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United Arab Emirates (UAE) Countrybrief - Narrative.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Countrybrief - Narrative.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Published by: Tadaram Maradas on Mar 11, 2012
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Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

University of Maryland University College

David T Williams * MGMT 615: Intercultural Communications Leadership SN: 0590317 Midterm – United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) country brief

Fujairah.’ The 7 emirates are: Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirate covers approximately 32. and industrial center of the United Arab Emirates (U. land area disputes with Qatar.E.E.). the country’s real size is unknown due to boundary disputes of land areas within its’ understood borders. Abu Dhabi is the cultural center. Iran. Ajman.Khaimah. and Saudi Arabia govern the ambiguity in the understood United Arab Emirates borders.A.). 50 minutes and 26 degrees north latitude. Specifically. Umm Al . Its’ technical location is between 22 degrees.E.) is a country that is located in the Middle East. known the world over. E. Dubai is the largest harbor in the United Arab Emirates in addition other port harbors which are manmade do exist. The United Arab Emirates (U.). .A.000 square miles. for movement of the world’s crude oil trade. in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates.A. the country of Oman to the south. this culture brief and power point presentation in support of that venture. David T Williams * MGMT 615: Intercultural Communications Leadership SN: 0590317 Midterm .). 25 minutes and 51 degrees east longitude. and between 56 degrees. political center.E. Sharjah.A.Quwan. The content of this brief when applied to your day-to-day activities will provide you with positive control of your business venture. The ports of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are also free trade routes within the United Arab Emirates (U. on the north is the Persian Gulf. The capital city is Abu Dhabi. which is a main transportation corridor. and Ras Al . and to the northeast is the Straits of Hormuz. and daily activities.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U.) consists of 7‘Emirates.Country Brief This firm is beginning a new venture in the United Arab Emirates (U. However. Brief The United Arab Emirate (U. the gulf of Oman to the east. A.E.A. It is flanked by Saudi Arabia to the west.

) has an open economy.E.) governing body.E.A.) consists of a president.’ due to the number of raids based in the Persian Gulf region.00 per year.A.) economy an open economy.E.666 feet however the coastal gulf regions are basically flat lands. and its local political system of government. formed the Trucial Sheikhdom. The gross domestic product (G.E.). who has launched numerous bond programs to meet its debt.E.E. (1) Most of the United Arab Emirates (U.D. It contains the classic desert rolling sand dunes of the Rub’ Al Khali desert which stretches far inland into the country from the coastal regions of the gulfs. Its’ medium income is $45. Most of the copper trade was spearheaded under British and Ottoman rule. and Britain agreed to provide protection to the country of the United Arab Emirates (U. ‘the pirate coast.A.3. The United Arab Emirate (U. which is the executive branch of government. Not only is the United Arab Emirate (U.) of the United Arab Emirate is 229 billion United States dollars.E.E.).E. It is believed that the copper trade of the Hajar mountains flourished during the Neolithic period as did the camel domestication and the cultured pearl periods followed shortly thereafter before crude oil became the main commodity of the United Arab Emirates (U.P.A.A. The political system of the United Arab Emirates (U. and a high trade surplus.E.E.E. A federal supreme council. but it is also a free economy. The northeastern part of the country contains the Hajar mountains which is the country’s highest elevation boasting a peak height of 5.). A parliament controls the legislative branch of government. to harass the shipping and transport industry.A.A. members and United Arab Emirates rulers.) fastest growing emirate is: Dubai.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. form the judicial branch of the United Arab Emirate (U. with a freedom score of 67.).000. The United Arab Emirates (U.) is a desert wasteland.).A. The United Arab Emirate (U. and of . ranking 46th in the world.A. earliest known origins. Nonetheless the treaty of 1892. date back to the Neolithic period.) has a high standard of living.A. Everything within the countries understood borders falls under federal authority.A. The British dubbed this area as. This rule took place in the 16th century. of the United Arab Emirates (U.A. The United Arab Emirate (U.

Ma’ assalama .E.) is 1 of a cartel of 12 (2) countries that comprise O.A.hello.A. however Persian is also spoken. La’a .A. 2). . As-salam a laykum . and English is another widely spoken language.E.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. Austria. and Malayalam. Afwan .). The official language of the United Arab Emirate (U. As you can see. all middle eastern countries it is ranked 6th in the wealthiest economies of the middle east.C.thank you. Na’ am . a combination of all languages are spoken. Marhaba .E. a combination of both Arabic and English are prevalent. and are common greetings through the United Arab Emirate (U. A few of the greetings that would be helpful to a tourist or businessman would be: 1).).). which is headquartered in Vienna. In the cities of Abu Dhabi. is Arabic. Bengali. With the influx of other Expatriates from other countries in the region. 4). 5). and in the other 5 emirates. 8).E. and Dubai. and Farsi are spoken throughout the United Arab Emirate (U.P.). Shukran Jazeela . the phrases are in Arabic translated to English.E. which is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries of the Middle East. very much.).goodbye.A. Tamil. is an ancillary language also spoken in the United Arab Emirate (U. Wa alaykum as salam . however in the outer lying areas. 3).No. Tagalog.you’re welcome. 7). The United Arab Emirates (U.A. 6).. Urdu.A. other languages like Punjabi.peace be with you.yes.and peace be with you.E.E.

A.A.). The numbers come to roughly 96 percent. You will also hear this referred to as. The end of Ramadan is marked by Eid al-Fitr.A. one of the five pillars of Islam.).) are based on the Islamic religion. and traditions of the Islamic religion. traditions. and Buddhism. it is not uncommon for any business to be in operation in the entire Middle East. and there is ample room to pray.A. Although in the firm’s business venture.E. all activities for the Muslim worshipper is halted or stopped to send up supplications to the Muslim deity. where there is no eating of food during daylight hours.). until the next prayer call. During daylight hours on liquids can be consumed. are just a few of the common practices. which is observed to mark the end of the month of Ramadan.A. common courtesy and polite behavior are prevalent in the United Arab Emirate (U. These customs of traditions fall in line with the customs. and the aroma of sugarless coffee. unpack a prayer rug. Christianity. Customs and traditions like eating with the right hand when enjoying local cuisine.) is very similar to that of other Middle Eastern countries. practiced as a constant reminder of the Muslim faith. which for Muslims around the world is a significant and historic event. Many of the 4. The tradition and culture of the United Arab Emirate (U.to . most of which are Muslims. Hinduism. and the remaining 4 percent represents other religions. food can be eaten. and courtesies practiced daily in United Arab Emirate (U. Saudi Arabia. During these prayer calls. the Muslim will roll up his / her prayer rug.E.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. pack it away.E. or the festival of fast breaking. and after night falls. Many of the customs and (3) tradition of the United Arab Emirates (U. As with many cultures.). you should direct company operations in observance to these Middle Eastern customs. which include.E.6 million people in the united Arab emirate practice the religion of Islam. wash their hands. courtesies.A. Other traditions include events such as the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca. It is not uncommon to a citizen of the United Arab Emirates (U. Islamic. and prostate to the Muslim deity. Other daily observance is prayer call where Muslims pray 5 times per day. Ramadan or fasting during the month of Ramadan is an event that lasts approximately 30 calendar days. anywhere there is a suitable area where a prayer rug can be unrolled.’ . The men are the dominate gender in the country. Once prayer all is complete. and resume day . and courtesies. In fact it is probably the most significant event on the Muslim calendar.E.day activities. and are the basis of a good Muslim life.E. company employees are not Muslim. During the Hajj.

The headscarf will cover the head. The women dress. worn over their normal. of the United Arab Emirate (U.A. hand gestures. Greetings.A. and it is worn with a red checkered or white head (4) Wrap called a Gutra.E.A. remember to eat with the right hand ).A. and use of the left hand can be considered offensive when doing business with an Arabian of the United Arab Emirate (U.). ( however when you do eat.E. usually white in color. The garb worn by the men is called Dishdasha or Khandura. more than anything else. The robe will be accompanied by a headscarf for public wear.A. In fact.E.A. specifically the Arab nations throughout the Middle East. behaviors. Tourist and businessmen are not expected to conform to the local dress code while they are in country. ethics. Communications are also important to a good business environment. A few of the things that you do not want to do is.). Customs. however they are expected to respect the local customs. and communications. In addition to appearances.E.E.) and could prove unfavorable in this firms business ventures in this country.E.).A.A. traditions. pointing.). One of the most obvious customs or courtesies is the garb worn by the men and women of the United Arab Emirate (U. and show responsibility for their dress choices of appearances as long as they are engaged in a public environment.E. speaking or inquiring about .E. which is a long black robe.). traditions. Doing business in the Arab world is different than doing business in the western world due to the behaviors. all play a vital role in the conduct of business in the United Arab Emirate (U.) will wear the black Abaya. Usually. a tourist or businessman can wear just about anything they like. behaviors are probably the most important aspect of doing business in the United Arab Emirate (U. (which I have already covered in this country brief).). body language. giving of gifts. the mouth. A violation of these behavior’s constitute a form of not observing the local customs and courtesies of the United Arab Emirate (U. This head wrap is commonly seen throughout the Arab world.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. and leave only the eyes exposed. and standards of the United Arab Emirate (U. The Gutra is basically a tribal head wrap. everyday clothing. eating certain foods. courtesies. shirt dress.E.A. the women of the United Arab Emirate (U. in the Arab world. This garb is a full length. dress differently than the women of the western world. (which include body language and gestures).) middle eastern businessman.

will lead to a very unpleasant business venture in the United Arab Emirate (U. traditions. In conclusion. visits or telephone calls from family and friends during business meetings.E.E. for this firm.). speaking during periods of silence.E. often the one that your are speaking to. .) 12 March 2012. usually the important business man is the one sitting next to that businessman. the health of a wife of daughter. (U. and current business meetings. who is silent and listens to everything that is said. if a leader for this firm or any other firm who seeks to do business in the United Arab Emirate (U. and helpful points to remember are when speaking to a businessman about business details. after you meeting is complete is a consideration as to whether or not your counterpart elects to do business with our firm.A. complaining about the number of interruptions. This holds true in the United Arab Emirate. in relation to your understanding of basic. Other means of communications.E. (5) is not the most important businessman in the meeting. courtesies. To not adhere to these customs.A.A.E.A.) is to be a leader in this country then he/she absolutely has to do all of the points covered in this country brief. common courtesies. and traditions. . Often business decisions are not made instantly. standards.). and will likely lead to a leader being replaced or reassigned somewhere else in the companies area of operation.United Arab Emirate (U.David T. but require follow up and follow through to have a successful business venture. It is important to note here that the afterthoughts of your business counterparts.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U.) not only in present. but also in consideration of future business ventures.A. and observance of the same. Williams * Country Brief .

NY.E. New York: Marshall Cavandish Corp /Ccb.) https://www.Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. with a minor in history. CIA World fact book: (2010) United Arab Emirate (U.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ae.cia.). 2012.A.html . Retrieved: March 8.html *David Tavoris Williams: Bachelors of Science (BSL) Liberal Arts. Albany.E. Master’s Certificate (MC) Commercial and Government Contract Management with an emphasis in Lean Six Sigma. Villanova . 2012 http://memory. The Library of Congress: (Jan 1993) Country Studies Retrieved: March 8. Benesh.gov/frd/cs/aetoc.loc. (6) References GPO. Gina Crocetti (2008) Culture shock! United Arab Emirates: A survival guide to customs and etiquette. Tarrytown. Excelsior College.A.

Villanova. Masters of Science in Management (MSM) (Present) Acquisition and Supply Chain Management. PA.A.E. MD. Adelphi.).Culture Briefing for United Arab Emirates (U. University. (7) .

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