Ritual: Religion is a ritual, buildings engage rituals; – the slow ambulatory movement through a temple is a ritual.

They symbolize the start of a day – joining hands in prayer in front of the sacred ‘tulsi’ in the center of the house that is the courtyard, marking ones place on the ground to do yoga, going to the temple. The day ends with lighting a lamp in the house. Each day is measured in ritual. Ritual is a spatial act related to a specific time even making the place specific. Light, dark, shadow, closed, open are all attributes of the ritual. Community is formed by ritual. The harvest rituals of spring signal the celebration of a fresh start, the start of something new. The optimism, that pulls in the next year.

Summer/Window: That optimism soon turns into the arid heat, the humid heat. The long afternoons spent hiding in the shade, the shade of a tree where water is kept in earthen pots for the travellers suffering the sweltering heat. The sky is clear, the sun harsh, the shadows clear. the stark shadows of the pergola play in the courtyard all day. The warm wind has to be stopped; heavy wood louvers are closed shut. As evening descends water is sprinkled on the ground to let all its heat out. A cooler breeze starts to blow, the louvers open again letting it fill the entire house, in from one end, out the other, till night descends and the jute charpoys are moved to the terraces to sleep under the cool relenting sky, till at last the sky breaks out in a shower, which is parched earth soaks up signaling the start of the monsoon.

evening and exhale in the summer afternoon. sometimes through the mosquito net. But never through glass. Death: Death is continuity. When recessed it keeps the sun. It is always kept open in welcome and in celebration. sometimes through the louvers. as the rain eats away the mud plaster. . closed when someone passes. sometimes through the heavy wooden shutter with the peeling paint.The window is the threshold between the inside and outside. It control how the house breathes. monsoon and the hot winds away in all directions. One craftsman passes on his craft to the next in line till the next one takes his place. a new layer takes its place. inhale morning. The only thing that remains is the legacy.

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