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Web GIS Syllabus

This class assumes that you have already become proficient with desktop GIS, so that you already know about map layers and how to assemble and render them for use. Web-based GIS has many limitations. It only allows users to navigate around in and query a pre-assembled GIS. In this class, you learn how to assemble a GIS for the Web using the ArcIMS package. Include are map composition, GIS Web server administration, and use of Web GIS Most of the lab time is spent on building a land-parcel GIS for the city of Pittsburgh. It includes many map layers including deeded land parcels, building footprints, street curbs and centerlines, parks, water ways, and many more layers. Day 1: Overview of Web GIS Short lecture on Web GIS including demos of on-line GIS provided by government agencies. Tutorial on adding and rendering map layers to a Web GIS. Day 2: Continuing the Tutorial Symbolizing layers, classifying continuous variables for choropleth mapping. Building and enabling map services on the GIS server. Day 3: Finishing and Using the Web GIS Finishing the tutorial Exercises querying the finished map, zooming in, panning, etc.

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