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LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 — Albert A.W, eo auio Enterp ee RS fo 203.35 IND DELIVERED yey Mitchel luy sie Ree Bie “OE i oe Se ere thon aye 9) [Te nerrn [Do senvsion PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EAGH OF THESE QUESTIONS 1 yg) ose Pave ern ime ag. seg TW, Baleieeeron os areas pay, ante: feta any asain Pepsin eto” gl sree tose suring re tyes omplte watch Schade =" Yes] vol] censiisSelacemncsoneyy*- saree Yes] nol ies; complts end tach Sched Vi = 7 i i ay ead oganeaton mae dostion cay in WL pou yu ecu, opens td ie ay toate ¢cbataaatie i ae FEEEORE wenn tecame ome fhe ta 00 te pry pated ot aang ee ERE ‘ami ens meisnoees '$3,000 aurng the reportng * iPSAt ane. tet ere aca aaa ~O-a Sane" AO ag (games vel] oF ves] no| EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ee es ees ete yergactraeeme marae vemos val] wo RETIN ec oth ean eran, sarc nt iin easter cred cima} Yel] no CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED “This Financial Disdosure Stloment i required by ie Eos in Goverment Act of 1978, as amended, The Statement wl be aval fo any veqesipapeson upon wit application and wil be reviewed by be Cerio cn Standards af Of Condut ort alge. Ary ind wno kewl awful aes, ‘reno knowing a wily fa et opt may beet oc pera nctors (See 5 USC. agp. 4,104 and USC. § 1001) ‘SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME st he source, ype, and emount feared income fem any source (other than the flrs current employment by tho US. Goverment ang $200 or more during We preceding calor yea. For a spouse, Ist he source ar amount of any Ponorava¥t ony the sou for ote spouse warned income excaoding $1,000. Source saree | oa Cony aoe Eatin - [ome Alivort R. Wjnns paae Lo Prince Georges’ County Public Scheols For payments to char eeu of honors ure Sed SCHEDULE ll — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME wme Albert RNY nw ow Bulb Type of income Cchack a aun th 095, |v Ml For nbtional asst acd unearned income, ue nest pase.