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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | FORMA Pose tot FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 | Foruse by Members, ofcers, and employees HAND DELIVERED ATIVE RESOURCE CENTER. ae Franc Wot Fl Nar) a OO MAY IZ AMIEI2 Wt 241 Cannon House Offce Bung Washington, OC 20515 202-225-5196 1s argc — Ter |e NemadieUs. Sau VA fier Or Empaying Oe Ee, |*Scomranes Sane — |" eee fn ~ Ta Temaion Satz ‘pe |2 Aersalay 15) | Amenament |) Terinton PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE GUESTIONS SS ee TS Se a EEE eo 16) eg] © LER ve Cw ye, complete ad tach Sched Iie compa tach Schade V ‘ayn nto an Ss Sy Tt See amecamaas ) I Sy gw SE Sar | EE emanate See te ere 1 Sea cansarmer —— . eer GRRE. veg wg] ee ‘ne {ore than $1080 atte ond af te prio? wm Oy weo re a tyensomie tach ed eee eee mamger | Sister a arom ———-] Seen wome Feiegententoaee . tei nd enc eau ‘8 Coeaaaee tt aaoraaarane ; 1 Sea ey eee! Y= 2) enquaton i rut need and prope eyo, computa an wach Sree V. ‘schedule attached for each "Yes" responce, EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: ‘Trusts- Deal roaring "alia tnd Trust” approvedby the Contin on Standards of Oficial Conduct and cvtan oer “encod {eat reed note cose. Hive you exloie fom ths teers of suche ust beneing You, your spaces oréapence YS C) NOW [Exemptions tiave you exuded from this report any other sete, “uneamed income, transactions, or sbiltes of a spouse or dopendent child Doceue they meet el ee et foranemptn? Ye oe CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED “Ths Frencel Dears Serer reahey be Pcin Gaver Ac of 7, sarees. The Sate lb sya any reanng paren spon wien iste awl rove oye Carries ov Sandon of Oa Cnt rt Sagan Any fi ne erty wa ate, NOY 4 ‘Theta nots sen nay bcaecto ot pre ncna anaes fue SUS gp 04 OUSE TOD a —— a sioner | ed _ Hie 12, 2006 SCHEDULE lI ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME [owe — co 7 = |= maa Tome ‘Aasot andlor income Source YoarEnd | Type ofincome | Amount of income | Transaction Malue of Asset | tcmucaormn specy | scene tatsomtatow | trues Sepmectaconesy” | ewsemeene™ | Peuare Simeon sre | Loot et | Steet mie | Sree ra | mes Seay | Someeeneces Eman | Sarma Seer om, fattema eas sora ‘Sine Seno St aon tc neo a, oer yy tat a mt one eta Scope sees tsar Franklin VA TaxcFree Income $i5001- | DMIDENDS | $1,001 82.500 Fund $50,000 ohn Hancock Lif ins. Co $50,001. | DIVIDENDS | 5001-81500 | | Venture Annuty (holdings $100,000 detailed in attached pages) - (ame change from Manufacturers Life Ins.Co) Harford Leader Pus Vaible $250,001- | DIVIDENDS | $16,001-$60.000 | | Siete cccaes 2a inattaghed paget) _ U.S. Savings Bonds $1,001 - $15,000) INTEREST $201 - $1,000 | 7 08eg vo kowung sBneH won 18206 suompojesuotesoye au lk Same un jour 0 obey OFPMING Aa SOIR OKO EEE OS * ye TMs nypey7 povedaig YOSNOdS AGINGTIOA CSO Pry