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2007 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Foruse by Members, officers, and employees LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTEP 207 MAY 15 PM 2:04 FORMA THE cheaK EPRESENTATIVES, ohn A. Yarmouth S008 Ma Yuna Jr. Figtaney rods (reek KY $0027 202-225:5Y0) aye Tore Hime DELIVEREL (0tfc2 Use Only) A $200 penalty shall be assessed T, Did you or yout spouse have “eared” Income (e.g, salaries or foes) ot $200 or more from any source in the reporting period”? yes, complete and attach Schedule | against anyone who files more than 30 days late. Wid you, your spouse, ora dopandontchidroaave any reportable git in the reporting period (8. aggregating mare than $208 and notatherwice exempt)? yes, complete and attach Schedule VI Did any individual or orgaization maka a donation to chatiy leuot paying yau tora speech. appearance. orarico mine reporting pored? Ife, complete and attach Schedule. I Did yu, your spouse, ora depandent cid receive “unearned” Income orig ba $660 ine eporp pared or Fold any reportable ascet worth more than $1 00a ais er othe period? {Wyes, compote and atach Schedule i IV. De you, your spouse, or epandent cis purchase, sa, creschngo any reportable sect a ansacton enced Bi oo ange eprint ives, complete and attach Schedule V. Di you your spouse. ora dependent chid have any reporabio Yow ore Har 86.86 dr report pond Itye8/ compete and attach Schedule ‘TRUSTS—Dolails regarding “Qualified Blind Trusts" approved by the Committee on Standards of Oficial Conduct and cartaln other “excepted trusts” need not bbe disclosed, Have you excluded from this report details of such a rust benefiting you, your spous, or dependent child? VI. Did you, your spouse, or a dopendent child receive any resortable travel or reimbursements for travel in he reporting period worth more than $808 from one source)? {i yes, complete and attach Schedule Vil, Vil. Did you hold any reportable positions on or before the ‘dae of fitng in the cuent calendar year? IWyee, complete and attach Schedule Vil. TE, Bey Rv any epoabeapesment or arangerert ivan date oy Hfoacomplte and atach Schedule X eo] Be Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. ‘meet ll three tests for exemption? 1 CERTIFY that the statements | have made on this form Gal atacnod.sensavis are tron, complete ard [Tiedt to the bet of my knowledge and beta Ta EXEMPTION—Have you excludes trom this cepor any other assets, “unearned income, transactions, or abilities of a spouse or dependent child because hey This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended. The Statement will be available to any requesting person upon written application and wil be reviewed by the Committee on Standards of Oficial Conduct or its designee. Any individual who knowingly and wilfuly falsifies, ‘or who knowingly and wilfully tails to Wile this report may be subject to civil penalties and criminal sanctions (See § U.S.C. app. 4, §1 }04 and 18 U.S.C. § 1001). A MA ‘SCHEDULE Ill — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME BLOOK A BLOCK B BLOCK G BLocK D BLOCK E Asset and/or Income Source Value of Asset Type Amount of Income ransaction| ‘entity (a) each asset nels for investment | at close of reporting year. of Income For retiement plans or accounts that |indcate it the ‘or production otincome witha fair marset value do not allow you to choose specitic Jasset nad ‘exceeding $1,000 at the end of the reporting it ee te . ae ee Check all columns that apply. | investments, you may write "NA" for aaeicas te) period. and (b) any other asset or source other than fair market value ne" asset did not | Invomo. For all ofver ascots, inateato purchases (P), Krcormo which pera move thay $200 please speaty the method used. Check "None" If asset di not] The "category of income By checking |sales (8). or “Unaarmat nese tig the your Fr onal generate any income during | the soweSonkus vox boow Owens Pigoetty orang proidean adress Prowde | Wan asset was sold ands noused | he caondar year {he appropriate Box below: Divider loxchanges (E) titnanfes gfaiy mutvel tunds, For a salt oh exchange rang of any mutual funds Fora salt | only because it generated income, fs" income, check “None” if no ° omar to aol’ i spoctle vests) | the value should be "None." income was received s1009 n Brovice jatormation an aach acer in the ea ‘account that exceeds the reporting threshold, pores ‘ag te ncore cared tore nooo Fr an ‘Ra orretrement plan tat snot selected mame eet hang fhe Seu sd rovite Ke value at tho rd of he Tope Benoa, Foran actye busness nate ratupiey | 8|®|C| 2) © |F |G traded, in Siock A ste the name of Re Dotlaade, dh nate of be business, sd is ‘eoorapti econ For acitona seman, Soet%re nstrocton bovket Yor te roporng year ! Ww) Vv) vil vilvin oe) x [a Exclude: Your personal esidence(s) (unless there Is rental income), any debt owed to you! ‘by your spouse, o° by your or yout spouse's ‘hig, parent, oF sioing? any deposts tetaing '$5,060 or less in personal savings accounts Any Tinancial Intestin of income Gorved Tom U7 (Government retcement programs. = $6,000,000 It you 80 choose, you may indicate that an fasset or income source fs that of your spouse (SP) or dependant chia (00) cr ls jaily Meld (JT), inthe optional column on the tat tet $1,000 $1,001 - $16,000 EXCEPTED/BLINO TRUST $5,000,001 ~ $25,000,000 = $50,000, $500,001 ~ $1,000,000, ‘$300,001 - $1,000,000 ‘51,000.00 $250,001 ~ $500,000 ‘ver $80,000 00 SNORE DIVIDENDS (CAPITAL GAINS, $201 - $7,000 %] 81001 ~ 82.500 $5,007 $15,000 ‘515,001 ~ $90,000 ‘$50,007 ~ $100,000 ‘Geer $5,600,000, RENT INTEREST 8200 None (Sonaty- For Example, Parnarship hcome ce Far Inco (otner Type at income There >| $50,001 — $100,000 | 3] es Cop Sox | 0, | éxarpies! [Snort ite — a | ‘tarot Pack ac x x { x ‘Geli ns Cet heurints) x leat Pes Conner $ x 3P| BBT Ceammen sick) | | | Abt shin a bh ae i) iit x Fifth Third Bok @cc ou; | xk | Rete | 1, COrendey, be lard] || x x x x Tears \Voqohhiee | x! Bee x >< be >< For additional assets and unearned income, use next page. SCHEDULE II! — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME [ume hn A. Yermod ——_| Continuation Sheet (if needed) Abn A Yarmoth BLOCK A BLOCK B BLock D Asset and/or Income Source Near-End Type Amount of income Value of Asset ‘$1/060,007 ~ $6,000,000 5 EXCEPTEDBLIND TRUST $100,004 - $1,000,000 ‘Over $5,000,000, Bie