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. . . Oral baggage declaration Foreign currency in possession Maximum USD.INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL FORMALITIES IN INDIA A.000 customs clearance Green channel Red channel 3/11/12 . 10. CUSTOMS FORMALITIES . .

b. Immigration passport Valid Valid If national passport visa it is for more than 180 days you have to get a registration certificate and residential permit from foreigner’s registration office within 15 days of arrival from Indian embassies 3/11/12 Visa .

Help requirement Contacting Don’t diseases drink water from tap or road side vends eat cut fruits sold by roadside vendors keep a mosquito repellent oinments Never To 3/11/12 .c.

identity and nationality date of birth. nationality visa Purpose Name.d. gender. place of birth. Entry 3/11/12 . passport Issued by the national government international travel.

–cash cheque  Passport  Visas  US dollars. UK pounds . Visa  Specify period of time no visa visas -3 months to 6 months is valid for 6 months  Nepal Tourist 1 year or 5 year for NRI.e. Euros  Travelers  USD 1000 –need not declared at the 3/11/12 time of entry .

travel .F . adventure. etc…. Travel insurance  Cover  Tour medical expenses and other lossesown country and internationally operators . business . a kid of basic emergency medicines from road side vends  Student  Carry  Food  3/11/12 . leisure.. cruise..

tBRE  Tourist Babbage re-export form  Dutiable articles .g. high-value articles must be entered on TBRE at the time of departure missing item it becomes a payable duty  Re-exported  Each 3/11/12 .

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