Pray and ask God to help you become more humble, kind, gentle, wise and loving.

These were all qualities of Jesus and he wants us to have them, too! March 11, 2012

Jesus was a teacher. He taught with His words and His actions. Imagine being taught by Jesus. What do you think He was like as a teacher? What would Jesus hope to teach you? Jesus teaches through the Bible. Read Matthew 5:1-12 as a reminder of Jesus’ teachings.

Practice your memory verse! You can find it in Ephesians 4:32. In March and April, the offering money you bring will help the Malawi Nursery School. Malawi is in Africa, so you will be sharing God’s love with children all around the world!

Look at your feet. Think about the places you walked today. Were you following in the footsteps of Jesus? Where else do you think God would like you to walk? To a neighbor’s home? To a kid’s desk at school? To a room in your home that needs some cleaning? Use your feet to follow Jesus and serve others.