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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Tatars Seal Tonal slenda Sense Ota ae) NN Eso Wyden Ronald L. 2006 Wyden Sojais cs Aiore Number, Soea Cy, Sate wad ZP Coge)_| Sarat tes Talis None aia Aas Ga] Tania BS “Termination Date (oma 223 Dirksen SOB, Washington DC 20510 a SSF AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART. Pi ice gers] ET 202-224-5244 Dic you, your spouse, or dapendent chid receive any reportable Wavel or reimbursements for travel in te repoting period (Le, worth more than '$305 from one source)? Ll IF Yes, Complete and Attach PART VI Did any individual or organization make a donation to charity in leu of ppaying you for a speech, appearance, or article in the reporting period? Yes, Complete and Attach PART |, Die you or your spouse have earned income (@.., salaries or Tess) or non- investment income of more than $200 from any reportable source inthe reporing periog? ites, Complete and Attach PART lees Did you, your spouse, or dependent child hold any reportable asset worth more than $1,000 at the end ofthe period, or receive unearned or | investment income of more than $200 in the reporting period? if¥es. Complete & Attach PART IIA andlor IB Did you, your spouse, or dependent child purchase, sel or exchange any reportable asset worth more than §1,000 in the reporting period? If Yes, Complete and Attach PART IV, id you, your spouse, or dependent cid cole any eporable GH Te reporting period (e., aggregating more than $306 and not otherwise exempt)? t IP¥es, Complete and Attach PART. Did you, your spouse, or dependent child have any reportable labilty (more than $10,000) during the reporting period? If Yes, Complete and Attach PART VIL Did you hold any reportable positions on or before the date of fling in the ‘current calendar year? If Yes, Complete and Attach PART Vill, De ya have any reportable sgremontoraangement whan ouside entity? Yes, Complete and Attach PART IX. t ILthis is your FIRST Report: Did you receive compensation of more than ,000 from a single source in the two prior years? If Yes, Complete and Attach PART X. J File this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public Records, Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for filing more than 30 days after due date. This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1976, as amended, The statement wil be made avallable 2y the Office of the Secretary of the Senate to any requesting person upon written application and will be reviewed by the Select Committee on Ethics. Any individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies, or who knowingly and wilfully fails to file this report may be subject to civil and xtiminal sanctions, (See 5 U.S.C. app. 6, 104, and 18 U.S.C. 1001 Gerticaton ‘Signature of Reporing inawaual CERTIFY that tho statements 7 ave made on ths form and a tached schedules are tue, ‘omplete and correct tothe best of For Official Use Only -Do Not Write Below This Line Ts the Option ofthe rovawor tar ‘Signature of Reviewing Offeal 8 statements made inthis form ‘Sincaplnce wet foto thesia ovo ht px Dae (on, Day. Yea) Nay (5, 2007 Date (Wont Day, Vea) 82: Wd ST AYH LO Taping na ols Nae PART I. EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME : Report the source (name and address), type, and amount of earned income to you from any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period For your spouse, report the source (name and address) and type of earned income which aggregate $1,000 or more during the reporting period. No amount needs to be specified for your spouse. (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part 8 of Instructions.) Do not report income from employment by the U.S. Government for you or your spouse. Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: For you and /or your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, give the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Do not include payments in lieu of honoraria reported on Part I vane oe Sores nes Sa 1| Strand Box Store, Inc (spouse) New York City, NY Over $1,000 3] Bass Book Trading, Inc. (spouse) New York City, NY Salary ‘Over $1,000 ee ee | Taparg maooaTe Nae BLOCKA Identity of Publicly Traded Assets ‘And Unearned Income Sources Report the complete name of each publicly traded asset held by you, your spouse, or your dependent child, (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of instructions) for production of income or investment which: (1)had a value exceeding $1,000 at the close of the reporting period; andlor (2) generated over $200 in “unearned” income during the reporting period. Include on this PART IIIA a complete identfication of each public bond, mutual fund, publicly traded partnership interest, excepted investment funds, bank accounts, excepted and qualified blind trusts, and publicly traded assets of a retirement plan. TBM Core. (51058) Valuation of Assets At ne close of reporting period None, or less than $1005, BLOCK, Type and Amount of Income "None (or ass than $201) is Checked, no other ents needed in Block C for tha item. This Includes income received accrued Io the benef ofthe indivi Type of Income “Amount of Income TTT 3500, {$1,000,001 - $5,000,000 $5,000,007 - $25,000,000 '$25,000,00% - $50,000,000 ‘None (or loss than $1,001) ‘$1,001 - $15,000 ‘$15,001 $50,000 ‘$500,001 — $7,000,000 '$50,00% - $100,000 ‘$100,007 - $250,000 ‘Over $7,000,000 $250,001 Dividends Rent +t Other (Speci Type) Excopied Investment Fund ‘None (or less than 3201 - $7,000 $5,001 “$15,000 315/001 - $50,000, {$50,001 - $100,000 $100,001 - $7,000,000 ‘Over $7,000,000" ‘$1,000,001 - $5,000,000 ‘Over $5,000,000 $2,501 - $5,000 i (Quali 4 Evaree Required Specified} ‘Actual Amount it ‘Other" ‘crore = Example: O¢ oo (5) Keystone Fund Home Depot, nc (stock) “Lice oon +H x| Erampie | X 2 | Merrill Lynch Deposit Program U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union Money Market Account 4] U.S. Savings Bonds Series | U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union Gold ‘Source Checking Account 8 | US. Treasury 4 Week Bill 7 | Schwab Market Track Growh (held By Lily ‘Ann Wyden Educational Trust) 3] Schwab Money Fund (held by Lily Ann Wyden Educational Trust) >] PAX World Balance Fund (held by Lily Ann Wyden Educational Trust) o| Schwab Money Fund (neld by Adam Wyden Educational Trust) :XEMPTION TEST (soe insuctions Gefore marking box): you omitted any asset because it meets the tes par tea or exemption & “This category apples only ifthe asset iva hal ingepencenty by the spouse or Gepencert chi ed inte instructor, please check bax to the gh ithe ast inwas either Pld by the fer or ony hel, use the otha ealogones of value, as appropiate O