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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORMA sare] HAND DELIVERED FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 __Feruso by Members, ofcers, and employeus_|'. oy rive RESOURCE CENTER C.W, Bile ee ae — 7 — — | memny 12 AN IO S2. 2407 Rayoum House Office Buleing Washington, DC 20515 202:225:5961 OFFICE OE TH” sing sees) iia ras 4 6 Onyy w Nomoto us: Sim FL ‘A $200 penalty shall louse of Representatives. Divan 10 be assessed against it = ===] anyone who fie Fiter Status Report ] z ‘more than 30 days Type. al May 15) Amendment | Termination ite INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS LSet hom sysoucnisns paring potest vay Ho gy] ME Seietrme te pepo now na atone Yes |) No | ys, compte and ach Sonecie |e amit and atch Scbeae “| any niin ar arpeatn mat sein yn ‘ys yu puso Sepa cl ci rl reese eerie Yes [hog Mt peortecbtetodenmaangprartareaeear tl” Yee] He | ys. complata and atach Schedule __” | ___insTeomplt an aac Scheu mortaietigemertmprsenyaratnameteee Yen y) (| Mh Sse Iyer complete ond tach Scecle __ foe _ ye, cmp and atch Shade a Sater enn of tpt pn high oy eee ean eae ‘mrss vanecon sang snare romne” Yas [) No ig) eT ve Now _Fieleenean nasa team, : ‘ep a te th jv. Bacarra tress Ver [5 Me) ach qusion inthis at must be anewarad ant appropriate ‘schedule attached for each "Yes" response. ve] Noe ‘Die egrdng“aulfeg Bnd Tarts" approved he Commies on Suds of cll Conduct wn can whe “oned ‘ust nod not be dled, Hive you exude rm ts opor ete of uch aus berating you yous spouse, oraepenaet_ YEE | NOV anger ar ayer eee eees amen i ve you exude ram tne apo any oer ase, “unearned” ince, ansoctons, fabs of» spouse or pendent ca eco toy ee a geen for exemption? ves) Now CERTIFICATION ~ THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED {plan angen oewaoy ne Corman snares hon Conduct rts Seen Arn a krona wi fase, whe hronny 2 ft eft hl eth ete eee Uae 7S ZL eee ‘SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME oa a oe a ot Asset andor income Source Yearend | Typeetincamo | Amountotincome | Tranection re ted nero a | occ | ernie | ec sir mara vals encoading $1200 atthe ond of te reporting penoa,, | Value of Asset ‘isted categories, specity | accounts that donot allow omer eomweere, | ccowonenmne, | eect” | arm eae oioas pommeareens [sorte |Raeticote” | fetta ce” eceren neat nance Roe | Ratinee | Temaae gore | Some pe {evestmants) provide formation on each asset nthe account at | valun please soacty | incor ox Farm income) | satagary st income Sy Saoceamneescr | ame + | Serco, Sapcmetmtrseemaene = | cremate Saco. Semceeeeetetemereeeriar | [omriass eo cee cmecomceererecss, | tesa Feri mana crcmemcegecms | ecm BaktatGeorees [ES pee omer Spat eer cee nen ems, nce stew: 0 Maal mares to come ceed em {Ottot your epoune (SP) or epee cif) ort et Eee ‘SP | Wright Patman Federal Credit | $1,001 - $15,000 NoneiNone | NONE | Union - IRA | | FT| wight Paiman Federal rodt ~iwrenesr | s201-st.000 tin