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Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

Jenny Randles - Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years

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Published by DirkTheDaring11
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.
From strange lights in the sky to claims of alien abductions, a fascinating chronicle of mankind's involvement with aliens over the last 50 years.

Illustrated with images of UFOs and aliens, official photographs from scientific institutions, and sci-fi graphics.

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Published by: DirkTheDaring11 on Mar 11, 2012
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The French connection

Before 1954 there had been waves of localzed

UFO activity. Alien-contact cases had
occurred sporadically throughout, most of
them from the GSA, but some from Italy. In the
autumn of I 954 an entirely new event struck-a
wave of encounters where nearly al cases
involved humanoids. The focus was Europe, and
France in particular.
One of the earliest cases, on September I 0,
happened at Quaroublc, a village near the
Belgian border. It involved an object hovering
over a railway track. As local resident Marius
Dewilde went out to investigate, he noticed two
small beings, just over 4 feet tall and wearing
diving suits. They projected a light beam that
seemed to paralyse him. By the time he could
move again, the beings had returned to the craf
which then disappeared.
The police investigated the incident, as did
the French defence ministry. Indeed, they were
especially concered by the physical evidence of
the incident -crushed railway tracks and burt
rocks found at the spot where the UFO had been.
Whatever resulted from this scientifc study was
never made publc. In fact, the police later com
plained that even they were being denied access
to the evidence by the ministry. When Dewilde
had a second encounter with a landed craf a few
week later, he chose to reman silent. Did he
speak only with the defence authorities? Are we
looking at an example of a French 'Men in
Black' attempt at silencing a witness?
If so, nothing could stife the flood of reports
that followed. One of the most impressive
occurred on a construction site near Marcilly
sur-Vicnnc on September 30. Foreman Georges
Gatay reported a strange tiredness coming over
him. Before he kew it, he was walking away

from his men towards a brilant dome-shaped
object that was hovering above the ground. In
front of it stood a smalman wearing a diving
suit. A beam of light -which we might today
recognise as a laser projection -was coming
from his midrif.
Suddenly the figure vanished and a high
pitched whistling sound was heard. The object
climbed skywards and was immediately sur
rounded by an eerie blue glow. It then vanished.
Gatay rushed back to his workmates who
confrmed that they too had felt 'strange' and
had seen the whole thing as well. Over the next
few days the witnesses could not eat, felt light
headed and suffered from insomnia. Although
these symptoms were not recognized as such in

1954, today they arc hints that a deeper experi
ence may hide behind the conscious memory -
possibly even an abduction. The apparitional
image that seemed to be the form of both the
UO and entities, and the way in which they sim
ply disappeared, were also to become common
features of alien-contact cases in coming years.

The wave spreads

A sightings continued throughout France, the
patter remained much the same. Uttle men
came face to face with witnesses, projected light
beams at them, caused them to become paral
ysed and in some instances to have vague feel
ings that something deeper had happened.
Throughout October the reports increased
and spread out to encompass much of Europe.
A incident on October 20 ncar Como, Italy, was
typical. The witness had just parked his car in
the garage when he saw a strange creature about

4 feet tall and dressed in a one-piece luminous
suit. The being fred a light from its midrif which

1954: ALIE;S I; EUROPE 25

In 1954, contactee stories were receiving huge publicity. King of them all was George
Adamski, who supported his claims with spectacular photographs like the ones shown
here. Above: Adamski claimed that ths photograph showed a 'Venusian' spaceship,
but later, when more sophisticated analysis became possible, many UFOlogists came to
suspect that this was simply a small table-top model. Inset: This photograph purports
to show a 'mother shp' surrounded by smaler 'baby' crafs.

froze the terrfed man mid-track. However, as he

clenched his fst, the force of the garage keys stl

in his hand seemed to break the spell. He then

tried to attack the alien, but the creature reacted

swiftly by foatng vertically upwads in defance

of gravity. A stnmgc whirring noise was heard.

Once agan, this case was subjected to a

detailed investigation by the local police, who

could fnd no fault with the stor. The \itncss

aso became physically iland was bedridden for

some tme aferards.

On October 23 a detailed account was made
by a farmer in Tripoli, Libya, who watched

an egg-shaped object land. It had Yarious

protuberances, including wheels and ladders,

and made a noise like compressed air escaping.

Inside the UFO he was able to sec seYeral

humanoid crean1rcs wearing yellow coverals.

They were using various kinds of equipment,

including a radio set \\ith earphones. Although

this may hare been state-of-the-ar in 1954, it

seems curously atiquated from our curent

perspectve. Indeed, this is tmc of may of the

fairly rare occurences from the 1950s where the

''itncss had a close \icw inside the Lr'O. The

machiner is ofen moder for the era, but gircn

the pace of our 0\\1 scientic progress in the

pat 40 years, it has aged very quickly.

Yet would not alien equipment be centuries

ahead of our 0\1, rather than mirroring what


we have? This feature of alien-contact stories is

known as 'cultural trackng' because the UFO

technology tracks what our culture ha but rarely

exceeds it by a great deal.

However, there are several instances where

what we now kow a laers ad holograms were

apparently used by alens in a decade when they

were yet to be invented.

Three young women from Torpo, Noray, also

got a view inside a L10 which hovered only a few

feet above their heads on November 23. The

small, but othen"ise human-looking, being inside

wa moving levers and dials and seemed to do

this in a hurr to escape

their attentions. The alien

actually piloted the UFO

straight into some over

head power lines, resulting

in a massive shower of

sparks. However, unlike the

cases of UFOs felled by

more innocent radar waves,

this one kept on fying to

complete its getaway.

National aliens

· J

The 1954 wave ofered us

the first real clues about

another puzzling feature of

alien contact stories-why

about in almost absurd splendour. The word

'trickster' has been applied to such caes.

Elsewhere i the world the situation is difer

ent again. In South America, for example, hirsute

dwares \ith what might be tcned a macho tem

perament crop up regularly. On December 10 at

Chico-Cerro de la Tres Torres i Venezela, four

of the hair beings, barely 4 feet tall, attacked two

hunters ad tried to drag them towards their

L10. One man fainted, the other fought back by

clocking an alien with his gun. The butt broke i

two a i it had struck iron. By the time the two

men had escaped they were badly bruised,

scratched and in a dishev

elled state as a result of the

alien aggression.

The first well-attested

alien contact in Britain

occurred amidst this huge

autumn wave on October

21. The location was a

farmhouse at Ranton

in Stafordshire, and wit-

. ness Jessie Roestenberg

did they seem to manifest Take me to your leader

A alien captured ad in the hands of security
guards. This is v.idely believed to be an April
fools hoax by a German newspaper.

described to me how a

disc-like craf circled her

home and caused her and

her three children to hide

under a tble. This was not

before they had an excel

lent view of the two occu

pants. Human-like beings,

slightly smaller than nor

mal, with long blond hair

in diferent ways, accord

ing to the country from

which they emerged?
A you have seen, the American stereotype wa
already well established -small, egg-headed,

grayish skn and rather egocentric and scientifc.

The ten 'gray' ha become attached. Over 75%

of caes from the USA represent such aliens. This

percentge ha, i aything, steadily increased

over the years.

French caes feature dwares, but they arc

more impish, like elves or goblins of folklore. In

cae afer case they plague witnesses, laughing a

they parayse them with light beams and running

and wearing blue ski-suits were staring out of the

transparent dome, obviously watching the scared

witnesses with a curious expression. Jessie

Roestenberg said it wa not quite curiosity, not

quite pity; it was a sor of detached facination.

The British aliens frequently followed this

patter -tall, blond-haired, rarely aggressive or

even directly interfering with a witness. They are

perhaps the most human of all entity tpes.

Witnesses often say you could walk past one in

the street and few people would bat an eyelid -

Probably the frst truly intelligent UFO-related movie
appeared this year with This Island Earth. It told of sci
entists being recruited to take part in an experiment only
to discover that its instigators are human-like aliens. The
earthlings are being taken to assist with problems which
the aliens have on their distant home world.
Aside from the exploration of a less gung-ho approach
to alien invasion that had dominated all other movies, this
f adapted well into UFO mythology and introduced a
theme that was virtually unknown in 1954, even to sea
soned UFOlogsts -'spacenapping', the kidnapping of
humans by extraterrestrials for their own purposes.
UFOlogists would not encompass the idea of alien
abduction for more than a decade, although the evidence
wa there in obscure cases that few people knew about;
such as the French woman grabbed by failing hands (see
page 16) and the Venezuelan hunters viciously attacked.
These crude methods clearly did not work and were not
repeated. ln any case, when abductions did begin in
earest, the aliens had updated their approach.
A diferent form of science fction came in the form of
contactee stories. These were frequent during 1954 and
would increase in popularity. Contactees such as cafe
owner George Adamsk went one step beyond claiming to

Aien monsters

By 19;4, descriptions of aliens ranged from
goblin-like creatures seen in Fr.mce to hairy dwar;es
that feature prominently in stories from South America.
Both tyes, however, are greatly outnumbered by the
American grays.

1954: AI.IE�S I� EUROPE 27

see aliens. He said he actually conversed \ith them, was
taken on rides in their spaceships and in some cases
becan1e part of the intergalactic community of space
brothers. Some of these people spun harmless yams of
goody-goody space philosophy, backed by evidence that
did not ft. Others launched cults to back them up with
numbers and money, with some still thriving today. One
contactee even ran for US President but \ithdrew when
the aliens asked him to support john F Kennedy instead!
There are those who suspect that some contactee tales
were planted by the CIA to debunk serious interest in
UFOs. They were certainly silly enough to ensure that
many scientists who might have been impressed by the
growing strength of the alien-contact evidence were disin
clined to take their interest further. Even Captain Edward
Ruppelt, head of the USAF Project Blue Book and author
of a book expressing a belief in alien UFOs, changed his
mind afer meeting the contactees.
A CIA memo in 1954 referred favourably to the con
tctee literature without stating that it had a hand in its
fourishing agenda. The CI did, however, note that the
(unstated) policies adopted after the Roberston panel met
the year before were achieving their goals. Make of that
what you \\ill.

hardly a statement one could make about the

egg-head grays or the hairy dwarves. Because

of their Scandin�nian appearance and aura of

civility, the British aliens (also seen quite ofen

in other parts of norther Europe) are referred

to as 'Nordics'. They were a common sighting

in Britsh cases in the thirty years aer 1954

until the American grays made a determined

takeover bid for the entire world.

These nationalistic images -technocratic

American grays, macho South American

dwares and chilized Nordics in northern

Europe -suggest a surprising link between an

area's culture and the aliens who \isit. Have dif

ferent aien races really dhided up the planet,

deciding 'you take America, we'll have Frace?'

Or is this a hint that psycholog and sociolog

are somehow at work?


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