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Please give five words that sum up your national identity (whether Scottish, British, or whatever)? ANSWER Hardworking, proud, brave, punctual, African/Scottish, British, European/Japanese, Asian, East Asian, Mugul/Proud, brave, hardworking, funloving, stubborn/citizen of the world, British, Jewish/citizen of the world, hate nationalism/A proud nation, but insecure/Scottish, haggis, Irn Bru, rain, Edinburgh castle/Scottish, whisky, Irn Bru, Edinburgh castle, Murrayfield stadium/Scottish, haggis, Irn Bru, rain, Edinburgh castle/Scottish, haggis, Irn Bru, rain, Edinburgh castle Female, punctual, reading novels, unemployed/Male,, work as a lecturer, father of a pretty girl called Nina, love swimming and spending time with people/male, student, brother, different cultures, bettering myself, football, films, rare things/experiences/female, student sister, interest in nature, animals, adaptive/reliable, male humourous, trustworthy, sociable, funloving, a reader, intelligent, open minded, easy going/socialist, pianist, writer, cook, male, loving, hard-working, dad/bubbly, outgoing, optimistic, socialist, woman, trade unionist/male, like work, timely, enjoy watching sport and gardening/female, horse-riding, college, brother, running, personality, music/female, daughter, granddaughter, sister, quiet, likes music, sport, drawing, good at time keeping/female, hockey, football, college, brother and sister, small, good personality, running/female, small, bubbly, football, sister, college, computer, cycling It is the way we do our things, eg how we dress, behave and the food we eat/it means a lot. It means differences/the culmination of a group

Please give up to ten words sum up your identity as a person? (for example, gender, personality, work, family, interests, etc.)

What does the word culture mean to you?

football/Rome. also European (though I know very little European-wise)/difference of the way of life. fights Slovakia blank/ far. cold/Ibsen. snow/education. basically the context in which we develop our humanity/interrelationship between people – society. music/music. art. and experiencing life/diversity/ civilized society/mostly high culture – music. arts.What forms of culture are you interested in? Using free association (the first word that comes into your head) please give two words that come to mind if you think of: of people’s way of life and of looking at. pasta/pasta. arts. all/from a country. football/renaissance./art. pasta/opera. fjords/suicides. what activities happen in countries/different things in different countries/different things that happen in each country Dressing. customs. food/all forms – especially those that appear the most ‘alien’ to me/easter. foreign/Freud. sports. literature. pizza Norway blank/hiking. history. Romans/passion. classical music. courteous/ blank/ Polish people/ Polish people/Polish people. language. religion. etc. but also cooking/language. bread/Copernicus. opera/opera. art. pasta/pizza. mainly East Asia. Chopin/World War. immigrants/Gdynia. efficiency/ blank/ blank/ blank/ blank Poland Warsaw/vodka. Bratislava/poor bit of . literature/all/music/art and music/music/music Word 1 Word 2 Italy – Rome. pizza/pizza. pasta/pasta. football/Sicily. Vikings/expensive. former Czechoslovakia/Czech?/East European. Europe/unrest.drakkars/Vikings. Chopin/Solidarnosc. Nazi occupation/industries. Norse legends/salmon. cheap/invaded by Germany. food/style. outgoing/pizza.

Agya Sofia/repression of Kurds/delight/ blank/ hot weather/turkeys/turkeys. baths/kebabs. but without progressing to segbregation and exclusion of people of different cultural identities/globalization has an effect on cultural difference. where? Turkey.Czechoslovakia/partners in project/ blank/Eurovision song contest/Eurovision song contest/Eurovision song contest. mathematicians/pipes. heat What aspect of the Kelvingrove Museum interested you the most? Do you have any comments you would like to make on cultural identity? It’s important to have a certain degree of a sense of cultural idneitity.blank/ colours/ pipes. fanatical football/bazaar. though I think people should have their cultural identity/interesting subject/should not be a barrier between those of different countries/ Any other comments? .