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Labour Protest, Agitation & Violence

Labour Protest, Agitation & Violence

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Published by Ashish Goyal

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Published by: Ashish Goyal on Mar 11, 2012
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agitation & violence Factors responsible for protest & violence Indian Cases Global Cases Aftermath of protest and violence Role of Management Conclusion .        agitation & violence Forms of protest.Presentation Content:  Introduction to the poetics of protest.

Agitation and Violence  Protest expresses relatively overt reaction to events or situations: sometimes in favor. compelling action against one's will on pain of being hurt .  Violence is the expression of physical or verbal force against self or other. or may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves. though more often opposed.  Agitation is referred as emotional state of excitement and restlessness. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly and forcefully making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy.Poetics of Protest.

The right to freedom of assembly can include the right to protest.Forms of Protest & Right to Protest  Public demonstration and public rally  Direct action. . No human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to protest. street protests. letters  Boss-snapping  The right to protest is a perceived human right arising out of a number of recognized human rights. picketing.petitions.protest march. lockdowns . strikes  Written demonstration.

Factors behind protest. and violence  Insensitive handling of labor by management  (Un)Failed Mergers & Acquisitions  Restructuring &Downsizing.lay-offs  Wage inequality & deteriorating working conditions . agitation.

What happened at Rico. Joy George. Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Graziano Transmissioni India Pvt Ltd. under similar circumstances in September 2009  Another such shocking incident which captured global attention was the beating to death of the CEO of another car parts company situated in the Noida Industrial Zone near Delhi a year ago . in September 2008 allegedly by dismissed employees  And the more recent murder of the VP – HR of Pricol. Cummins & Pricol?  The gruesome killing of Lalit Choudhary.

was attacked as he was leaving the factory under police escort.Contd. a deputy general manager at Rico. .  Sanjiv Arya..

. at a plant that makes parts for Toyota and GM.Contd. resulted in the iron rod attack (and death) of the 46 year old HR manager.  At Cummins India Ltd. Kothrud Plant. after anger over a wage freeze. one General Manager was injured and hospitalized  At Omax Autos about 700-800 workers are still on strike  At Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HSMI). India. . Gurgaon workers were on strike  50 union members were arrested in Coimbatore..

and Nortel in France  Nortel announced 1.300 layoffs after posting a $ 3.Global Incidents  Violence in Coca-Cola’s Labor Subcontracting System in China  Lack of ethics and transparency from the management has resulted in kidnappings of managers at 3M.4 billion quarterly loss and as a consequence the employees threatened to blow up their plant with gas canisters . Caterpillar.

a significant body of subcontracted or dispatched workers—who face frequent wage arrears and even cutbacks on their pay—exists in Coca-Cola’s Chinese factories. Referring to the Implementing Rules for the China’s Labor Contract Law. otherwise.  Dispatched workers are employed by agencies. effective September 2008. supporting or replaceable positions. which send them to fill “temporary. they must sign full labor contracts with them.Contd.. .” according to Article 66 of China’s Labor Contract Law. it further stipulates that companies shall not use dispatched workers for more than six months.  Regardless of whether it is the high or low production season.

.Contd.  Worse yet. frequently clocking 12 hour shifts including weekends. many dispatched workers are forced to do overtime work.  In practice. Worker interviewees also reported dangerous workplace conditions. . with some working more than 300 hours a month—almost doubling the normal working hours. particularly around the way forklift trucks were being used. Some of them have toiled in the bottling factories for as long as 10 years—far exceeding the legally allowable limit. The interviewed Coca-Cola dispatched workers are responsible for core or indispensable processing positions. Coca-Cola’s blatant violations of Chinese labor laws are systemic.

Microtech. Endurance and Hema Engineering. Sunbeam Auto. with facilities in the region have been feeling the heat over the past few months . vendors such as Rico Auto.Aftermath of strikes  At HSMI the strike has resulted in a loss of 100 crore with production unit slowing down from 2000 units per day to 600 unit  Monthly sales at HSMI which had been posting one-lakh two wheelers had slipped to 85.000 units  Apparently.

 “When India is on a growth path.” . We need to reflect this seriously and put in every effort to prevent such happenings in future.Contd.. Industrial growth will get affected and will in turn affect employment. incidents of this nature will dampen investor confidence. When foreign investors are looking at us. this is not a good sign.

Proactive role of management-labor relations  Setting up of Joint Management Council  To hold joint meetings of representatives of labor unions at monthly intervals  Exhaustive employee surveys across all facilities to understand what employees think and conduct workshops on implementing changes wherever necessary  Managing diversity and inclusiveness of employees .

union or workers and the Government ..  Establishing two-way communication  Any issue can be resolved through a tri- partite discussion — involving the employer.Contd.

but it never will be legitimate . .. and the end justifying the means is immediate". because the danger is not only clear but also present. No one questions the use of violence in self-defence. "Violence can be justifiable. Its justification loses in plausibility the farther its intended end recedes into the future..

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