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Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

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Published by DirkTheDaring11
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.

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Published by: DirkTheDaring11 on Mar 11, 2012
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Battle in the skes

Although the oficial IJS Goverment position

in 1956 was that UFOs had virtually

disappeared, this was mainly dom to the

CIA's debunking polcies. The truth was that

close alien encounters were continuing around

the world.

In the UK, on the night of August 13-14, 1956,
radar stations throughout East Anglia picked up

unusual targets moving from the Norh Sea
across Sufolk. One object was tracked on a

steady course westwards. The crew of a USAF
transport plane saw a yellow oval below. The

UFO was buzzing NATO defences at only 4000

G '\ -� tl E.\ \l o \nEtt

feet. At around midnight, Squadron Leader

Freddie Wimbledon at R Ncatishcad Command
IIQ launched an interceptor from standby alert
at R Watcrbeach. The two-man Venom took of

in pursuit of the target and maintained radio
contact with the USAF crews who had been
chasing the UFOs from the ground for the

previous two hours.
In 1996 I managed to talk with the crews of

this Venom and of a second Venom launched a

few minutes later who had remained silent for

40 years. The first Venom locked onto a

stationar radar target ncar to the USAF base at

This photograph of a UFO high above San Francisco's Bay Area was taken on
October 10, 1956. It typifies a growing dilemma. I UFOs can appear on a
photograph above such a densely populated location, why did thousands of
witnesses not report each sighting?

C 0 S .Ill r C 0 .\ S I' IlL C

Ironically, �LI these episodes were occurring in real life, one
of the frst movies to try to refect the UFO myster had been
released with the title Earh Jersus the Fling Saucers. It
wa b�led upon a book by Major Donald Keyhoc, a retired
US marine who had become the frst crusading UFOlogst to
insist that there wa a cover-up on the subject of aliens
visiting earth.

The movie refected the idea that the aliens might have
vatly superior technology to our own. Scenes show e
defences useless against the alien onslaught.
Keyhoe had compiled some impressive evidence fom
his sources wt the US Goverent. It would be 20 years
before the fles on these caes were releaed through the
new Freedom of Information bill and thus prove that he wa
right. He wrote about USAF planes trying to shoot down
UFOs and failing, and USAF jets crahing in mysterious
circumstances aer chaing UFOs. Tme proved that these
were not myths. They had happened and tl1e authorities had
hidden the full story for fear of public reaction.

Lakenheath in Sufolk. They circled it but could

not pin it down. Despite claims by the USAF in
1968 that the crew saw the UFO, the na\igator

denied this. Afer the frst plane ran low on fuel,

the second attempt at an intercept followed, but

that aircraft was equally unsuccessfl. The

aeria battle wa then aborted.

Operation intercept

In the same month as the battle over

Lakenheath, an encounter took place in

daylight between the Isle of Wight and the

British manland and involved two Javelins

taking part in a mock dogfight. A strange,

unidentifed blp wal picked up on the secret

radar installation at Sopley near Boumemouth

on the south coast. Ordered to investigate, the

two aircraf sped towards the object and both

achieved radar lock-ons. The target was

stationary in front of them and the pilots were

told to intercept.

1956: ALIE�S V TilE EARTII 31

Keyhoe and a whole generation of UFO investigators that
followed him believed that the cover-up wa imposed
because the truth about the alien 'invaders' was flly kO\m
and the Pentagon did not wish the powerlessness of the
United States to be exposed. Today tlis ide-a is more in
dispute. The mood seems to have changed and there is an
impression that the authorities could not really
comprehend the alien-contact phenomenon. Whilst they
may well have suspected that it hid some terrible trth, they
may not, with the exception of Roswell, have had any actual
proof. In the absence of this they would have to continue to
investigate and monitor the situation and just hope that the
proof would one day arrive.
In the meantime, silence wa paran1ount to maintan
control of the situation. I technology wa up for grabs, each
major power must have wanted to get to it frst. I that
regard, movies that proclaed an alien invaion of e
and a conspiracy of silence on the part of world
goverents were not exactly helpful.

Closing at speed on the target, the object w�"

now \isible to the crews a a silvef' oval

hovering over the sea. At just a few miles range,

a collision looked imminent, but the LO then

turned on its edge, sped upwards at an

astonishing speed and disappeared of the

radar. An RAF Canberra on a high-altitude test

fight later in the year had exactly the same


Within months a similar incident occurred

over several RAF bases in south-west Scotland,

an object being tracked on radar and explained

away to the public ala balloon. Documents

from the British Ministry of Defence reveal that

the explaation had been fed out to the press to

put them of the trail and that they \iewed the

matter far more seriously.

Such braen displays of superior technology

by the aliens had shocked the authorities. It wa

as if they were warings not to attempt to enter

into combat \\ith the CFOs.


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