Flood Report in Thailand

Thailand is facing worst floods in more than 50 years. It’s the biggest problem now that government needs to solve. So let’s get back to the beginning of this flood. In May 11, Lamphun and Lampang province faced the worst flood in more than 70 years. In June 13, there is still large amount of water in northern part of Thailand. In June 28, there are heavy rains in Nan, Phrae, and Mae-sot district. While the water flow into Sukhothai until the water level became 80 cm all over the province. In July 21, there is heavy rain in Tak province. At that time, Nakornsawan, Chainat, Lopburi, Ayutthaya, and Pathumthani province is not yet flooded. Until August-September, every dam in northern Thailand let flow the water off in nearly the same time. And the unstoppable flood begins… The flood affects people’s life a lot. Some areas in Bangkok that not yet flood and can be prepared, people busily go out to buy foods because there’s flooded around the areas in Bangkok so the trucks that carry the foods can’t come in. Most people protect their houses by placing the sand bags or bricks in front of their houses so that the water doesn’t come inside. Some did not believe that the flood will come to their house areas so they did not prepare anything so their whole house has gone. And some escape the flood to the nearby province like me  In Bangkok, I lived in condominium at 7th floor so I don’t need to be worry that the flood will come inside my room. I escape to Huahin, because I have a condominium there. Maybe I am safe from the flood but I still update the news by watching TV or search it in internet because the flood is the country problem. I am still scare that my house at Rama II will flood because I did not protect anything, only move the furniture to 2nd floor. Anyway, what we can do now is “Pray for Thailand”.

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