin and guilt. Untouched by evil, malice, or sorrow. And all this without effort.

Spiritual effort struggles in vain to resemble the purity of the Actual. Actual is a magical wonderland. No furious urges, anger, rages, hostilities.
Benign, benevolent. Morality cannot attain this, Good. Spontaneous, no necessity for virtues. No good and evil here. A veritable paradise. One can be in it 24 hours. No need of belief. It is so perfect, that theres no need of belief. It is so perfect, that theres no need for love, compassion, bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, truth, goodness, beauty, oneness, unity, or wholeness, all such baubles.



Q 7 5 . Can even an ordinary person live like this? A n s : Yes. But Universe does not force anyone to be so. Its only a matter of personal choice. Its just available under ones own nose. It is possible for all. Q 7 6 . Nature doesnt seem to care for such felicitous life. A n s : There is only a blind breeding of species. Nature, by nature is blind. It is in our taste to choose felicity, freedom blitheness, and Peace. Q 7 7 . All that we see around us is discord, tension, chaos, wars,


dirt, poverty, deception, cruelty and disgrace. Do you live creating for yourself an imaginary paradise?

A n s : Just look at your hands. It is as old as the Universe, atoms rearranged out of the perfection of purity, welling in perpetuus mobilis, as actual material universe. There is only ambrosial perfection. There can be no imagination in the Actuality. Q 7 8 . Where does god exist? A n s : God is an imaginary entity, of vain- glorious psychic entity.



Q 7 9 . Universe and our life in it seem to be a sick joke!
A n s : No. Universe is so enormous. Infinity and eternity are so immense. Misery is impossible. Universe is grandly complex, marvellously intricate, so wonderfully excellent. Calling it a ghastly mistake or SICK JOKE, is preposterous. It is grand and enchanting living the perfection of this pure moment of being alive here in this fantastic actual universe. For a split second leave alone the bickering and whining of the pit of real human society. have little courage and look!



Q 8 0 . Universe may be so grand. It is too big for us to conceive. It

is the little things of life that are pleasurable for us.

A n s : That means, you dont know how to see. I will tell you, how I see life. In this moment, here, perfection and purity abounds. Living itself is so precious. Something beyond compare. More valuable than any Kings ransom. Its not rare gemstones, bags of money, treasured love, bliss. Look at the infinitude of the Universe, the life-giving foundation of all that is apparent.

The lucid perfection in which I am in this moment, is like the crystalline perfection and purity seen in a dew drop in a leaf in early morning sun-shine. Breathless wonder and immaculate simplicity.
When you learn to live this magical perfection of this Purity, 24 hours a day by ceasing being me, and be what you genuinely are there is no separation from this something which is precious. This purity wells up constantly in boundless stillness, utterly immeasurable in its magnitude. This stillness of Infinitude is the PRECIOUS. This stillness happens as me. intrinsic basis of everything. It is life at its genesis. It is not centre of everything. There is no centre here. Stillness everywhere all at once, be all and end all of LIFE ITSELF. I am the Universe experiencing itself, as a sensate, reflective human being. Got it?!



Q 8 1 . Leaving I/me, how can one live here! A n s : I/Me are forever locked-out of this actual world.

Once knowing this-you can relish the actual world, still more intensely without I/Me, sustain a family, buy a home, get married, have children, pursue a hobby, eat, drink and make merry oneself. Q 8 2 . A boring daily life, you call wonderful?
A n s : Yes, Truly wonderful! Q 8 3 . People are like weeds being born and dead. I am one of

those weeds. What is more in it?

A n s : You are not a weed. As this flesh and blood body one is not just a weed. One is this material universe experiencing itself as an apperceptive human being. Q 8 4 . I cant believe you live in actual world 100%. A n s : Not only me. You too can live it 100%. It is true, of course, that there is such a pristine purity and peerless perfection in this actual world that it is inconceivable/incomprehensible and unimaginable/unbelievable to a denizen of the real world. Many years ago, I too thought that it is impossible to live in the actual world, and as beyond anyones wildest dreams. Yes, now it is 100% possible.



Q 8 5 . Is actualism, an advanced level of spiritualism? A n s : Serendipitous actualism is a third alternative to illusory materialism, and delutionary spiritualism. Q 8 6 . What propelled you towards Actualism? A n s : The main agenda was lack of peace among humans, in oneself, in a household, and world at large. In spite of technological growth there is no peace in oneself and in world at large. I also found that nobody can give me peace or make me happy and harmless. Only I can do that. I did that, by eradicating I as ego, and me as soul. Q 8 7 . How can one live without feelings? A n s : I never say stop feeling. But cease being-psychologically and psychically self-immolate, that is entire affective faculty is extirpated. The psyche itself will be no more. Otherwise a man without feeling will be a psychopath.



Q 8 8 . Is there a way to get into that state of pure happiness? A n s : Yes. Ask yourself this, each moment again: How am I experiencing this moment of being alive? This is your only moment of being alive. Past, though already happened, is not actual now. Future, thought it will happen, is not actual now. With this magical formula, you can check and recheck whether this moment lives you in FULL, and can retrace your step to happiness. however much you may slip off. After all, the next moment comes free and fresh. Q 8 9 . Instead, can I not pray for grace? A n s : One will never become free, waiting for the Grace of God to descend. One has to reach out, extend oneself like one has never gone before. It should become number one priority. An obsession. A happy person is a pleasure to be with. If you are not good company for yourself, then what are you for others?



Q 9 0 . Entire Universe seems to be inert. Is it alive? A n s : Materialism says, rocks are dead, lifeless. Does this not say, only something that was alive can even be dead? In Actualism, we see by direct experience, that matter is not merely passive. In Actualism we can have excellence experience and perfection experience. Excellence experience has no magical element. In it time has no duration as now and then. Space has no distance as normal here and there. It is one Eternal time and Infinite space in perfection experience (PCE) it is fairy-tale-like magical experience, purity, lustre, brilliance, vividness, intensely, wondrous, scintillating vitality, everything alive and sparkling. The very earth beneath the feet, rocks, concrete buildings, a piece of paper, literally everything is as if it were alive(though a rock is not as alive as a human). One is not living in an inert Universe. Q 9 1 . Is not Actualism a theory? A n s : Actualism is not a theory, but direct experience of the Pristine Actuality. Q 9 2 . What happens in a pure conscious experience? A n s : The brain, without identity and affective faculty, becomes incapable of mental images or imaginary scenarios. But very brilliantly involved in what it is doing, in the moment, thinking and interpreting sensory inputs. If there is no need for thinking, it is simply sensually aware of being conscious of being alive.



Q 9 3 . Can one speed up to enter Actuality? A n s : I cannot make it happen. I am not required to make it happen. It happens of itself, only when one is fully ready. One should get accustomed to benignity, benevolence and blitheness. The purity of the actual is so powerful, it would blow the fuses off if one enters into it ill-prepared. The vast stillness of infinitude would be too much, too fast, too soon. One could go mad with super-abundance of pleasure that pours forth. Q 9 4 . Is discontent on life as it is, a requisite factor to seek Actual

A n s : Freedom is that one wants like one has never wanted anything before digging ones psyche, is a most mammoth challenge one could ever take on, which would not appeal to the desultory dabbles. Q 9 5 . What is virtual freedom? A n s : Virtual means almost as good as or nearly the same as ACTUAL FREEDOM.



Q 9 6 . What are the steps from a PCE to Actual Freedom? A n s : When one remembers a PCE, it precipitates another. Many PCEs follow. Contemplation begins. I cease seeing, and seeing takes place by itself. I is an interloper, an alien psychic possession of the body. I do not belong here.

All this is impossible to imagine. One should be confident that the actual world does exist. PCEs give confidence. One need not generate confidence as in the spiritual path.
Experience of purity is a benefaction. With this comes Pure Intent. It guides through one in daily life. Gently ushers one into increasing ease and generosity. With this growing magnanimity, one becomes more and more anonymous, self-less. Being ceases it was only a psychic apparition anyway- and is over, forever, in one human being. It is all thrilling and enthralling, yet utterly and exquisitely normal at the same time. Q 9 7 . Is Actualism a philosophy ? A n s : The pure consciousness experience enables one to know, for oneself, that actualism is not a philosophy.



Q 9 8 . Your writings have many grammatical errors. A n s : What I write is expressive poetical prose- it is not a thesis I am conveying lavish exhilaration of life itself. It is not intended to stand literary scrutiny for scholarly style and grammatical forum. It can catapult a reader into this magical wonder-land that the earth is, Actuality speaks for itself. Q 9 9 . How to induce a PCE?

A n s : By allowing it to happen.
Q 1 0 0 . Why time seems to be fleeting one?

A n s : In actuality, this moment lasts forever. In reality, it seems fleeting, because ONE IS OUT OF TIME.
Q 1 0 1 . And you mean peace is a possibility? A n s : Irregardless of our words PEACE already exists on this Earth and the Universe. Only humans have contaminated it. Q 1 0 2 . How can I flow in time? A n s : You are already flowing in time. Stop flowing out of time.



Q 1 0 3 . What do you mean by flowing out of time?

A n s : Your psychological time. The time of clock moving. The time happening due to earth moving. In the Actual, time does not move. It is moving/stillness. Stick to it. It is moving in time. There one is not out of time.
Q 1 0 4 . You really mean, actually there is no suffering in the

A n s : The suffering of the individuals, and the society as a whole is true. In actuality, the entire universe is free of any kind of suffering. Q 1 0 5 . There are earthquakes, floods, famines, epidemics besides

man-made wars etc. How do you say you are free from anxiety and suffering?
A n s : Natural catastrophes are true. Nature is red in tooth and claw. But the Universe is perpetually still and free of calamities. I am the Universe, experiencing itself as a sensate human. Universe knows more than me. I am in its moving/stillness. Compared to the Calamities, Universe is serendipitous, benevolent, happy and harmless.
Q 1 0 6 . I think you know the cruelties of one man doing to another.

A n s : Yes. That is where I want to share my tried and won actual freedom path of happiness and harmlessness. The tried and failed spiritual path is to be given up.



Q 1 0 7 . How are you sure about it?

A n s : If one man can do it, all can do it.

Q 1 0 8 . There must be a sudden way to Actual Freedom too! A n s : Yes. If one clearly perceives the inevitable extinction/oblivion of I/Me it can happen sooner rather than later. Extinction of being at physical death has no benefit in regards to peace-on-earth. Extinction of being at this moment in time is beneficial immediately to oneself and others(peace-on-earth). Time has no duration in actuality, now being eternal, is already always dynamic, and everything happens now, nothing ever happens in past/present/future time. As now is the way, then now is the means, then now is the end! Bingo!.... It is no longer possible to distinguish between life being lived and life doing the living, cause and effect vanishing without a trace. This is my moment of glory; my growing achievement, makes my petty life worthwhile, is my most noble sacrifice for I am what I hold most dear, this is my legacy for all humankind. My reward is to go blessedly into the oblivion I have secretly craved all along.




A ctual Has no Vibes

Nothing survives bodys end Extinction is full blithe

Vanish without trace is the fact.




Essence of Actual Freedom



World Reality is illusion.

Spiritual Reality is delusion. Pristine Actuality is Fact. Actual Freedom shows it.


Daily Reality is imagination.

Spiritual Reality is hallucination. Pristine Actuality only is. Actual freedom reveals it.


Be the Pristine Actuality,

not as the reality. Find what is Pristine Actuality. Be free from reality.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Reality obscures Pristine Actuality.

Illusory I must end. Delusionary Divinity must end. I vanishing, reality vanishes.


being free of feeler, there is immense clarity, purity. Sensate body only remains.

Being free of thinker,


Then one is automatically

benevolent, benign, peaceful, happy. Even perfect feelings gone, seductive love snare goes.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Mystical worlds are dissolved.

Only clean clear perfection of the pristine Actuality remains concretely here now.


Sages have taught delusion

for thousands of years. Their cure-all method, has not worked at all.


With sages, identity sense

quantum leaps from head to the heart, and this is the massive delusion.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Being transforming into Pure-Being,

oceanic unitary perception state, creates delusion, as if self has ended forever.


Oneness, wholeness, the All,

I am the self, I am the God, is delusion of Divinity.


this kind of fantasy, resulting in Fact-blindness. All this is pathetic.

People are seduced by

Essence of Actual Freedom



Its possible to extinguish,

this identity, this me, this second I of deluded sages and mystics.


Demise is as fictitious,
as my apparent presence. I am always here, as I always was.


I will be forever.
I have only imagined that I existed, and it was emotional play.

Essence of Actual Freedom



not a person having, brings most astonishing sense of freedom and release.

To be just sensations,


Only this moment exists.

So, no lasting I, to make the past and the future real.


Past, present, future gone,

leaves one in the purity of here now. It is intensely pleasurable.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Infinitude is beginningless and endless.

So there is no middle. We come from nowhere, and go to nowhere.


We are particularly nowhere.

Thats we are anywhere. We are already here. It is always now.


As this body only,

this moment in time, has no duration, as in now and then.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Because immediate is ultimate,

this place has no distance. as in here and there, for relative is the absolute.


vale of tears, surely. Actual world is ambrosial. Beginningless and endless peace.

Life is not a


Each moment, again and again,

I am fresh, new. I never was before, All happens first time.

Essence of Actual Freedom



This moment never was.

So it is exciting. No way to know, what will happen next.


by a perception unassailable. Whatever happens is appropriate, to this moments circumstance.

Pristine Actuality is seen


How much more stimulated

can one be, than this? And there is safety. Nothing can go wrong.




Essence of Actual Freedom



is created by you, through mantras and meditations, or by any means.

Spiritual Now, Mystics Now,


In the Actual world,

there is no creation. This universe is in Perpetuus mobilis.


Perpetuus mobilis is apperceived,

in my direct experiencing, of actuality of Infinitude, at this moment of eternal time.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Perpetual matter, is now

arranged, into my being a flesh body, replete with apperceptive awareness.


a boundary and superimposes an edge to actual universe, invites endless misery.

I/Me as centre, creates


This is where spiritualists

and scientists, fell a victim to the theories of Pralaya, Big Bang, beginning/ending.

Essence of Actual Freedom



time too is unmoving/unmovable. Time as an actuality, Is a non-moving domain.

As space is stillness domain,


Time itself doesnt move.

Objects in space move. Only the events change; not the Moment itself.


event A happens is the exact same moment in which event B happens.

This moment in which

Essence of Actual Freedom



enjoy just here,

at this place, in infinite space, right now, at this moment, in eternal time.


As a flesh and blood body,

Im delighting being alive, in the perfect Purity, of already existing Peace.


Its never not this moment.

An intensely hushed stillness, vast and immense, I enjoy, just by simply being here.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Its not awe/reverie/beauty.

No emotions or passions. Factual, single actualness. No burden of mind/mindless.


A sparkling intimacy.
A fairy-tale like quality. A paradisiacal environment. Yet leaves one free.


No encumbrance of feelings. Its not mine or yours. Available for anyones asking.

No I/Me here.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Measure of time, and

TIME itself are different. Clock ticking is measure rate of earths rotation.


in this moment of stillness, TIME stands still. You can immerse in its Peace.

In the Actual World,


Matter arranges and rearranges,

always itself endlessly, and it happens through all Eternity, and Infinity, forever.

Essence of Actual Freedom



a localised phenomenon. Only this moment in Eternal Time exists here.

Passage of Time is


Infinitude is astoundingly aware,

of its own infinitude. But I can be aware, only of this moment.


through yesterdays and tomorrows. Infinite has no reference points, to be allocated.

We locate ourselves,

Essence of Actual Freedom



of this limited room. Then this special location does not mean anything.

Take away the walls

moment, where is a future? You cease to exist. Reality is not Pristine Actuality.

If you die next


The next moments you,

does not exist now. Only in next moment, that you happens here.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Universe decides every moment.

But it does things with an absolute certainty. Here is the safety.


precisely, unerringly, without fail. Physical laws are astounding, and very accurate here.

Earth rotates on axis,


may catch fever,

or get leg broken. Yet I experience life, as perfect as sky.




Essence of Actual Freedom



When I goes, theres

no feeling, no emotion. Ego I can never be in the pristine Actuality.


creates spiritual soul I. Any identity is delusion. Altruism removes the ego soul.

Ego I expands and


dissolve and life will manage. Simply, I holds up the works smooth functioning.

Ican retire, die,

Essence of Actual Freedom



Visualising, fantasising, romancing are

all identity. Actual has no such things, because, it is already always factual.


My presence prevents the

very meaning of life. I wishes to remain to find some meaning.


Not me having sensations.

I am the sensations. Only series of sensations are happening here now.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Actual stillness has no me.

Real has a me. This me is imagination. Feelings are not Actual.


is the stuff of the Universe. No need of separate I identity.

Stuff of the body


am That, I am God is sheer madness. No dirt enters Pristine Actuality.

Identifying myself as I

Essence of Actual Freedom



into the Actual. No getting in ever occurs. Identity gone, Actual remains.

Identity can never get


Im just the body only.. After realization comes actualization. No I is Purity.

Relinquishing the I identity,


I am not in
any samadhi state stuff. I have no identity. Only a constant delight.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Identity can end now.

No dragon to stop. Just one short step. It is all over.


Identity has no peace.

Self, me is poison. By nature Im defiled. Im corrupt to the core.


Im perversity itself. No purification method can succeed to improve things.

As my very selfhood,

Essence of Actual Freedom



eludes purification. It is a delight to share, what I have found.

The last bit always


instincts, one is foolish. Infants are not harmless and innocent, as believed.

By not deleting the


Along with the identity,

both the Real and the Spiritual get vanished from ones own perception.

Essence of Actual Freedom



cant have Actual Freedom. Enduring entity is just an emotion backed memory.

Grim and glum person,


I is beliefs, feelings.
Ending fear is essential. Any emotion is fear. All emotions are pain.


Become friend with yourself.

One has another chance; another moment doing better, to make it work.

Essence of Actual Freedom



You live with yourself,

for all 24 hours. Others come and go. But you always remain.


Even after few months,

old things may return. Again, the next moment is there, freely available.


simply silly and a waste. Feel good being alive, if not happy always.

To feel terrible is

Essence of Actual Freedom



You are the best

person to help you. Who else can do? You alone can do.


Question everything. Ask why? Dont waste precious time, always feeling just rotten.

Be accepting is wrong.


There is another way. Put everything on a it doesnt matter basis.

You see, it works.




Essence of Actual Freedom



I have physical heart,

but no sentimental heart. I do care, but dont feel I care.


Now I could not

get a mental picture of my dead mother, for it is imagination.


Affective imagines past and

future as Real, and I know a cow intellectually, but can not imagine it.

Essence of Actual Freedom



I can not visualise the cow . It emerges as the drawing progresses.

If I draw a cow,


Being free of imaginative

faculty, is sweet breeze. No I in head. No me in heart.


I am not a feeling
being, to feel others. Im not a psychic, to know other peoples thoughts.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Theres no immortal self. Calentures, emotions, are pain. Still people relish it.

Body is here now.


Group highs, mob riots

are all affective states. Life has meaning when you are not present.


I have no emotions.
But Im not a zombie. I am felicitous, friendly, very peaceful, and caring.

Essence of Actual Freedom



faculty. No feeling is not barren and sterile. Cease being is the message.

Feeling is by affective


moods, auras, souls, spirits, or gods. No affective ripples in my mind.

So, for me, no


Senses start with affective. Construct sense of presence. Feelings come before thought.

Feeling creates the feeler.

Essence of Actual Freedom



I do everything without
affective feeling, and a mind freed of feelings, is a great pleasure.


A tree, flower, ash-tray

have no fear at all. Only sentient beings have fear, which is affective.


Fear, aggression, nurture, desire.

These are four instincts. Blind Natures software package, giving start in life.

Essence of Actual Freedom



which are in Reptilian brain. Get rid of emotions. Give up all passions.

Instincts can be deleted,


They are rubbed out, finished, extirpated, ended. That is Actual Freedom.

Feelings will not upset.


instant results. But useless, short term temporary things. It is just delusion.

Self-help groups can give

Essence of Actual Freedom



Unaware person gets deluded,

as if valuable happens. Spends lot of money for this quick-fix.


Get rid of them. Emotions are rotten feelings. You wont need any more.

Why keep anger, rage?


moment of being alive. Feeling heated is not really feeling good here.

This is your only

Essence of Actual Freedom



ways of feeling heated. Still feeling emotional, how you will prove unshakeability?

Kundalini and mantras are


will become another belief. A fact is obvious, something seen very clearly.

Then your new way


And no passion arises,

though few more months you may need to go through old ways.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Until you are finished,

with those old things, you have heart strings attached to many beliefs.


You have put your

heart and soul in it. you can not say, be done with it.


Done with it immediately,

it can not go, just by overnight. It is quite deep.




Essence of Actual Freedom



It connects great distances. Catalyst is psychic programme. No psychic web in the Actual.

Psychic web connects us.


I have no psychic power.

No powers outside the psyche. Power is domination over others and brings conflict.


metaphysical thought. There is no elimination of self. Primal self is glorified.

Mystical is a complicated

Essence of Actual Freedom



This is the goal. Appreciate this alive moment, no matter what happens.

Enjoy the life now.


It has electro-magnetic fields. Earth has no power. Certainly no psychic power.

Earth has physical forces.


Spiritual path fiddles levers,

controls, and makes conditionings. It has not worked. No results are found.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Sages discovered wrong insights,

wrong methods, wrong teachings, which are illusory and delusionary path called spirituality.


Karma, rebirth are mans

childish insanity, taught by silly gurus followed by millions, for thousands of years.


Spiritual practice cannot give

happiness. It brings restlessness, wars, jealousy and despair. Bloodshed follows a guru.

Essence of Actual Freedom



All the mystics and all sages considered Infinitude as concept and not Actual.

Infinitude is an Actuality.

Oceanic wholeness, Oneness are

just restless metaphysical space. They are your minds fantasy and are imaginary.


Spiritual path is corrupt.

If self is there, things must go wrong. Stand on your own feet.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Aloneness, oneness are identity.

Love, compassion, trust, surrender, Master, disciple, are useless. They wont give Peace.


of purity and intimacy. Beauty, love are limitations. Actual is a magnanimity.

Actual is a perfection


Actual is possible for anyone,

to be actually free, It is under your nose, available for your asking.

Essence of Actual Freedom



I experience now constantly,

non stop Actual Freedom. Earlier I didnt believe it can be for 24 hours.


Universe is so enormous.
Infinity is as big as you can get. It cant be bad.


one is fully committed, one is fully involved, not standing back somewhere.

Grounded at this moment,

Essence of Actual Freedom



be provided mystically, miraculously. They believe everything will be supplied just automatically.

People believe all will


This they are calling

living in the Present. All have to work to support each other.


Universe will take me

back into its bosom in its appropriate time. So I am secure.

Essence of Actual Freedom



yourself for here? And save for what? Reach out, extend yourself.

What are you saving


Enlightenments goal is known.

You do meditations, mantras. You know your destination. Can it be the Unknown?


remain a person here, then all is pain sorrow, and disappointment.

If you wish to

Essence of Actual Freedom



Drive to discover Truth,

causes a person to become utterly severe, mad. It is a belief.


But with a Fact, you dont have to depend on anything or anybody.

They are following belief.


friendly, kind, calm, considerate, under all the circumstances, then I am winning.

If I can remain




Essence of Actual Freedom



Ecstasy is emotional distraction. Vibes are passionate atmosphere. No good and bad in Actualism.

Actualism has no ecstasy.


Addict needs adrenaline buzz.

All vibes are unpleasant. Neuronal excitation of brain is just a waste.


Pristine Actuality has no

affectations like bliss or ecstasy. It is pure pleasure Without the burden of bliss.

Essence of Actual Freedom



An alien entity only

is inhabiting this body, taking on an identity of its own delusionally.


Pristine Actuality has no entity. So it is simple pleasure without any limits.

Bliss is of entity.


doing kriyas, mudras, asanas. Bliss is a drug. Pristine Actuality is your Fact.

Bliss comes by your

Essence of Actual Freedom



of mantras, bliss and various herbs, chemicals and habits of many kinds.

Spiritual aspirant is addict


mystics have blundered humanity. Actual Freedom has something far beyond petty bliss.

Prescribing drugs for bliss,


People seek escaping reality,

through alcohol, sex, music, prayer, gambling, but they find no peace or happiness.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Be sincere but not serious.

So, drinks, drugs may help, used with pure intent, in moderation, as blest.


Seeking oblivion in alcohol,

or some other drug, is an identitys secretive desire for permanent oblivion.


It only masquerades oblivion,

while inducing half sleep, its not true oblivion, given by dreamless sleep.

Essence of Actual Freedom



death is always just two feet away, and Alcohol fun is welcome.

For one and all


Tobacco can titillate you

without any hang over. Sobriety is never risked as in alcohol consumption.


Of pristine Actuality and Life is intrinsically purposeful. Reason lies open all around.

Live in the peace

Essence of Actual Freedom



I am aware of it. Breath, see, hear, taste, Smell, touch, all time.

In this very air,


It will never go away. I was standing in the way, to find meaning.

It never goes away.


just as bare awareness, is apperception, so full of peace and benignity.

To be the senses,

Essence of Actual Freedom



Calentures, devotional emotions are

being experienced for centuries, by the misguided humanity, all ending in wars.


Devotion to ones own

god, has not given any peace, but only war with ones neighbour.


hole in heart region. Larger chunk of identity is in the heart.

You may feel a

Essence of Actual Freedom



By feelings, emotions, passions,

heart leads humans astray. Centuries upon centuries, it has spoiled humanity.


Religions teach emotional control.

But encourage pious emotions. They dont know all emotions are only destructive.


love of human etc. are all affective responses. They wont give peace.

Love of a god,

Essence of Actual Freedom



Many tried stilling passions,

but maintained the self, by name of calenture, devotional crying for god.


Going beyond all feelings,

has never been done. Feelings are not known as birth-place of addictions.


yet it is praised, as cure-all for ills, for century upon century.

Love wears off soon,




Essence of Actual Freedom



only the what knows. No use of after-life bliss. Vanish without trace is Fact.

No who knows here;


cut off from the Actual. Realisation is the recognition; Actualisation is the Action.

The I is forever


just words. But Fact. This life is first and last, whether rebirth is true or not.

Actual freedom is not

Essence of Actual Freedom



irregardless of my words. Not the past, but delete the entity and humanity.

Peace exists by itself,

tooth and claw, and divine goodness etc. are just your own hallucination.

Nature is Red in


Perfect Universe is not

intelligent. It is far more than being merely intelligent in human way.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Perpetual Universe knows itself,

how to do better, than us, because, all the while, Perfection abounds.


No beginning or end to Infinite. That means no middle too. We are already here.

Chicken first or egg first?


stillness. A.F. life is precious beyond compare and is joy of nectar.

Actual Infinitude is utter

Essence of Actual Freedom



Exit the intellectual masturbation,

and enter the Actuality. Seeing Fact sets free. You are always free.


This is Humanitys tragedy.

Spiritualists, scientists speak same.

They say Universe comes from nothing, and goes to Nothing.


A wrong metaphysical thought.

Nothing too is something. It is actually everything. Physical Universe already is

Essence of Actual Freedom



Nobody is seeing this.

Because that will be the ending of the soul. All seek their immortality.


They desire avoiding death,

want to avoid extinction. Its impossible to avoid death. Death is the end.


I was not here. After death I wont be. Where is the problem?

Before I was born,

Essence of Actual Freedom



Extinction is the way.

Just be the senses, without the I identity. It is the Paradise.


I float in the Infinitude,

of perfect pure universe. We come from nowhere, and go to nowhere.


No heavenly rapturous bliss.

Only the Oblivion. Not attractive, alluring, or quite desirable. Yet I wanted it.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Simply an irrefutable knowing. Not any flight of fancy, or spiritual visionary experience.

Solid knowing gives surety.


with no fixed ground. One should rely on confidence born of Perfection.

One may get terrified,


in the Actual Universe. And that is enormous, unbelievably beyond our imagination.

You have all the help

Essence of Actual Freedom



magical quality of Actualness, becomes clear and apparent. Mystic hides the Actual.

Without the mystic, the


Sometimes wow, sometimes

anxiety, is the sign that Pure Intent is operating. Theres no real danger.


Pristine Actuality is incredibly still.

Only the objects move. Nothing goes wrong ultimately. Everything is already perfect.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Future is yet to happen. Theres no prearranged future. Because Infinite is complete.

Mystics go astray here.


Inexhaustible Purity stems endlessly.

Its impossible to know the future. How stimulated I am? Nothing survives bodys end.


I alone bless myself.

I salute my audacity. I admire by myself. No me is freedom.





Essence of Actual Freedom



no urges, impulses, or emotions. I ventured where no human had gone before.

In Actual Freedom,


No monastery, diets, celibacy,

books, rules, in Actual Freedom, for Pristine Actuality is a self-existing condition.


to socialize, has vanished completely, and I have no contacts or friends.

In me, the urge

Essence of Actual Freedom



the absence of self-software. After deletion, no evidence that it was ever installed.

Scan can not reveal,


imagination. That faculty has vanished very long back. Pristine Actuality simply acts.

Actual Freedom has no


Actual Freedom needs the nerves of steel, and ability to stay unmoved.

To go deep in

Essence of Actual Freedom



anything to do here, to get a thrill. Its a non-stop excitement.

I do not need


is utterly, actually, peaceful. Always it is so. Always it will be.

The Actual World I live,


to be of pits, and so I abandoned Humanity and its bickering, and whining.

I found the real world

Essence of Actual Freedom



Its beyond feeling anything,

A Purity and Perfection, far beyond anything else. That is very wonderful.


Actual intimacy sees others,

clearly as they are. Neither attracted nor repulsed. This is Actual Intimacy.


Earth is perfect situation.

The Universe is Perfect. The Sky is Perfect. All things are Perfect.

Essence of Actual Freedom



An after-death perfection,
is available just here. The joy of Parinirvana, is available just now.


Things you cant think

even in dreams, you get. It cant be imagined. It should be lived.


Its a life without ambitions, emotions, tensions, being-goody; yet its never trite.

Its never boring, fatuous.

Essence of Actual Freedom



No burden to oneself,
and to others too. It is all truly wonderful, light, tender, easy, sweet.


You become gentle, friendly. Nice to be so. A supremely blest condition.

Others too perceive it.


My mission is achieved.
I am sitting back, and enjoying the show. It is a pleasure.

Essence of Actual Freedom



what will happen next. But it is all going to be good.

I do not know,


Spiritual world is fatuous, all gathered around one guru. Here we have equity.

And just move on.


Delicious to be freed,
from all family ties, and just to meet them as other humans.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Every moment, you plan.

But moment presents itself. You pollute it terribly, then lament for Peace.


But you massacre the Peace. You only suffocate yourself. Underneath, Freshness always brims.

Every moment is Peace.


Give them the best help. You enter the Pristine Actuality. It is ultimate help.

You want helping people?

Essence of Actual Freedom



Be in the Pristine Actuality.

It is true help. Hard to hold on? It can be done.


or may not take. It is their business, not in your responsibility.

Others may take it,


It is not selfishness.
Moving to the Pristine Actuality, is not surely selfishness. Living illusion is selfishness.




Essence of Actual Freedom



Mes death is Paradise.

My demise will be as fictitious as my apparent presence seen here.


If you are not free when the body is, you will never be free.

You have to see.


Because, who is going

to be free after the death of the body? There will be nobody.

Essence of Actual Freedom



the only security here. Not ceasing the feelings, But the Feeler should cease.

Ceasing to exist is


Apperceptive awareness makes

self immolation quite easy. There search for meaning amidst the debris ends.


also end. Just to be senses is apperception. This is Pure Consciousness.

Then inner outer worlds

Essence of Actual Freedom



the Part becomes the Whole; In Actual Freedom, Part and Whole both end.

In spiritual freedom, just


Illusion is not enough. I should cease permanently. I wont drop the I.

Just knowing that self is


Apperception does the work.

Altruism brings the result. Anyway, being alive is already an impersonal thing.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Narcissistic self centered mess. Even great intellects are pervert. Great saints had been foolish.

All here is illusory.


Species instinct is powerful,

than the individual instinct. When the I gets erased, Theres no where to arrive.


and harmless. I vanishing, higher power also vanishes. Actualism is not gnana.

One becomes just happy

Essence of Actual Freedom



Actualist is not a seeker.

He already knows peace. My demise is mine; not any one other.


I am dedicated to
this moments Universe here. With my demise, the ever-fresh Perfection remains.


still only an identity. Extinction is blitheness. Its not bliss, but benignity.

An egoless soul is

Essence of Actual Freedom



Actual Freedom is not

imagination but Actuality. I could never ever become perfect and pure.


do was, to die to identity. We are one, and I am That are Solipsism.

Only thing I could


Blitheness is great peace.

You can have it while you are a body. Need not wait till death.

Essence of Actual Freedom



I am just this flesh and blood body only. I am mortal.


Death is the end.

due course. My heart, lungs, brain, all will stop. Flesh will decompose.

I will die in


Nothing survives the physical

decomposition. There is only Perfection. One is only blithe and benign here.

Essence of Actual Freedom



Extinction of Me is
total dissolution of fear. No fear in Actual world where I live.


Oblivion is great blessedness.

Being anonymous is taste of our ultimate oblivion, before and after death.


, me, are very real;

but are not the Pristine Actuality that is Utter stillness and instant peace.


Alcohol or anaesthesia are Semi-consciousness, or unconsciousness. Sleep and death are total oblivion.

Oblivion is no-consciousness.


experiencing itself, in all its splendour, and magnificence, as sensate reflective human.

I am the Universe,


When the body dies,

consciousness of the body disappears as in sleep. Consciousness goes into oblivion.

Those who want to have a TASTE of ACTUAL FREEDOM in 10 minutes, they can read this, and if feel good, contemplate to become actually free, so QUICK!

1) Real World though Real, is not Actual. 2) Spiritual world of sages is delusion. 3) Actual exists forever as Actual.

4) Physical Universe is the Actual.

5) Endless Pristine Purity is the proof. 6) It was, is, and will be forever. 7) But man is mortal, whereas is Matter is Immortal. 8) Man imagines himself as immortal. 9) Being free from Real is Actual. 150


1) Many don't want the purity of this moment. 2) Mystical Now is Metaphysical, not Actual. 3) Time has no duration, when I am not. 4) Time is a localized phenomenon. 5) For all, this life is the first and the last. 6) Matter arranges and rearranges endlessly. 7) It never repeats anything twice. 8) Each moment is anew. 9) I enjoy afresh, each moment, again and again.


1) I/Me identity induces stress and anxiety. 2) Any identity as man or god is delusion. 3) Karma, rebirth are insanity.

4) Universe experiences itself as dog too.

5) A dog does not know that he is a dog. 6) Identity is not needed for what one already is. 7) 'I' looks through 'my' eyes, 'my' feeling. 8) So, 'I' feels isolated and miserable.

9) My very sense of presence prevents Actual Freedom.


1) Actual Freedom is sensuous, not affective bliss state. 2) Affective imagines past and future as Real. 3) Affective though Real is not Actual. 4) Silence too is only a pure feeling. 5) Actual Silence has no 'me'.

6) Sweetness of compassion is seductive.

7) Severing ties to humanity is a bold step. 8) 'Feelings only' connect me to 'others. 9) I am non-affective by emotions. 153

1) We are all connected by Psychic Web. 2) Catalyst is the psychic programme. 3) Love psychically connects.

4) Psychic power is domination over others.

5) Mystical is a meta-physical complicated thought.

6) Psychic means, soul-power-bliss and PAIN.

7) You have to be free when body is. 8) After death, there will be nobody. 9) Spirituality is jumping from pan to fire. 154

1) Spiritual Gurus are deluded people. 2) Gurus don't reveal fact and the Actual. 3) They are full of lust for POWER. 4) Bloodshed and hatred follow any Guru. 5) Evil still exists in Spirituality. 6) 'We are One', 'I am That' are Solipsism. 7) Actually, there is no separation at all. 8) No self-absorbed narcissism in Actual. 9) Spiritual Gurus make people believe non-sense.


1) Spiritual Enlightenment is a nightmare. 2) It is delusion born of illusion. 3) It blinds one to Fact and Actual.

4) It drains energy.
5) Egoless soul too is still an identity. 6) Normal Reality = Known. 9 billion people live it. 7) Spiritual Reality = Unknown. 1200 enlightened people had it. 8) Actual Reality = Unknowable. 9) Actual Reality is next step in evolution. 156

1) Ecstasy is emotional distraction. 2) Love, beauty, bliss are baubles. 3) Calenture, emotions bring disasters. 4) All vibes are unpleasant. 5) No vibes in Actual World. 6) Ecstasy is affective deep feeling. 7) That is self-aggrandizement of delusion. 8) Vibes are emotional atmosphere. 9) Actual Freedom is sensate blitheness.


1) 'TRUTH' is human invention; 'what' is Actual. 2) Rebirth, gods are imaginary. 3) Real obscures the Actual. 4) Infinitude experiences itself as me and you. 5) Alcohol shows a deep urge for oblivion 6) Urge of 'me' to disappear forever. 7) Abandoning Humanity is Peace. 8) Actual World is Nectar. 9) To vanish without a trace is the Fact.


1) Actual Freedom is dew drop Perfection. 2) For me, no 'others' of past, present or future. 3) Infinitude is as actual as a tooth-ache. 4) Apperception is non-feeling Actual. 5) Universe is stunningly aware of its infinitude. 6) Oneness is restless metaphysical space. 7)Actual Infinitude is utter stillness. 8) Inexhaustible PURITY stems endlessly. 9) I am fresh - each moment again and again.


1) In A.F. software of self is deleted. 2) It is as if it was never installed. 3) My demise is as fictitious as my appearance. 4) There is nowhere to arrive at. 5) Intense aspiration automatically opens it. 6) Extinction is blitheness and benignity 7) Altruism opens Actual Freedom. 8) No imaginations possible after extinction. 9) The 'I' ceases to exist permanently.


1) Sleep and death are total oblivion. 2) Nobody wants just to be the body. 3) Because oblivion is mortality. 4) But death is the end. 5) No after-death continuity. 6) Identity can end in one fell sweep. 7) No dragon on the way to stop you. 8) Just one short step, and poof! 9) It's all over, done, in this body!


P ractical I nfinitude:




1) No outside to infinity.

2) No beginning/end to Time & Space.

3) One has to find out for oneself. 4) Each moment, simply be here. 5) Not nothing - UNIVERSE IS! 6) Philosophers call it VOID. 7) They experience it with psychic adumbration. 8) This is institutionalized insanity. 9) Mind creates that Fantasy. 10) Then yearns to live it. 11) But Universe is INFINITE and ETERNAL.

12) I arrived here devoid of IDENTITY and SELF.


13) I am the Universe, experiencing as a HUMAN.

14) Locating oneself somewhere is wrong.

15) It is separating from a 'Perceived Whole'. 16) Anywhere is Everywhere ALL AT ONCE. 17) This is what ETERNAL & INFINITE means. 18) I have a boundary in this room. 19) Physical Infinity has no boundary. 20) It is amazing all this happens. 21) No edge to Universe. 22) Time being Eternal has no beginning/end. 23) Therefore no middle.

24) Time/Space has no middle.


25) We locate ourselves through yesterday and tomorrow. 26) Infinite has no reference points. 27) Take away the walls of this room. 28) Then location doesn't mean anything.

29) All Time/Space are right here now.

30) Nowhere but HERE/no time but NOW. 31) 'I' being a Center, create boundaries. 32) Panicked by 'no limits'? 33) Ever-expanding vastness is blunder. 34) You as center try to endlessly expand. 35) 'I am Vastness', 'I am God' is utter mistake. 36) Universe is not expanding.


37) IT IS ALREADY COMPLETE ! 38) IT IS INCREDIBLY STILL!! 39) UNIVERSE IS NOT MOVING AT ALL !!! 40) Objects like planets/stars move. 41) Move in relation to each other. 42) But the Universe is not moving. 43) Scientists' Big Bang may be false. 44) Mystics' ever expanding vastness too may be false. 45) These ideas are from the self. 46) No movement - only utter stillness. 47) Silence is not stopping mind. 48) Absence of 'entity' is silence.


49) Actual Silence is utter stillness.

50) Light from darkness is wrong.

51) 'Primary Cause' is our own INVENTION. 52) Universe exists without a cause. 53) Time too stands still there. 54) No rushing or going somewhere. 55) No coming from nowhere. 56) Edges of Universe don't rush out. 57) One cannot grasp this as concept. 58) Don't use this as Mantra 'NO OUTSIDE'. 59) That will be 'you', the self.

60) When 'I' disappears, body only remains.


61) It is everywhere, all at once.

62) No omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence.

63) No conceptual thinking - delusion vanishes. 64) Do we grasp edge to space? 65) Why we grasp edge to time? 66) Yesterday, today, tomorrow are ideas. 67) Ideas are not Actual. 68) If you die next moment, where is future? 69) You cease to exist. 70) Reality is not Actuality. 71) Every moment you are new.

72) Next moment's 'you' doesn't exist this moment.


73) Of course, we need plans to function. 74) But only the moments decide you. 75) Not you the moment. 76) Next moment's actuality only happens next moment. 77) Let us say, you die today. 78) Tomorrow you won't exist. 79) Essentially, there is no tomorrow. 80) Tomorrow is as far away as PLAEADES star. 81) My stomach gulped when I saw non-being of future. 82) My going to bed tonight does not exist now. 83) Future as reality has no hold on me. 84) This is where mystics go astray.


85) Future is yet to happen. 86) No pre-arranged future. 87) Only our habits create it. 88) All time/space are at once here now. 89) It does not arise out of nothing. 90) For it is already here. 91) The NOW cannot go wrong. 92) For INFINITUDE is PERFECT.

93) No advance 'GRAND-SCHEME'

94) Universe doesn't know what is going to happen next. 95) But it does things with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. 96) Through memory we do things.


97) The Actual has no burden of memory. 98) Every moment PERFECTION abounds. 99) As limited 'self' we block it. 100) I may get some disease, but PERFECTION remains. 101) Everything is already PERFECT. 102) It is 'ME' standing in the way. 103) When 'I' is altruistically immolated, perfection is seen.

104) That perfection is ALWAYS HERE.

105) Perfection will always be here. 106) We can consciously live in perfection. 107) It is our birth right. 108) And it is the Easiest thing.



I wake up by 3-00 a.m. Every day, it is a new wonder, that a day is available for me to live. I have a brisk cold shower, and walk on the terrace of my home till 5-00 a.m. This indoor walking strengthens my Realization of Actual Freedom. Then till 8-00 a.m. I work on my PC. After breakfast of Oats porridge, I leave the home. I am 60, a retired person, full of health in all respects. I have no business interactions with anything or any one. I simply start walking into the busy Town roads, towards a River bridge that is 10kms away, bare footed. This long walking in crowded city strengthens my Actualization. I return back home by bus. I don't drive vehicles for the past 2 years since I became actually free. I just hate it, whereas I love walking. After a frugal midday meals I rest till 3-00 p.m. with reading magazines or books. . Then I allow myself little drinks that put me on some sort of 'Auto Pilot', wherein the intellectual rigidities melt for a while and I am 'out from control', and I view me and the world as a spectator. I never drink Coffee or other beverages. I am non-smoker. I listen to music or a bit of movie in my PC. I never watch TV or news bulletins. By 6-30 p.m. I take some fruits with some Spirulina and go to bed by 7-00 p.m. I sleep immediately like a log of wood, and get up by 3-00 a.m, without alarm.


I possess and handle very little personal things. I don't do socializing. It all stopped 5 years back. I have no friendships or time passes. I am aware of the sufferings of Humanity. But they don't affect me and I don't do anything to cure the world. I think living my Actual Freedom could be the real help. The instinctual passions of fear, desire, aggression and nurture still have the traces in me. But they are like almost dead snakes. They can never have full sway in me. It is 2 years since I actually became free. Still the process goes on and the dust is settling down. In the beginning it was bizarre, like standing on shifting sands, or it was as if the ground beneath was sinking. Now things are concrete and safe. Life is grand.



1) Have long walks sometimes in solitary places. This will strengthen Realisation. Sometimes deliberately walk without specific task to do, again long distances in crowded places. This will strengthen Actualisation. Even now I walk into my Town, 10 km a day without an agenda, barefoot.

2) Barefoot walking enhances the process of A.F. 100 times more faster than walking with shoes.
3) In yoga tradition, they do Ahimsa Enema everyday. That is cleansing the colon. Your bowel should always remain almost empty. This keeps your body and mind lighter. A.F. insight pulls down from the Universe great energies. Your body should become accustomed to bear them. Otherwise they will blow the fuses off, or you will only be repeating them mentally without becoming actually free. I do three times a day. 4) Wearing no undergarments, and wearing loose clothing, avoiding ties and socks, tight belts around waists, avoiding bras for ladies will tremendously boost the perception and enjoying the rarefied heights of Actual Freedom. Otherwise you will be pulled down every time miserably when you take flight into A.F. And you will grow irritable than normal people and bark at others even for silly things. Because the Purity you envision will be overwhelming you, while your tight-fit body will be suffocating you. 174

5) Before going to sleep forget about A.F. Have little drink, music, anything pleasant and be in abandon. Learn to sleep like a log of wood deliberately forgetting everything at least for 6 to 8 hours. The process that went on whole day will now be settling into your subconscious sharply as laser beam and the next morning you will find that your realisation growing faster and faster and very very easy. 6) Always inwardly keep on repeating any three or four syllabled words whatever you do. As a sample, 'All is Well'. I follow 'Actual has no vibes'. The Originator of A.F. recommends 'How am I experiencing this moment of being alive?' Anything you like. You can invent your own with meaning or without meaning. This is electric route to A.F. 7) Learn to ignore other people's opinion about you, be image-free, as much as possible. Just be yourself, almost adamantly. Niceties, compromises, adjustments are blocks to realisation and actualisation. 8) Avoid arguments of any kind. Never try to justify A.F. is the ultimate fact with any one. They will rob you even your little confidence born out of your realisation of Perfection. Always keep in mind the falsity of all kinds of relationships, except Actual Intimacy. 9) Always keep in your person some sentences, written by your own hand, words that dramatically influenced you from Actual Freedom readings, preferably, not more than 9 points. Because brain has limited retention power. A short prayer penetrates the heaven. With limited words clarity blooms faster.

And words are not the ACTUAL.


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