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Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

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Published by DirkTheDaring11
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.

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Published by: DirkTheDaring11 on Mar 11, 2012
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Snowbound terror

Within days of the A

Asymposium, the
aliens were back in business wt a vengance.

The scene was a forest outside the village

of Imjarvi in souther Finland on January 7. For

those who have argued that alien contacts are

simply hallucinations brought on during a state

of semi-sleep, the circumstances of this

encounter are vital. Forester Aaro Heinonen

and farmer Esko Viljo were skiing at the time the

events unfolded, a situation during which any

lack of concentration could have proved disas

trous for them.

With the temperature many degrees below

freezing, they reached a clearing and heard a

peculiar buzzing sound. They then obsered a

strange misty cloud circling the light and giving

off a reddish glow. The buzzing sound emerged

from here a.� it descended towards ground level.

As it reached tree-top height, it became

evident that a plate-like

object was inside the

mist. This had three hemi

spheres on the base

around a central tube.

The buzzing increased in

level until it wa.l about I 0

feet from the ground.

The mist then cleared

and silence descended

on the woods.

As the men stood

close enough to the

object to reach out

and touch it with their

ski poles, a beam of

light poured from

Ski atck

Cover illustration from the magazine Flying Saucer
R£�'iezc, depicting the attck on to Finnish skiers.

the tube and formed a circle in the snow. Then

the same reddish mist spread out and filled the

area surrounding the object, including the men.

Heinonen reports that he felt himself being

pulled and thrust backwards. A this sensation

overcame him, the two men spotted a frightening

creature about 3 feet tall standing inside the cir

cle of light a.� if it were foating there. It looked

like a goblin or troll, with a waxy face and green

clothes. In its hands wa a box from which a

pulsing yellow light wa.l being emitted. The being

tured and pointed this directly at Heinonen,

who says it blinded him.

Multi-coloured spark were now descending

from the object and covered the men, but they

felt nothing. The mist was also so thick that they

could not see one another even though they

were only a few feet apart. Then the light beam

wa sucked upwards into the tube and there was

a silent explosion 'as if the mist was just blown

apart'. The forest was left still and empty.

Immediately after the object had gone,

Heinonen began to feel ill. The side that had

faced the light and mist became paralysed and

he could not walk properly. Abandoning his

expensive ski equipment, he was helped back to

the vilage by Viljo. It took them an hour to trav

el the one mile home. By then Heinonen was

vomiting, had a pounding headache and was

passing discoloured urine. His blood pressure

was low and his limbs ached. These symptoms

persisted for weeks. Viljo was less severely

afected, sufering swollen eyes and reddened

skin. The doctor who treated them both had

no facilities with him to check for radiation

exposure but said this is what their symptoms

sounded like to him.

Although this account of a UO landing is

unusual, it is not unique. I 0 years later a ver

In April, the third Apollo flight to the moon was struck by
disaster when an oxygen tank exploded in the darkness
thousands of miles from earth. For a time it looked a if
the crew would be lost as there was no obvious way to get
them back home before their air ran out.
However, in a remarkable twist of fate, NASA borrowed
a trick out of a science-fction novel publshed exactly 100

similar phenomenon was witnessed -again in

a forest -this time near Ipswich in England.

Dozens of US Ar Force personnel were witness

to the events that night.

A arable alien

On August 16, a 22-year-old maid looking afer

a farmhouse in Spain had a big surprse. The
location was the vllage of Puente de Herrera

near the town of Valladolid and she was
engrossed in watching a late-night T soap

opera called hledical Centre when a whistling

noise was heard above the televsion. The pic
ture began to break up, with lines of interfer

ence spreading across the screen. The woman

struggled to re-adjust the set, but to no avail.
By now the whistling sound had decreased
but she went to the door to sec what wa

responsible for mining her progran1me. She
was stunned by what she saw: A strange object
had landed half on the approach road and half
on the feld opposite the farmhouse. It wa.' the

size of a small car, sat on legs and had a dome
like transparent canopy on top with a pulsating

blue light on top.
Standing beside the machine w about normal height, dressed in a dark one

piece suit ad cariing luminous bands on both
his ankles and wrists. He was starng fxedly at

the fam1's alfalfa crop, evidently interested in
taking san1ples of it. Of course, we have seen
this feature recur agan and agan in cases
where aliens land in agrcultural regions.

1970: TilE AtiE�S RETUR� 67

years earlier by jules Vere in which he envisaged a space
ship called 'Columbiad' launched from a Florida site ver
near Cape Canaveral. They few round the moon, using its
gravity like a slingshot to accurately propel the mission
back to earth. Vere's fctional crew got home. So, in
real life, did Apollo 13. Its capsule was, by extraordinary
coincidence, named 'Columbia'.

Down South

South Amerca wa struck by a major wa\'e of UO sigh lings in
1970. On September 14 this disc-like object wao fmed mer l.
Roja, Argentina.

The maid wa terrfed by her experience and
quickly ducked back indoors. Soon afterwards
the whistling noise increaed in volume and
when she dared to look outside agajn, the
object and its occupant had disappeared.
Next day boot prints were found on the
approach road. These were not unusual except

that at night they glowed nous paint. Many people saw them m·er the
next few days until they faded from \iew.

This \\itness wa.� described as being practi
cally illiterate other alien-contact stories from elsewhere
around the world. She wa considered to be
very trustworthy and had been deeply shocked
by her encounter.


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