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How a massive object like an aeroplane can fly?

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Bernoulli`s Principle

What is Bernoulli`s Principle?

Bernoulli`s principle state that: When the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure of the fluid decreases.

When air is not blow into tube in the figure below, the level of water at X,Y and Z are same.

When air is blow into tube in the figure below, the level of water at X<Z<Y

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Bernoulli`s Principle
-Bernoulli`s principle state that when the speed of a fluid increases , the pressure of the liquid decreases. -Correlation between fluid speed and pressure in fluid

Archimedes Principle
-Archimedes relate with the object is wholly or partically immersed in a fluid , buoyant force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. -Correlation between buoyant force and weight object that immersed.

The Application of Bernoulli`s Principle:
(a)Dynamic lift of an aeroplane. -Figure below show a sequence of simulation of air flow
over an aerofoil-shaped wing that results in a lifting force on the wing.

What are the other application Of Benoulli`s principle?

Hydrofoil. Bunsen burner.

Vacuum pump.

Insecticide spray.

Carburettor in car.

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