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«nwiey STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER 2007 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT 2OOTMAY 1S PH 1) “Ta Finacial Diecosire Sloman rear by he Eies n Goverment Al 178s amended, The Sloman wb ave fo any reqasing parson {upon won appication and wl be reviewed by the Conmito on Standards cf Oil Conc ots dosignon oe, Ary vival wo knowingly and uly eos Pah dy a yt on rt ye Subject Sl ponties and cial sanctions (S005 U.S.C pp. 4, $108 and BUS. g100N, and all attached schedules are true, complete and ‘comrect to the best of my oli. I pprnNPnINNUDnmnnnmrnnnrrnDTrr rere errr creer eee eeeese reese te chests A Ulge Se SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME LUst the source, type, and amount of eamed income from any source (other than the filer’s current employment by the U.S. Government) totaling $200 or ‘preceding calendar year. For a spouse, list the source and amount of any honoraria; ist only the sou For payments to charity in leu of honorarla, use Schedule t. tame Choades A. Mi sen So {race Zot 1 SCHEDULE ll — PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA Liste source, ety Ge, spech, appearance, al) dat, ard amount tery payment made bythe sponsor of an evento a chaste ergnizaon in few of an honorarium. A separate confidential fist of charities receiving such payments must be filed directly with the Committee on Standards of Oficial Conduct. An vec fr vanaritig te a's edad each Members ry actage ‘This poge may be copled If more apace is required.