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Arlinda Henderson Abstract for Participation: Interdisciplinary Conference on Personal and Shared Intentions 05/02/2012 Infinite Inspiration Through

the Other It is the concept of individual freedom that employs us to see ourselves as separate from, nature and guardians of the ethical. This gives rise to individual subjectivity as one of the most important philosophical questions of modernity. Kants separation of the noumenal and phenomenal into a quantifiable world left the morally good stranded in the individual, unfertilized. The ability to judge beauty does seem to point to an explanation of what sets humans apart, but truth cannot be found in what or how we think, especially as it relates to judgment via reason. Humans are in the midst of the natural world; we are wholly natural, as is all that we create. Derrida erases the categorical lines between nature and the artificial on any ground of truth derived from reason. However, if there is nothing outside of the text, and the text changes, then, it must change from within, but this is the very within that Derrida finds too subjective to create any new truths. Kants disinterestedness in the object didnt transcend to the subject. Levinas dislodges Kants morally good from the mind of the individual and transfers Heideggers Being from becoming, to responsibility for and to the Other.