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1) Age ? a) below 20 c) 30-40 2) Customer profile? a)self employed c) house wife 3)Family Income (Monthly) a)below 10,000 c)30,000-50,000 b)10,000 -30,000 d)above 50,000 b) service d) student b) 20-30 d)above 40

4) How far do u stay from Big Bazzar ? a) 1-2 km c )3-4 km b) 2-3 km d) Above 4 km

5) How frequently do you visit Big Bazaar a)Daily c) monthly b)weekely d)on need basis

6) How do u come to know about Big Bazzar ? A)newspaper b)hoardings c) radio d) emails & sms e) friends and relatives f) any other source

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