BUSINESS IDEA: To start an international board school in Ahmedabad. REASONS TO START SCHOOL:  A Growing market – Awareness for quality international school growing  No of students in Gujarat are 7712359 and no of IB schools are only 4in Ahmedabad so great scope for IB schools in Ahmedabad.  No stress of unsold inventory & wastage  A positive working environment  Respect from the community  Holidays as per your children’s holidays  High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children’s lives  Easy work timings  Prime commercial location not required HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SCHOOLS?      It is more practical based It focuses on knowledge Its strategy is “how to learn” There are no prescribed textbooks in IB schools No exams till 9th standard

MAJOR COMPETITORS:  Mahatma Gandhi international school  Ahmedabad international school  Olive green international school

KIND OF BUSINESS:  It is going to be partnership form of business  There will be three to four partners managing the school LOCATION OF SCHOOL:.The location for school would be VASTRAPUR  Reasons for selecting Vastrapur -place available was adequate -commercial area with all needed facilities available BUSINESS COSTING:  Land cost-14.25 CRORES SOURCES OF FINANCE:  Owners capital: 12 crores  Loan :5 crores  Borrowed capital(from relatives): 8 crores .2 Crores  Total Fixed Cost : 24.2 Crores  Total COST.5 crores  Internal set-up: 1 Crores  Permission and Licenses: 2 Crores  Promotion and advertisement: 1 Crores  Market Research : 2 Crores  Vehicle : 2.5 crores in vastrapur  Infrastructure cost 1.

LIMITATIONS:     Problems in getting accreditation of international board Issues in getting license from government Getting the place in the location decided Getting highly qualified teachers in the school for the children so that proper knowledge can be provided as this board is new. so it is hard to get that the same. .

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